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Time zone differences in Africa

Abéchésame timeGarissa+2 hoursMoroni+2 hours
Abeokutasame timeGarouasame timeMoundousame time
Abidjan-1 hourGbarnga-1 hourMoussorosame time
Abujasame timeGeorge+1 hourMutare+1 hour
Accra-1 hourGhanzi+1 hourMutsamudu+2 hours
Adama+2 hoursGhardaïasame timeMuyinga+1 hour
Addis Ababa+2 hoursGitarama+1 hourMwanza+2 hours
Adrarsame timeGitega+1 hourMzuzu+1 hour
Agadezsame timeGondar+2 hoursNairobi+2 hours
Agadir-1 hourGrahamstown+1 hourNakuru+2 hours
Al-Fashir+2 hoursGulu+2 hoursNampula+1 hour
Al Jizah+1 hourGweru+1 hourNatitingousame time
Al-Ubayyid+2 hoursHarare+1 hourNdjamenasame time
Alexandria+1 hourHargeisa+2 hoursNdola+1 hour
Algierssame timeHarper-1 hourNelspruit+1 hour
Ali Sabieh+2 hoursHoumt Souk (Djerba)same timeNgaoundérésame time
Antananarivo+2 hoursHuambosame timeNgozi+1 hour
Antsirabe+2 hoursHurghada+1 hourNiameysame time
Antsiranana+2 hoursIbadansame timeNouadhibou-1 hour
Arusha+2 hoursImpfondosame timeNouakchott-1 hour
Asmara+2 hoursIn Salahsame timeNzérékoré-1 hour
Assab+2 hoursJalingosame timeObosame time
Atakpamé-1 hourJamestown-1 hourOransame time
Bafatá-1 hourJohannesburg+1 hourOuagadougou-1 hour
Bahir Dar+2 hoursJuba+2 hoursOuahigouya-1 hour
Bamako-1 hourKabwe+1 hourOuarglasame time
Bambarisame timeKadunasame timeOwerrisame time
Bamendasame timeKaga-Bandorosame timeParakousame time
Banguisame timeKairouansame timePointe-Noiresame time
Banjul-1 hourKakata-1 hourPolokwane+1 hour
Batasame timeKampala+2 hoursPort Elizabeth+1 hour
Bécharsame timeKandisame timePort-Gentilsame time
Beira+1 hourKanosame timePort Harcourtsame time
Benghazi+1 hourKara-1 hourPort Louis+3 hours
Benin Citysame timeKaronga+1 hourPort Said+1 hour
Berbera+2 hoursKasama+1 hourPort Sudan+2 hours
Berbératisame timeKassala+2 hoursPorto Novosame time
Bertouasame timeKasserinesame timePraia-2 hours
Big Bend+1 hourKenema-1 hourPretoria+1 hour
Bimbosame timeKeren+2 hoursQacha's Nek+1 hour
Biraosame timeKhartoum+2 hoursRabat-1 hour
Bissau-1 hourKigali+1 hourRosso-1 hour
Bizertesame timeKindia-1 hourRuhengeri+1 hour
Blantyre+1 hourKinshasasame timeRundu *+1 hour
Bloemfontein+1 hourKisangani+1 hourRustenburg+1 hour
Bo-1 hourKismayo+2 hoursRutana+1 hour
Bobo-Dioulasso-1 hourKitwe+1 hourRuyigi+1 hour
Bohiconsame timeKoidu-1 hourRwamagana+1 hour
Boké-1 hourKosti+2 hoursSabha+1 hour
Bosaso+2 hoursKoudougou-1 hourSaint-Denis+3 hours
Bouaké-1 hourKoutiala-1 hourSaint-Louis-1 hour
Bozoumsame timeKufra+1 hourSanta Maria-2 hours
Brazzavillesame timeKumasi-1 hourSanto António (Príncipe)-1 hour
Briasame timeLagossame timeSão Tomé-1 hour
Bujumbura+1 hourLalibela+2 hoursSarhsame time
Bukavu+1 hourLibrevillesame timeSavésame time
Bulawayo+1 hourLilongwe+1 hourSerekunda-1 hour
Butare+1 hourLira+2 hoursSerowe+1 hour
Cabindasame timeLome-1 hourSfaxsame time
Cairo+1 hourLuandasame timeSikasso-1 hour
Cape Bojador-1 hourLubangosame timeSmara-1 hour
Cape Town+1 hourLubumbashi+1 hourSokodé-1 hour
Casablanca-1 hourLucapasame timeSokotosame time
Chipata+1 hourLuenasame timeSoussesame time
Conakry-1 hourLusaka+1 hourStellenbosch+1 hour
Constantinesame timeMafeteng+1 hourSuez+1 hour
Cotonousame timeMahajanga+2 hoursSwakopmund *+1 hour
Dakar-1 hourMaidugurisame timeTadjoura+2 hours
Dakhla-1 hourMakeni-1 hourTamale-1 hour
Dar es Salaam+2 hoursMakurdisame timeTambacounda-1 hour
Debre Berhan+2 hoursMalabosame timeTangier-1 hour
Dessie+2 hoursMalakal+2 hoursTeseney+2 hours
Dire Dawa+2 hoursMalanjesame timeTeyateyaneng+1 hour
Djibouti+2 hoursMamoutzou+2 hoursThiès-1 hour
Djougousame timeMango-1 hourTidjikja-1 hour
Dodoma+2 hoursManzini+1 hourTindoufsame time
Dolisiesame timeMaputo+1 hourToamasina+2 hours
Dori-1 hourMaradisame timeTobruk+1 hour
Doualasame timeMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)+2 hoursToliara+2 hours
Durban+1 hourMarouasame timeTouba-1 hour
Ebebiyínsame timeMarrakech-1 hourTripoli+1 hour
El Aaiún-1 hourMaseru+1 hourTsabong+1 hour
El Jadida-1 hourMasvingo+1 hourTunissame time
Entebbe+2 hoursMaun+1 hourUígesame time
Enugusame timeMbabane+1 hourUyosame time
Fadasame timeMbale+2 hoursVictoria+3 hours
Fada N'gourma-1 hourMbarara+2 hoursWalvis Bay *+1 hour
Farafenni-1 hourMbeya+2 hoursWau+2 hours
Faya-Largeausame timeMbuji-Mayi+1 hourWindhoek *+1 hour
Fes-1 hourMek'ele+2 hoursYambio+2 hours
Fianarantsoa+2 hoursMenonguesame timeYamoussoukro-1 hour
Francevillesame timeMindelo-2 hoursYaoundésame time
Francistown+1 hourMisrata+1 hourZanzibar City+2 hours
Freetown-1 hourMogadishu+2 hoursZariasame time
Gabèssame timeMolepolole+1 hourZarzissame time
Gaborone+1 hourMombasa+2 hoursZiguinchor-1 hour
Gabú-1 hourMongosame timeZindersame time
Gafsasame timeMongu+1 hour
Galkayo+2 hoursMonrovia-1 hour

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (4 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Friday, November 21, 2014 at 16:56:03

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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