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Songkran in Thailand

Local names

Songkran (Thailändisches Neujahr)German

Alternative name

Thai New Year

Songkran Observances

Note: Since 1996, if a holiday falls on a weekend, the following working day is observed as a compensatory non-working day, subject to Thailand's Cabinet declarations.
WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
FriApr 131990SongkranNational holiday
SatApr 131991SongkranNational holiday
MonApr 131992SongkranNational holiday
TueApr 131993SongkranNational holiday
WedApr 131994SongkranNational holiday
ThuApr 131995SongkranNational holiday
SatApr 131996SongkranNational holiday
SunApr 131997SongkranNational holiday
MonApr 131998SongkranNational holiday
TueApr 131999SongkranNational holiday
ThuApr 132000SongkranNational holiday
FriApr 132001SongkranNational holiday
SatApr 132002SongkranNational holiday
SunApr 132003SongkranNational holiday
TueApr 132004SongkranNational holiday
WedApr 132005SongkranNational holiday
ThuApr 132006SongkranNational holiday
FriApr 132007SongkranNational holiday
SunApr 132008SongkranNational holiday
MonApr 132009SongkranNational holiday
TueApr 132010SongkranNational holiday
WedApr 132011SongkranNational holiday
FriApr 132012SongkranNational holiday
SatApr 132013SongkranNational holiday
SunApr 132014SongkranNational holiday
MonApr 132015SongkranNational holiday
WedApr 132016SongkranNational holiday
ThuApr 132017SongkranNational holiday
FriApr 132018SongkranNational holiday
SatApr 132019SongkranNational holiday
MonApr 132020SongkranNational holiday

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