Flag for Canada Alert, Canada — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, October 2015


8:34 AM – 2:12 PM
5 hours, 38 minutes

Current Time: Mar 4, 2015 at 3:19:59 PM

Sun Direction: 240° Southwest

Sun Altitude: -1.5°

Sun Distance: 92.181 million mi

Next Equinox: Mar 20, 2015 6:44 PM (Vernal)

Sunrise Today: 8:34 AM 139° Southeast

Sunset Today: 2:12 PM 223° Southwest

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October 2015 — Sun in Alert

Solar noon
OctSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
17:11 AM (108°)4:42 PM (251°)9:31:14−24:44-Rest of night4:27 AM7:23 PM11:59 AM (4.4°)93.070
27:23 AM (111°)4:29 PM (247°)9:06:03−25:10-Rest of night4:40 AM7:10 PM11:59 AM (4.0°)93.044
37:36 AM (115°)4:16 PM (244°)8:40:20−25:43-Rest of night4:52 AM6:57 PM11:58 AM (3.7°)93.018
47:49 AM (118°)4:03 PM (241°)8:13:57−26:22Rest of night11:28 PM5:04 AM6:45 PM11:58 AM (3.3°)92.992
58:02 AM (121°)3:49 PM (237°)7:46:47−27:10Rest of night12:31 AM10:40 PM5:16 AM6:33 PM11:58 AM (2.9°)92.966
68:16 AM (125°)3:34 PM (234°)7:18:36−28:10Rest of night1:19 AM10:10 PM5:27 AM6:21 PM11:57 AM (2.6°)92.940
78:30 AM (129°)3:20 PM (230°)6:49:08−29:27Rest of night1:48 AM9:47 PM5:39 AM6:09 PM11:57 AM (2.2°)92.913
88:46 AM (133°)3:04 PM (226°)6:18:10−30:58Rest of night2:11 AM9:27 PM5:50 AM5:58 PM11:57 AM (1.9°)92.887
99:02 AM (137°)2:47 PM (222°)5:45:10−33:00Rest of night2:30 AM9:09 PM6:02 AM5:46 PM11:57 AM (1.5°)92.861
109:19 AM (141°)2:29 PM (218°)5:09:34−35:36Rest of night2:48 AM8:53 PM6:13 AM5:34 PM11:56 AM (1.2°)92.835
119:39 AM (146°)2:09 PM (213°)4:30:10−39:23Rest of night3:04 AM8:37 PM6:24 AM5:22 PM11:56 AM (0.8°)92.808
1210:01 AM (152°)1:46 PM (207°)3:44:57−45:12Rest of night3:19 AM8:23 PM6:36 AM5:10 PM11:56 AM (0.5°)92.782
1310:29 AM (159°)1:18 PM (201°)2:49:21−55:36Rest of night3:33 AM8:09 PM6:47 AM4:59 PM11:56 AM (0.2°)92.756
1411:11 AM (169°)12:36 PM (190°)1:24:53−1:24:27Rest of night3:46 AM7:55 PM6:59 AM4:47 PM11:55 AM (-0.1°)92.729
15Down all dayRest of night3:59 AM7:43 PM7:11 AM4:35 PM11:55 AM (-0.4°)92.702
16Down all dayRest of night4:12 AM7:30 PM7:23 AM4:22 PM11:55 AM (-0.7°)92.676
17Down all dayRest of night4:24 AM7:18 PM7:35 AM4:10 PM11:55 AM (-1.0°)92.649
18Down all dayRest of night4:35 AM7:06 PM7:47 AM3:57 PM11:54 AM (-1.2°)92.622
19Down all dayRest of night4:47 AM6:55 PM8:00 AM3:44 PM11:54 AM (-1.5°)92.595
20Down all day11:31 PM4:58 AM6:44 PM8:13 AM3:31 PM11:54 AM (-1.7°)92.569
21Down all day12:20 AM10:41 PM5:09 AM6:33 PM8:27 AM3:17 PM11:54 AM (-2.0°)92.542
22Down all day1:10 AM10:13 PM5:20 AM6:22 PM8:42 AM3:02 PM11:54 AM (-2.2°)92.516
23Down all day1:38 AM9:51 PM5:31 AM6:11 PM8:57 AM2:47 PM11:54 AM (-2.5°)92.490
24Down all day1:59 AM9:32 PM5:41 AM6:00 PM9:13 AM2:30 PM11:53 AM (-2.8°)92.464
25Down all day2:18 AM9:15 PM5:52 AM5:50 PM9:30 AM2:13 PM11:53 AM (-3.4°)92.438
26Down all day2:35 AM9:00 PM6:02 AM5:39 PM9:50 AM1:53 PM11:53 AM (-5.0°)92.413
27Down all day2:50 AM8:46 PM6:13 AM5:29 PM10:13 AM1:30 PM11:53 AM (-5.3°)92.388
28Down all day3:04 AM8:33 PM6:23 AM5:18 PM10:42 AM1:00 PM11:53 AM (-5.7°)92.363
29Down all day3:17 AM8:20 PM6:33 AM5:08 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.0°)92.338
30Down all day3:29 AM8:08 PM6:44 AM4:58 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.3°)92.314
31Down all day3:41 AM7:57 PM6:54 AM4:48 PMNot above -6°11:53 AM (-6.7°)92.290
* All times are local time for Alert. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar.

Note that Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 2:00 AM and this is accounted for above.

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