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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Russia – Chelyabinsk – Chelyabinsk

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Chelyabinsk time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in Asia

Abu Dhabi-1 hourHsinchu+3 hoursOralsame time
Adana-3 hoursHuaibei+3 hoursOsaka+4 hours
Aden-2 hoursHuainan+3 hoursOsh+1 hour
Aghjabadi-1 hourHubballi+0:30 hoursPabna+1 hour
Agra+0:30 hoursHulunbuir+3 hoursPadang+2 hours
Ahmedabad+0:30 hoursHuế+2 hoursPakse+2 hours
Ahmedgarh+0:30 hoursHyderabad (India)+0:30 hoursPalangka Raya+2 hours
Ahmednagar+0:30 hoursHyderabad (PK)same timePalembang+2 hours
Ahvaz-1:30 hoursIloilo City+3 hoursPalu+3 hours
Akola+0:30 hoursIncheon+4 hoursPangkal Pinang+2 hours
Akot+0:30 hoursIndore+0:30 hoursPatna+0:30 hours
Aktausame timeIpoh+3 hoursPattaya+2 hours
Al Ain-1 hourIrbid-3 hoursPekalongan+2 hours
Al-Hasakah-3 hoursIrbil-2 hoursPekan Tutong+3 hours
Al Hudaydah-2 hoursIrkutsk+3 hoursPekanbaru+2 hours
Al-Jamiliyah-2 hoursIshwardi+1 hourPematangsiantar+2 hours
Al Khor-2 hoursIslamabadsame timePermsame time
Al Mukalla-2 hoursIstanbul-3 hoursPeshawarsame time
Aleppo-3 hoursIzmir-3 hoursPetropavl (KZ)+1 hour
Allahabad+0:30 hoursJabalpur+0:30 hoursPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (RU)+7 hours
Almaty+1 hourJaipur+0:30 hoursPevek+7 hours
Alor Setar+3 hoursJakarta+2 hoursPhnom Penh+2 hours
Ambon+4 hoursJalal-Abad+1 hourPhuket+2 hours
Amman-3 hoursJalandhar+0:30 hoursPhuntsholing+1 hour
Anadyr+7 hoursJambi+2 hoursPokhara+0:45 hours
Anantapur+0:30 hoursJayapura+4 hoursPontianak+2 hours
Andijansame timeJeddah-2 hoursPort-aux-Francaissame time
Angeles+3 hoursJeju+4 hoursPort Blair+0:30 hours
Ankara-3 hoursJenin-3 hoursPuerto Princesa+3 hours
Anshan+3 hoursJeonju+4 hoursPune+0:30 hours
Antalya-3 hoursJerusalem-3 hoursPyeongchang+4 hours
Aomori+4 hoursJessore+1 hourPyongyang+3:30 hours
Aqtobesame timeJhelumsame timeQatif-2 hours
Ar-Raqqah-3 hoursJilin+3 hoursQinhuangdao+3 hours
Asansol+0:30 hoursJinan+3 hoursQiqihar+3 hours
Ashgabatsame timeJinzhou+3 hoursQuettasame time
Astana+1 hourJohor Bahru+3 hoursQuezon+3 hours
Atyrausame timeKabul-0:30 hoursQyzylorda+1 hour
Aurangabad+0:30 hoursKaechon+3:30 hoursRaba+3 hours
Baghdad-2 hoursKaesong+3:30 hoursRajshahi+1 hour
Bahawalpursame timeKagoshima+4 hoursRasht-1:30 hours
Baku-1 hourKakinada+0:30 hoursRawalpindisame time
Balikpapan+3 hoursKalmunai+0:30 hoursRiffa-2 hours
Balkanabatsame timeKanazawa+4 hoursRishon LeZion-3 hours
Banda Aceh+2 hoursKandahar-0:30 hoursRiyadh-2 hours
Bandar-Abbas-1:30 hoursKandy+0:30 hoursSagamihara+4 hours
Bandar Lampung+2 hoursKãnpur+0:30 hoursSahiwalsame time
Bandar Seri Begawan+3 hoursKaohsiung+3 hoursSaidpur+1 hour
Bandung+2 hoursKapan-1 hourSakakah-2 hours
Bangkok+2 hoursKarachisame timeSalalah-1 hour
Banjarmasin+3 hoursKaraganda+1 hourSamarinda+3 hours
Baoding+3 hoursKaraj-1:30 hoursSamarkandsame time
Baotou+3 hoursKarakol+1 hourSame+4 hours
Barisal+1 hourKarbala-2 hoursSana-2 hours
Barnaul+1 hourKashan-1:30 hoursSanandaj-1:30 hours
Basra-2 hoursKashgar+3 hoursSapporo+4 hours
Battambang+2 hoursKathmandu+0:45 hoursSargodhasame time
Batumi-1 hourKawasaki+4 hoursSari-1:30 hours
Baucau+4 hoursKayseri-3 hoursSasebo+4 hours
Bayankhongor+3 hoursKediri+2 hoursSavannakhet+2 hours
Behbahan-1:30 hoursKemerovo+2 hoursSeeb-1 hour
Beijing+3 hoursKendari+3 hoursSemarang+2 hours
Beirut-3 hoursKerman-1:30 hoursSendai+4 hours
Bekasi+2 hoursKermanshah-1:30 hoursSeoul+4 hours
Bengaluru+0:30 hoursKhachmaz-1 hourSerang+2 hours
Bengkulu+2 hoursKhamis Mushait-2 hoursSeremban+3 hours
Benxi+3 hoursKhan Yunis-3 hoursShaki-1 hour
Bethlehem-3 hoursKhanewalsame timeShamakhi-1 hour
Bhopal+0:30 hoursKhatanga+2 hoursShanghai+3 hours
Bhubaneshwar+0:30 hoursKhon Kaen+2 hoursShantou+3 hours
Bilibino+7 hoursKhost-0:30 hoursSharjah-1 hour
Biratnagar+0:45 hoursKhujandsame timeShenyang+3 hours
Birjand-1:30 hoursKhulna+1 hourShenzhen+3 hours
Bishkek+1 hourKhushabsame timeShijiazhuang+3 hours
Bodrum-3 hoursKirkuk-2 hoursShillong+0:30 hours
Bogor+2 hoursKitakyushu+4 hoursShimla+0:30 hours
Bogra+1 hourKobe+4 hoursShiraz-1:30 hours
Borujerd-1:30 hoursKochi+0:30 hoursShirvan-1 hour
Buraidah-2 hoursKolkata+0:30 hoursShizuoka+4 hours
Busan+4 hoursKomsomolsk-on-Amur+5 hoursShushtar-1:30 hours
Bushehr-1:30 hoursKonya-3 hoursShymkent+1 hour
Cagayan de Oro+3 hoursKota Kinabalu+3 hoursSialkotsame time
Cebu City+3 hoursKowloon+3 hoursSian+3 hours
Chakwalsame timeKrasnoyarsk+2 hoursSidon-3 hours
Chamdo+3 hoursKuala Belait+3 hoursSiem Reap+2 hours
Chandpur+1 hourKuala Lumpur+3 hoursSihanoukville+2 hours
Changchun+3 hoursKuantan+3 hoursSiliguri+0:30 hours
Changde+3 hoursKuching+3 hoursSingapore+3 hours
Changsha+3 hoursKudus+2 hoursSingaraja+3 hours
Chelyabinsksame timeKulobsame timeSinuiju+3:30 hours
Chengdu+3 hoursKumamoto+4 hoursSirsa+0:30 hours
Chennai+0:30 hoursKunming+3 hoursSisian-1 hour
Cherrapunji+0:30 hoursKupang+3 hoursSofifi+4 hours
Chiang Mai+2 hoursKurnool+0:30 hoursSrednekolymsk+6 hours
Chita+3 hoursKushiro+4 hoursSri Jayawardenapura Kotte+0:30 hours
Chittagong+1 hourKutaisi-1 hourSuai+4 hours
Choibalsan+3 hoursKuwait City-2 hoursSukhumi-2 hours
Chongjin+3:30 hoursKyoto+4 hoursSukkursame time
Chongqing+3 hoursLahoresame timeSulaimaniya-2 hours
Cirebon+2 hoursLanchow+3 hoursSumqayit-1 hour
Coimbatore+0:30 hoursLangfang+3 hoursSurabaya+2 hours
Colombo+0:30 hoursLankaran-1 hourSurakarta+2 hours
Comilla+1 hourLanzhou+3 hoursSurat+0:30 hours
Cần Thơ+2 hoursLashkar Gah-0:30 hoursSurgutsame time
Da Nang+2 hoursLatakia-3 hoursSuzhou+3 hours
Daegu+4 hoursLeshan+3 hoursSuzuka+4 hours
Daejeon+4 hoursLhasa+3 hoursSylhet+1 hour
Dalian+3 hoursLuang Prabang+2 hoursTa'izz-2 hours
Damascus-3 hoursLucknow+0:30 hoursTabriz-1:30 hours
Dammam-2 hoursLudhiana+0:30 hoursTabuk-2 hours
Damoh+0:30 hoursLunawada+0:30 hoursTaichung+3 hours
Daraa-3 hoursLuoyang+3 hoursTaipei+3 hours
Darkhan+3 hoursMa'an-3 hoursTaiyuan+3 hours
Datong+3 hoursMabalacat+3 hoursTangshan+3 hours
Davao+3 hoursMacau+3 hoursTanjung Pinang+2 hours
Dawei+1:30 hoursMadaba-3 hoursTaoyuan City+3 hours
Daşoguzsame timeMadiun+2 hoursTarlac City+3 hours
Deir ez-Zor-3 hoursMadurai+0:30 hoursTashkentsame time
Delhi+0:30 hoursMagadan+5 hoursTasikmalaya+2 hours
Denpasar+3 hoursMagnitogorsksame timeTbilisi-1 hour
Dezful-1:30 hoursMahabad-1:30 hoursTegal+2 hours
Dhaka+1 hourMakassar+3 hoursTehran-1:30 hours
Dharamshala+0:30 hoursMakkah-2 hoursTel Aviv-3 hours
Dili+4 hoursMalacca City+3 hoursTernate+4 hours
Doha-2 hoursMalang+2 hoursThe Settlement+2 hours
Dubai-1 hourMamuju+3 hoursTheni+0:30 hours
Durgapur+0:30 hoursManado+3 hoursThimphu+1 hour
Dushanbesame timeManama-2 hoursThiruvananthapuram+0:30 hours
Ende+3 hoursMandalay+1:30 hoursTianjin+3 hours
Erdenet+3 hoursMangaluru+0:30 hoursTikrit-2 hours
Esfahãn-1:30 hoursManila+3 hoursTiksi+4 hours
Faisalabadsame timeManokwari+4 hoursTokyo+4 hours
Farah-0:30 hoursMarawi City+3 hoursTomsk+1 hour
Foochow+3 hoursMarysame timeTrincomalee+0:30 hours
Foshan+3 hoursMashhad-1:30 hoursTripoli-3 hours
Fukuoka+4 hoursMataram+3 hoursTsingtao+3 hours
Fukushima+4 hoursMatsuyama+4 hoursTsu+4 hours
Fushun+3 hoursMawlamyine+1:30 hoursTulkarm-3 hours
Gangneung+4 hoursMazari Sharif-0:30 hoursTürkmenabatsame time
Ganja-1 hourMedan+2 hoursTürkmenbaşysame time
Gavar-1 hourMedina-2 hoursTyumensame time
Gaza-3 hoursMeerut+0:30 hoursUdon Thani+2 hours
Gaziantep-3 hoursMersin-3 hoursUfasame time
General Santos+3 hoursMingachevir-1 hourUlaanbaatar+3 hours
George Town+3 hoursMiri+3 hoursUlan-Ude+3 hours
Ghaziabad+0:30 hoursMirpur Khassame timeUlsan+4 hours
Godhra+0:30 hoursMokpo+4 hoursUrmia-1:30 hours
Gorakhpur+0:30 hoursMosul-2 hoursÜrümqi+3 hours
Gorgan-1:30 hoursMudanjiang+3 hoursUtsunomiya+4 hours
Gorno-Altaysk+1 hourMultansame timeVadodara+0:30 hours
Gorontalo+3 hoursMumbai+0:30 hoursVanadzor-1 hour
Guangzhou+3 hoursMuscat-1 hourVaranasi+0:30 hours
Guilin+3 hoursMymensingh+1 hourVasai-Virar+0:30 hours
Guiyang+3 hoursNaberezhnye Chelny-2 hoursVerkhoyansk+5 hours
Gujranwalasame timeNablus-3 hoursVientiane+2 hours
Gunsan+4 hoursNagano+4 hoursVijapura+0:30 hours
Gwangju+4 hoursNagasaki+4 hoursVisakhapatnam+0:30 hours
Gyumri-1 hourNagoya+4 hoursVladivostok+5 hours
Hadibu-2 hoursNãgpur+0:30 hoursWonsan+3:30 hours
Haeju+3:30 hoursNaha+4 hoursWuhan+3 hours
Hafar Al-Batin-2 hoursNajaf-2 hoursWuhu+3 hours
Hafizabadsame timeNakhchivan-1 hourXam Neua+2 hours
Hai Phong+2 hoursNakhon Ratchasima+2 hoursXankendi-1 hour
Haifa-3 hoursNakhon Sawan+2 hoursXiamen+3 hours
Haikou+3 hoursNalbari+0:30 hoursXining+3 hours
Hamadan-1:30 hoursNamangansame timeXinyang+3 hours
Hamamatsu+4 hoursNamp’o+3:30 hoursXuzhou+3 hours
Hamhung+3:30 hoursNanchang+3 hoursYakutsk+4 hours
Handan+3 hoursNanjing+3 hoursYangon+1:30 hours
Hangzhou+3 hoursNanning+3 hoursYazd-1:30 hours
Hanoi+2 hoursNantong+3 hoursYeghegnadzor-1 hour
Harbin+3 hoursNarowalsame timeYekaterinburgsame time
Hat Yai+2 hoursNashik+0:30 hoursYeosu+4 hours
Hebron-3 hoursNasiriya-2 hoursYerevan-1 hour
Hefei+3 hoursNaypyidaw+1:30 hoursYinchuan+3 hours
Herat-0:30 hoursNew Delhi+0:30 hoursYogyakarta+2 hours
Hilla-2 hoursNha Trang+2 hoursYokohama+4 hours
Himeji+4 hoursNicosia-3 hoursYokosuka+4 hours
Hiroshima+4 hoursNiigata+4 hoursYuzhno-Sakhalinsk+5 hours
Hissar+0:30 hoursNingbo+3 hoursZahlé-3 hours
Ho Chi Minh+2 hoursNizamabad+0:30 hoursZamboanga City+3 hours
Hofuf-2 hoursNizwa-1 hourZarqa-3 hours
Hohhot+3 hoursNorilsk+2 hoursZhangjiajie+3 hours
Homs-3 hoursNovosibirsk+1 hourZhanjiang+3 hours
Hong Kong+3 hoursOkayama+4 hoursZhengzhou+3 hours
Hovd+2 hoursOlongapo+3 hoursZibo+3 hours
Howrah+0:30 hoursOmsk+1 hour

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Friday, November 27, 2015 at 16:02:30

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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