Flag for Canada Pond Inlet, NU, Canada — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, November 2014


9:29 AM – 3:25 PM
5 hours, 56 minutes

Current Time: Feb 13, 2016 at 3:04:43 PM

Sun Direction: 218° Southwest

Sun Altitude: 0.6°

Sun Distance: 91.780 million mi

Next Equinox: Mar 20, 2016 12:30 AM (Vernal)

Sunrise Today: 9:29 AM 137° Southeast

Sunset Today: 3:25 PM 223° Southwest

Location of Pond InletLocation

November 2014 — Sun in Pond Inlet

2014Sunrise/SunsetDaylengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil TwilightSolar Noon
NovSunriseSunsetLengthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
110:21 AM (143°)3:28 PM (217°)5:07:32−13:485:59 AM7:50 PM7:20 AM6:29 PM8:47 AM5:02 PM12:55 PM (3.0°)92.256
Note: hours shift because clocks change backward 1 hour (See the note below this table for details)
29:28 AM (145°)2:21 PM (215°)4:53:21−14:115:03 AM6:46 PM6:24 AM5:25 PM7:52 AM3:57 PM11:55 AM (2.7°)92.231
39:35 AM (146°)2:14 PM (213°)4:38:40−14:405:07 AM6:42 PM6:28 AM5:21 PM7:57 AM3:53 PM11:55 AM (2.4°)92.207
49:43 AM (148°)2:06 PM (211°)4:23:26−15:135:11 AM6:38 PM6:32 AM5:17 PM8:01 AM3:48 PM11:55 AM (2.1°)92.183
59:51 AM (150°)1:59 PM (209°)4:07:35−15:505:15 AM6:34 PM6:36 AM5:13 PM8:06 AM3:43 PM11:55 AM (1.8°)92.160
69:59 AM (152°)1:50 PM (207°)3:50:59−16:365:19 AM6:30 PM6:40 AM5:09 PM8:11 AM3:38 PM11:55 AM (1.5°)92.137
710:08 AM (154°)1:42 PM (205°)3:33:23−17:355:23 AM6:26 PM6:44 AM5:05 PM8:16 AM3:34 PM11:56 AM (1.3°)92.114
810:18 AM (157°)1:32 PM (203°)3:14:35−18:475:26 AM6:23 PM6:48 AM5:01 PM8:21 AM3:29 PM11:56 AM (1.0°)92.091
910:28 AM (159°)1:22 PM (201°)2:54:11−20:235:30 AM6:19 PM6:52 AM4:57 PM8:26 AM3:24 PM11:56 AM (0.8°)92.069
1010:39 AM (162°)1:11 PM (198°)2:31:32−22:395:34 AM6:16 PM6:56 AM4:54 PM8:31 AM3:19 PM11:56 AM (0.5°)92.048
1110:52 AM (165°)12:58 PM (195°)2:05:29−26:035:38 AM6:12 PM7:00 AM4:50 PM8:36 AM3:14 PM11:56 AM (0.3°)92.026
1211:09 AM (169°)12:42 PM (191°)1:33:07−32:215:41 AM6:09 PM7:04 AM4:46 PM8:41 AM3:10 PM11:56 AM (0.1°)92.006
1311:35 AM (175°)12:16 PM (185°)41:45−51:215:45 AM6:06 PM7:08 AM4:43 PM8:46 AM3:05 PM11:56 AM (-0.2°)91.985
14Down all day5:48 AM6:03 PM7:12 AM4:39 PM8:51 AM3:00 PM11:56 AM (-0.4°)91.965
15Down all day5:52 AM6:00 PM7:16 AM4:36 PM8:56 AM2:55 PM11:56 AM (-0.6°)91.945
16Down all day5:55 AM5:57 PM7:19 AM4:32 PM9:01 AM2:51 PM11:57 AM (-0.8°)91.925
17Down all day5:58 AM5:54 PM7:23 AM4:29 PM9:07 AM2:46 PM11:57 AM (-0.9°)91.905
18Down all day6:02 AM5:51 PM7:27 AM4:26 PM9:12 AM2:41 PM11:57 AM (-1.1°)91.886
19Down all day6:05 AM5:48 PM7:30 AM4:23 PM9:17 AM2:36 PM11:57 AM (-1.3°)91.867
20Down all day6:08 AM5:45 PM7:34 AM4:20 PM9:22 AM2:32 PM11:57 AM (-1.4°)91.848
21Down all day6:11 AM5:43 PM7:38 AM4:17 PM9:28 AM2:27 PM11:58 AM (-1.6°)91.830
22Down all day6:14 AM5:40 PM7:41 AM4:14 PM9:33 AM2:22 PM11:58 AM (-1.7°)91.811
23Down all day6:17 AM5:38 PM7:44 AM4:11 PM9:38 AM2:17 PM11:58 AM (-1.9°)91.793
24Down all day6:20 AM5:35 PM7:48 AM4:08 PM9:44 AM2:13 PM11:59 AM (-2.0°)91.775
25Down all day6:23 AM5:33 PM7:51 AM4:05 PM9:49 AM2:08 PM11:59 AM (-2.2°)91.758
26Down all day6:26 AM5:31 PM7:54 AM4:03 PM9:54 AM2:03 PM11:59 AM (-2.3°)91.740
27Down all day6:29 AM5:29 PM7:58 AM4:00 PM10:00 AM1:58 PM11:59 AM (-2.4°)91.723
28Down all day6:32 AM5:27 PM8:01 AM3:58 PM10:05 AM1:53 PM12:00 PM (-2.6°)91.706
29Down all day6:34 AM5:25 PM8:04 AM3:56 PM10:11 AM1:49 PM12:00 PM (-2.8°)91.690
30Down all day6:37 AM5:23 PM8:07 AM3:53 PM10:17 AM1:44 PM12:01 PM (-2.9°)91.674
* All times are local time for Pond Inlet. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar.

Note that Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 2:00 AM and this is accounted for above.

Pond Inlet has polar nights in November.

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