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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Italy – Monza

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Monza time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

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Time zone differences in Africa

Abéché-1 hourGaroua-1 hourMoussoro-1 hour
Abeokuta-1 hourGbarnga-2 hoursMutaresame time
Abidjan-2 hoursGeorgesame timeMutsamudu+1 hour
Abuja-1 hourGeorgetown (Ascension Island)-2 hoursMuyingasame time
Accra-2 hoursGhanzisame timeMwanza+1 hour
Aconibe-1 hourGhardaïa-1 hourMzuzusame time
Adama+1 hourGitaramasame timeNairobi+1 hour
Addis Ababa+1 hourGitegasame timeNakuru+1 hour
Adrar-1 hourGomasame timeNampulasame time
Agadez-1 hourGondar+1 hourNatitingou-1 hour
Agadir *-1 hourGrahamstownsame timeNdjamena-1 hour
Al-Fashir+1 hourGulu+1 hourNdolasame time
Al Jizahsame timeGwerusame timeNekemte+1 hour
Al-Ubayyid+1 hourHammamet-1 hourNelspruitsame time
Alexandriasame timeHararesame timeNgaoundéré-1 hour
Algiers-1 hourHargeisa+1 hourNgozisame time
Ali Sabieh+1 hourHarper-2 hoursNiamey-1 hour
Antananarivo+1 hourHoumt Souk (Djerba)-1 hourNouadhibou-2 hours
Antsirabe+1 hourHuambo-1 hourNouakchott-2 hours
Antsiranana+1 hourHurghadasame timeNzérékoré-2 hours
Arba Minch+1 hourIbadan-1 hourObo-1 hour
Arlit-1 hourImpfondo-1 hourObock+1 hour
Arusha+1 hourIn Salah-1 hourOpuwo-1 hour
Asmara+1 hourJalingo-1 hourOran-1 hour
Assab+1 hourJamestown-2 hoursOsogbo-1 hour
Aswansame timeJimma+1 hourOuagadougou-2 hours
Asyutsame timeJohannesburgsame timeOuahigouya-2 hours
Atakpamé-2 hoursJuba+1 hourOuargla-1 hour
Awasa+1 hourKabwesame timeOuarzazate *-1 hour
Bafatá-2 hoursKaduna-1 hourOuésso-1 hour
Bahir Dar+1 hourKaga-Bandoro-1 hourOwerri-1 hour
Bamako-2 hoursKairouan-1 hourParakou-1 hour
Bambari-1 hourKakata-2 hoursPembasame time
Bamenda-1 hourKampala+1 hourPointe-Noire-1 hour
Bangui-1 hourKandi-1 hourPolokwanesame time
Banjul-2 hoursKano-1 hourPort Elizabethsame time
Bardera+1 hourKanyesame timePort-Gentil-1 hour
Bata-1 hourKara-2 hoursPort Harcourt-1 hour
Béchar-1 hourKarongasame timePort Louis+2 hours
Beirasame timeKasamasame timePort Mathurin (Rodrigues)+2 hours
Benghazisame timeKassala+1 hourPort Saidsame time
Benin City-1 hourKasserine-1 hourPort Sudan+1 hour
Berbera+1 hourKenema-2 hoursPorto Novo-1 hour
Berbérati-1 hourKeren+1 hourPotchefstroomsame time
Bertoua-1 hourKharga Oasissame timePraia-3 hours
Big Bendsame timeKhartoum+1 hourPretoriasame time
Bimbo-1 hourKigalisame timeQacha's Neksame time
Birao-1 hourKindia-2 hoursRabat *-1 hour
Bissau-2 hoursKinshasa-1 hourRosso-2 hours
Bizerte-1 hourKisanganisame timeRuhengerisame time
Blantyresame timeKismayo+1 hourRundu-1 hour
Bloemfonteinsame timeKisumu+1 hourRustenburgsame time
Bo-2 hoursKitwesame timeRutanasame time
Bobo-Dioulasso-2 hoursKoidu-2 hoursRuyigisame time
Bohicon-1 hourKorhogo-2 hoursRwamaganasame time
Boké-2 hoursKosti+1 hourSabhasame time
Bosaso+1 hourKoudougou-2 hoursSaint-Denis+2 hours
Bouaké-2 hoursKoutiala-2 hoursSaint-Louis-2 hours
Bozoum-1 hourKufrasame timeSaint-Paul+2 hours
Brazzaville-1 hourKumasi-2 hoursSaint-Pierre+2 hours
Bria-1 hourLagos-1 hourSan Pédro-2 hours
Bujumburasame timeLalibela+1 hourSanta Maria-3 hours
Bukavusame timeLibreville-1 hourSanto António (Príncipe)-2 hours
Bulawayosame timeLilongwesame timeSão Tomé-2 hours
Butaresame timeLira+1 hourSarh-1 hour
Cabinda-1 hourLobatsesame timeSavé-1 hour
Cairosame timeLomé-2 hoursSerekunda-2 hours
Cape Bojador *-1 hourLuanda-1 hourSerowesame time
Cape Townsame timeLubango-1 hourSfax-1 hour
Casablanca *-1 hourLubumbashisame timeSharm el-Sheikhsame time
Chipatasame timeLucapa-1 hourSikasso-2 hours
Chitungwizasame timeLuena-1 hourSiwa Oasissame time
Conakry-2 hoursLusakasame timeSmara *-1 hour
Constantine-1 hourLuxorsame timeSokodé-2 hours
Cotonou-1 hourMafetengsame timeSokoto-1 hour
Dabakala-2 hoursMahajanga+1 hourSousse-1 hour
Dakar-2 hoursMaiduguri-1 hourStellenboschsame time
Dakhla *-1 hourMakeni-2 hoursSuezsame time
Daloa-2 hoursMakurdi-1 hourSwakopmund-1 hour
Dar es Salaam+1 hourMalabo-1 hourTabora+1 hour
Debre Berhan+1 hourMalakal+1 hourTadjoura+1 hour
Dessie+1 hourMalanje-1 hourTamale-2 hours
Dikhil+1 hourMamoutzou+1 hourTamanrasset-1 hour
Dire Dawa+1 hourMan-2 hoursTambacounda-2 hours
Divo-2 hoursMango-2 hoursTangier *-1 hour
Djibouti+1 hourManzinisame timeTeseney+1 hour
Djougou-1 hourMaputosame timeTeyateyanengsame time
Dodoma+1 hourMaradi-1 hourThiès-2 hours
Dolisie-1 hourMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)+1 hourTidjikja-2 hours
Dori-2 hoursMaroua-1 hourTimbuktu-2 hours
Dorra+1 hourMarrakech *-1 hourTindouf-1 hour
Douala-1 hourMaserusame timeToamasina+1 hour
Durbansame timeMasvingosame timeTobruksame time
Ebebiyín-1 hourMaunsame timeToliara+1 hour
Edinburgh of the Seven Seas-2 hoursMbabanesame timeTouba-2 hours
El Aaiún *-1 hourMbale+1 hourTripolisame time
El Jadida *-1 hourMbandaka-1 hourTsabongsame time
Entebbe+1 hourMbarara+1 hourTshikapasame time
Enugu-1 hourMbeya+1 hourTunis-1 hour
Fada-1 hourMbuji-Mayisame timeUíge-1 hour
Fada N'gourma-2 hoursMek'ele+1 hourUyo-1 hour
Farafenni-2 hoursMendefera+1 hourVictoria+2 hours
Faya-Largeau-1 hourMenongue-1 hourWalvis Bay-1 hour
Fes *-1 hourMersa Matruhsame timeWau+1 hour
Fianarantsoa+1 hourMindelo-3 hoursWindhoek-1 hour
Fomboni+1 hourMisratasame timeYambio+1 hour
Franceville-1 hourMogadishu+1 hourYamoussoukro-2 hours
Francistownsame timeMolepololesame timeYaoundé-1 hour
Freetown-2 hoursMombasa+1 hourZagazigsame time
Gabès-1 hourMonastir-1 hourZanzibar City+1 hour
Gaboronesame timeMongo-1 hourZaria-1 hour
Gabú-2 hoursMongusame timeZarzis-1 hour
Gafsa-1 hourMonrovia-2 hoursZiguinchor-2 hours
Galkayo+1 hourMoroni+1 hourZinder-1 hour
Garissa+1 hourMoundou-1 hourZombasame time

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (12 places).


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