Flag for Canada Alert, NU, Canada — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, October 2015


No daylight period

Current Time: Nov 28, 2015 at 11:02:06 PM

Sun Direction: 1° North

Sun Altitude: -28.9°

Sun Distance: 13,717,797,888 million mi

Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2015 11:49 PM (Winter)

Sun: Down all day

Location of AlertLocation

October 2015 — Sun in Alert

Solar noon
OctSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
17:11 AM (108°)4:42 PM (251°)9:31:14−24:44-Rest of night4:27 AM7:23 PM11:59 AM (4.4°)93.064
27:23 AM (111°)4:29 PM (247°)9:06:03−25:10-Rest of night4:40 AM7:10 PM11:59 AM (4.0°)93.038
37:36 AM (115°)4:16 PM (244°)8:40:20−25:43-Rest of night4:52 AM6:57 PM11:58 AM (3.7°)93.012
47:49 AM (118°)4:03 PM (241°)8:13:56−26:24Rest of night11:28 PM5:04 AM6:45 PM11:58 AM (3.3°)92.986
58:02 AM (121°)3:49 PM (237°)7:46:45−27:11Rest of night12:31 AM10:40 PM5:16 AM6:33 PM11:58 AM (2.9°)92.959
68:16 AM (125°)3:34 PM (234°)7:18:32−28:12Rest of night1:19 AM10:10 PM5:27 AM6:21 PM11:57 AM (2.6°)92.933
78:30 AM (129°)3:20 PM (230°)6:49:08−29:23Rest of night1:48 AM9:47 PM5:39 AM6:09 PM11:57 AM (2.2°)92.907
88:46 AM (133°)3:04 PM (226°)6:18:08−31:00Rest of night2:11 AM9:27 PM5:50 AM5:58 PM11:57 AM (1.9°)92.881
99:02 AM (137°)2:47 PM (222°)5:45:12−32:55Rest of night2:30 AM9:09 PM6:02 AM5:46 PM11:57 AM (1.5°)92.855
109:19 AM (141°)2:29 PM (218°)5:09:32−35:40Rest of night2:48 AM8:53 PM6:13 AM5:34 PM11:56 AM (1.2°)92.828
119:39 AM (146°)2:09 PM (213°)4:30:10−39:22Rest of night3:04 AM8:37 PM6:24 AM5:22 PM11:56 AM (0.8°)92.802
1210:01 AM (152°)1:46 PM (207°)3:44:58−45:11Rest of night3:19 AM8:23 PM6:36 AM5:10 PM11:56 AM (0.5°)92.775
1310:29 AM (159°)1:18 PM (201°)2:49:22−55:35Rest of night3:33 AM8:09 PM6:47 AM4:59 PM11:56 AM (0.2°)92.749
1411:11 AM (169°)12:36 PM (190°)1:25:02−1:24:19Rest of night3:46 AM7:55 PM6:59 AM4:47 PM11:55 AM (-0.1°)92.722
15Down all dayRest of night3:59 AM7:43 PM7:11 AM4:35 PM11:55 AM (-0.4°)92.696
16Down all dayRest of night4:12 AM7:30 PM7:23 AM4:22 PM11:55 AM (-0.7°)92.669
17Down all dayRest of night4:24 AM7:18 PM7:35 AM4:10 PM11:55 AM (-1.0°)92.642
18Down all dayRest of night4:35 AM7:06 PM7:47 AM3:57 PM11:54 AM (-1.2°)92.615
19Down all dayRest of night4:47 AM6:55 PM8:00 AM3:44 PM11:54 AM (-1.5°)92.589
20Down all day11:31 PM4:58 AM6:44 PM8:13 AM3:31 PM11:54 AM (-1.7°)92.562
21Down all day12:20 AM10:41 PM5:09 AM6:33 PM8:27 AM3:17 PM11:54 AM (-2.0°)92.536
22Down all day1:10 AM10:13 PM5:20 AM6:22 PM8:42 AM3:02 PM11:54 AM (-2.2°)92.509
23Down all day1:38 AM9:51 PM5:31 AM6:11 PM8:57 AM2:47 PM11:54 AM (-2.5°)92.483
24Down all day1:59 AM9:32 PM5:41 AM6:00 PM9:13 AM2:30 PM11:53 AM (-2.8°)92.457
25Down all day2:18 AM9:15 PM5:52 AM5:50 PM9:30 AM2:13 PM11:53 AM (-3.4°)92.431
26Down all day2:35 AM9:00 PM6:02 AM5:39 PM9:50 AM1:53 PM11:53 AM (-5.0°)92.406
27Down all day2:50 AM8:46 PM6:13 AM5:29 PM10:13 AM1:30 PM11:53 AM (-5.3°)92.381
28Down all day3:04 AM8:33 PM6:23 AM5:18 PM10:42 AM1:00 PM11:53 AM (-5.7°)92.356
29Down all day3:17 AM8:20 PM6:33 AM5:08 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.0°)92.332
30Down all day3:29 AM8:08 PM6:44 AM4:58 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.3°)92.307
31Down all day3:41 AM7:57 PM6:54 AM4:48 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.7°)92.283
* All times are local time for Alert. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar.

Note that Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 2:00 AM and this is accounted for above.

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