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Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in Asia

Abu Dhabi-4 hoursHsinchusame timeOmsk-2 hours
Adana *-5 hoursHuaibeisame timeOral-3 hours
Aden-5 hoursHuainansame timeOsaka+1 hour
Aghjabadi *-3 hoursHubballi-2:30 hoursOsh-2 hours
Agra-2:30 hoursHulunbuirsame timePabna-2 hours
Ahmedabad-2:30 hoursHuế-1 hourPadang-1 hour
Ahmedgarh-2:30 hoursHyderabad (India)-2:30 hoursPakse-1 hour
Ahmednagar-2:30 hoursHyderabad (PK)-3 hoursPalangka Raya-1 hour
Ahvaz *-3:30 hoursIloilo Citysame timePalembang-1 hour
Akola-2:30 hoursIncheon+1 hourPalusame time
Akot-2:30 hoursIndore-2:30 hoursPangkal Pinang-1 hour
Aktau-3 hoursIpohsame timePatna-2:30 hours
Al-Hasakah *-5 hoursIrbid *-5 hoursPattaya-1 hour
Al Hudaydah-5 hoursIrbil-5 hoursPekalongan-1 hour
Al-Jamiliyah-5 hoursIrkutsksame timePekan Tutongsame time
Al Khor-5 hoursIshwardi-2 hoursPekanbaru-1 hour
Al Mukalla-5 hoursIslamabad-3 hoursPematangsiantar-1 hour
Aleppo *-5 hoursIzmir *-5 hoursPerm-3 hours
Allahabad-2:30 hoursJabalpur-2:30 hoursPeshawar-3 hours
Almaty-2 hoursJaipur-2:30 hoursPetropavl (KZ)-2 hours
Alor Setarsame timeJakarta-1 hourPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (RU)+4 hours
Ambon+1 hourJalal-Abad-2 hoursPevek+4 hours
Amman *-5 hoursJalandhar-2:30 hoursPhnom Penh-1 hour
Anadyr+4 hoursJambi-1 hourPhuket-1 hour
Anantapur-2:30 hoursJayapura+1 hourPhuntsholing-2 hours
Andijan-3 hoursJeddah-5 hoursPokhara-2:15 hours
Angelessame timeJeju+1 hourPontianak-1 hour
Ankara *-5 hoursJenin *-5 hoursPort-aux-Francais-3 hours
Anshansame timeJerusalem *-5 hoursPort Blair-2:30 hours
Antalya *-5 hoursJessore-2 hoursPuerto Princesasame time
Aqtobe-3 hoursJhelum-3 hoursPune-2:30 hours
Ar-Raqqah *-5 hoursJilinsame timePyeongchang+1 hour
Asansol-2:30 hoursJinansame timePyongyang+1 hour
Ashgabat-3 hoursJinzhousame timeQatif-5 hours
Astana-2 hoursJohor Bahrusame timeQiqiharsame time
Atyrau-3 hoursKabul-3:30 hoursQuetta-3 hours
Aurangabad-2:30 hoursKaechon+1 hourQuezonsame time
Bacolodsame timeKaesong+1 hourQyzylorda-2 hours
Baghdad-5 hoursKagoshima+1 hourRabasame time
Baguio Citysame timeKakinada-2:30 hoursRajshahi-2 hours
Bahawalpur-3 hoursKalmunai-2:30 hoursRasht *-3:30 hours
Baku *-3 hoursKandahar-3:30 hoursRawalpindi-3 hours
Balikpapansame timeKandy-2:30 hoursRiffa-5 hours
Balkanabat-3 hoursKãnpur-2:30 hoursRiyadh-5 hours
Banda Aceh-1 hourKaohsiungsame timeSagamihara+1 hour
Bandar-Abbas *-3:30 hoursKapan-4 hoursSahiwal-3 hours
Bandar Lampung-1 hourKarachi-3 hoursSaidpur-2 hours
Bandar Seri Begawansame timeKaraj *-3:30 hoursSakakah-5 hours
Bandung-1 hourKarakol-2 hoursSalalah-4 hours
Bangkok-1 hourKarbala-5 hoursSamarindasame time
Banjarmasinsame timeKashan *-3:30 hoursSame+1 hour
Baodingsame timeKashgarsame timeSana-5 hours
Baotousame timeKathmandu-2:15 hoursSanandaj *-3:30 hours
Barisal-2 hoursKawasaki+1 hourSapporo+1 hour
Barnaul-2 hoursKayseri *-5 hoursSargodha-3 hours
Basra-5 hoursKediri-1 hourSari *-3:30 hours
Battambang-1 hourKemerovo-1 hourSasebo+1 hour
Batumi-4 hoursKendarisame timeSavannakhet-1 hour
Baucau+1 hourKerman *-3:30 hoursSeeb-4 hours
Behbahan *-3:30 hoursKhachmaz *-3 hoursSemarang-1 hour
Beijingsame timeKhamis Mushait-5 hoursSendai+1 hour
Beirut *-5 hoursKhan Yunis *-5 hoursSeoul+1 hour
Bekasi-1 hourKhanewal-3 hoursSerang-1 hour
Bengaluru-2:30 hoursKhatanga-1 hourSerembansame time
Bengkulu-1 hourKhon Kaen-1 hourShaki *-3 hours
Benxisame timeKhost-3:30 hoursShamakhi *-3 hours
Bethlehem *-5 hoursKhujand-3 hoursShanghaisame time
Bhopal-2:30 hoursKhulna-2 hoursShantousame time
Bhubaneshwar-2:30 hoursKhushab-3 hoursSharjah-4 hours
Bilibino+4 hoursKirkuk-5 hoursShenyangsame time
Biratnagar-2:15 hoursKitakyushu+1 hourShenzhensame time
Birjand *-3:30 hoursKobe+1 hourShijiazhuangsame time
Bishkek-2 hoursKochi-2:30 hoursShillong-2:30 hours
Bodrum *-5 hoursKolkata-2:30 hoursShimla-2:30 hours
Bogor-1 hourKomsomolsk-on-Amur+2 hoursShiraz *-3:30 hours
Bogra-2 hoursKonya *-5 hoursShirvan *-3 hours
Buraidah-5 hoursKota Kinabalusame timeShizuoka+1 hour
Busan+1 hourKowloonsame timeShushtar *-3:30 hours
Bushehr *-3:30 hoursKrasnoyarsk-1 hourShymkent-2 hours
Cagayan de Orosame timeKuala Belaitsame timeSialkot-3 hours
Cebu Citysame timeKuala Lumpursame timeSiansame time
Chamdosame timeKuantansame timeSidon *-5 hours
Chandpur-2 hoursKuchingsame timeSiem Reap-1 hour
Changchunsame timeKudus-1 hourSihanoukville-1 hour
Changdesame timeKulob-3 hoursSiliguri-2:30 hours
Changshasame timeKumamoto+1 hourSingaporesame time
Chelyabinsk-3 hoursKunmingsame timeSingarajasame time
Chengdusame timeKupangsame timeSinuiju+1 hour
Chennai-2:30 hoursKurnool-2:30 hoursSirsa-2:30 hours
Cherrapunji-2:30 hoursKushiro+1 hourSisian-4 hours
Chiang Mai-1 hourKutaisi-4 hoursSofifi+1 hour
Chitasame timeKuwait City-5 hoursSrednekolymsk+3 hours
Chittagong-2 hoursKyoto+1 hourSri Jayawardenapura Kotte-2:30 hours
Choibalsan *+1 hourLahore-3 hoursSuai+1 hour
Chongjin+1 hourLanchowsame timeSukkur-3 hours
Chongqingsame timeLangfangsame timeSulaimaniya-5 hours
Cirebon-1 hourLankaran *-3 hoursSumqayit *-3 hours
Coimbatore-2:30 hoursLanzhousame timeSurabaya-1 hour
Colombo-2:30 hoursLashkar Gah-3:30 hoursSurakarta-1 hour
Comilla-2 hoursLatakia *-5 hoursSurat-2:30 hours
Cần Thơ-1 hourLhasasame timeSurgut-3 hours
Da Nang-1 hourLuang Prabang-1 hourSuzhousame time
Daegu+1 hourLucknow-2:30 hoursSuzuka+1 hour
Daejeon+1 hourLudhiana-2:30 hoursSylhet-2 hours
Daliansame timeLunawada-2:30 hoursTa'izz-5 hours
Damascus *-5 hoursLuoyangsame timeTabriz *-3:30 hours
Dammam-5 hoursMa'an *-5 hoursTabuk-5 hours
Damoh-2:30 hoursMabalacatsame timeTaichungsame time
Daraa *-5 hoursMacausame timeTaipeisame time
Darkhan *+1 hourMadiun-1 hourTaiyuansame time
Datongsame timeMadurai-2:30 hoursTangshansame time
Davaosame timeMagadan+2 hoursTanjung Pinang-1 hour
Dawei-1:30 hoursMagnitogorsk-3 hoursTaoyuan Citysame time
Daşoguz-3 hoursMahabad *-3:30 hoursTarlac Citysame time
Deir ez-Zor *-5 hoursMakassarsame timeTashkent-3 hours
Delhi-2:30 hoursMakatisame timeTasikmalaya-1 hour
Denpasarsame timeMakkah-5 hoursTbilisi-4 hours
Dezful *-3:30 hoursMalacca Citysame timeTegal-1 hour
Dhaka-2 hoursMalang-1 hourTehran *-3:30 hours
Dharamshala-2:30 hoursMamujusame timeTel Aviv *-5 hours
Dili+1 hourManadosame timeTernate+1 hour
Doha-5 hoursManama-5 hoursThe Settlement-1 hour
Dubai-4 hoursMandalay-1:30 hoursTheni-2:30 hours
Durgapur-2:30 hoursMangaluru-2:30 hoursThimphu-2 hours
Dushanbe-3 hoursManilasame timeThiruvananthapuram-2:30 hours
Endesame timeManokwari+1 hourTianjinsame time
Erdenet *+1 hourMarawi Citysame timeTiksi+1 hour
Esfahãn *-3:30 hoursMary-3 hoursTokyo+1 hour
Faisalabad-3 hoursMashhad *-3:30 hoursTomsk-2 hours
Farah-3:30 hoursMataramsame timeTrincomalee-2:30 hours
Foochowsame timeMatsuyama+1 hourTripoli *-5 hours
Foshansame timeMawlamyine-1:30 hoursTsingtaosame time
Fukuoka+1 hourMedan-1 hourTsu+1 hour
Fukushima+1 hourMedina-5 hoursTulkarm *-5 hours
Fushunsame timeMeerut-2:30 hoursTürkmenabat-3 hours
Gangneung+1 hourMersin *-5 hoursTürkmenbaşy-3 hours
Ganja *-3 hoursMingachevir *-3 hoursTyumen-3 hours
Gavar-4 hoursMirisame timeUdon Thani-1 hour
Gaza *-5 hoursMirpur Khas-3 hoursUfa-3 hours
Gaziantep *-5 hoursMokpo+1 hourUlaanbaatar *+1 hour
General Santossame timeMosul-5 hoursUlan-Udesame time
George Townsame timeMudanjiangsame timeUlsan+1 hour
Ghaziabad-2:30 hoursMultan-3 hoursUrmia *-3:30 hours
Godhra-2:30 hoursMumbai-2:30 hoursÜrümqisame time
Gorakhpur-2:30 hoursMuscat-4 hoursUtsunomiya+1 hour
Gorgan *-3:30 hoursMymensingh-2 hoursVadodara-2:30 hours
Gorontalosame timeNaberezhnye Chelny-5 hoursVanadzor-4 hours
Guangzhousame timeNablus *-5 hoursVaranasi-2:30 hours
Guilinsame timeNagano+1 hourVasai-Virar-2:30 hours
Guiyangsame timeNagasaki+1 hourVerkhoyansk+2 hours
Gujranwala-3 hoursNagoya+1 hourVientiane-1 hour
Gunsan+1 hourNãgpur-2:30 hoursVijapura-2:30 hours
Gwangju+1 hourNaha+1 hourVisakhapatnam-2:30 hours
Gyumri-4 hoursNajaf-5 hoursVladivostok+2 hours
Hadibu-5 hoursNakhchivan *-3 hoursWonsan+1 hour
Haeju+1 hourNakhon Ratchasima-1 hourWuhansame time
Hafar Al-Batin-5 hoursNakhon Sawan-1 hourXam Neua-1 hour
Hai Phong-1 hourNalbari-2:30 hoursXankendi-4 hours
Haikousame timeNamangan-3 hoursXiamensame time
Hamamatsu+1 hourNamp’o+1 hourXiningsame time
Hamhung+1 hourNanchangsame timeXinyangsame time
Handansame timeNanjingsame timeXuzhousame time
Hangzhousame timeNanningsame timeYakutsk+1 hour
Hanoi-1 hourNantongsame timeYangon-1:30 hours
Harbinsame timeNarowal-3 hoursYazd *-3:30 hours
Hat Yai-1 hourNashik-2:30 hoursYeghegnadzor-4 hours
Hebron *-5 hoursNasiriya-5 hoursYekaterinburg-3 hours
Hefeisame timeNaypyidaw-1:30 hoursYerevan-4 hours
Hilla-5 hoursNew Delhi-2:30 hoursYinchuansame time
Himeji+1 hourNha Trang-1 hourYogyakarta-1 hour
Hiroshima+1 hourNicosia *-5 hoursYokohama+1 hour
Hissar-2:30 hoursNiigata+1 hourYokosuka+1 hour
Ho Chi Minh-1 hourNingbosame timeYuzhno-Sakhalinsk+2 hours
Hofuf-5 hoursNizamabad-2:30 hoursZahlé *-5 hours
Hohhotsame timeNizwa-4 hoursZamboanga Citysame time
Homs *-5 hoursNorilsk-1 hourZarqa *-5 hours
Hong Kongsame timeNovosibirsk-2 hoursZhengzhousame time
Hovd *same timeOkayama+1 hourZibosame time
Howrah-2:30 hoursOlongaposame time

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (73 places).


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