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Orthodox Ascension Day in Romania

Ascension Day (Înălțarea) in Romania, which is 39 days after Easter Sunday, celebrates Christians’ belief of Jesus’ ascension into heaven. It is also Heroes' Commemoration Day (Ziua Eroilor), a time to remember and honor the many Romanians who fought for their country over the years.

Church Service
Many churches hold special services for Ascension Day/Heroes' Commemoration Day in Romania.
Many churches hold special services for Ascension Day/Heroes' Commemoration Day in Romania.
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What Do People Do?

Some people practice an old Ascension Day tradition by cracking a red colored egg against someone else’s egg and announcing, “Christ has risen”. It is also a day to commemorate local and national heroes: people who fought for peace and freedom in Romania. Many churches in Romania hold special services to remember Jesus’ ascension into heaven, as told in the Christian bible, and Romanian heroes who defended their country.

Public Life

Ascension Day is an observance and not a public holiday in Romania.


Ascension Day is celebrated in Romania and in many different countries worldwide. According to the Christian bible, Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday, and remained with his apostles until the 40th day.

In 1990 the Romanian Ministry of National Defence reintroduced Romanian military traditions in the army. Heroes' Commemoration Day, also known as Heroes’ Day, was to be celebrated on Ascension Day. A law to proclaim Heroes' Day was set in 1995.


The act of laying wreaths for the dead dates back to Ancient Greece, according to some sources. It was meant to represent eternal life. In Romania wreaths are laid at monuments dedicated to national heroes on Ascension Day/Heroes' Commemoration Day. This symbolizes one’s respect and honor for those who fought for Romania.

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Orthodox Ascension Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
ThuMay 132010Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuJun 22011Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuMay 242012Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuJun 132013Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuMay 292014Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuMay 212015Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuJun 92016Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuMay 252017Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuMay 172018Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuJun 62019Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox
ThuMay 282020Orthodox Ascension DayObservance, Orthodox

Quick Facts

Ascension Day (Înălțarea) is an annual observance in Romania to commemorate the Christian belief of Jesus Christ’s ascension into heaven.

Orthodox Ascension Day 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Orthodox Ascension Day 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Name in other languages

Ziua EroilorRomanian
Orthodox Ascension DayEnglish
Orthodoxe HimmelfahrtGerman

List of dates for other years

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