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Sunrise and sunset in San Francisco

Flag for U.S.A.San Francisco, California, United States

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Rising and setting times for the Sun

Apr 1, 20145:25 AM9:03 PM5:57 AM8:30 PM6:28 AM7:59 PM6:55 AM7:33 PM
Apr 2, 20145:24 AM9:04 PM5:56 AM8:31 PM6:27 AM8:00 PM6:53 AM7:34 PM
Apr 3, 20145:22 AM9:05 PM5:54 AM8:33 PM6:25 AM8:01 PM6:52 AM7:35 PM
Apr 4, 20145:20 AM9:06 PM5:53 AM8:34 PM6:24 AM8:02 PM6:50 AM7:35 PM
Apr 5, 20145:19 AM9:07 PM5:51 AM8:35 PM6:22 AM8:03 PM6:49 AM7:36 PM
Apr 6, 20145:17 AM9:08 PM5:49 AM8:36 PM6:21 AM8:04 PM6:47 AM7:37 PM
Apr 7, 20145:15 AM9:09 PM5:48 AM8:37 PM6:19 AM8:05 PM6:46 AM7:38 PM
Apr 8, 20145:13 AM9:11 PM5:46 AM8:38 PM6:18 AM8:06 PM6:45 AM7:39 PM
Apr 9, 20145:12 AM9:12 PM5:45 AM8:39 PM6:16 AM8:07 PM6:43 AM7:40 PM
Apr 10, 20145:10 AM9:13 PM5:43 AM8:40 PM6:15 AM8:08 PM6:42 AM7:41 PM
Apr 11, 20145:08 AM9:14 PM5:41 AM8:41 PM6:13 AM8:09 PM6:40 AM7:42 PM
Apr 12, 20145:07 AM9:15 PM5:40 AM8:42 PM6:12 AM8:10 PM6:39 AM7:43 PM
Apr 13, 20145:05 AM9:16 PM5:38 AM8:43 PM6:10 AM8:11 PM6:37 AM7:44 PM
Apr 14, 20145:03 AM9:18 PM5:37 AM8:44 PM6:09 AM8:12 PM6:36 AM7:45 PM
Apr 15, 20145:01 AM9:19 PM5:35 AM8:45 PM6:07 AM8:13 PM6:34 AM7:46 PM
Apr 16, 20145:00 AM9:20 PM5:34 AM8:46 PM6:06 AM8:14 PM6:33 AM7:46 PM
Apr 17, 20144:58 AM9:21 PM5:32 AM8:47 PM6:05 AM8:15 PM6:32 AM7:47 PM
Apr 18, 20144:56 AM9:23 PM5:30 AM8:48 PM6:03 AM8:16 PM6:30 AM7:48 PM
Apr 19, 20144:55 AM9:24 PM5:29 AM8:49 PM6:02 AM8:17 PM6:29 AM7:49 PM
Apr 20, 20144:53 AM9:25 PM5:27 AM8:51 PM6:00 AM8:18 PM6:28 AM7:50 PM
Apr 21, 20144:51 AM9:26 PM5:26 AM8:52 PM5:59 AM8:19 PM6:26 AM7:51 PM
Apr 22, 20144:50 AM9:28 PM5:24 AM8:53 PM5:57 AM8:20 PM6:25 AM7:52 PM
Apr 23, 20144:48 AM9:29 PM5:23 AM8:54 PM5:56 AM8:21 PM6:24 AM7:53 PM
Apr 24, 20144:46 AM9:30 PM5:21 AM8:55 PM5:55 AM8:22 PM6:22 AM7:54 PM
Apr 25, 20144:45 AM9:32 PM5:20 AM8:56 PM5:53 AM8:23 PM6:21 AM7:55 PM
Apr 26, 20144:43 AM9:33 PM5:19 AM8:57 PM5:52 AM8:24 PM6:20 AM7:56 PM
Apr 27, 20144:42 AM9:34 PM5:17 AM8:58 PM5:51 AM8:25 PM6:19 AM7:57 PM
Apr 28, 20144:40 AM9:35 PM5:16 AM8:59 PM5:49 AM8:26 PM6:17 AM7:57 PM
Apr 29, 20144:38 AM9:37 PM5:14 AM9:01 PM5:48 AM8:27 PM6:16 AM7:58 PM
Apr 30, 20144:37 AM9:38 PM5:13 AM9:02 PM5:47 AM8:28 PM6:15 AM7:59 PM

All times are in local time for San Francisco

Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse as seen from earth

Total Lunar Eclipse will soon be visible in many locations.

The eclipse is visible in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

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