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Moonrise and moonset in Annaberg-Buchholz

Flag for GermanyAnnaberg-Buchholz, Saxony, Germany
The native name of Germany is Deutschland

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Rising and setting times for the Moon

   Meridian Passing 
Apr 24, 20143:31 AM2:42 PM9:01 AM31.2° 230,05328.2%
Apr 25, 20144:00 AM3:57 PM9:53 AM35.8° 230,71918.2%
Apr 26, 20144:28 AM5:12 PM10:44 AM40.5° 231,83610.1%
Apr 27, 20144:56 AM6:26 PM11:35 AM45.1° 233,4304.2%
Apr 28, 20145:25 AM7:39 PM12:26 PM49.2° 235,4840.8%
Apr 29, 20145:56 AM8:48 PM1:17 PM52.7° 237,9230.1% New Moon at 8:15 AM
Apr 30, 20146:32 AM9:53 PM2:09 PM55.2° 240,6161.8%

All times are in local time for Annaberg-Buchholz
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