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Sunrise and sunset in Porto Alegre

Flag for BrazilPorto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Porto Alegre is the capital of state Rio Grande do Sul
The native name of Brazil is Brasil

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Rising and setting times for the Sun

   Length of daySolar noon
DateSunriseSunsetThis dayDifferenceTimeAltitudeDistance
(million mi)
Feb 1, 20176:54 AM8:23 PM13h 29m 15s− 1m 29s1:39 PM76.9° 91.607
Feb 2, 20176:55 AM8:22 PM13h 27m 44s− 1m 30s1:39 PM76.6° 91.620
Feb 3, 20176:55 AM8:22 PM13h 26m 12s− 1m 31s1:39 PM76.3° 91.633
Feb 4, 20176:56 AM8:21 PM13h 24m 39s− 1m 32s1:39 PM76.0° 91.647
Feb 5, 20176:57 AM8:20 PM13h 23m 05s− 1m 33s1:39 PM75.7° 91.661
Feb 6, 20176:58 AM8:20 PM13h 21m 30s− 1m 34s1:39 PM75.4° 91.676
Feb 7, 20176:59 AM8:19 PM13h 19m 54s− 1m 35s1:39 PM75.1° 91.691
Feb 8, 20177:00 AM8:18 PM13h 18m 17s− 1m 36s1:39 PM74.8° 91.706
Feb 9, 20177:01 AM8:17 PM13h 16m 40s− 1m 37s1:39 PM74.4° 91.722
Feb 10, 20177:01 AM8:16 PM13h 15m 01s− 1m 38s1:39 PM74.1° 91.738
Feb 11, 20177:02 AM8:16 PM13h 13m 22s− 1m 39s1:39 PM73.8° 91.755
Feb 12, 20177:03 AM8:15 PM13h 11m 41s− 1m 40s1:39 PM73.5° 91.773
Feb 13, 20177:04 AM8:14 PM13h 10m 01s− 1m 40s1:39 PM73.1° 91.791
Feb 14, 20177:05 AM8:13 PM13h 08m 19s− 1m 41s1:39 PM72.8° 91.809
Feb 15, 20177:05 AM8:12 PM13h 06m 37s− 1m 42s1:39 PM72.4° 91.828
Feb 16, 20177:06 AM8:11 PM13h 04m 54s− 1m 42s1:39 PM72.1° 91.847
Feb 17, 20177:07 AM8:10 PM13h 03m 10s− 1m 43s1:39 PM71.7° 91.867
Feb 18, 20177:08 AM8:09 PM13h 01m 26s− 1m 44s1:39 PM71.4° 91.887
Note: hours shift because clocks change backward 1 hour (See the note below this table for details)
Feb 19, 20176:09 AM7:08 PM12h 59m 41s− 1m 44s12:39 PM71.0° 91.907
Feb 20, 20176:09 AM7:07 PM12h 57m 56s− 1m 45s12:39 PM70.7° 91.928
Feb 21, 20176:10 AM7:06 PM12h 56m 11s− 1m 45s12:38 PM70.3° 91.949
Feb 22, 20176:11 AM7:05 PM12h 54m 24s− 1m 46s12:38 PM69.9° 91.970
Feb 23, 20176:12 AM7:04 PM12h 52m 38s− 1m 46s12:38 PM69.6° 91.991
Feb 24, 20176:12 AM7:03 PM12h 50m 51s− 1m 46s12:38 PM69.2° 92.012
Feb 25, 20176:13 AM7:02 PM12h 49m 04s− 1m 47s12:38 PM68.8° 92.034
Feb 26, 20176:14 AM7:01 PM12h 47m 16s− 1m 47s12:38 PM68.5° 92.056
Feb 27, 20176:15 AM7:00 PM12h 45m 28s− 1m 47s12:38 PM68.1° 92.078
Feb 28, 20176:15 AM6:59 PM12h 43m 40s− 1m 48s12:37 PM67.7° 92.100

All times are in local time for Porto Alegre
Note that Daylight Saving Time ends on Midnight between Saturday, February 18, 2017 and Sunday, February 19, 2017 and this is accounted for above.

Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse as seen from earth

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will soon be visible in many locations.

The eclipse is partially visible in Porto Alegre on Friday, February 10, 2017.

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