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Men's Day in Ukraine

Men’s Day is a special observance in Ukraine to show an appreciation for men. It is annually celebrated on February 23.

Family talking and smiling around the table
Some people attend social gatherings on Men's Day in Ukraine.
Some people attend social gatherings on Men's Day in Ukraine.
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What do people do?

Men’s Day gives people the chance to show appreciation and affection for men in Ukraine. Many men receive cards and gifts including flowers, chocolates, and champagne. Some activities may include a sing-along among friends and work colleagues, as well as social gatherings, special dinners and lunches for men. Women’s Day is also celebrated in Ukraine.

Public life

Men’s Day is an observance and not an official public holiday in Ukraine.


Men’s Day has some historical ties to Defender of the Fatherland Day, which focuses on the achievements of military forces and veterans in Russia and the former Soviet Union (which Ukraine was once a part of). Men’s Day in Ukraine is now a day to honor men and is celebrated in a similar style in many other countries.

Men's Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
FriFeb 231990Men's DayObservance
SatFeb 231991Men's DayObservance
SunFeb 231992Men's DayObservance
TueFeb 231993Men's DayObservance
WedFeb 231994Men's DayObservance
ThuFeb 231995Men's DayObservance
FriFeb 231996Men's DayObservance
SunFeb 231997Men's DayObservance
MonFeb 231998Men's DayObservance
TueFeb 231999Men's DayObservance
WedFeb 232000Men's DayObservance
FriFeb 232001Men's DayObservance
SatFeb 232002Men's DayObservance
SunFeb 232003Men's DayObservance
MonFeb 232004Men's DayObservance
WedFeb 232005Men's DayObservance
ThuFeb 232006Men's DayObservance
FriFeb 232007Men's DayObservance
SatFeb 232008Men's DayObservance
MonFeb 232009Men's DayObservance
TueFeb 232010Men's DayObservance
WedFeb 232011Men's DayObservance
ThuFeb 232012Men's DayObservance
SatFeb 232013Men's DayObservance
SunFeb 232014Men's DayObservance

Quick Facts

Many Ukrainians celebrate Men’s Day on February 23 each year.

Men's Day 2015

Men's Day does not occur in 2015

Men's Day 2016

Men's Day does not occur in 2016


Name in other languages

день МужскойRussian
День ЧоловічийUkrainian
Men's DayEnglish
Tag des MannesGerman

Alternative names

Defender of the Fatherland DayEnglish
Tag des Verteidigers des VaterlandesGerman
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