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Moon distances for UTC

The Moon Distance Calculator calculates the approximate minumum and maximum distances from the Moon to the Earth.

The Moon's distance to Earth varies. The two extreme points of the moon’s orbit each month are known as the lunar perigee and apogee. The table below shows the time of lunar perigee and apogee.

Furthest apart (apogee)
LocalApproxApproximate Distance 
datetimein kmin milesComment
Jan 105:37 AM404,977 km251,659 mi 
Feb 611:02 PM405,912 km252,239 mi 
Mar 67:46 AM406,587 km252,659 mi 
Apr 28:55 AM406,657 km252,702 miFarthest away this year
Apr 295:46 PM406,045 km252,322 mi 
May 279:56 AM405,018 km251,684 mi 
Jun 244:13 AM404,283 km251,227 mi 
Jul 2110:39 PM404,370 km251,281 mi 
Aug 184:26 PM405,177 km251,783 mi 
Sep 156:43 AM406,064 km252,334 mi 
Oct 1211:40 AM406,433 km252,563 mi 
Nov 81:24 PM406,182 km252,407 mi 
Dec 61:22 AM405,411 km251,928 mi 
Closest approach (perigee)
LocalApproxApproximate Distance 
datetimein kmin milesComment
Jan 2212:12 AM362,792 km225,444 mi 
Feb 197:22 AM358,273 km222,636 mi 
Mar 196:58 PM356,601 km221,597 miClosest
Apr 175:49 AM358,101 km222,529 mi 
May 1511:19 AM362,140 km225,039 mi 
Jun 121:37 AM367,186 km228,175 mi 
Jul 71:55 PM369,559 km229,649 mi 
Aug 29:03 PM365,772 km227,296 mi 
Aug 305:38 PM360,868 km224,249 mi 
Sep 281:11 AM357,566 km222,197 mi 
Oct 2612:34 PM357,066 km221,886 mi 
Nov 2311:23 PM359,702 km223,524 mi 
Dec 223:01 AM364,799 km226,691 mi 


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