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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Jordan – Amman

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Amman time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in Africa

Abéché-2 hoursGafsa-2 hoursMonrovia-3 hours
Abeokuta-2 hoursGalkayosame timeMoronisame time
Abidjan-3 hoursGarissasame timeMoundou-2 hours
Abuja-2 hoursGaroua-2 hoursMoussoro-2 hours
Accra-3 hoursGbarnga-3 hoursMutare-1 hour
Aconibe-2 hoursGeorge-1 hourMutsamudusame time
Adamasame timeGhanzi-1 hourMuyinga-1 hour
Addis Ababasame timeGhardaïa-2 hoursMwanzasame time
Adrar-2 hoursGitarama-1 hourMzuzu-1 hour
Agadez-2 hoursGitega-1 hourNairobisame time
Agadir *-2 hoursGoma-1 hourNakurusame time
Al-Fashirsame timeGondarsame timeNampula-1 hour
Al Jizah-1 hourGrahamstown-1 hourNatitingou-2 hours
Al-Ubayyidsame timeGulusame timeNdjamena-2 hours
Alexandria-1 hourGweru-1 hourNdola-1 hour
Algiers-2 hoursHarare-1 hourNekemtesame time
Ali Sabiehsame timeHargeisasame timeNelspruit-1 hour
Antananarivosame timeHarper-3 hoursNgaoundéré-2 hours
Antsirabesame timeHoumt Souk (Djerba)-2 hoursNgozi-1 hour
Antsirananasame timeHuambo-2 hoursNiamey-2 hours
Arba Minchsame timeHurghada-1 hourNouadhibou-3 hours
Arlit-2 hoursIbadan-2 hoursNouakchott-3 hours
Arushasame timeImpfondo-2 hoursNzérékoré-3 hours
Asmarasame timeIn Salah-2 hoursObo-2 hours
Assabsame timeJalingo-2 hoursObocksame time
Aswan-1 hourJamestown-3 hoursOran-2 hours
Asyut-1 hourJimmasame timeOuagadougou-3 hours
Atakpamé-3 hoursJohannesburg-1 hourOuahigouya-3 hours
Awasasame timeJubasame timeOuargla-2 hours
Bafatá-3 hoursKabwe-1 hourOuésso-2 hours
Bahir Darsame timeKaduna-2 hoursOwerri-2 hours
Bamako-3 hoursKaga-Bandoro-2 hoursParakou-2 hours
Bambari-2 hoursKairouan-2 hoursPemba-1 hour
Bamenda-2 hoursKakata-3 hoursPointe-Noire-2 hours
Bangui-2 hoursKampalasame timePolokwane-1 hour
Banjul-3 hoursKandi-2 hoursPort Elizabeth-1 hour
Bata-2 hoursKano-2 hoursPort-Gentil-2 hours
Béchar-2 hoursKara-3 hoursPort Harcourt-2 hours
Beira-1 hourKaronga-1 hourPort Louis+1 hour
Benghazi-1 hourKasama-1 hourPort Mathurin (Rodrigues)+1 hour
Benin City-2 hoursKassalasame timePort Said-1 hour
Berberasame timeKasserine-2 hoursPort Sudansame time
Berbérati-2 hoursKenema-3 hoursPorto Novo-2 hours
Bertoua-2 hoursKerensame timePraia-4 hours
Big Bend-1 hourKharga Oasis-1 hourPretoria-1 hour
Bimbo-2 hoursKhartoumsame timeQacha's Nek-1 hour
Birao-2 hoursKigali-1 hourRabat *-2 hours
Bissau-3 hoursKindia-3 hoursRosso-3 hours
Bizerte-2 hoursKinshasa-2 hoursRuhengeri-1 hour
Blantyre-1 hourKisangani-1 hourRundu *-1 hour
Bloemfontein-1 hourKismayosame timeRustenburg-1 hour
Bo-3 hoursKitwe-1 hourRutana-1 hour
Bobo-Dioulasso-3 hoursKoidu-3 hoursRuyigi-1 hour
Bohicon-2 hoursKorhogo-3 hoursRwamagana-1 hour
Boké-3 hoursKostisame timeSabha-1 hour
Bosasosame timeKoudougou-3 hoursSaint-Denis+1 hour
Bouaké-3 hoursKoutiala-3 hoursSaint-Louis-3 hours
Bozoum-2 hoursKufra-1 hourSan Pédro-3 hours
Brazzaville-2 hoursKumasi-3 hoursSanta Maria-4 hours
Bria-2 hoursLagos-2 hoursSanto António (Príncipe)-3 hours
Bujumbura-1 hourLalibelasame timeSão Tomé-3 hours
Bukavu-1 hourLibreville-2 hoursSarh-2 hours
Bulawayo-1 hourLilongwe-1 hourSavé-2 hours
Butare-1 hourLirasame timeSerekunda-3 hours
Cabinda-2 hoursLomé-3 hoursSerowe-1 hour
Cairo-1 hourLuanda-2 hoursSfax-2 hours
Cape Bojador *-2 hoursLubango-2 hoursSikasso-3 hours
Cape Town-1 hourLubumbashi-1 hourSmara *-2 hours
Casablanca *-2 hoursLucapa-2 hoursSokodé-3 hours
Chipata-1 hourLuena-2 hoursSokoto-2 hours
Chitungwiza-1 hourLusaka-1 hourSousse-2 hours
Conakry-3 hoursLuxor-1 hourStellenbosch-1 hour
Constantine-2 hoursMafeteng-1 hourSuez-1 hour
Cotonou-2 hoursMahajangasame timeSwakopmund *-1 hour
Dabakala-3 hoursMaiduguri-2 hoursTadjourasame time
Dakar-3 hoursMakeni-3 hoursTamale-3 hours
Dakhla *-2 hoursMakurdi-2 hoursTambacounda-3 hours
Daloa-3 hoursMalabo-2 hoursTangier *-2 hours
Dar es Salaamsame timeMalakalsame timeTeseneysame time
Debre Berhansame timeMalanje-2 hoursTeyateyaneng-1 hour
Dessiesame timeMamoutzousame timeThiès-3 hours
Dikhilsame timeMan-3 hoursTidjikja-3 hours
Dire Dawasame timeMango-3 hoursTimbuktu-3 hours
Divo-3 hoursManzini-1 hourTindouf-2 hours
Djiboutisame timeMaputo-1 hourToamasinasame time
Djougou-2 hoursMaradi-2 hoursTobruk-1 hour
Dodomasame timeMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)same timeToliarasame time
Dolisie-2 hoursMaroua-2 hoursTouba-3 hours
Dori-3 hoursMarrakech *-2 hoursTripoli-1 hour
Douala-2 hoursMaseru-1 hourTsabong-1 hour
Durban-1 hourMasvingo-1 hourTshikapa-1 hour
Ebebiyín-2 hoursMaun-1 hourTunis-2 hours
El Aaiún *-2 hoursMbabane-1 hourUíge-2 hours
El Jadida *-2 hoursMbalesame timeUyo-2 hours
Entebbesame timeMbandaka-2 hoursVictoria+1 hour
Enugu-2 hoursMbararasame timeWalvis Bay *-1 hour
Fada-2 hoursMbeyasame timeWausame time
Fada N'gourma-3 hoursMbuji-Mayi-1 hourWindhoek *-1 hour
Farafenni-3 hoursMek'elesame timeYambiosame time
Faya-Largeau-2 hoursMendeferasame timeYamoussoukro-3 hours
Fes *-2 hoursMenongue-2 hoursYaoundé-2 hours
Fianarantsoasame timeMersa Matruh-1 hourZagazig-1 hour
Fombonisame timeMindelo-4 hoursZanzibar Citysame time
Franceville-2 hoursMisrata-1 hourZaria-2 hours
Francistown-1 hourMogadishusame timeZarzis-2 hours
Freetown-3 hoursMolepolole-1 hourZiguinchor-3 hours
Gabès-2 hoursMombasasame timeZinder-2 hours
Gaborone-1 hourMongo-2 hours
Gabú-3 hoursMongu-1 hour

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (15 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 11:05:38

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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