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How to Use Our Meeting Planner on Your iPhone

timeanddate.com’s World Meeting Planner application gives iPhone users the convenience of arranging an international meeting right at their fingertips.

What is the Meeting Planner for?

timeanddate.com’s World Meeting Planner application gives iPhone users the ability to easily plan an international meeting time that can be sent to all parties involved via email. The color coded results table displays the most convenient times for your international meeting based on the convenience of the local times in each selected city.  
If you wish to contact timeanddate.com about the Meeting Planner application, our contact information is locate at the bottom of this page. This is the first version of this application.

How Do I Get timeanddate.com’s Meeting Planner?

You can download timeanddate.com’s Meeting Planner application from the Apple iPhone App Store. From here, you can search for World Meeting Planner or you can use the following direct iTunes link.

To download the app, simply tap the price button in the upper right hand corner and navigate through the “Buy Now” options. When the download is complete, your new timeanddate.com World Meeting Planner application will now appear on your home screen and is ready to launch and use at any time.

Using the Meeting Planner on iPhone

To access your iPhone applications, press the Home button at any time to go to the Home screen. Simply tap on timeanddate.com’s World Meeting Planner icon to open the application. There will be a welcome information box that first appears where you can press “OK” to continue. The new meeting screen will appear showing your current location (only if you allow the app to find your location) when the application launches. From here you can add cities from all around the world and set the date of your meeting.

You will notice that there are three icons located at the bottom of each screen – the globe on the left represents the “Meeting Planner” that will bring you to the current meeting or creates a new meeting (see Figure 1), the folder in the middle labeled “Meetings” (see Figure 2) has all of your saved meetings, and the icon on the right is the help feature that has information about the timeanddate.com Meeting Planner application.

All meetings by default will automatically be saved as the locations’ names in the saved folder. You can organize all of your saved meetings by giving them a custom name in the saved folder by tapping on the “Name this Meeting” button.  At any time, you can tap on the “Meeting Planner” button on the bottom left of the screen to go back to the current meeting.

Plan a New Meeting

After you have opened the Meeting Planner application, you can create a new meeting simply by following these steps:

How to Read the Time Table

The local corresponding times for the first locations listed will be shown in the calculated time table. All locations may not be shown in this section due to the available space allowed. Click on any row to view the local times for all selected locations.

This result page is based on a color coded system that shows the most and least convenient times for your meeting:

*Exception: If you have a large number of locations, the “ALL” requirements are a bit relaxed. There is a chance that you could get green or yellow rows, even if one or a few of the cities fall outside the given rules.

Note: This service does not know about and reflect country and local holidays, countries that have different days of rest other than Monday – Friday.

Once you have selected the best meeting time for all involved parties, you can either email the meeting information to others or add the meeting to your iCalendar.

Email the Meeting Details from Your iPhone

After you have selected the most convenient time for an international meeting, you can send an email to all parties involved. To send an email with the meeting time and date information, simply follow these steps:

Add the Meeting to Your Calendar

To add this meeting to your Calendar, simply tap on “Calendar” located on the bottom of the screen. The meeting will automatically be added as an event to the inbuilt Calendar on your iPhone. Note that this feature requires iPhone OS 4.0.


Fill out our online support form if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Meeting Planner app for iPhone.

You can also email any questions, bug reports, or suggestions to webmaster@timeanddate.com . Please mention “Meeting App” in the subject line and give a detailed description of the problem so that we can improve the quality and performance of our apps.


This help system is based on the iUI User Interface framework which is Copyright © 2007 - 2009, iUI Project Members. All rights reserved.


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