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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Brazil – Pernambuco – Fernando de Noronha

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Fernando de Noronha time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Abu Dhabi+6 hoursHowrah+7:30 hoursOmsk+9 hours
Adana *+5 hoursHsinchu+10 hoursOral+7 hours
Aden+5 hoursHuaibei+10 hoursOsaka+11 hours
Aghjabadi *+7 hoursHuainan+10 hoursOsh+8 hours
Agra+7:30 hoursHubli+7:30 hoursPabna+8 hours
Ahmedabad+7:30 hoursHulunbuir+10 hoursPadang+9 hours
Ahmednagar+7:30 hoursHuế+9 hoursPakse+9 hours
Ahvaz *+6:30 hoursHyderabad (India)+7:30 hoursPalangka Raya+9 hours
Akola+7:30 hoursHyderabad (PK)+7 hoursPalembang+9 hours
Aktau+7 hoursIloilo City+10 hoursPalu+10 hours
Al-Hasakah *+5 hoursIncheon+11 hoursPangkal Pinang+9 hours
Al Hudaydah+5 hoursIndore+7:30 hoursPatna+7:30 hours
Al-Jamiliyah+5 hoursIpoh+10 hoursPattaya+9 hours
Al Khor+5 hoursIrbid *+5 hoursPekalongan+9 hours
Al Mukalla+5 hoursIrbil+5 hoursPekan Tutong+10 hours
Aleppo *+5 hoursIrkutsk+11 hoursPekanbaru+9 hours
Allahabad+7:30 hoursIslamabad+7 hoursPematangsiantar+9 hours
Almaty+8 hoursIzmir *+5 hoursPerm+8 hours
Alor Setar+10 hoursJabalpur+7:30 hoursPeshawar+7 hours
Ambon+11 hoursJaipur+7:30 hoursPetropavl (KZ)+8 hours
Amman *+5 hoursJakarta+9 hoursPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (RU)+14 hours
Anadyr+14 hoursJalal-Abad+8 hoursPevek+14 hours
Anantapur+7:30 hoursJalandhar+7:30 hoursPhnom Penh+9 hours
Andijan+7 hoursJambi+9 hoursPhuket+9 hours
Angeles+10 hoursJayapura+11 hoursPhuntsholing+8 hours
Ankara *+5 hoursJeddah+5 hoursPokhara+7:45 hours
Anshan+10 hoursJeju+11 hoursPontianak+9 hours
Antalya *+5 hoursJenin *+5 hoursPort-aux-Francais+7 hours
Aqtobe+7 hoursJerusalem *+5 hoursPort Blair+7:30 hours
Ar-Raqqah *+5 hoursJessore+8 hoursPuerto Princesa+10 hours
Asansol+7:30 hoursJhelum+7 hoursPune+7:30 hours
Ashgabat+7 hoursJilin+10 hoursPyeongchang+11 hours
Astana+8 hoursJinan+10 hoursPyongyang+11 hours
Atyrau+7 hoursJinzhou+10 hoursQatif+5 hours
Aurangabad+7:30 hoursJohor Bahru+10 hoursQiqihar+10 hours
Bacolod+10 hoursKabul+6:30 hoursQuetta+7 hours
Baghdad+5 hoursKaechon+11 hoursQuezon+10 hours
Baguio City+10 hoursKaesong+11 hoursQyzylorda+8 hours
Bahawalpur+7 hoursKagoshima+11 hoursRaba+10 hours
Baku *+7 hoursKakinada+7:30 hoursRajshahi+8 hours
Balikpapan+10 hoursKalmunai+7:30 hoursRasht *+6:30 hours
Balkanabat+7 hoursKandahar+6:30 hoursRawalpindi+7 hours
Banda Aceh+9 hoursKãnpur+7:30 hoursRiffa+5 hours
Bandar-Abbas *+6:30 hoursKaohsiung+10 hoursRiyadh+5 hours
Bandar Lampung+9 hoursKapan+6 hoursSagamihara+11 hours
Bandar Seri Begawan+10 hoursKarachi+7 hoursSahiwal+7 hours
Bandung+9 hoursKarakol+8 hoursSaidpur+8 hours
Bangalore+7:30 hoursKarbala+5 hoursSalalah+6 hours
Bangkok+9 hoursKashan *+6:30 hoursSamarinda+10 hours
Banjarmasin+10 hoursKashgar+10 hoursSame+11 hours
Baoding+10 hoursKathmandu+7:45 hoursSana+5 hours
Baotou+10 hoursKawasaki+11 hoursSanandaj *+6:30 hours
Barisal+8 hoursKayseri *+5 hoursSapporo+11 hours
Barnaul+9 hoursKediri+9 hoursSargodha+7 hours
Basra+5 hoursKemerovo+9 hoursSari *+6:30 hours
Battambang+9 hoursKendari+10 hoursSasebo+11 hours
Batumi+6 hoursKerman *+6:30 hoursSavannakhet+9 hours
Baucau+11 hoursKhachmaz *+7 hoursSeeb+6 hours
Behbahan *+6:30 hoursKhamis Mushait+5 hoursSemarang+9 hours
Beijing+10 hoursKhan Yunis *+5 hoursSendai+11 hours
Beirut *+5 hoursKhanewal+7 hoursSeoul+11 hours
Bekasi+9 hoursKhatanga+10 hoursSerang+9 hours
Bengkulu+9 hoursKhon Kaen+9 hoursSeremban+10 hours
Benxi+10 hoursKhost+6:30 hoursShaki *+7 hours
Bethlehem *+5 hoursKhujand+7 hoursShamakhi *+7 hours
Bhopal+7:30 hoursKhulna+8 hoursShanghai+10 hours
Bhubaneshwar+7:30 hoursKhushab+7 hoursShantou+10 hours
Bijapur+7:30 hoursKirkuk+5 hoursSharjah+6 hours
Biratnagar+7:45 hoursKitakyushu+11 hoursShenyang+10 hours
Birjand *+6:30 hoursKobe+11 hoursShenzhen+10 hours
Bishkek+8 hoursKochi+7:30 hoursShijiazhuang+10 hours
Bodrum *+5 hoursKolkata+7:30 hoursShillong+7:30 hours
Bogor+9 hoursKomsomolsk-on-Amur+13 hoursShimla+7:30 hours
Bogra+8 hoursKonya *+5 hoursShiraz *+6:30 hours
Buraidah+5 hoursKota Kinabalu+10 hoursShirvan *+7 hours
Busan+11 hoursKowloon+10 hoursShizuoka+11 hours
Bushehr *+6:30 hoursKrasnoyarsk+10 hoursShymkent+8 hours
Cagayan de Oro+10 hoursKuala Belait+10 hoursSialkot+7 hours
Cebu City+10 hoursKuala Lumpur+10 hoursSian+10 hours
Chandpur+8 hoursKuantan+10 hoursSidon *+5 hours
Changchun+10 hoursKuching+10 hoursSihanoukville+9 hours
Changde+10 hoursKudus+9 hoursSingapore+10 hours
Changsha+10 hoursKulob+7 hoursSingaraja+10 hours
Chelyabinsk+8 hoursKumamoto+11 hoursSinuiju+11 hours
Chengdu+10 hoursKunming+10 hoursSirsa+7:30 hours
Chennai+7:30 hoursKupang+10 hoursSisian+6 hours
Cherrapunji+7:30 hoursKushiro+11 hoursSofifi+11 hours
Chiang Mai+9 hoursKutaisi+6 hoursSri Jayawardenapura Kotte+7:30 hours
Chittagong+8 hoursKuwait City+5 hoursSuai+11 hours
Choibalsan+10 hoursKyoto+11 hoursSukkur+7 hours
Chongjin+11 hoursLahore+7 hoursSulaimaniya+5 hours
Chongqing+10 hoursLanchow+10 hoursSumqayit *+7 hours
Cirebon+9 hoursLangfang+10 hoursSurabaya+9 hours
Coimbatore+7:30 hoursLankaran *+7 hoursSurakarta+9 hours
Colombo+7:30 hoursLanzhou+10 hoursSurat+7:30 hours
Comilla+8 hoursLashkar Gah+6:30 hoursSurgut+8 hours
Cần Thơ+9 hoursLatakia *+5 hoursSuzhou+10 hours
Da Nang+9 hoursLhasa+10 hoursSuzuka+11 hours
Daegu+11 hoursLuang Prabang+9 hoursSylhet+8 hours
Daejeon+11 hoursLucknow+7:30 hoursTa'izz+5 hours
Dalian+10 hoursLudhiana+7:30 hoursTabriz *+6:30 hours
Damascus *+5 hoursLunawada+7:30 hoursTaichung+10 hours
Dammam+5 hoursLuoyang+10 hoursTaipei+10 hours
Damoh+7:30 hoursMa'an *+5 hoursTaiyuan+10 hours
Daraa *+5 hoursMabalacat+10 hoursTangshan+10 hours
Darkhan+10 hoursMacau+10 hoursTanjung Pinang+9 hours
Datong+10 hoursMadiun+9 hoursTarlac City+10 hours
Davao+10 hoursMadurai+7:30 hoursTashkent+7 hours
Dawei+8:30 hoursMagadan+14 hoursTasikmalaya+9 hours
Daşoguz+7 hoursMagnitogorsk+8 hoursTbilisi+6 hours
Deir ez-Zor *+5 hoursMahabad *+6:30 hoursTegal+9 hours
Delhi+7:30 hoursMakassar+10 hoursTehran *+6:30 hours
Denpasar+10 hoursMakati+10 hoursTel Aviv *+5 hours
Dhaka+8 hoursMakkah+5 hoursTernate+11 hours
Dharamshala+7:30 hoursMalang+9 hoursThe Settlement+9 hours
Dili+11 hoursMamuju+10 hoursTheni+7:30 hours
Doha+5 hoursManado+10 hoursThimphu+8 hours
Dubai+6 hoursManama+5 hoursThiruvananthapuram+7:30 hours
Durgapur+7:30 hoursMandalay+8:30 hoursTianjin+10 hours
Dushanbe+7 hoursMangalore+7:30 hoursTiksi+12 hours
Ende+10 hoursManila+10 hoursTokyo+11 hours
Erdenet+10 hoursManokwari+11 hoursTomsk+9 hours
Esfahãn *+6:30 hoursMarawi City+10 hoursTrincomalee+7:30 hours
Faisalabad+7 hoursMary+7 hoursTripoli *+5 hours
Farah+6:30 hoursMashhad *+6:30 hoursTsingtao+10 hours
Foochow+10 hoursMataram+10 hoursTsu+11 hours
Foshan+10 hoursMatsuyama+11 hoursTulkarm *+5 hours
Fukuoka+11 hoursMawlamyine+8:30 hoursTürkmenabat+7 hours
Fukushima+11 hoursMedan+9 hoursTürkmenbaşy+7 hours
Fushun+10 hoursMedina+5 hoursTyumen+8 hours
Gangneung+11 hoursMeerut+7:30 hoursUdon Thani+9 hours
Ganja *+7 hoursMersin *+5 hoursUfa+8 hours
Gavar+6 hoursMingachevir *+7 hoursUlaanbaatar+10 hours
Gaza *+5 hoursMiri+10 hoursUlan-Ude+11 hours
Gaziantep *+5 hoursMokpo+11 hoursUlsan+11 hours
General Santos+10 hoursMosul+5 hoursUrmia *+6:30 hours
George Town+10 hoursMultan+7 hoursÜrümqi+10 hours
Ghaziabad+7:30 hoursMumbai+7:30 hoursUtsunomiya+11 hours
Gorakhpur+7:30 hoursMuscat+6 hoursVadodara+7:30 hours
Gorgan *+6:30 hoursMymensingh+8 hoursVanadzor+6 hours
Gorontalo+10 hoursNaberezhnye Chelny+6 hoursVaranasi+7:30 hours
Guangzhou+10 hoursNablus *+5 hoursVasai-Virar+7:30 hours
Guilin+10 hoursNagano+11 hoursVerkhoyansk+13 hours
Guiyang+10 hoursNagasaki+11 hoursVientiane+9 hours
Gujranwala+7 hoursNagoya+11 hoursVisakhapatnam+7:30 hours
Gunsan+11 hoursNãgpur+7:30 hoursVladivostok+13 hours
Gwangju+11 hoursNaha+11 hoursWuhan+10 hours
Gyumri+6 hoursNajaf+5 hoursXam Neua+9 hours
Hadibu+5 hoursNakhchivan *+7 hoursXankendi+6 hours
Hafar Al-Batin+5 hoursNakhon Ratchasima+9 hoursXiamen+10 hours
Hai Phong+9 hoursNakhon Sawan+9 hoursXining+10 hours
Haikou+10 hoursNalbari+7:30 hoursXinyang+10 hours
Hamamatsu+11 hoursNamangan+7 hoursXuzhou+10 hours
Hamhung+11 hoursNamp’o+11 hoursYakutsk+12 hours
Handan+10 hoursNanchang+10 hoursYangon+8:30 hours
Hangzhou+10 hoursNanjing+10 hoursYazd *+6:30 hours
Hanoi+9 hoursNanning+10 hoursYeghegnadzor+6 hours
Harbin+10 hoursNarowal+7 hoursYekaterinburg+8 hours
Hat Yai+9 hoursNashik+7:30 hoursYerevan+6 hours
Hebron *+5 hoursNasiriya+5 hoursYinchuan+10 hours
Hefei+10 hoursNaypyidaw+8:30 hoursYogyakarta+9 hours
Hilla+5 hoursNew Delhi+7:30 hoursYokohama+11 hours
Himeji+11 hoursNha Trang+9 hoursYokosuka+11 hours
Hiroshima+11 hoursNicosia *+5 hoursYuzhno-Sakhalinsk+13 hours
Hissar+7:30 hoursNiigata+11 hoursZahlé *+5 hours
Ho Chi Minh+9 hoursNizamabad+7:30 hoursZamboanga City+10 hours
Hofuf+5 hoursNizwa+6 hoursZarqa *+5 hours
Hohhot+10 hoursNorilsk+10 hoursZhengzhou+10 hours
Homs *+5 hoursNovosibirsk+9 hoursZibo+10 hours
Hong Kong+10 hoursOkayama+11 hours
Hovd+9 hoursOlongapo+10 hours
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (65 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Friday, September 19, 2014 at 06:22:19
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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