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Eclipse visible in Port-aux-Francais – April 20, 2023 — Total Solar Eclipse

The animation shows what the eclipse approximately looks like in Port-aux-Francais

The total phase of this solar eclipse is not visible in Port-aux-Francais, but it can be observed there as a partial solar eclipse.

The Moon covers a large portion of the Sun, so this is still a spectacular sight.

More about the April 20, 2023 — Total Solar Eclipse

Local times for eclipse in Port-aux-Francais on Thursday, April 20, 2023

Click on the Sun/Moon symbol in the “Looks like” column to see what the eclipse looks like during the different phases of the event.

EventTime in Port-aux-FrancaisDirectionAltitudeLooks likeComments
Partial Eclipse beginsApr 20 at 6:38 AM78°East-northeast5.1° belowNot directly visibleBelow horizon
SunriseApr 20 at 7:05 AM73°East-northeast0.2° belowNot directly visibleBelow horizon
Maximum EclipseApr 20 at 7:40 AM73°East-northeast0.2° belowEclipse as seen from earthMoon is closest to the center of the Sun.
Since the Sun is near the horizon at this time, we recommend going to a high point or finding an unobstructed area with free sight to East-northeast for the best view of the eclipse.
Partial Eclipse endsApr 20 at 8:45 AM53°Northeast13.7° Eclipse as seen from earthThe Moon leaves the Sun's edge.

This eclipse is in progress during sunrise or sunset, so the Sun is displayed only partly in some phases, according to its altitude below the horizon. The animation's bottom edge represents an ideal, flat horizon, which is at the same altitude as the observer.

Times are local for Port-aux-Francais (TFT - French Southern and Antarctic Time).

Other eclipses visible in Port-aux-Francais

Dates (Click link for path info)EclipseType at maxVisibility in Port-aux-FrancaisLooks like in Port-aux-FrancaisPath of the eclipse
Jan 31, 2018LunarTotalPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Jul 27 / Jul 28, 2018LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth
Jul 16 / Jul 17, 2019LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Jan 10 / Jan 11, 2020LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Jun 5 / Jun 6, 2020LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Jul 5, 2020LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
May 26, 2021LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
May 16, 2022LunarTotalPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Apr 20, 2023SolarTotalPartialEclipse as seen from earth
May 5 / May 6, 2023LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Oct 28 / Oct 29, 2023LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Sep 18, 2024LunarPartialPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Sep 7 / Sep 8, 2025LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth
Feb 17, 2026SolarAnnularPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Mar 3, 2026LunarTotalPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Aug 28, 2026LunarPartialPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Feb 21, 2027LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Jul 6 / Jul 7, 2028LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Dec 31 / Jan 1, 2029LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth

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