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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Iraq – Mosul

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Mosul time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Abeokuta-2 hoursGbarnga-3 hoursMonrovia-3 hours
Abidjan-3 hoursGeorge-1 hourMoronisame time
Abuja-2 hoursGhardaïa-2 hoursMoundou-2 hours
Accra-3 hoursGitarama-1 hourMutare-1 hour
Adamasame timeGitega-1 hourMutsamudusame time
Addis Ababasame timeGondarsame timeMuyinga-1 hour
Adrar-2 hoursGrahamstown-1 hourMwanzasame time
Agadez-2 hoursGulusame timeMzuzu-1 hour
Agadir-3 hoursGweru-1 hourNairobisame time
Al-Fashirsame timeHarare-1 hourNakurusame time
Al Jizah-1 hourHargeisasame timeNampula-1 hour
Al-Ubayyidsame timeHarper-3 hoursNatitingou-2 hours
Alexandria-1 hourHoumt Souk (Djerba)-2 hoursNdjamena-2 hours
Algiers-2 hoursHuambo-2 hoursNdola-1 hour
Ali Sabiehsame timeHurghada-1 hourNelspruit-1 hour
Antananarivosame timeIbadan-2 hoursNiamey-2 hours
Antsirabesame timeImpfondo-2 hoursNouadhibou-3 hours
Antsirananasame timeIn Salah-2 hoursNouakchott-3 hours
Arushasame timeJalingo-2 hoursNzérékoré-3 hours
Asmarasame timeJamestown-3 hoursOran-2 hours
Assabsame timeJohannesburg-1 hourOuagadougou-3 hours
Atakpamé-3 hoursJubasame timeOuargla-2 hours
Bafatá-3 hoursKabwe-1 hourOwerri-2 hours
Bahir Darsame timeKaduna-2 hoursParakou-2 hours
Bamako-3 hoursKairouan-2 hoursPointe-Noire-2 hours
Bambari-2 hoursKakata-3 hoursPolokwane-1 hour
Bamenda-2 hoursKampalasame timePort Elizabeth-1 hour
Bangui-2 hoursKandi-2 hoursPort-Gentil-2 hours
Banjul-3 hoursKano-2 hoursPort Harcourt-2 hours
Bata-2 hoursKara-3 hoursPort Louis+1 hour
Béchar-2 hoursKaronga-1 hourPort Said-1 hour
Beira-1 hourKasama-1 hourPort Sudansame time
Benghazi-1 hourKassalasame timePorto Novo-2 hours
Benin City-2 hoursKasserine-2 hoursPraia-4 hours
Berberasame timeKenema-3 hoursPretoria-1 hour
Berbérati-2 hoursKerensame timeQacha's Nek-1 hour
Big Bend-1 hourKhartoumsame timeRabat-3 hours
Bimbo-2 hoursKigali-1 hourRosso-3 hours
Bissau-3 hoursKindia-3 hoursRuhengeri-1 hour
Bizerte-2 hoursKinshasa-2 hoursRundu *-1 hour
Blantyre-1 hourKisangani-1 hourRustenburg-1 hour
Bloemfontein-1 hourKismayosame timeRwamagana-1 hour
Bo-3 hoursKitwe-1 hourSabha-1 hour
Bobo-Dioulasso-3 hoursKoidu-3 hoursSaint-Denis+1 hour
Bohicon-2 hoursKostisame timeSaint-Louis-3 hours
Boké-3 hoursKoudougou-3 hoursSanta Maria-4 hours
Bosasosame timeKoutiala-3 hoursSanto António (Príncipe)-3 hours
Bouaké-3 hoursKufra-1 hourSão Tomé-3 hours
Brazzaville-2 hoursKumasi-3 hoursSarh-2 hours
Bujumbura-1 hourLagos-2 hoursSavé-2 hours
Bukavu-1 hourLalibelasame timeSerekunda-3 hours
Bulawayo-1 hourLibreville-2 hoursSfax-2 hours
Butare-1 hourLilongwe-1 hourSikasso-3 hours
Cabinda-2 hoursLirasame timeSmara-3 hours
Cairo-1 hourLome-3 hoursSokodé-3 hours
Cape Bojador-3 hoursLuanda-2 hoursSokoto-2 hours
Cape Town-1 hourLubango-2 hoursSousse-2 hours
Casablanca-3 hoursLubumbashi-1 hourStellenbosch-1 hour
Chipata-1 hourLucapa-2 hoursSuez-1 hour
Conakry-3 hoursLuena-2 hoursSwakopmund *-1 hour
Constantine-2 hoursLusaka-1 hourTadjourasame time
Cotonou-2 hoursMafeteng-1 hourTamale-3 hours
Dakar-3 hoursMahajangasame timeTambacounda-3 hours
Dakhla-3 hoursMaiduguri-2 hoursTangier-3 hours
Dar es Salaamsame timeMakeni-3 hoursTeseneysame time
Debre Berhansame timeMakurdi-2 hoursTeyateyaneng-1 hour
Dessiesame timeMalabo-2 hoursThiès-3 hours
Dire Dawasame timeMalakalsame timeTidjikja-3 hours
Djiboutisame timeMalanje-2 hoursTindouf-2 hours
Djougou-2 hoursMamoutzousame timeToamasinasame time
Dodomasame timeMango-3 hoursTobruk-1 hour
Dolisie-2 hoursManzini-1 hourToliarasame time
Douala-2 hoursMaputo-1 hourTouba-3 hours
Durban-1 hourMaradi-2 hoursTripoli-1 hour
Ebebiyín-2 hoursMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)same timeTunis-2 hours
El Aaiún-3 hoursMarrakech-3 hoursUíge-2 hours
El Jadida-3 hoursMaseru-1 hourUyo-2 hours
Entebbesame timeMasvingo-1 hourVictoria+1 hour
Enugu-2 hoursMbabane-1 hourWalvis Bay *-1 hour
Farafenni-3 hoursMbalesame timeWausame time
Fes-3 hoursMbararasame timeWindhoek *-1 hour
Fianarantsoasame timeMbeyasame timeYambiosame time
Franceville-2 hoursMbuji-Mayi-1 hourYamoussoukro-3 hours
Francistown-1 hourMek'elesame timeYaoundé-2 hours
Freetown-3 hoursMenongue-2 hoursZanzibar Citysame time
Gaborone-1 hourMindelo-4 hoursZaria-2 hours
Gabú-3 hoursMisrata-1 hourZarzis-2 hours
Gafsa-2 hoursMogadishusame timeZiguinchor-3 hours
Galkayosame timeMolepolole-1 hourZinder-2 hours
Garissasame timeMombasasame time
Garoua-2 hoursMongu-1 hour
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (4 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 16:50:33
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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