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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Pakistan – Sahiwal

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Sahiwal time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Abeokuta-4 hoursGbarnga-5 hoursMonrovia-5 hours
Abidjan-5 hoursGeorge-3 hoursMoroni-2 hours
Abuja-4 hoursGhardaïa-4 hoursMoundou-4 hours
Accra-5 hoursGitarama-3 hoursMutare-3 hours
Adama-2 hoursGitega-3 hoursMutsamudu-2 hours
Addis Ababa-2 hoursGondar-2 hoursMuyinga-3 hours
Adrar-4 hoursGrahamstown-3 hoursMwanza-2 hours
Agadez-4 hoursGulu-2 hoursMzuzu-3 hours
Agadir *-4 hoursGweru-3 hoursNairobi-2 hours
Al-Fashir-2 hoursHarare-3 hoursNakuru-2 hours
Al Jizah-3 hoursHargeisa-2 hoursNampula-3 hours
Al-Ubayyid-2 hoursHarper-5 hoursNatitingou-4 hours
Alexandria-3 hoursHoumt Souk (Djerba)-4 hoursNdjamena-4 hours
Algiers-4 hoursHuambo-4 hoursNdola-3 hours
Ali Sabieh-2 hoursHurghada-3 hoursNelspruit-3 hours
Antananarivo-2 hoursIbadan-4 hoursNiamey-4 hours
Antsirabe-2 hoursImpfondo-4 hoursNouadhibou-5 hours
Antsiranana-2 hoursIn Salah-4 hoursNouakchott-5 hours
Arusha-2 hoursJalingo-4 hoursNzérékoré-5 hours
Asmara-2 hoursJamestown-5 hoursOran-4 hours
Assab-2 hoursJohannesburg-3 hoursOuagadougou-5 hours
Atakpamé-5 hoursJuba-2 hoursOuargla-4 hours
Bafatá-5 hoursKabwe-3 hoursOwerri-4 hours
Bahir Dar-2 hoursKaduna-4 hoursParakou-4 hours
Bamako-5 hoursKairouan-4 hoursPointe-Noire-4 hours
Bambari-4 hoursKakata-5 hoursPolokwane-3 hours
Bamenda-4 hoursKampala-2 hoursPort Elizabeth-3 hours
Bangui-4 hoursKandi-4 hoursPort-Gentil-4 hours
Banjul-5 hoursKano-4 hoursPort Harcourt-4 hours
Bata-4 hoursKara-5 hoursPort Louis-1 hour
Béchar-4 hoursKaronga-3 hoursPort Said-3 hours
Beira-3 hoursKasama-3 hoursPort Sudan-2 hours
Benghazi *-3 hoursKassala-2 hoursPorto Novo-4 hours
Benin City-4 hoursKasserine-4 hoursPraia-6 hours
Berbera-2 hoursKenema-5 hoursPretoria-3 hours
Berbérati-4 hoursKeren-2 hoursQacha's Nek-3 hours
Big Bend-3 hoursKhartoum-2 hoursRabat *-4 hours
Bimbo-4 hoursKigali-3 hoursRosso-5 hours
Bissau-5 hoursKindia-5 hoursRuhengeri-3 hours
Bizerte-4 hoursKinshasa-4 hoursRundu *-3 hours
Blantyre-3 hoursKisangani-3 hoursRustenburg-3 hours
Bloemfontein-3 hoursKismayo-2 hoursRwamagana-3 hours
Bo-5 hoursKitwe-3 hoursSabha *-3 hours
Bobo-Dioulasso-5 hoursKoidu-5 hoursSaint-Denis-1 hour
Bohicon-4 hoursKosti-2 hoursSaint-Louis-5 hours
Boké-5 hoursKoudougou-5 hoursSanta Maria-6 hours
Bosaso-2 hoursKoutiala-5 hoursSanto António (Príncipe)-5 hours
Bouaké-5 hoursKufra *-3 hoursSão Tomé-5 hours
Brazzaville-4 hoursKumasi-5 hoursSarh-4 hours
Bujumbura-3 hoursLagos-4 hoursSavé-4 hours
Bukavu-3 hoursLalibela-2 hoursSerekunda-5 hours
Bulawayo-3 hoursLibreville-4 hoursSfax-4 hours
Butare-3 hoursLilongwe-3 hoursSikasso-5 hours
Cabinda-4 hoursLira-2 hoursSmara *-4 hours
Cairo-3 hoursLome-5 hoursSokodé-5 hours
Cape Bojador *-4 hoursLuanda-4 hoursSokoto-4 hours
Cape Town-3 hoursLubango-4 hoursSousse-4 hours
Casablanca *-4 hoursLubumbashi-3 hoursStellenbosch-3 hours
Chipata-3 hoursLucapa-4 hoursSuez-3 hours
Conakry-5 hoursLuena-4 hoursSwakopmund *-3 hours
Constantine-4 hoursLusaka-3 hoursTadjoura-2 hours
Cotonou-4 hoursMafeteng-3 hoursTamale-5 hours
Dakar-5 hoursMahajanga-2 hoursTambacounda-5 hours
Dakhla *-4 hoursMaiduguri-4 hoursTangier *-4 hours
Dar es Salaam-2 hoursMakeni-5 hoursTeseney-2 hours
Debre Berhan-2 hoursMakurdi-4 hoursTeyateyaneng-3 hours
Dessie-2 hoursMalabo-4 hoursThiès-5 hours
Dire Dawa-2 hoursMalakal-2 hoursTidjikja-5 hours
Djibouti-2 hoursMalanje-4 hoursTindouf-4 hours
Djougou-4 hoursMamoutzou-2 hoursToamasina-2 hours
Dodoma-2 hoursMango-5 hoursTobruk *-3 hours
Dolisie-4 hoursManzini-3 hoursToliara-2 hours
Douala-4 hoursMaputo-3 hoursTouba-5 hours
Durban-3 hoursMaradi-4 hoursTripoli *-3 hours
Ebebiyín-4 hoursMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)-2 hoursTunis-4 hours
El Aaiún *-4 hoursMarrakech *-4 hoursUíge-4 hours
El Jadida *-4 hoursMaseru-3 hoursUyo-4 hours
Entebbe-2 hoursMasvingo-3 hoursVictoria-1 hour
Enugu-4 hoursMbabane-3 hoursWalvis Bay *-3 hours
Farafenni-5 hoursMbale-2 hoursWau-2 hours
Fes *-4 hoursMbarara-2 hoursWindhoek *-3 hours
Fianarantsoa-2 hoursMbeya-2 hoursYambio-2 hours
Franceville-4 hoursMbuji-Mayi-3 hoursYamoussoukro-5 hours
Francistown-3 hoursMek'ele-2 hoursYaoundé-4 hours
Freetown-5 hoursMenongue-4 hoursZanzibar City-2 hours
Gaborone-3 hoursMindelo-6 hoursZaria-4 hours
Gabú-5 hoursMisrata *-3 hoursZarzis-4 hours
Gafsa-4 hoursMogadishu-2 hoursZiguinchor-5 hours
Galkayo-2 hoursMolepolole-3 hoursZinder-4 hours
Garissa-2 hoursMombasa-2 hours
Garoua-4 hoursMongu-3 hours
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (21 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 08:20:25
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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