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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Germany – Baden-Württemberg – Öhringen

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Öhringen time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in Africa

Abéchésame timeGalkayo+2 hoursMoroni+2 hours
Abeokutasame timeGarissa+2 hoursMoundousame time
Abidjan-1 hourGarouasame timeMoussorosame time
Abujasame timeGbarnga-1 hourMutare+1 hour
Accra-1 hourGeorge+1 hourMutsamudu+2 hours
Aconibesame timeGhanzi+1 hourMuyinga+1 hour
Adama+2 hoursGhardaïasame timeMwanza+2 hours
Addis Ababa+2 hoursGitarama+1 hourMzuzu+1 hour
Adrarsame timeGitega+1 hourNairobi+2 hours
Agadezsame timeGoma+1 hourNakuru+2 hours
Agadir-1 hourGondar+2 hoursNampula+1 hour
Al-Fashir+2 hoursGrahamstown+1 hourNatitingousame time
Al Jizah+1 hourGulu+2 hoursNdjamenasame time
Al-Ubayyid+2 hoursGweru+1 hourNdola+1 hour
Alexandria+1 hourHarare+1 hourNekemte+2 hours
Algierssame timeHargeisa+2 hoursNelspruit+1 hour
Ali Sabieh+2 hoursHarper-1 hourNgaoundérésame time
Antananarivo+2 hoursHoumt Souk (Djerba)same timeNgozi+1 hour
Antsirabe+2 hoursHuambosame timeNiameysame time
Antsiranana+2 hoursHurghada+1 hourNouadhibou-1 hour
Arba Minch+2 hoursIbadansame timeNouakchott-1 hour
Arlitsame timeImpfondosame timeNzérékoré-1 hour
Arusha+2 hoursIn Salahsame timeObosame time
Asmara+2 hoursJalingosame timeObock+2 hours
Assab+2 hoursJamestown-1 hourOransame time
Aswan+1 hourJimma+2 hoursOuagadougou-1 hour
Asyut+1 hourJohannesburg+1 hourOuahigouya-1 hour
Atakpamé-1 hourJuba+2 hoursOuarglasame time
Awasa+2 hoursKabwe+1 hourOuarzazate-1 hour
Bafatá-1 hourKadunasame timeOuéssosame time
Bahir Dar+2 hoursKaga-Bandorosame timeOwerrisame time
Bamako-1 hourKairouansame timeParakousame time
Bambarisame timeKakata-1 hourPemba+1 hour
Bamendasame timeKampala+2 hoursPointe-Noiresame time
Banguisame timeKandisame timePolokwane+1 hour
Banjul-1 hourKanosame timePort Elizabeth+1 hour
Batasame timeKara-1 hourPort-Gentilsame time
Bécharsame timeKaronga+1 hourPort Harcourtsame time
Beira+1 hourKasama+1 hourPort Louis+3 hours
Benghazi+1 hourKassala+2 hoursPort Mathurin (Rodrigues)+3 hours
Benin Citysame timeKasserinesame timePort Said+1 hour
Berbera+2 hoursKenema-1 hourPort Sudan+2 hours
Berbératisame timeKeren+2 hoursPorto Novosame time
Bertouasame timeKharga Oasis+1 hourPraia-2 hours
Big Bend+1 hourKhartoum+2 hoursPretoria+1 hour
Bimbosame timeKigali+1 hourQacha's Nek+1 hour
Biraosame timeKindia-1 hourRabat-1 hour
Bissau-1 hourKinshasasame timeRosso-1 hour
Bizertesame timeKisangani+1 hourRuhengeri+1 hour
Blantyre+1 hourKismayo+2 hoursRundu *+1 hour
Bloemfontein+1 hourKisumu+2 hoursRustenburg+1 hour
Bo-1 hourKitwe+1 hourRutana+1 hour
Bobo-Dioulasso-1 hourKoidu-1 hourRuyigi+1 hour
Bohiconsame timeKorhogo-1 hourRwamagana+1 hour
Boké-1 hourKosti+2 hoursSabha+1 hour
Bosaso+2 hoursKoudougou-1 hourSaint-Denis+3 hours
Bouaké-1 hourKoutiala-1 hourSaint-Louis-1 hour
Bozoumsame timeKufra+1 hourSan Pédro-1 hour
Brazzavillesame timeKumasi-1 hourSanta Maria-2 hours
Briasame timeLagossame timeSanto António (Príncipe)-1 hour
Bujumbura+1 hourLalibela+2 hoursSão Tomé-1 hour
Bukavu+1 hourLibrevillesame timeSarhsame time
Bulawayo+1 hourLilongwe+1 hourSavésame time
Butare+1 hourLira+2 hoursSerekunda-1 hour
Cabindasame timeLomé-1 hourSerowe+1 hour
Cairo+1 hourLuandasame timeSfaxsame time
Cape Bojador-1 hourLubangosame timeSikasso-1 hour
Cape Town+1 hourLubumbashi+1 hourSmara-1 hour
Casablanca-1 hourLucapasame timeSokodé-1 hour
Chipata+1 hourLuenasame timeSokotosame time
Chitungwiza+1 hourLusaka+1 hourSoussesame time
Conakry-1 hourLuxor+1 hourStellenbosch+1 hour
Constantinesame timeMafeteng+1 hourSuez+1 hour
Cotonousame timeMahajanga+2 hoursSwakopmund *+1 hour
Dabakala-1 hourMaidugurisame timeTadjoura+2 hours
Dakar-1 hourMakeni-1 hourTamale-1 hour
Dakhla-1 hourMakurdisame timeTambacounda-1 hour
Daloa-1 hourMalabosame timeTangier-1 hour
Dar es Salaam+2 hoursMalakal+2 hoursTeseney+2 hours
Debre Berhan+2 hoursMalanjesame timeTeyateyaneng+1 hour
Dessie+2 hoursMamoutzou+2 hoursThiès-1 hour
Dikhil+2 hoursMan-1 hourTidjikja-1 hour
Dire Dawa+2 hoursMango-1 hourTimbuktu-1 hour
Divo-1 hourManzini+1 hourTindoufsame time
Djibouti+2 hoursMaputo+1 hourToamasina+2 hours
Djougousame timeMaradisame timeTobruk+1 hour
Dodoma+2 hoursMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)+2 hoursToliara+2 hours
Dolisiesame timeMarouasame timeTouba-1 hour
Dori-1 hourMarrakech-1 hourTripoli+1 hour
Doualasame timeMaseru+1 hourTsabong+1 hour
Durban+1 hourMasvingo+1 hourTshikapa+1 hour
Ebebiyínsame timeMaun+1 hourTunissame time
El Aaiún-1 hourMbabane+1 hourUígesame time
El Jadida-1 hourMbale+2 hoursUyosame time
Entebbe+2 hoursMbandakasame timeVictoria+3 hours
Enugusame timeMbarara+2 hoursWalvis Bay *+1 hour
Fadasame timeMbeya+2 hoursWau+2 hours
Fada N'gourma-1 hourMbuji-Mayi+1 hourWindhoek *+1 hour
Farafenni-1 hourMek'ele+2 hoursYambio+2 hours
Faya-Largeausame timeMendefera+2 hoursYamoussoukro-1 hour
Fes-1 hourMenonguesame timeYaoundésame time
Fianarantsoa+2 hoursMersa Matruh+1 hourZagazig+1 hour
Fomboni+2 hoursMindelo-2 hoursZanzibar City+2 hours
Francevillesame timeMisrata+1 hourZariasame time
Francistown+1 hourMogadishu+2 hoursZarzissame time
Freetown-1 hourMolepolole+1 hourZiguinchor-1 hour
Gabèssame timeMombasa+2 hoursZindersame time
Gaborone+1 hourMongosame timeZomba+1 hour
Gabú-1 hourMongu+1 hour
Gafsasame timeMonrovia-1 hour

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (4 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, November 28, 2015 at 02:20:21

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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