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Men's Day in Ukraine

Many Ukrainians used to observe Men’s Day on February 23, until 2014, when the Ukranian president cancelled this day and moved a related celebration to October 14.

Family talking and smiling around the table
People attending social gatherings on Men's Day in Ukraine.
People attending social gatherings on Men's Day in Ukraine.
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What Did People Do?

Men’s Day gave people the chance to show appreciation and affection for men in Ukraine by giving cards and gifts and aranging social gatherings, special dinners and lunches for men.

Links to Defender's Day

Men’s Day had some historical ties to Defender of the Fatherland Day, which also used to be celebrated on February 23. This day focused on the achievements of military forces and veterans in Russia and the former Soviet Union, which included Ukraine.

President Changed the Date

However, on October 14, 2014, Ukranian president Petro Poroshenko announced that the Day of Ukraine's Defenders from now on will be held on October 14. At the same time, he declared February 23 as Defenders of the Fatherland Day invalid.

Other Countries Continue

Men’s Day is still celebrated in several other countries, and Ukrainians still celebrate Women’s Day.

Men's Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
TueFeb 232010Men's DayObservance
WedFeb 232011Men's DayObservance
ThuFeb 232012Men's DayObservance
SatFeb 232013Men's DayObservance
SunFeb 232014Men's DayObservance

Quick Facts

Men’s Day was a special observance in Ukraine to show appreciation for men. It was celebrated until 2014.

Men's Day 2016

Men's Day does not occur in 2016

Men's Day 2017

Men's Day does not occur in 2017


Name in other languages

день МужскойRussian
День ЧоловіківUkrainian
Men's DayEnglish
Tag des MannesGerman
Mennenes dagNorwegian

Alternative names

Defender of the Fatherland DayEnglish
Tag des Verteidigers des VaterlandesGerman

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