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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Russia – Kamchatka – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

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Time zone differences in Australia/Pacific

Adamstown-20 hoursHoniara-1 hourPalmerston Northsame time
Adelaide-2:30 hoursKanton Island+1 hourPangai+1 hour
Alice Springs-2:30 hoursKiama-2 hoursPapeete-22 hours
Alofi-23 hoursKingston-1 hourPerth-4 hours
Apia+1 hourKiritimati+2 hoursPort Moresby-2 hours
Arawa-1 hourKolonia-1 hourPort Vila-1 hour
Atafu+1 hourKoror-3 hoursRabaul-2 hours
Aucklandsame timeKwajaleinsame timeRarotonga-22 hours
Bantam-5:30 hoursLabasasame timeRawaki+1 hour
Bowral-2 hoursLae-2 hoursSalelologa (Savai'i)+1 hour
Brisbane-2 hoursLautokasame timeSuvasame time
Buka-1 hourLevukasame timeSydney-2 hours
Cairns-2 hoursLord Howe Island-1:30 hoursTabiteueasame time
Canberra-2 hoursLuganville-1 hourTaiohae-21:30 hours
Chatham Islands+0:45 hoursMajurosame timeTarawasame time
Christchurchsame timeMata-Utusame timeTaurangasame time
Colonia-2 hoursMelbourne-2 hoursTennant Creek-2:30 hours
Darwin-2:30 hoursMelekeok-3 hoursTraralgon-2 hours
Eucla-3:15 hoursMount Hagen-2 hoursVaitape (Bora Bora)-22 hours
Fakaofo+1 hourNadisame timeWake Islandsame time
Funafutisame timeNeiafu+1 hourWellingtonsame time
Gambier Islands-21 hoursNoumea-1 hourWeno-2 hours
Gizo-1 hourNukualofa+1 hourWollongong-2 hours
Hagåtña-2 hoursPago Pago-23 hoursYarensame time
Hobart-2 hoursPalikir-1 hour

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