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Moon distances for New York, U.S.A. - New York

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Minumum (perigee) and maximum (apogee) distances from the Moon to the Earth.

The Moon Distance Calculator calculates the approximate minumum and maximum distances from the Moon to the Earth.

The Moon's distance to Earth varies. The two extreme points of the moon’s orbit each month are known as the lunar perigee and apogee. The table below shows the time of lunar perigee and apogee.

Furthest apart (apogee)

DateLocal timeDistance in kmDistance in miles
Jan 23:25 PM404,589 km251,417 mi
Jan 3012:48 PM404,325 km251,254 mi
Feb 278:56 AM404,842 km251,574 mi
Mar 261:48 AM405,774 km252,154 mi
Apr 229:59 AM406,431 km252,562 mi
May 1912:01 PM406,439 km252,567 mi
Jun 159:08 PM405,796 km252,168 mi
Jul 1312:51 PM404,793 km251,544 mi
Aug 106:51 AM404,122 km251,127 mi
Sep 71:51 AM404,303 km251,239 mi
Oct 48:43 PM405,183 km251,787 mi
Nov 111:40 AM406,066 km252,335 mi
Nov 282:44 PM406,366 km252,522 mi
Dec 254:27 PM406,094 km252,353 mi
* Distances are approximate. Furthest apart (apogee) is highlighted.

Closest approach (perigee)

DateLocal timeDistance in kmDistance in miles
Jan 174:44 PM369,899 km229,860 mi
Feb 111:25 PM367,928 km228,636 mi
Mar 104:59 AM362,408 km225,206 mi
Apr 712:56 PM358,324 km222,668 mi
May 511:28 PM356,964 km221,822 mi
Jun 39:11 AM358,491 km222,772 mi
Jul 12:01 PM362,366 km225,180 mi
Jul 294:28 AM367,310 km228,251 mi
Aug 233:25 PM369,740 km229,762 mi
Sep 1810:39 PM365,759 km227,288 mi
Oct 169:04 PM360,660 km224,119 mi
Nov 145:31 AM357,356 km222,066 mi
Dec 126:15 PM357,084 km221,897 mi
* Distances are approximate. Closest approach (perigee) is highlighted.


  • All times are local time for New York.
  • Time is adjusted for daylight saving time when applicable
  • Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar

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