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Eclipse visible in Victoria – March 23, 1940 – March 24, 1940 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

The animation shows approximately what the eclipse looks like from the night side of earth.

During this penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth's main shadow does not cover the Moon. As the Earth's shadow (umbra) misses the Moon during a penumbral lunar eclipse, there are no other locations on Earth where the Moon appears partially or totally eclipsed during this event.

A penumbral lunar eclipse can be a bit hard to see, as the shadowed part is only a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon.

More about the March 23, 1940 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Local times for eclipse in Victoria on Saturday, March 23, 1940

Click on the Sun/Moon symbol in the “Looks like” column to see what the eclipse looks like during the different phases of the event.

EventTime in VictoriaDirectionAltitudeLooks likeComments
Penumbral Eclipse beginsMar 23 at 11:15 PM83°East73.1° Eclipse as seen from earthThe Earth's penumbra start touching the Moon's face.
Maximum EclipseMar 23 at 11:47 PM78°East-northeast81.0° Eclipse as seen from earthMoon is closest to the center of the shadow.
Penumbral Eclipse endsMar 24 at 12:20 AM22°North-northeast88.0° Eclipse as seen from earthThe Earth's penumbra ends.

Times are local for Victoria (SCT - Seychelles Time).

Other eclipses visible in Victoria

Dates (Click link for path info)EclipseType at maxVisibility in VictoriaLooks like in VictoriaPath of the eclipse
Jan 19, 1935LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth
Jul 16, 1935LunarTotalPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Jan 8 / Jan 9, 1936LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth
Jul 4, 1936LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Dec 28, 1936LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Nov 7 / Nov 8, 1938LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth
May 3, 1939LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth
Mar 23 / Mar 24, 1940LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Oct 1, 1940SolarTotalPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Sep 5 / Sep 6, 1941LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Mar 3, 1942LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth
Aug 26, 1942LunarTotalPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Aug 15 / Aug 16, 1943LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Jul 20, 1944SolarAnnularPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Dec 29, 1944LunarPenumbralPenumbralEclipse as seen from earth
Jun 25, 1945LunarPartialPartialEclipse as seen from earth
Dec 19, 1945LunarTotalTotalEclipse as seen from earth

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