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Flag for Greenland Thule Air Base, Greenland — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, January 2017


No daylight period

Current Time: Jan 25, 2015 at 8:39:38 PM

Sun Direction: 294° Northwest

Sun Altitude: -24.8°

Sun Distance: 91.526 million mi

Next Equinox: Mar 20, 2015 7:44 PM (Vernal)

Sun: Down all day

Location of Thule Air BaseLocation

January 2017 — Sun in Thule Air Base

Solar noon
JanSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
1Down all day7:55 AM5:23 PM10:11 AM3:07 PMNot above -6°12:39 PM (-9.5°)91.413
2Down all day7:54 AM5:25 PM10:08 AM3:10 PMNot above -6°12:39 PM (-9.4°)91.412
3Down all day7:53 AM5:27 PM10:06 AM3:14 PMNot above -6°12:40 PM (-9.3°)91.412
4Down all day7:51 AM5:30 PM10:03 AM3:17 PMNot above -6°12:40 PM (-9.2°)91.411
5Down all day7:50 AM5:32 PM10:01 AM3:21 PMNot above -6°12:40 PM (-9.1°)91.412
6Down all day7:48 AM5:35 PM9:58 AM3:25 PMNot above -6°12:41 PM (-8.9°)91.412
7Down all day7:46 AM5:38 PM9:55 AM3:29 PMNot above -6°12:41 PM (-8.8°)91.414
8Down all day7:44 AM5:40 PM9:52 AM3:33 PMNot above -6°12:42 PM (-8.7°)91.416
9Down all day7:42 AM5:43 PM9:48 AM3:37 PMNot above -6°12:42 PM (-8.5°)91.418
10Down all day7:40 AM5:46 PM9:45 AM3:41 PMNot above -6°12:43 PM (-8.4°)91.421
11Down all day7:37 AM5:50 PM9:41 AM3:46 PMNot above -6°12:43 PM (-8.2°)91.424
12Down all day7:35 AM5:53 PM9:38 AM3:50 PMNot above -6°12:43 PM (-8.1°)91.428
13Down all day7:32 AM5:56 PM9:34 AM3:55 PMNot above -6°12:44 PM (-7.9°)91.433
14Down all day7:30 AM6:00 PM9:30 AM3:59 PMNot above -6°12:44 PM (-7.7°)91.438
15Down all day7:27 AM6:03 PM9:26 AM4:04 PMNot above -6°12:44 PM (-7.5°)91.444
16Down all day7:24 AM6:07 PM9:22 AM4:09 PMNot above -6°12:45 PM (-7.3°)91.451
17Down all day7:21 AM6:11 PM9:18 AM4:14 PMNot above -6°12:45 PM (-7.1°)91.458
18Down all day7:18 AM6:15 PM9:14 AM4:18 PMNot above -6°12:45 PM (-6.9°)91.465
19Down all day7:14 AM6:19 PM9:09 AM4:23 PMNot above -6°12:46 PM (-6.7°)91.473
20Down all day7:11 AM6:23 PM9:05 AM4:28 PMNot above -6°12:46 PM (-6.5°)91.482
21Down all day7:08 AM6:27 PM9:01 AM4:33 PMNot above -6°12:46 PM (-6.3°)91.491
22Down all day7:04 AM6:31 PM8:56 AM4:38 PMNot above -6°12:46 PM (-6.1°)91.500
23Down all day7:00 AM6:35 PM8:52 AM4:44 PM12:08 PM1:27 PM12:47 PM (-5.8°)91.510
24Down all day6:57 AM6:39 PM8:47 AM4:49 PM11:48 AM1:47 PM12:47 PM (-5.6°)91.520
25Down all day6:53 AM6:44 PM8:42 AM4:54 PM11:33 AM2:03 PM12:47 PM (-5.3°)91.530
26Down all day6:49 AM6:48 PM8:37 AM4:59 PM11:20 AM2:16 PM12:47 PM (-5.1°)91.541
27Down all day6:45 AM6:53 PM8:33 AM5:04 PM11:09 AM2:28 PM12:48 PM (-3.9°)91.552
28Down all day6:40 AM6:58 PM8:28 AM5:10 PM10:58 AM2:39 PM12:48 PM (-3.2°)91.563
29Down all day6:36 AM7:02 PM8:23 AM5:15 PM10:48 AM2:49 PM12:48 PM (-2.8°)91.575
30Down all day6:32 AM7:07 PM8:18 AM5:20 PM10:39 AM2:59 PM12:48 PM (-2.5°)91.587
31Down all day6:27 AM7:12 PM8:13 AM5:26 PM10:30 AM3:08 PM12:48 PM (-2.3°)91.599
* All times are in local Thule Air Base time.

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