Flag for Canada Arctic Bay, Canada — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, November 2014


No daylight period

Current Time: Dec 20, 2014 at 12:06:53 PM

Sun Direction: 187° South

Sun Altitude: -6.6°

Sun Distance: 91.462 million mi

Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2014 5:02 PM (Winter)

Sun: Down all day

Location of Arctic BayLocation

November 2014 — Sun in Arctic Bay

Solar noon
NovSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
19:56 AM (144°)2:51 PM (215°)4:54:45−14:335:27 AM7:19 PM6:50 AM5:57 PM8:19 AM4:28 PM12:24 PM (2.7°)92.262
Note: hours shift because clocks change backward 1 hour (See the note below this table for details)
29:04 AM (146°)1:43 PM (213°)4:39:40−15:054:31 AM6:15 PM5:54 AM4:52 PM7:23 AM3:23 PM11:24 AM (2.4°)92.237
39:11 AM (148°)1:35 PM (212°)4:24:02−15:384:35 AM6:11 PM5:58 AM4:48 PM7:28 AM3:18 PM11:24 AM (2.1°)92.213
49:20 AM (150°)1:27 PM (210°)4:07:40−16:214:39 AM6:07 PM6:02 AM4:44 PM7:33 AM3:13 PM11:24 AM (1.8°)92.189
59:28 AM (152°)1:19 PM (207°)3:50:29−17:104:43 AM6:03 PM6:06 AM4:40 PM7:38 AM3:08 PM11:24 AM (1.5°)92.166
69:37 AM (154°)1:10 PM (205°)3:32:15−18:144:47 AM5:59 PM6:11 AM4:36 PM7:43 AM3:03 PM11:24 AM (1.2°)92.143
79:47 AM (157°)1:00 PM (203°)3:12:40−19:344:51 AM5:55 PM6:15 AM4:32 PM7:49 AM2:59 PM11:24 AM (1.0°)92.120
89:58 AM (159°)12:49 PM (200°)2:51:21−21:194:55 AM5:52 PM6:19 AM4:28 PM7:54 AM2:54 PM11:24 AM (0.7°)92.097
910:10 AM (162°)12:37 PM (197°)2:27:25−23:554:59 AM5:48 PM6:23 AM4:24 PM7:59 AM2:49 PM11:24 AM (0.5°)92.075
1010:24 AM (166°)12:24 PM (194°)1:59:23−28:015:03 AM5:44 PM6:27 AM4:21 PM8:04 AM2:44 PM11:25 AM (0.2°)92.054
1110:42 AM (170°)12:06 PM (190°)1:23:12−36:115:06 AM5:41 PM6:31 AM4:17 PM8:09 AM2:39 PM11:25 AM (-0.0°)92.032
12Down all day5:10 AM5:38 PM6:35 AM4:13 PM8:14 AM2:34 PM11:25 AM (-0.2°)92.011
13Down all day5:14 AM5:34 PM6:39 AM4:09 PM8:20 AM2:29 PM11:25 AM (-0.4°)91.991
14Down all day5:17 AM5:31 PM6:43 AM4:06 PM8:25 AM2:24 PM11:25 AM (-0.6°)91.971
15Down all day5:21 AM5:28 PM6:47 AM4:02 PM8:30 AM2:19 PM11:25 AM (-0.8°)91.951
16Down all day5:24 AM5:25 PM6:50 AM3:59 PM8:36 AM2:14 PM11:25 AM (-1.0°)91.931
17Down all day5:28 AM5:22 PM6:54 AM3:56 PM8:41 AM2:09 PM11:26 AM (-1.2°)91.911
18Down all day5:31 AM5:19 PM6:58 AM3:52 PM8:47 AM2:04 PM11:26 AM (-1.4°)91.892
19Down all day5:34 AM5:16 PM7:02 AM3:49 PM8:52 AM1:59 PM11:26 AM (-1.5°)91.873
20Down all day5:38 AM5:13 PM7:05 AM3:46 PM8:58 AM1:54 PM11:26 AM (-1.7°)91.855
21Down all day5:41 AM5:11 PM7:09 AM3:43 PM9:03 AM1:49 PM11:27 AM (-1.8°)91.836
22Down all day5:44 AM5:08 PM7:13 AM3:40 PM9:09 AM1:44 PM11:27 AM (-2.0°)91.818
23Down all day5:47 AM5:06 PM7:16 AM3:37 PM9:15 AM1:39 PM11:27 AM (-2.1°)91.799
24Down all day5:50 AM5:03 PM7:20 AM3:34 PM9:20 AM1:33 PM11:27 AM (-2.3°)91.782
25Down all day5:53 AM5:01 PM7:23 AM3:31 PM9:26 AM1:28 PM11:28 AM (-2.4°)91.764
26Down all day5:56 AM4:59 PM7:26 AM3:29 PM9:32 AM1:23 PM11:28 AM (-2.6°)91.747
27Down all day5:59 AM4:57 PM7:30 AM3:26 PM9:38 AM1:18 PM11:28 AM (-2.8°)91.729
28Down all day6:02 AM4:55 PM7:33 AM3:23 PM9:44 AM1:12 PM11:29 AM (-3.0°)91.713
29Down all day6:04 AM4:53 PM7:36 AM3:21 PM9:50 AM1:07 PM11:29 AM (-3.2°)91.696
30Down all day6:07 AM4:51 PM7:39 AM3:19 PM9:56 AM1:02 PM11:29 AM (-3.6°)91.680
* All times are in local Arctic Bay time.

Note that Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 2:00 AM and this is accounted for above.

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