Flag for Canada Pond Inlet, Canada — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, November 2011


6:06 AM – 8:29 PM
14 hours, 23 minutes

Current Time: Apr 1, 2015 at 5:43:46 PM

Sun Direction: 250° West

Sun Altitude: 11.2°

Sun Distance: 13,896,195,072 million mi

Next Solstice: Jun 21, 2015 12:39 PM (Summer)

Sunrise Today: 6:06 AM 72° East

Sunset Today: 8:29 PM 289° West

Location of Pond InletLocation

November 2011 — Sun in Pond Inlet

Solar noon
NovSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
110:19 AM (142°)3:30 PM (217°)5:11:23−13:415:58 AM7:51 PM7:19 AM6:30 PM8:46 AM5:04 PM12:55 PM (3.1°)92.261
210:26 AM (144°)3:23 PM (216°)4:57:18−14:046:02 AM7:47 PM7:23 AM6:26 PM8:50 AM4:59 PM12:55 PM (2.8°)92.236
310:33 AM (146°)3:16 PM (214°)4:42:45−14:326:06 AM7:43 PM7:27 AM6:22 PM8:55 AM4:54 PM12:55 PM (2.5°)92.212
410:41 AM (148°)3:09 PM (212°)4:27:40−15:046:10 AM7:39 PM7:31 AM6:18 PM9:00 AM4:49 PM12:55 PM (2.2°)92.188
510:49 AM (150°)3:01 PM (210°)4:12:01−15:396:14 AM7:35 PM7:35 AM6:14 PM9:05 AM4:44 PM12:55 PM (1.9°)92.164
Note: hours shift because clocks change backward 1 hour (See the note below this table for details)
69:57 AM (152°)1:53 PM (208°)3:55:37−16:235:18 AM6:31 PM6:39 AM5:10 PM8:10 AM3:40 PM11:55 AM (1.6°)92.140
710:06 AM (154°)1:44 PM (206°)3:38:19−17:185:22 AM6:27 PM6:43 AM5:06 PM8:15 AM3:35 PM11:56 AM (1.3°)92.117
810:15 AM (156°)1:35 PM (204°)3:19:53−18:265:25 AM6:24 PM6:47 AM5:02 PM8:20 AM3:30 PM11:56 AM (1.1°)92.094
910:25 AM (158°)1:25 PM (201°)2:59:58−19:545:29 AM6:20 PM6:51 AM4:58 PM8:25 AM3:25 PM11:56 AM (0.8°)92.072
1010:36 AM (161°)1:14 PM (199°)2:38:02−21:565:33 AM6:17 PM6:55 AM4:55 PM8:30 AM3:20 PM11:56 AM (0.6°)92.050
1110:49 AM (164°)1:02 PM (196°)2:13:06−24:565:37 AM6:13 PM6:59 AM4:51 PM8:35 AM3:16 PM11:56 AM (0.3°)92.028
1211:04 AM (168°)12:47 PM (192°)1:42:56−30:095:40 AM6:10 PM7:03 AM4:47 PM8:40 AM3:11 PM11:56 AM (0.1°)92.006
1311:25 AM (173°)12:26 PM (187°)1:00:10−42:465:44 AM6:07 PM7:07 AM4:44 PM8:45 AM3:06 PM11:56 AM (-0.1°)91.986
14Down all day5:47 AM6:03 PM7:11 AM4:40 PM8:50 AM3:01 PM11:56 AM (-0.3°)91.965
15Down all day5:51 AM6:00 PM7:15 AM4:37 PM8:55 AM2:57 PM11:56 AM (-0.5°)91.945
16Down all day5:54 AM5:57 PM7:18 AM4:33 PM9:00 AM2:52 PM11:57 AM (-0.7°)91.925
17Down all day5:58 AM5:54 PM7:22 AM4:30 PM9:05 AM2:47 PM11:57 AM (-0.9°)91.905
18Down all day6:01 AM5:52 PM7:26 AM4:27 PM9:10 AM2:42 PM11:57 AM (-1.1°)91.886
19Down all day6:04 AM5:49 PM7:29 AM4:24 PM9:16 AM2:38 PM11:57 AM (-1.2°)91.868
20Down all day6:07 AM5:46 PM7:33 AM4:21 PM9:21 AM2:33 PM11:57 AM (-1.4°)91.849
21Down all day6:10 AM5:43 PM7:37 AM4:18 PM9:26 AM2:28 PM11:58 AM (-1.6°)91.831
22Down all day6:14 AM5:41 PM7:40 AM4:15 PM9:31 AM2:23 PM11:58 AM (-1.7°)91.813
23Down all day6:17 AM5:38 PM7:44 AM4:12 PM9:37 AM2:19 PM11:58 AM (-1.8°)91.795
24Down all day6:20 AM5:36 PM7:47 AM4:09 PM9:42 AM2:14 PM11:58 AM (-2.0°)91.777
25Down all day6:22 AM5:34 PM7:50 AM4:06 PM9:48 AM2:09 PM11:59 AM (-2.1°)91.760
26Down all day6:25 AM5:32 PM7:54 AM4:04 PM9:53 AM2:04 PM11:59 AM (-2.3°)91.743
27Down all day6:28 AM5:30 PM7:57 AM4:01 PM9:58 AM1:59 PM11:59 AM (-2.4°)91.726
28Down all day6:31 AM5:28 PM8:00 AM3:59 PM10:04 AM1:55 PM12:00 PM (-2.6°)91.709
29Down all day6:33 AM5:26 PM8:03 AM3:56 PM10:09 AM1:50 PM12:00 PM (-2.7°)91.693
30Down all day6:36 AM5:24 PM8:06 AM3:54 PM10:15 AM1:45 PM12:00 PM (-2.9°)91.677
* All times are local time for Pond Inlet. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar.

Note that Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 6, 2011 at 2:00 AM and this is accounted for above.

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