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Time zone differences in Europe

A Coruña+3 hoursGreifswald+3 hoursParis+3 hours
Aachen+3 hoursGrevenbroich+3 hoursParma+3 hours
Aalen+3 hoursGrieskirchen+3 hoursPassau+3 hours
Aarau+3 hoursGrodno+5 hoursPforzheim+3 hours
Ålesund+3 hoursGrozny+5 hoursPisa+3 hours
Alicante+3 hoursGütersloh+3 hoursPlauen+3 hours
Almería+3 hoursGyumri+6 hoursPleven+4 hours
Altdorf+3 hoursHagen+3 hoursPljevlja+3 hours
Amsterdam+3 hoursHalle+3 hoursPlovdiv+4 hours
Andorra La Vella+3 hoursHamburg+3 hoursPlymouth+2 hours
Angra do Heroísmo+1 hourHameln+3 hoursPlzen+3 hours
Appenzell+3 hoursHamm+3 hoursPodgorica+3 hours
Arkhangelsk+5 hoursHammerfest+3 hoursPoitiers+3 hours
Arlon+3 hoursHanau+3 hoursPolotsk+5 hours
Arnsberg+3 hoursHannover+3 hoursPonta Delgada+1 hour
Aschaffenburg+3 hoursHaugesund+3 hoursPoprad+3 hours
Astrakhan+5 hoursHeidelberg+3 hoursPorto+2 hours
Athens+4 hoursHeilbronn+3 hoursPotsdam+3 hours
Augsburg+3 hoursHelsinki+4 hoursPoznan+3 hours
Babruysk+5 hoursHerford+3 hoursPrague+3 hours
Baden-Baden+3 hoursHerisau+3 hoursPrešov+3 hours
Banja Luka+3 hoursHerne+3 hoursPrijedor+3 hours
Baranovichi+5 hoursHerten+3 hoursPristina+3 hours
Barcelona+3 hoursHildesheim+3 hoursPrizren+3 hours
Barysaw+5 hoursHradec Králové+3 hoursPyatigorsk+5 hours
Basel+3 hoursHuelva+3 hoursQuimper+3 hours
Bastia+3 hoursHürth+3 hoursRamsey+2 hours
Batumi+6 hoursIasi+4 hoursRatingen+3 hours
Bayreuth+3 hoursIbiza+3 hoursRavensburg+3 hours
Belfast+2 hoursIngolstadt+3 hoursRecklinghausen+3 hours
Belgrade+3 hoursInnsbruck+3 hoursRegensburg+3 hours
Bellinzona+3 hoursIoannina+4 hoursReutlingen+3 hours
Belushya Guba+5 hoursIserlohn+3 hoursReykjavik+2 hours
Bergheim+3 hoursIstanbul+4 hoursRheine+3 hours
Bergisch Gladbach+3 hoursJaén+3 hoursRiga+4 hours
Berlin+3 hoursJena+3 hoursRijeka+3 hours
Bern+3 hoursKaiserslautern+3 hoursRome+3 hours
Biel+3 hoursKaliningrad+4 hoursRosenheim+3 hours
Bielefeld+3 hoursKapan+6 hoursRostock+3 hours
Bijeljina+3 hoursKassel+3 hoursRotterdam+3 hours
Birmingham+2 hoursKaunas+4 hoursRovaniemi+4 hours
Bitola+3 hoursKazan+5 hoursRyazan+5 hours
Bocholt+3 hoursKeflavík+2 hoursSaarbrücken+3 hours
Bochum+3 hoursKemi+4 hoursSaint Helier+2 hours
Bologna+3 hoursKempten+3 hoursSaint-Petersburg+5 hours
Bolzano+3 hoursKerpen+3 hoursSalihorsk+5 hours
Bonn+3 hoursKharkiv+4 hoursSalzburg+3 hours
Bordeaux+3 hoursKherson+4 hoursSalzgitter+3 hours
Bottrop+3 hoursKhmelnytskyi+4 hoursSamara+6 hours
Bratislava+3 hoursKiel+3 hoursSamsun+4 hours
Braunschweig+3 hoursKilkenny+2 hoursSan Marino+3 hours
Bregenz+3 hoursKlagenfurt+3 hoursSandefjord+3 hours
Bremen+3 hoursKlaipėda+4 hoursSandvika+3 hours
Bremerhaven+3 hoursKoblenz+3 hoursSanta Cruz de Tenerife+2 hours
Brest+5 hoursKöniz+3 hoursSantander+3 hours
Brno+3 hoursKonstanz+3 hoursSarajevo+3 hours
Bruck an der Leitha+3 hoursKorçë+3 hoursSarnen+3 hours
Brussels+3 hoursKošice+3 hoursSassari+3 hours
Bryansk+5 hoursKragujevac+3 hoursSchaffhausen+3 hours
Brăila+4 hoursKraków+3 hoursSchwäbisch Gmünd+3 hours
Bucharest+4 hoursKrefeld+3 hoursSchweinfurt+3 hours
Budapest+3 hoursKryvyi Rih+4 hoursSchwerin+3 hours
Burgas+4 hoursKumanovo+3 hoursSchwyz+3 hours
Bursa+4 hoursKutaisi+6 hoursShkodër+3 hours
Bălți+4 hoursKyiv+4 hoursSibiu+4 hours
Cadiz+3 hoursLangenfeld (Rheinland)+3 hoursSiegen+3 hours
Cagliari+3 hoursLarvik+3 hoursSimferopol+5 hours
Cardiff+2 hoursLas Palmas (ES-Canary)+2 hoursSindelfingen+3 hours
Castrop-Rauxel+3 hoursLausanne+3 hoursSion+3 hours
Cazin+3 hoursLeipzig+3 hoursSisian+6 hours
Celle+3 hoursLeverkusen+3 hoursSkopje+3 hours
Ceuta+3 hoursLiberec+3 hoursSlavonski Brod+3 hours
Châlons-en-Champagne+3 hoursLiepāja+4 hoursSligo+2 hours
Cheboksary+5 hoursLiestal+3 hoursSochi+5 hours
Cheltenham+2 hoursLimerick+2 hoursSofia+4 hours
Chemnitz+3 hoursLinz+3 hoursSolingen+3 hours
Chernobyl+4 hoursLipetsk+5 hoursSolothurn+3 hours
Chisinau+4 hoursLippstadt+3 hoursSpeyer+3 hours
Chur+3 hoursLisbon+2 hoursSplit+3 hours
Cluj-Napoca+4 hoursLiverpool+2 hoursSt. Gallen+3 hours
Cologne+3 hoursLivno+3 hoursSt. Peter Port+2 hours
Copenhagen+3 hoursLjubljana+3 hoursSt. Pölten+3 hours
Córdoba+3 hoursLódz+3 hoursStans+3 hours
Cork+2 hoursLondon+2 hoursStara Zagora+4 hours
Cottbus+3 hoursLondonderry+2 hoursStavropol+5 hours
Craiova+4 hoursLongyearbyen+3 hoursStockholm+3 hours
Cuxhaven+3 hoursLübeck+3 hoursStolberg (Rheinland)+3 hours
Darmstadt+3 hoursLucerne+3 hoursStralsund+3 hours
Daugavpils+4 hoursLüdenscheid+3 hoursStrasbourg+3 hours
Debrecen+3 hoursLudwigsburg+3 hoursStuttgart+3 hours
Delémont+3 hoursLudwigshafen+3 hoursSubotica+3 hours
Delmenhorst+3 hoursLugano+3 hoursSumy+4 hours
Denizli+4 hoursLuhansk+5 hoursSyktyvkar+5 hours
Dessau-Rosslau+3 hoursLünen+3 hoursSzczecin+3 hours
Detmold+3 hoursLuxembourg+3 hoursSzeged+3 hours
Deutschlandsberg+3 hoursMadrid+3 hoursTallinn+4 hours
Differdange+3 hoursMagdeburg+3 hoursTârgu Mureş+4 hours
Dinslaken+3 hoursMagnitogorsk+7 hoursTartu+4 hours
Diyarbakır+4 hoursMainz+3 hoursTbilisi+6 hours
Dnipropetrovsk+4 hoursMalatya+4 hoursTimișoara+4 hours
Donetsk+5 hoursMannheim+3 hoursTirana+3 hours
Dormagen+3 hoursMarburg+3 hoursTiraspol+4 hours
Dorsten+3 hoursMarl+3 hoursTórshavn+2 hours
Dortmund+3 hoursMarseille+3 hoursTrabzon+4 hours
Douglas+2 hoursMelilla+3 hoursTrier+3 hours
Drammen+3 hoursMilan+3 hoursTrieste+3 hours
Drogheda+2 hoursMinden+3 hoursTroisdorf+3 hours
Dublin+2 hoursMinsk+5 hoursTübingen+3 hours
Duisburg+3 hoursMiskolc+3 hoursTula+5 hours
Düren+3 hoursModena+3 hoursTurin+3 hours
Durrës+3 hoursMoers+3 hoursTuzla+3 hours
Düsseldorf+3 hoursMogilev+5 hoursUlm+3 hours
Edinburgh+2 hoursMonaco+3 hoursUnna+3 hours
Eferding+3 hoursMönchengladbach+3 hoursUroševac+3 hours
Eisenstadt+3 hoursMontreux+3 hoursUster+3 hours
Elbasan+3 hoursMonza+3 hoursÚstí nad Labem+3 hours
Emden+3 hoursMoscow+5 hoursUzhgorod+4 hours
Erfurt+3 hoursMostar+3 hoursVaduz+3 hours
Erlangen+3 hoursMülheim+3 hoursValladolid+3 hours
Erzurum+4 hoursMülheim / Ruhr+3 hoursValletta+3 hours
Eskişehir+4 hoursMunich+3 hoursValmiera+4 hours
Essen+3 hoursMünster+3 hoursVanadzor+6 hours
Esslingen+3 hoursMurmansk+5 hoursVarna+4 hours
Euskirchen+3 hoursNaples+3 hoursVatican City+3 hours
Feldbach+3 hoursNarva+4 hoursVelbert+3 hours
Flensburg+3 hoursNeubrandenburg+3 hoursVenice+3 hours
Frankfurt+3 hoursNeuchâtel+3 hoursVerona+3 hours
Frauenfeld+3 hoursNeumünster+3 hoursVidin+4 hours
Freiburg+3 hoursNeuss+3 hoursVienna+3 hours
Freising+3 hoursNeustadt an der Weinstraße+3 hoursViersen+3 hours
Freistadt+3 hoursNeuwied+3 hoursVillach+3 hours
Fribourg+3 hoursNice+3 hoursVilnius+4 hours
Friedrichshafen+3 hoursNicosia+4 hoursVitebsk+5 hours
Fulda+3 hoursNikšić+3 hoursVladimir+5 hours
Funchal+2 hoursNizhny Novgorod+5 hoursVlorë+3 hours
Fürstenfeld+3 hoursNiš+3 hoursWarsaw+3 hours
Fürth+3 hoursNorderstedt+3 hoursWaterford+2 hours
Galway+2 hoursNordhorn+3 hoursWeimar+3 hours
Garbsen+3 hoursNovgorod+5 hoursWesel+3 hours
Gavar+6 hoursNovi Sad+3 hoursWiesbaden+3 hours
Gdańsk+3 hoursNovo Mesto+3 hoursWinterthur+3 hours
Gelsenkirchen+3 hoursNovorossiysk+5 hoursWismar+3 hours
Geneva+3 hoursNuremberg+3 hoursWitten+3 hours
Genoa+3 hoursOberhausen+3 hoursWolfsburg+3 hours
Gera+3 hoursOdesa+4 hoursWorms+3 hours
Gibraltar+3 hoursOffenbach+3 hoursWroclaw+3 hours
Giessen+3 hoursOffenburg+3 hoursWuppertal+3 hours
Gijón+3 hoursOldenburg+3 hoursWürzburg+3 hours
Gjirokastër+3 hoursOlomouc+3 hoursXankendi+6 hours
Gladbeck+3 hoursOmagh+2 hoursYeghegnadzor+6 hours
Glarus+3 hoursOradea+4 hoursYerevan+6 hours
Glasgow+2 hoursOsijek+3 hoursZagreb+3 hours
Gmünd+3 hoursOslo+3 hoursZaporizhia+4 hours
Gomel+5 hoursOsnabrück+3 hoursZenica+3 hours
Göppingen+3 hoursOstrava+3 hoursZug+3 hours
Görlitz+3 hoursPaderborn+3 hoursZürich+3 hours
Göttingen+3 hoursPalermo+3 hoursZwickau+3 hours
Granada+3 hoursPalma (ES-Majorca)+3 hoursŠiauliai+4 hours
Graz+3 hoursPamplona+3 hoursŽilina+3 hours

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Friday, March 6, 2015 at 21:04:07

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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