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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Malaysia – Ipoh

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Ipoh time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Abu Dhabi-4 hoursHowrah-2:30 hoursOmsk-1 hour
Adana *-5 hoursHsinchusame timeOral-3 hours
Aden-5 hoursHuaibeisame timeOsaka+1 hour
Aghjabadi *-3 hoursHuainansame timeOsh-2 hours
Agra-2:30 hoursHubli-2:30 hoursPabna-2 hours
Ahmedabad-2:30 hoursHulunbuirsame timePadang-1 hour
Ahmednagar-2:30 hoursHuế-1 hourPakse-1 hour
Ahvaz-4:30 hoursHyderabad (India)-2:30 hoursPalangka Raya-1 hour
Akola-2:30 hoursHyderabad (PK)-3 hoursPalembang-1 hour
Aktau-3 hoursIloilo Citysame timePalusame time
Al-Hasakah *-5 hoursIncheon+1 hourPangkal Pinang-1 hour
Al Hudaydah-5 hoursIndore-2:30 hoursPatna-2:30 hours
Al-Jamiliyah-5 hoursIpohsame timePattaya-1 hour
Al Khor-5 hoursIrbid *-5 hoursPekalongan-1 hour
Al Mukalla-5 hoursIrbil-5 hoursPekan Tutongsame time
Aleppo *-5 hoursIrkutsk+1 hourPekanbaru-1 hour
Allahabad-2:30 hoursIslamabad-3 hoursPematangsiantar-1 hour
Almaty-2 hoursIzmir *-5 hoursPerm-2 hours
Alor Setarsame timeJabalpur-2:30 hoursPeshawar-3 hours
Ambon+1 hourJaipur-2:30 hoursPetropavl (KZ)-2 hours
Amman *-5 hoursJakarta-1 hourPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (RU)+4 hours
Anadyr+4 hoursJalal-Abad-2 hoursPevek+4 hours
Anantapur-2:30 hoursJalandhar-2:30 hoursPhnom Penh-1 hour
Andijan-3 hoursJambi-1 hourPhuket-1 hour
Angelessame timeJayapura+1 hourPhuntsholing-2 hours
Ankara *-5 hoursJeddah-5 hoursPokhara-2:15 hours
Anshansame timeJeju+1 hourPontianak-1 hour
Antalya *-5 hoursJenin *-5 hoursPort-aux-Francais-3 hours
Aqtobe-3 hoursJerusalem *-5 hoursPort Blair-2:30 hours
Ar-Raqqah *-5 hoursJessore-2 hoursPuerto Princesasame time
Asansol-2:30 hoursJhelum-3 hoursPune-2:30 hours
Ashgabat-3 hoursJilinsame timePyeongchang+1 hour
Astana-2 hoursJinansame timePyongyang+1 hour
Atyrau-3 hoursJinzhousame timeQatif-5 hours
Aurangabad-2:30 hoursJohor Bahrusame timeQiqiharsame time
Bacolodsame timeKabul-3:30 hoursQuetta-3 hours
Baghdad-5 hoursKaechon+1 hourQuezonsame time
Baguio Citysame timeKaesong+1 hourQyzylorda-2 hours
Bahawalpur-3 hoursKagoshima+1 hourRabasame time
Baku *-3 hoursKakinada-2:30 hoursRajshahi-2 hours
Balikpapansame timeKalmunai-2:30 hoursRasht-4:30 hours
Balkanabat-3 hoursKandahar-3:30 hoursRawalpindi-3 hours
Banda Aceh-1 hourKãnpur-2:30 hoursRiffa-5 hours
Bandar-Abbas-4:30 hoursKaohsiungsame timeRiyadh-5 hours
Bandar Lampung-1 hourKapan-4 hoursSagamihara+1 hour
Bandar Seri Begawansame timeKarachi-3 hoursSahiwal-3 hours
Bandung-1 hourKarakol-2 hoursSaidpur-2 hours
Bangalore-2:30 hoursKarbala-5 hoursSalalah-4 hours
Bangkok-1 hourKashan-4:30 hoursSamarindasame time
Banjarmasinsame timeKashgarsame timeSame+1 hour
Baodingsame timeKathmandu-2:15 hoursSana-5 hours
Baotousame timeKawasaki+1 hourSanandaj-4:30 hours
Barisal-2 hoursKayseri *-5 hoursSapporo+1 hour
Barnaul-1 hourKediri-1 hourSargodha-3 hours
Basra-5 hoursKemerovo-1 hourSari-4:30 hours
Battambang-1 hourKendarisame timeSasebo+1 hour
Batumi-4 hoursKerman-4:30 hoursSavannakhet-1 hour
Baucau+1 hourKhachmaz *-3 hoursSeeb-4 hours
Behbahan-4:30 hoursKhamis Mushait-5 hoursSemarang-1 hour
Beijingsame timeKhan Yunis *-5 hoursSendai+1 hour
Beirut *-5 hoursKhanewal-3 hoursSeoul+1 hour
Bekasi-1 hourKhatangasame timeSerang-1 hour
Bengkulu-1 hourKhon Kaen-1 hourSerembansame time
Benxisame timeKhost-3:30 hoursShaki *-3 hours
Bethlehem *-5 hoursKhujand-3 hoursShamakhi *-3 hours
Bhopal-2:30 hoursKhulna-2 hoursShanghaisame time
Bhubaneshwar-2:30 hoursKhushab-3 hoursShantousame time
Bijapur-2:30 hoursKirkuk-5 hoursSharjah-4 hours
Biratnagar-2:15 hoursKitakyushu+1 hourShenyangsame time
Birjand-4:30 hoursKobe+1 hourShenzhensame time
Bishkek-2 hoursKochi-2:30 hoursShijiazhuangsame time
Bodrum *-5 hoursKolkata-2:30 hoursShillong-2:30 hours
Bogor-1 hourKomsomolsk-on-Amur+3 hoursShimla-2:30 hours
Bogra-2 hoursKonya *-5 hoursShiraz-4:30 hours
Buraidah-5 hoursKota Kinabalusame timeShirvan *-3 hours
Busan+1 hourKowloonsame timeShizuoka+1 hour
Bushehr-4:30 hoursKrasnoyarsksame timeShymkent-2 hours
Cagayan de Orosame timeKuala Belaitsame timeSialkot-3 hours
Cebu Citysame timeKuala Lumpursame timeSiansame time
Chandpur-2 hoursKuantansame timeSidon *-5 hours
Changchunsame timeKuchingsame timeSihanoukville-1 hour
Changdesame timeKudus-1 hourSingaporesame time
Changshasame timeKulob-3 hoursSingarajasame time
Chelyabinsk-2 hoursKumamoto+1 hourSinuiju+1 hour
Chengdusame timeKunmingsame timeSirsa-2:30 hours
Chennai-2:30 hoursKupangsame timeSisian-4 hours
Cherrapunji-2:30 hoursKushiro+1 hourSofifi+1 hour
Chiang Mai-1 hourKutaisi-4 hoursSri Jayawardenapura Kotte-2:30 hours
Chittagong-2 hoursKuwait City-5 hoursSuai+1 hour
Choibalsansame timeKyoto+1 hourSukkur-3 hours
Chongjin+1 hourLahore-3 hoursSulaimaniya-5 hours
Chongqingsame timeLanchowsame timeSumqayit *-3 hours
Cirebon-1 hourLangfangsame timeSurabaya-1 hour
Coimbatore-2:30 hoursLankaran *-3 hoursSurakarta-1 hour
Colombo-2:30 hoursLanzhousame timeSurat-2:30 hours
Comilla-2 hoursLashkar Gah-3:30 hoursSurgut-2 hours
Cần Thơ-1 hourLatakia *-5 hoursSuzhousame time
Da Nang-1 hourLhasasame timeSuzuka+1 hour
Daegu+1 hourLuang Prabang-1 hourSylhet-2 hours
Daejeon+1 hourLucknow-2:30 hoursTa'izz-5 hours
Daliansame timeLudhiana-2:30 hoursTabriz-4:30 hours
Damascus *-5 hoursLunawada-2:30 hoursTaichungsame time
Dammam-5 hoursLuoyangsame timeTaipeisame time
Damoh-2:30 hoursMa'an *-5 hoursTaiyuansame time
Daraa *-5 hoursMabalacatsame timeTangshansame time
Darkhansame timeMacausame timeTanjung Pinang-1 hour
Datongsame timeMadiun-1 hourTarlac Citysame time
Davaosame timeMadurai-2:30 hoursTashkent-3 hours
Dawei-1:30 hoursMagadan+4 hoursTasikmalaya-1 hour
Daşoguz-3 hoursMagnitogorsk-2 hoursTbilisi-4 hours
Deir ez-Zor *-5 hoursMahabad-4:30 hoursTegal-1 hour
Delhi-2:30 hoursMakassarsame timeTehran-4:30 hours
Denpasarsame timeMakatisame timeTel Aviv *-5 hours
Dhaka-2 hoursMakkah-5 hoursTernate+1 hour
Dharamshala-2:30 hoursMalang-1 hourThe Settlement-1 hour
Dili+1 hourMamujusame timeTheni-2:30 hours
Doha-5 hoursManadosame timeThimphu-2 hours
Dubai-4 hoursManama-5 hoursThiruvananthapuram-2:30 hours
Durgapur-2:30 hoursMandalay-1:30 hoursTianjinsame time
Dushanbe-3 hoursMangalore-2:30 hoursTiksi+2 hours
Endesame timeManilasame timeTokyo+1 hour
Erdenetsame timeManokwari+1 hourTomsk-1 hour
Esfahãn-4:30 hoursMarawi Citysame timeTrincomalee-2:30 hours
Faisalabad-3 hoursMary-3 hoursTripoli *-5 hours
Farah-3:30 hoursMashhad-4:30 hoursTsingtaosame time
Foochowsame timeMataramsame timeTsu+1 hour
Foshansame timeMatsuyama+1 hourTulkarm *-5 hours
Fukuoka+1 hourMawlamyine-1:30 hoursTürkmenabat-3 hours
Fukushima+1 hourMedan-1 hourTürkmenbaşy-3 hours
Fushunsame timeMedina-5 hoursTyumen-2 hours
Gangneung+1 hourMeerut-2:30 hoursUdon Thani-1 hour
Ganja *-3 hoursMersin *-5 hoursUfa-2 hours
Gavar-4 hoursMingachevir *-3 hoursUlaanbaatarsame time
Gaza *-5 hoursMirisame timeUlan-Ude+1 hour
Gaziantep *-5 hoursMokpo+1 hourUlsan+1 hour
General Santossame timeMosul-5 hoursUrmia-4:30 hours
George Townsame timeMultan-3 hoursÜrümqisame time
Ghaziabad-2:30 hoursMumbai-2:30 hoursUtsunomiya+1 hour
Gorakhpur-2:30 hoursMuscat-4 hoursVadodara-2:30 hours
Gorgan-4:30 hoursMymensingh-2 hoursVanadzor-4 hours
Gorontalosame timeNaberezhnye Chelny-4 hoursVaranasi-2:30 hours
Guangzhousame timeNablus *-5 hoursVasai-Virar-2:30 hours
Guilinsame timeNagano+1 hourVerkhoyansk+3 hours
Guiyangsame timeNagasaki+1 hourVientiane-1 hour
Gujranwala-3 hoursNagoya+1 hourVisakhapatnam-2:30 hours
Gunsan+1 hourNãgpur-2:30 hoursVladivostok+3 hours
Gwangju+1 hourNaha+1 hourWuhansame time
Gyumri-4 hoursNajaf-5 hoursXam Neua-1 hour
Hadibu-5 hoursNakhchivan *-3 hoursXankendi-4 hours
Hafar Al-Batin-5 hoursNakhon Ratchasima-1 hourXiamensame time
Hai Phong-1 hourNakhon Sawan-1 hourXiningsame time
Haikousame timeNalbari-2:30 hoursXinyangsame time
Hamamatsu+1 hourNamangan-3 hoursXuzhousame time
Hamhung+1 hourNamp’o+1 hourYakutsk+2 hours
Handansame timeNanchangsame timeYangon-1:30 hours
Hangzhousame timeNanjingsame timeYazd-4:30 hours
Hanoi-1 hourNanningsame timeYeghegnadzor-4 hours
Harbinsame timeNarowal-3 hoursYekaterinburg-2 hours
Hat Yai-1 hourNashik-2:30 hoursYerevan-4 hours
Hebron *-5 hoursNasiriya-5 hoursYinchuansame time
Hefeisame timeNaypyidaw-1:30 hoursYogyakarta-1 hour
Hilla-5 hoursNew Delhi-2:30 hoursYokohama+1 hour
Himeji+1 hourNha Trang-1 hourYokosuka+1 hour
Hiroshima+1 hourNicosia *-5 hoursYuzhno-Sakhalinsk+3 hours
Hissar-2:30 hoursNiigata+1 hourZahlé *-5 hours
Ho Chi Minh-1 hourNizamabad-2:30 hoursZamboanga Citysame time
Hofuf-5 hoursNizwa-4 hoursZarqa *-5 hours
Hohhotsame timeNorilsksame timeZhengzhousame time
Homs *-5 hoursNovosibirsk-1 hourZibosame time
Hong Kongsame timeOkayama+1 hour
Hovd-1 hourOlongaposame time
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (46 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 00:58:25
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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