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Boxing Day in New Zealand

The day after Christmas Day is Boxing Day, on December 26. It is a public holiday in New Zealand.

Parent´s Day
A family spending quality time together on a holiday.
A family spending quality time together on a holiday.

What do people do?

Many people spend Boxing Day relaxing, going to the beach, being with family and friends, and enjoying the rest. It is a time to unwind and enjoy the summer break before heading back to work. Many people take time off between Christmas and New Year's Day. This time of the year is also the school holidays so some families travel abroad.

Public life

Boxing Day is a statutory public holiday in New Zealand, so schools, government offices, and many private businesses are closed. New Year’s Day is also in the middle of the school summer holidays in New Zealand.


Boxing Day is a holiday in many countries in the Commonwealth of Nations, including New Zealand. It was traditionally a day for employers in England to give bonuses of money, leftover food or old clothing to their employees, or for lords to give agricultural tools and seeds for the coming year to their tenants. These gifts were presented in a box. Some people believe that this is the reason that December 26 is known as Boxing Day. Others think that the origin of the name is related to the box into which parishioners put church donations. In some areas, this box was opened on Boxing Day and the contents were distributed to the poor people of the parish.

Boxing Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
WedDec 261990Boxing DayNational holiday
ThuDec 261991Boxing DayNational holiday
SatDec 261992Boxing DayNational holiday
SunDec 261993Boxing DayNational holiday
MonDec 261994Boxing DayNational holiday
TueDec 261995Boxing DayNational holiday
ThuDec 261996Boxing DayNational holiday
FriDec 261997Boxing DayNational holiday
SatDec 261998Boxing DayNational holiday
SunDec 261999Boxing DayNational holiday
TueDec 262000Boxing DayNational holiday
WedDec 262001Boxing DayNational holiday
ThuDec 262002Boxing DayNational holiday
FriDec 262003Boxing DayNational holiday
SunDec 262004Boxing DayNational holiday
MonDec 262005Boxing DayNational holiday
TueDec 262006Boxing DayNational holiday
WedDec 262007Boxing DayNational holiday
FriDec 262008Boxing DayNational holiday
SatDec 262009Boxing DayNational holiday
SunDec 262010Boxing DayNational holiday
MonDec 262011Boxing DayNational holiday
WedDec 262012Boxing DayNational holiday
ThuDec 262013Boxing DayNational holiday
FriDec 262014Boxing DayNational holiday
SatDec 262015Boxing DayNational holiday
MonDec 262016Boxing DayNational holiday
TueDec 262017Boxing DayNational holiday
WedDec 262018Boxing DayNational holiday
ThuDec 262019Boxing DayNational holiday
SatDec 262020Boxing DayNational holiday

Quick Facts

Boxing Day, annually observed on December 26, is a public holiday in New Zealand.

Boxing Day 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day 2016

Monday, December 26, 2016


Name in other languages

Boxing DayEnglish
2. Weihnachtsfeiertag/StephanstagGerman

Alternative name

2nd day of Christmas
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