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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Guinea – Conakry

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Conakry time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Abeokuta+1 hourGbarngasame timeMonroviasame time
Abidjansame timeGeorge+2 hoursMoroni+3 hours
Abuja+1 hourGhardaïa+1 hourMoundou+1 hour
Accrasame timeGitarama+2 hoursMutare+2 hours
Adama+3 hoursGitega+2 hoursMutsamudu+3 hours
Addis Ababa+3 hoursGondar+3 hoursMuyinga+2 hours
Adrar+1 hourGrahamstown+2 hoursMwanza+3 hours
Agadez+1 hourGulu+3 hoursMzuzu+2 hours
Agadirsame timeGweru+2 hoursNairobi+3 hours
Al-Fashir+3 hoursHarare+2 hoursNakuru+3 hours
Al Jizah+2 hoursHargeisa+3 hoursNampula+2 hours
Al-Ubayyid+3 hoursHarpersame timeNatitingou+1 hour
Alexandria+2 hoursHoumt Souk (Djerba)+1 hourNdjamena+1 hour
Algiers+1 hourHuambo+1 hourNdola+2 hours
Ali Sabieh+3 hoursHurghada+2 hoursNelspruit+2 hours
Antananarivo+3 hoursIbadan+1 hourNiamey+1 hour
Antsirabe+3 hoursImpfondo+1 hourNouadhibousame time
Antsiranana+3 hoursIn Salah+1 hourNouakchottsame time
Arusha+3 hoursJalingo+1 hourNzérékorésame time
Asmara+3 hoursJamestownsame timeOran+1 hour
Assab+3 hoursJohannesburg+2 hoursOuagadougousame time
Atakpamésame timeJuba+3 hoursOuargla+1 hour
Bafatásame timeKabwe+2 hoursOwerri+1 hour
Bahir Dar+3 hoursKaduna+1 hourParakou+1 hour
Bamakosame timeKairouan+1 hourPointe-Noire+1 hour
Bambari+1 hourKakatasame timePolokwane+2 hours
Bamenda+1 hourKampala+3 hoursPort Elizabeth+2 hours
Bangui+1 hourKandi+1 hourPort-Gentil+1 hour
Banjulsame timeKano+1 hourPort Harcourt+1 hour
Bata+1 hourKarasame timePort Louis+4 hours
Béchar+1 hourKaronga+2 hoursPort Said+2 hours
Beira+2 hoursKasama+2 hoursPort Sudan+3 hours
Benghazi+2 hoursKassala+3 hoursPorto Novo+1 hour
Benin City+1 hourKasserine+1 hourPraia-1 hour
Berbera+3 hoursKenemasame timePretoria+2 hours
Berbérati+1 hourKeren+3 hoursQacha's Nek+2 hours
Big Bend+2 hoursKhartoum+3 hoursRabatsame time
Bimbo+1 hourKigali+2 hoursRossosame time
Bissausame timeKindiasame timeRuhengeri+2 hours
Bizerte+1 hourKinshasa+1 hourRundu *+2 hours
Blantyre+2 hoursKisangani+2 hoursRustenburg+2 hours
Bloemfontein+2 hoursKismayo+3 hoursRwamagana+2 hours
Bosame timeKitwe+2 hoursSabha+2 hours
Bobo-Dioulassosame timeKoidusame timeSaint-Denis+4 hours
Bohicon+1 hourKosti+3 hoursSaint-Louissame time
Bokésame timeKoudougousame timeSanta Maria-1 hour
Bosaso+3 hoursKoutialasame timeSanto António (Príncipe)same time
Bouakésame timeKufra+2 hoursSão Tomésame time
Brazzaville+1 hourKumasisame timeSarh+1 hour
Bujumbura+2 hoursLagos+1 hourSavé+1 hour
Bukavu+2 hoursLalibela+3 hoursSerekundasame time
Bulawayo+2 hoursLibreville+1 hourSfax+1 hour
Butare+2 hoursLilongwe+2 hoursSikassosame time
Cabinda+1 hourLira+3 hoursSmarasame time
Cairo+2 hoursLomesame timeSokodésame time
Cape Bojadorsame timeLuanda+1 hourSokoto+1 hour
Cape Town+2 hoursLubango+1 hourSousse+1 hour
Casablancasame timeLubumbashi+2 hoursStellenbosch+2 hours
Chipata+2 hoursLucapa+1 hourSuez+2 hours
Conakrysame timeLuena+1 hourSwakopmund *+2 hours
Constantine+1 hourLusaka+2 hoursTadjoura+3 hours
Cotonou+1 hourMafeteng+2 hoursTamalesame time
Dakarsame timeMahajanga+3 hoursTambacoundasame time
Dakhlasame timeMaiduguri+1 hourTangiersame time
Dar es Salaam+3 hoursMakenisame timeTeseney+3 hours
Debre Berhan+3 hoursMakurdi+1 hourTeyateyaneng+2 hours
Dessie+3 hoursMalabo+1 hourThièssame time
Dire Dawa+3 hoursMalakal+3 hoursTidjikjasame time
Djibouti+3 hoursMalanje+1 hourTindouf+1 hour
Djougou+1 hourMamoutzou+3 hoursToamasina+3 hours
Dodoma+3 hoursMangosame timeTobruk+2 hours
Dolisie+1 hourManzini+2 hoursToliara+3 hours
Douala+1 hourMaputo+2 hoursToubasame time
Durban+2 hoursMaradi+1 hourTripoli+2 hours
Ebebiyín+1 hourMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)+3 hoursTunis+1 hour
El Aaiúnsame timeMarrakechsame timeUíge+1 hour
El Jadidasame timeMaseru+2 hoursUyo+1 hour
Entebbe+3 hoursMasvingo+2 hoursVictoria+4 hours
Enugu+1 hourMbabane+2 hoursWalvis Bay *+2 hours
Farafennisame timeMbale+3 hoursWau+3 hours
Fessame timeMbarara+3 hoursWindhoek *+2 hours
Fianarantsoa+3 hoursMbeya+3 hoursYambio+3 hours
Franceville+1 hourMbuji-Mayi+2 hoursYamoussoukrosame time
Francistown+2 hoursMek'ele+3 hoursYaoundé+1 hour
Freetownsame timeMenongue+1 hourZanzibar City+3 hours
Gaborone+2 hoursMindelo-1 hourZaria+1 hour
Gabúsame timeMisrata+2 hoursZarzis+1 hour
Gafsa+1 hourMogadishu+3 hoursZiguinchorsame time
Galkayo+3 hoursMolepolole+2 hoursZinder+1 hour
Garissa+3 hoursMombasa+3 hours
Garoua+1 hourMongu+2 hours
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (4 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 23:20:46
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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