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All Saints' Day in Australia

Quick Facts

Many churches in Australia annually observe All Saints' Day, also known as All Hallows' Day.

Local names

All Saints' DayEnglish

Alternative name

All Hallows' Day

All Saints' Day 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Saints' Day 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015
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Many churches in Australia mark All Saints' Day on November 1 each year to honor all the saints, particularly those who do not have their own special feast day.

All Saints' Day is dedicated to the Christian saints.

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What do people do?

All Saints’ Day is a day for many people of Christian faith in Australia to remember and honor the saints. Some churches hold a special service or mass on All Saints’ Day. Some masses may feature music composed during the Renaissance. Many Christian schools may have lessons for students to learn about the role of saints in the history of Christianity at this time of the year. Special masses are held and prayers are made. However, some news reports have stated that events such as All Saints’ Day are less recognized in Australia modern times.

Public life

All Saints’ Day is not a nationwide public holiday in Australia.


According to some sources, the idea for All Saints' Day goes back to the fourth century when the Greek Christians kept a festival on the first Sunday after Pentecost (in late May or early June) in honor of all martyrs and saints. Other sources say that a commemoration of “All Martyrs” began to be celebrated as early as 270 CE but no specific month or date is recorded. Pope Gregory IV made All Saints' Day an authorized holiday in 837 CE. It is speculated that the chosen date for the event, November 1, may have been an attempt to supplant the pagan Festival of the Dead (also known as Samhain or the feast of Saman, lord of death).

All Saints' Day, which is celebrated globally, is closely tied with All Souls' Day, which was first instituted at the monastery in Cluny in 993 CE and quickly spread throughout the Christian world. All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day are also linked with Halloween, which is a shortened for the name “All Hallows' Eve”.


Symbols commonly associated with All Saints’ Day are:

 The liturgical color is white on All Saints' Day.

About All Saints' Day in other countries

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All Saints' Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday typeWhere it is observed
ThuNov 11990All Saints' DayChristian 
FriNov 11991All Saints' DayChristian 
SunNov 11992All Saints' DayChristian 
MonNov 11993All Saints' DayChristian 
TueNov 11994All Saints' DayChristian 
WedNov 11995All Saints' DayChristian 
FriNov 11996All Saints' DayChristian 
SatNov 11997All Saints' DayChristian 
SunNov 11998All Saints' DayChristian 
MonNov 11999All Saints' DayChristian 
WedNov 12000All Saints' DayChristian 
ThuNov 12001All Saints' DayChristian 
FriNov 12002All Saints' DayChristian 
SatNov 12003All Saints' DayChristian 
MonNov 12004All Saints' DayChristian 
TueNov 12005All Saints' DayChristian 
WedNov 12006All Saints' DayChristian 
ThuNov 12007All Saints' DayChristian 
SatNov 12008All Saints' DayChristian 
SunNov 12009All Saints' DayChristian 
MonNov 12010All Saints' DayChristian 
TueNov 12011All Saints' DayChristian 
ThuNov 12012All Saints' DayChristian 
FriNov 12013All Saints' DayChristian 
SatNov 12014All Saints' DayChristian 
SunNov 12015All Saints' DayChristian 
TueNov 12016All Saints' DayChristian 
WedNov 12017All Saints' DayChristian 
ThuNov 12018All Saints' DayChristian 
FriNov 12019All Saints' DayChristian 
SunNov 12020All Saints' DayChristian 

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