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How to Use the Day and Night World Map HD iPad App

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Follow this user's guide for the Day and Night World Map to get a high definition map that shows the current position of the sun and the moon for the Apple iPad.

It features a scrollable high definition map that shows which parts of the world are in the daylight and which are at night, as well as an animated map that shows the daylight and night moving across the planet.

How Do I Get the App?

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You can download timeanddate.com’s Day and Night World Map HD app from the App Store or in iTunes.

The Day and Night World Map is also available for iPhone.

To download the app, simply tap the price button in the upper right-hand corner and navigate through the “Buy Now” options. When the download is complete, the Day and Night World Map HD application will appear on your home screen and is ready to launch and use at any time.

Using the Day and Night World Map HD on iPad

Press the Home button at any time to go to the Home screen, which shows your iPad applications. Tap on timeanddate.com’s Day and Night World Map HD application.

  • Areas covered with different shades of gray are at night.
  • Areas not covered are in daylight (See Figure 1).
  • The current local time is located at the bottom left corner of 
    the world map.
  • The map shows the current location of the sun (☀) and 
    the moon (○), as well as your latitude and longitude.
  • Map information can be found scrolling at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to the right or left to see an extended view of the world map.
  • The different shades of darkness represent the different levels of night. The three levels of twilight are (from lightest to darkest):
    • Civil Twilight - when the Sun is below the horizon but its center is less than 6 degrees below.
    • Nautical Twilight - when the center of the Sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon.
    • Astronomical Twilight - when the center of the Sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon.
    • Night - No Twilight.
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How to Use the Animated Map

The play buttons located on the bottom left corner allow you to view an animated map where you can fast forward or rewind time at different speed intervals (See Figure 2).

  • Press the Play button to show the map moving forward in time at one minute per second. The local time will be shown in accordance to the changing map.
  • To move forward in time at a faster speed, tap on the Fast Forward button (up to 7X = one week/sec).
  • To move back in time, tap on the Rewind button (up to -7X = one week/sec).
  • Tap on the Pause button to stop the map at any time.
  • The Stop button will stop the animated map and bring you back to your current local time.

Tap on the “i” icon located in the bottom right hand corner to view more options and the In-App Help feature (See Figure 3).

  • Choose to show the Sun or Moon in the map.
  • Select a specific date and time. Tap on “Show Specific Date” at the bottom of the list.
  • Choose a Season from the given list in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • March Equinox
    • June Solstice
    • September Equinox
    • December Solstice
    • The “Help” feature is located at the top right corner. It features tips and tricks as well as more information about how to use the app.
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Fill out our online support form if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Day and Night World Map HD app for iPad.

You can also email any questions, bug reports, or suggestions to webmaster@timeanddate.com . Please mention “Day and Night HD” in the subject line and give a detailed description of the problem so that we can improve the quality and performance of our apps.


The help system is based on the iUI User Interface framework which is Copyright © 2007 - 2009, iUI Project Members. All rights reserved.

The Day and Night Map HD is generated based on images from the NASA Visible Earth Project.


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