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Sunrise and sunset in Washington DC

Flag for U.S.A.Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Washington DC is the capital of United States

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Rising and setting times for the Sun

 AstronomicalNauticalCivil  AzimuthLength of daySolar noon
DateTwilightTwilightTwilightSunriseSunsetSunriseSunsetThis dayDifferenceTimeAltitudeDistance
startsendsstartsendsstartsends(million mi)
Mar 1, 20125:11 AM7:30 PM5:42 AM6:59 PM6:13 AM6:28 PM6:40 AM6:01 PM99°East261°West11h 21m 29s+ 2m 29s12:20 PM43.9° 92.126
Mar 2, 20125:10 AM7:31 PM5:41 AM7:00 PM6:12 AM6:29 PM6:38 AM6:02 PM98°East262°West11h 23m 59s+ 2m 30s12:20 PM44.3° 92.149
Mar 3, 20125:09 AM7:32 PM5:39 AM7:01 PM6:10 AM6:30 PM6:37 AM6:03 PM98°East262°West11h 26m 30s+ 2m 30s12:20 PM44.6° 92.171
Mar 4, 20125:07 AM7:33 PM5:38 AM7:02 PM6:09 AM6:31 PM6:35 AM6:05 PM97°East263°West11h 29m 01s+ 2m 30s12:20 PM45.0° 92.194
Mar 5, 20125:06 AM7:34 PM5:37 AM7:03 PM6:07 AM6:32 PM6:34 AM6:06 PM97°East263°West11h 31m 32s+ 2m 31s12:19 PM45.4° 92.217
Mar 6, 20125:04 AM7:35 PM5:35 AM7:04 PM6:06 AM6:33 PM6:33 AM6:07 PM96°East264°West11h 34m 03s+ 2m 31s12:19 PM45.8° 92.241
Mar 7, 20125:03 AM7:36 PM5:34 AM7:05 PM6:04 AM6:34 PM6:31 AM6:08 PM96°East264°West11h 36m 35s+ 2m 31s12:19 PM46.2° 92.265
Mar 8, 20125:01 AM7:37 PM5:32 AM7:06 PM6:03 AM6:35 PM6:29 AM6:09 PM95°East265°West11h 39m 07s+ 2m 31s12:19 PM46.6° 92.289
Mar 9, 20125:00 AM7:38 PM5:31 AM7:07 PM6:01 AM6:36 PM6:28 AM6:10 PM95°East265°West11h 41m 39s+ 2m 32s12:18 PM47.0° 92.313
Mar 10, 20124:58 AM7:39 PM5:29 AM7:08 PM6:00 AM6:37 PM6:26 AM6:11 PM94°East266°West11h 44m 11s+ 2m 32s12:18 PM47.4° 92.338
Note: hours shift because clocks change forward 1 hour (See the note below this table for details)
Mar 11, 20125:56 AM8:40 PM6:28 AM8:09 PM6:58 AM7:38 PM7:25 AM7:12 PM94°East266°West11h 46m 44s+ 2m 32s1:18 PM47.8° 92.363
Mar 12, 20125:55 AM8:41 PM6:26 AM8:10 PM6:57 AM7:39 PM7:23 AM7:13 PM93°East267°West11h 49m 16s+ 2m 32s1:18 PM48.1° 92.389
Mar 13, 20125:53 AM8:42 PM6:24 AM8:11 PM6:55 AM7:40 PM7:22 AM7:14 PM93°East267°West11h 51m 49s+ 2m 32s1:17 PM48.5° 92.414
Mar 14, 20125:52 AM8:44 PM6:23 AM8:12 PM6:54 AM7:41 PM7:20 AM7:15 PM92°East268°West11h 54m 22s+ 2m 32s1:17 PM48.9° 92.440
Mar 15, 20125:50 AM8:45 PM6:21 AM8:13 PM6:52 AM7:42 PM7:19 AM7:16 PM92°East269°West11h 56m 55s+ 2m 32s1:17 PM49.3° 92.466
Mar 16, 20125:48 AM8:46 PM6:20 AM8:14 PM6:51 AM7:43 PM7:17 AM7:17 PM91°East269°West11h 59m 28s+ 2m 32s1:17 PM49.7° 92.492
Mar 17, 20125:47 AM8:47 PM6:18 AM8:15 PM6:49 AM7:44 PM7:16 AM7:18 PM91°East270°West12h 02m 01s+ 2m 33s1:16 PM50.1° 92.518
Mar 18, 20125:45 AM8:48 PM6:16 AM8:16 PM6:47 AM7:45 PM7:14 AM7:19 PM90°East270°West12h 04m 34s+ 2m 33s1:16 PM50.5° 92.544
Mar 19, 20125:43 AM8:49 PM6:15 AM8:17 PM6:46 AM7:46 PM7:12 AM7:20 PM90°East271°West12h 07m 07s+ 2m 33s1:16 PM50.9° 92.571
Mar 20, 20125:42 AM8:50 PM6:13 AM8:18 PM6:44 AM7:47 PM7:11 AM7:21 PM89°East271°West12h 09m 40s+ 2m 33s1:15 PM51.3° 92.597
Mar 21, 20125:40 AM8:51 PM6:12 AM8:19 PM6:43 AM7:48 PM7:09 AM7:22 PM89°East272°West12h 12m 13s+ 2m 32s1:15 PM51.7° 92.623
Mar 22, 20125:38 AM8:52 PM6:10 AM8:20 PM6:41 AM7:49 PM7:08 AM7:23 PM88°East272°West12h 14m 46s+ 2m 32s1:15 PM52.1° 92.649
Mar 23, 20125:37 AM8:53 PM6:08 AM8:21 PM6:40 AM7:50 PM7:06 AM7:24 PM88°East273°West12h 17m 18s+ 2m 32s1:15 PM52.5° 92.676
Mar 24, 20125:35 AM8:54 PM6:07 AM8:23 PM6:38 AM7:51 PM7:05 AM7:24 PM87°East273°West12h 19m 51s+ 2m 32s1:14 PM52.9° 92.702
Mar 25, 20125:33 AM8:56 PM6:05 AM8:24 PM6:36 AM7:52 PM7:03 AM7:25 PM87°East274°West12h 22m 24s+ 2m 32s1:14 PM53.3° 92.728
Mar 26, 20125:31 AM8:57 PM6:03 AM8:25 PM6:35 AM7:53 PM7:01 AM7:26 PM86°East274°West12h 24m 56s+ 2m 32s1:14 PM53.7° 92.754
Mar 27, 20125:30 AM8:58 PM6:02 AM8:26 PM6:33 AM7:54 PM7:00 AM7:27 PM86°East275°West12h 27m 29s+ 2m 32s1:13 PM54.1° 92.780
Mar 28, 20125:28 AM8:59 PM6:00 AM8:27 PM6:32 AM7:55 PM6:58 AM7:28 PM85°East275°West12h 30m 01s+ 2m 32s1:13 PM54.4° 92.806
Mar 29, 20125:26 AM9:00 PM5:58 AM8:28 PM6:30 AM7:56 PM6:57 AM7:29 PM85°East276°West12h 32m 32s+ 2m 31s1:13 PM54.8° 92.832
Mar 30, 20125:24 AM9:01 PM5:57 AM8:29 PM6:28 AM7:57 PM6:55 AM7:30 PM84°East276°West12h 35m 04s+ 2m 31s1:12 PM55.2° 92.858
Mar 31, 20125:23 AM9:03 PM5:55 AM8:30 PM6:27 AM7:58 PM6:54 AM7:31 PM84°East277°West12h 37m 35s+ 2m 31s1:12 PM55.6° 92.884

All times are in local time for Washington DC
Note that Daylight Saving Time started on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 2:00 AM and this is accounted for above.
March Equinox (Vernal Equinox) is on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 1:14 AM in Washington DC.
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