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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from U.S.A. – Michigan – Lansing

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Lansing time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in North America

Abbotsford *-3 hoursGreater Sudbury *same timePlano *-1 hour
Abilene *-1 hourGrise Fiord *same timePlaya del Carmen-1 hour
Acapulco *-1 hourGuadalajara *-1 hourPointe-à-Pitresame time
Adak *-5 hoursGuatemala-2 hoursPomona *-3 hours
Aguascalientes *-1 hourGuelph *same timePoncesame time
Akron *same timeHagåtña+14 hoursPond Inlet *same time
Alajuela-2 hoursHalifax *+1 hourPort-au-Prince *same time
Albany *same timeHamilton (Bermuda) *+1 hourPortland (Maine) *same time
Albuquerque *-2 hoursHamilton (CA-ON) *same timePortland (Oregon) *-3 hours
Alert *same timeHampton *same timePortsmouth *same time
Alexandria *same timeHappy Valley-Goose Bay *+1 hourPrince George *-3 hours
Allentown *same timeHarrisburg *same timeProvidence *same time
Amarillo *-1 hourHartford *same timeProvo *-2 hours
Anaheim *-3 hoursHavana *same timePuerto Cabezas-2 hours
Anchorage *-4 hoursHayward *-3 hoursPuerto Platasame time
Angels Camp *-3 hoursHelena *-2 hoursPuerto Vallarta *-1 hour
Ann Arbor *same timeHermosillo-3 hoursPunta Canasame time
Annapolis *same timeHialeah *same timePunta Gorda-2 hours
Arlington *-1 hourHilo-6 hoursQuébec *same time
Athens *same timeHolguín *same timeQuerétaro *-1 hour
Atlanta *same timeHollywood (US-FL) *same timeRaleigh *same time
Augusta (US-GA) *same timeHollywood (US-CA) *-3 hoursRancho Cucamonga *-3 hours
Augusta (US-ME) *same timeHonolulu-6 hoursRapid City *-2 hours
Aurora *-2 hoursHouston *-1 hourRegina-2 hours
Austin *-1 hourHuntington Beach *-3 hoursResolute Bay *-1 hour
Baker Lake *-1 hourHuntsville *-1 hourRichmond (CA-BC) *-3 hours
Bakersfield *-3 hoursIndependence *-1 hourRichmond (US-VA) *same time
Baltimore *same timeIndianapolis *same timeRichmond Hill *same time
Barrie *same timeInglewood *-3 hoursRiverside *-3 hours
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)same timeInuvik *-2 hoursRiverside *same time
Basseterre (St. Kitts)same timeIqaluit *same timeRoad Townsame time
Baton Rouge *-1 hourIrvine *-3 hoursRochester *same time
Beaumont *-1 hourIrving *-1 hourRockford *-1 hour
Belize City-2 hoursJackson *-1 hourRoseausame time
Belmopan-2 hoursJacksonville *same timeSacramento *-3 hours
Berkeley *-3 hoursJefferson City *-1 hourSaguenay *same time
Billings *-2 hoursJersey City *same timeSaint George'ssame time
Birmingham *-1 hourJuneau *-4 hoursSaint John (CA - NB) *+1 hour
Bismarck *-1 hourKamloops *-3 hoursSaint John's (Antigua)same time
Blanc-Sablonsame timeKansas City *-1 hourSaint-Pierre *+2 hours
Boise *-2 hoursKelowna *-3 hoursSaipan+14 hours
Boston *same timeKey West *same timeSalem *-3 hours
Bradessame timeKingston (Canada) *same timeSalinas *-3 hours
Brampton *same timeKingston (Jm)-1 hourSalt Lake City *-2 hours
Bridgeport *same timeKingstownsame timeSan Antonio *-1 hour
Bridgetownsame timeKitchener *same timeSan Bernardino *-3 hours
Bryan – College Station *-1 hourKnoxville *same timeSan Diego *-3 hours
Buckeye-3 hoursKuujjuaq *same timeSan Francisco *-3 hours
Buffalo *same timeLa Ceiba-2 hoursSan Jose (CR)-2 hours
Burlington *same timeLa Romanasame timeSan Jose (USA) *-3 hours
Burnaby *-3 hoursLakewood *-2 hoursSan Juansame time
Caguassame timeLansing *same timeSan Juan de la Maguanasame time
Calgary *-2 hoursLaredo *-1 hourSan Luis Potosi *-1 hour
Camagüey *same timeLas Vegas *-3 hoursSan Miguel-2 hours
Cambridge *same timeLaval *same timeSan Pedro-2 hours
Cancún-1 hourLeon *-1 hourSan Salvador-2 hours
Cap-Haïtien *same timeLexington-Fayette *same timeSanta Ana (SV)-2 hours
Cape Coral *same timeLincoln *-1 hourSanta Ana (US-CA) *-3 hours
Carson City *-3 hoursLittle Rock *-1 hourSanta Barbara *-3 hours
Castriessame timeLivonia *same timeSanta Clara *same time
Cedar Rapids *-1 hourLondon *same timeSanta Clarita *-3 hours
Charleston (SC) *same timeLong Beach *-3 hoursSanta Fe *-2 hours
Charleston (WV) *same timeLongueuil *same timeSanta María Huatulco *-1 hour
Charlotte *same timeLos Angeles *-3 hoursSanta Rosa *-3 hours
Charlotte Amaliesame timeLouisville *same timeSantiago de Cuba *same time
Charlottetown *+1 hourLowell *same timeSantiago de los Caballerossame time
Chatham-Kent *same timeLynchburg *same timeSantiago de Veraguas-1 hour
Chattanooga *same timeMacon *same timeSanto Domingosame time
Chesapeake *same timeMadison *-1 hourSaskatoon-2 hours
Chetumal-1 hourManagua-2 hoursScottsdale-3 hours
Cheyenne *-2 hoursMarkham *same timeSeattle *-3 hours
Chibougamau *same timeMary's Harbour *+1:30 hoursSherbrooke *same time
Chicago *-1 hourMasaya-2 hoursShreveport *-1 hour
Chihuahua *-2 hoursMatagalpa-2 hoursSikeston *-1 hour
Choloma-2 hoursMatamoros *-1 hourSimi Valley *-3 hours
Christianstedsame timeMay Pen-1 hourSioux Falls *-1 hour
Chula Vista *-3 hoursMayagüezsame timeSouth Bend *same time
Cincinnati *same timeMazatlan *-2 hoursSpringfield (IL) *-1 hour
Citrus Heights *-3 hoursMemphis *-1 hourSpringfield (MA) *same time
Ciudad Juárez *-2 hoursMerida *-1 hourSpringfield (MO) *-1 hour
Clarksville *-1 hourMesa-3 hoursSt. Catharines *same time
Cleveland *same timeMesquite *-1 hourSt. John's (CA - NF) *+1:30 hours
Cockburn Townsame timeMetairie *-1 hourSt. Louis *-1 hour
Codrington (Barbuda)same timeMexicali *-3 hoursSt. Paul *-1 hour
Colima *-1 hourMexico City *-1 hourSt. Petersburg *same time
Columbia *same timeMiami *same timeStamford *same time
Columbus (US-GA) *same timeMidland *-1 hourSterling Heights *same time
Columbus (US-OH) *same timeMilwaukee *-1 hourStockton *-3 hours
Concepción de La Vegasame timeMinneapolis *-1 hourSunnyvale *-3 hours
Concord *same timeMississauga *same timeSurrey *-3 hours
Coquitlam *-3 hoursMobile *-1 hourSyracuse *same time
Coral Harbour-1 hourModesto *-3 hoursTallahassee *same time
Cranbrook *-2 hoursMontego Bay-1 hourTampa *same time
Cuernavaca *-1 hourMonterrey *-1 hourTegucigalpa-2 hours
Dallas *-1 hourMontgomery *-1 hourTempe-3 hours
Dangriga-2 hoursMontpelier *same timeTepic *-2 hours
David-1 hourMontreal *same timeThe Valleysame time
Dayton *same timeMoreno Valley *-3 hoursThousand Oaks *-3 hours
Decatur *-1 hourNanaimo *-3 hoursThunder Bay *same time
Denison *-1 hourNaples *same timeTijuana *-3 hours
Denver *-2 hoursNashville *-1 hourToledo *same time
Des Moines *-1 hourNassau *same timeTopeka *-1 hour
Detroit *same timeNew Haven *same timeToronto *same time
Dover *same timeNew Orleans *-1 hourTorrance *-3 hours
Edmonton *-2 hoursNew York *same timeTrenton *same time
El Monte *-3 hoursNewark *same timeTrois-Rivieres *same time
El Paso *-2 hoursNewport News *same timeTucson-3 hours
Elizabeth *same timeNome *-4 hoursTurlock *-3 hours
Erie *same timeNorfolk *same timeTuxtla Gutierrez *-1 hour
Escondido *-3 hoursOakland *-3 hoursUnalaska *-4 hours
Escuintla-2 hoursOakville *same timeVallejo *-3 hours
Eugene *-3 hoursOaxaca *-1 hourVancouver *-3 hours
Eureka *-1 hourOceanside *-3 hoursVeracruz *-1 hour
Evansville *-1 hourOklahoma City *-1 hourVictoria *-3 hours
Fairbanks *-4 hoursOlathe *-1 hourVictorville *-3 hours
Fargo *-1 hourOlympia *-3 hoursVieux Fortsame time
Fayetteville *same timeOntario *-3 hoursVirginia Beach *same time
Flint *same timeOrange *-3 hoursVisalia *-3 hours
Fort-de-Francesame timeOrange Walk Town-2 hoursWaco *-1 hour
Fort Lauderdale *same timeOrlando *same timeWailuku-6 hours
Fort Smith *-1 hourOshawa *same timeWake Island+16 hours
Fort Wayne *same timeOttawa *same timeWaldorf *same time
Fort Worth *-1 hourOverland Park *-1 hourWarren *same time
Frankfort *same timeOwensboro *-1 hourWashington DC *same time
Freeport *same timeOxnard *-3 hoursWaterbury *same time
Fremont *-3 hoursPanama-1 hourWhistler *-3 hours
Fresnillo *-1 hourParadise *-3 hoursWhitehorse *-3 hours
Fresno *-3 hoursPasadena (USA-CA) *-3 hoursWichita *-1 hour
Fullerton *-3 hoursPasadena (USA-TX) *-1 hourWillemstadsame time
Gainesville *same timePaterson *same timeWindsor *same time
Garland *-1 hourPensacola *-1 hourWinnipeg *-1 hour
Gatineau *same timePeoria *-1 hourWinston-Salem *same time
George Town-1 hourPhiladelphia *same timeWorcester *same time
Glendale (USA-AZ)-3 hoursPhoenix-3 hoursYellowknife *-2 hours
Glendale (USA-CA) *-3 hoursPierre *-1 hourYonkers *same time
Gonaïves *same timePinar del Río *same time
Grand Rapids *same timePittsburgh *same time

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (331 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 17:43:44

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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