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Time zone differences in Europe

A Coruñasame timeGreifswaldsame timeParissame time
Aachensame timeGrevenbroichsame timeParmasame time
Aalensame timeGrieskirchensame timePassausame time
Aarausame timeGrodno+2 hoursPforzheimsame time
Ålesundsame timeGrozny+2 hoursPisasame time
Alicantesame timeGüterslohsame timePlauensame time
Almeríasame timeGyumri+3 hoursPleven+1 hour
Altdorfsame timeHagensame timePljevljasame time
Amsterdamsame timeHallesame timePlovdiv+1 hour
Andorra La Vellasame timeHamburgsame timePlymouth-1 hour
Angra do Heroísmo-2 hoursHamelnsame timePlzensame time
Appenzellsame timeHammsame timePodgoricasame time
Arkhangelsk+2 hoursHammerfestsame timePoitierssame time
Arlonsame timeHanausame timePolotsk+2 hours
Arnsbergsame timeHannoversame timePonta Delgada-2 hours
Aschaffenburgsame timeHaugesundsame timePopradsame time
Astrakhan+2 hoursHeidelbergsame timePorto-1 hour
Athens+1 hourHeilbronnsame timePotsdamsame time
Augsburgsame timeHelsinki+1 hourPoznansame time
Babruysk+2 hoursHerfordsame timePraguesame time
Baden-Badensame timeHerisausame timePrešovsame time
Banja Lukasame timeHernesame timePrijedorsame time
Baranovichi+2 hoursHertensame timePristinasame time
Barcelonasame timeHildesheimsame timePrizrensame time
Barysaw+2 hoursHradec Královésame timePyatigorsk+2 hours
Baselsame timeHuelvasame timeQuimpersame time
Bastiasame timeHürthsame timeRamsey-1 hour
Batumi+3 hoursIasi+1 hourRatingensame time
Bayreuthsame timeIbizasame timeRavensburgsame time
Belfast-1 hourIngolstadtsame timeRecklinghausensame time
Belgradesame timeInnsbrucksame timeRegensburgsame time
Bellinzonasame timeIoannina+1 hourReutlingensame time
Belushya Guba+2 hoursIserlohnsame timeReykjavik-1 hour
Bergheimsame timeIstanbul+1 hourRheinesame time
Bergisch Gladbachsame timeJaénsame timeRiga+1 hour
Berlinsame timeJenasame timeRijekasame time
Bernsame timeKaiserslauternsame timeRomesame time
Bielsame timeKaliningrad+1 hourRosenheimsame time
Bielefeldsame timeKapan+3 hoursRostocksame time
Bijeljinasame timeKasselsame timeRotterdamsame time
Birmingham-1 hourKaunas+1 hourRovaniemi+1 hour
Bitolasame timeKazan+2 hoursRyazan+2 hours
Bocholtsame timeKeflavík-1 hourSaarbrückensame time
Bochumsame timeKemi+1 hourSaint Helier-1 hour
Bolognasame timeKemptensame timeSaint-Petersburg+2 hours
Bolzanosame timeKerpensame timeSalihorsk+2 hours
Bonnsame timeKharkiv+1 hourSalzburgsame time
Bordeauxsame timeKherson+1 hourSalzgittersame time
Bottropsame timeKhmelnytskyi+1 hourSamara+3 hours
Bratislavasame timeKielsame timeSamsun+1 hour
Braunschweigsame timeKilkenny-1 hourSan Marinosame time
Bregenzsame timeKlagenfurtsame timeSandefjordsame time
Bremensame timeKlaipėda+1 hourSandvikasame time
Bremerhavensame timeKoblenzsame timeSanta Cruz de Tenerife-1 hour
Brest+2 hoursKönizsame timeSantandersame time
Brnosame timeKonstanzsame timeSarajevosame time
Bruck an der Leithasame timeKorçësame timeSarnensame time
Brusselssame timeKošicesame timeSassarisame time
Bryansk+2 hoursKragujevacsame timeSchaffhausensame time
Brăila+1 hourKrakówsame timeSchwäbisch Gmündsame time
Bucharest+1 hourKrefeldsame timeSchweinfurtsame time
Budapestsame timeKryvyi Rih+1 hourSchwerinsame time
Burgas+1 hourKumanovosame timeSchwyzsame time
Bursa+1 hourKutaisi+3 hoursShkodërsame time
Bălți+1 hourKyiv+1 hourSibiu+1 hour
Cadizsame timeLangenfeld (Rheinland)same timeSiegensame time
Cagliarisame timeLarviksame timeSimferopol+2 hours
Cardiff-1 hourLas Palmas (ES-Canary)-1 hourSindelfingensame time
Castrop-Rauxelsame timeLausannesame timeSionsame time
Cazinsame timeLeipzigsame timeSisian+3 hours
Cellesame timeLeverkusensame timeSkopjesame time
Ceutasame timeLiberecsame timeSlavonski Brodsame time
Châlons-en-Champagnesame timeLiepāja+1 hourSligo-1 hour
Cheboksary+2 hoursLiestalsame timeSochi+2 hours
Cheltenham-1 hourLimerick-1 hourSofia+1 hour
Chemnitzsame timeLinzsame timeSolingensame time
Chernobyl+1 hourLipetsk+2 hoursSolothurnsame time
Chisinau+1 hourLippstadtsame timeSpeyersame time
Chursame timeLisbon-1 hourSplitsame time
Cluj-Napoca+1 hourLiverpool-1 hourSt. Gallensame time
Colognesame timeLivnosame timeSt. Peter Port-1 hour
Copenhagensame timeLjubljanasame timeSt. Pöltensame time
Córdobasame timeLódzsame timeStanssame time
Cork-1 hourLondon-1 hourStara Zagora+1 hour
Cottbussame timeLondonderry-1 hourStavropol+2 hours
Craiova+1 hourLongyearbyensame timeStockholmsame time
Cuxhavensame timeLübecksame timeStolberg (Rheinland)same time
Darmstadtsame timeLucernesame timeStralsundsame time
Daugavpils+1 hourLüdenscheidsame timeStrasbourgsame time
Debrecensame timeLudwigsburgsame timeStuttgartsame time
Delémontsame timeLudwigshafensame timeSuboticasame time
Delmenhorstsame timeLuganosame timeSumy+1 hour
Denizli+1 hourLuhansk+2 hoursSyktyvkar+2 hours
Dessau-Rosslausame timeLünensame timeSzczecinsame time
Detmoldsame timeLuxembourgsame timeSzegedsame time
Deutschlandsbergsame timeMadridsame timeTallinn+1 hour
Differdangesame timeMagdeburgsame timeTârgu Mureş+1 hour
Dinslakensame timeMagnitogorsk+4 hoursTartu+1 hour
Diyarbakır+1 hourMainzsame timeTbilisi+3 hours
Dnipropetrovsk+1 hourMalatya+1 hourTimișoara+1 hour
Donetsk+2 hoursMannheimsame timeTiranasame time
Dormagensame timeMarburgsame timeTiraspol+1 hour
Dorstensame timeMarlsame timeTórshavn-1 hour
Dortmundsame timeMarseillesame timeTrabzon+1 hour
Douglas-1 hourMelillasame timeTriersame time
Drammensame timeMilansame timeTriestesame time
Drogheda-1 hourMindensame timeTroisdorfsame time
Dublin-1 hourMinsk+2 hoursTübingensame time
Duisburgsame timeMiskolcsame timeTula+2 hours
Dürensame timeModenasame timeTurinsame time
Durrëssame timeMoerssame timeTuzlasame time
Düsseldorfsame timeMogilev+2 hoursUlmsame time
Edinburgh-1 hourMonacosame timeUnnasame time
Eferdingsame timeMönchengladbachsame timeUroševacsame time
Eisenstadtsame timeMontreuxsame timeUstersame time
Elbasansame timeMonzasame timeÚstí nad Labemsame time
Emdensame timeMoscow+2 hoursUzhgorod+1 hour
Erfurtsame timeMostarsame timeVaduzsame time
Erlangensame timeMülheimsame timeValladolidsame time
Erzurum+1 hourMülheim / Ruhrsame timeVallettasame time
Eskişehir+1 hourMunichsame timeValmiera+1 hour
Essensame timeMünstersame timeVanadzor+3 hours
Esslingensame timeMurmansk+2 hoursVarna+1 hour
Euskirchensame timeNaplessame timeVatican Citysame time
Feldbachsame timeNarva+1 hourVelbertsame time
Flensburgsame timeNeubrandenburgsame timeVenicesame time
Frankfurtsame timeNeuchâtelsame timeVeronasame time
Frauenfeldsame timeNeumünstersame timeVidin+1 hour
Freiburgsame timeNeusssame timeViennasame time
Freisingsame timeNeustadt an der Weinstraßesame timeViersensame time
Freistadtsame timeNeuwiedsame timeVillachsame time
Fribourgsame timeNicesame timeVilnius+1 hour
Friedrichshafensame timeNicosia+1 hourVitebsk+2 hours
Fuldasame timeNikšićsame timeVladimir+2 hours
Funchal-1 hourNizhny Novgorod+2 hoursVlorësame time
Fürstenfeldsame timeNišsame timeWarsawsame time
Fürthsame timeNorderstedtsame timeWaterford-1 hour
Galway-1 hourNordhornsame timeWeimarsame time
Garbsensame timeNovgorod+2 hoursWeselsame time
Gavar+3 hoursNovi Sadsame timeWiesbadensame time
Gdańsksame timeNovo Mestosame timeWinterthursame time
Gelsenkirchensame timeNovorossiysk+2 hoursWismarsame time
Genevasame timeNurembergsame timeWittensame time
Genoasame timeOberhausensame timeWolfsburgsame time
Gerasame timeOdesa+1 hourWormssame time
Gibraltarsame timeOffenbachsame timeWroclawsame time
Giessensame timeOffenburgsame timeWuppertalsame time
Gijónsame timeOldenburgsame timeWürzburgsame time
Gjirokastërsame timeOlomoucsame timeXankendi+3 hours
Gladbecksame timeOmagh-1 hourYeghegnadzor+3 hours
Glarussame timeOradea+1 hourYerevan+3 hours
Glasgow-1 hourOsijeksame timeZagrebsame time
Gmündsame timeOslosame timeZaporizhia+1 hour
Gomel+2 hoursOsnabrücksame timeZenicasame time
Göppingensame timeOstravasame timeZugsame time
Görlitzsame timePaderbornsame timeZürichsame time
Göttingensame timePalermosame timeZwickausame time
Granadasame timePalma (ES-Majorca)same timeŠiauliai+1 hour
Grazsame timePamplonasame timeŽilinasame time

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 12:49:52

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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