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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Colombia – Medellin

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Medellin time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in North America

Abbotsford-3 hoursGrand Rapidssame timePlano-1 hour
Abilene-1 hourGreater Sudburysame timePlaya del Carmensame time
Acapulco-1 hourGrise Fiordsame timePointe-à-Pitre+1 hour
Adak-5 hoursGuadalajara-1 hourPomona-3 hours
Aguascalientes-1 hourGuatemala-1 hourPonce+1 hour
Akronsame timeGuelphsame timePond Inletsame time
Alajuela-1 hourHagåtña+15 hoursPort-au-Princesame time
Albanysame timeHalifax+1 hourPortland (Oregon)-3 hours
Albuquerque-2 hoursHamilton (Bermuda)+1 hourPortland (Maine)same time
Alertsame timeHamilton (CA-ON)same timePortsmouthsame time
Alexandriasame timeHamptonsame timePrince George-3 hours
Allentownsame timeHappy Valley-Goose Bay+1 hourProvidencesame time
Amarillo-1 hourHarrisburgsame timeProvidenciales+1 hour
Anaheim-3 hoursHartfordsame timeProvo-2 hours
Anchorage-4 hoursHavanasame timePuebla-1 hour
Angels Camp-3 hoursHayward-3 hoursPuerto Cabezas-1 hour
Ann Arborsame timeHelena-2 hoursPuerto Plata+1 hour
Annapolissame timeHermosillo-2 hoursPuerto Vallarta-1 hour
Arlington-1 hourHialeahsame timePunta Cana+1 hour
Arroyo+1 hourHilo-5 hoursPunta Gorda-1 hour
Athenssame timeHolguínsame timeQuébecsame time
Atlantasame timeHollywood (US-FL)same timeQuerétaro-1 hour
Augusta (US-ME)same timeHollywood (US-CA)-3 hoursQuetzaltenango-1 hour
Augusta (US-GA)same timeHonolulu-5 hoursRaleighsame time
Aurora-2 hoursHouston-1 hourRancho Cucamonga-3 hours
Austin-1 hourHuntington Beach-3 hoursRapid City-2 hours
Baker Lake-1 hourHuntsville-1 hourRegina-1 hour
Bakersfield-3 hoursIndependence-1 hourResolute Bay-1 hour
Baltimoresame timeIndianapolissame timeReynosa-1 hour
Barriesame timeInglewood-3 hoursRichmond (CA-BC)-3 hours
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)+1 hourInuvik-2 hoursRichmond (US-VA)same time
Basseterre (St. Kitts)+1 hourIqaluitsame timeRichmond Hillsame time
Baton Rouge-1 hourIrvine-3 hoursRiverside-3 hours
Beaumont-1 hourIrving-1 hourRiversidesame time
Belize City-1 hourJackson-1 hourRoad Town+1 hour
Belmopan-1 hourJacksonvillesame timeRochestersame time
Berkeley-3 hoursJefferson City-1 hourRockford-1 hour
Billings-2 hoursJersey Citysame timeRoseau+1 hour
Birmingham-1 hourJuneau-4 hoursSacramento-3 hours
Bismarck-1 hourKamloops-3 hoursSaguenaysame time
Blanc-Sablon+1 hourKansas City-1 hourSaint George's+1 hour
Boise-2 hoursKelowna-3 hoursSaint John (CA - NB)+1 hour
Bostonsame timeKey Westsame timeSaint John's (Antigua)+1 hour
Brades+1 hourKingston (Canada)same timeSaint-Pierre+2 hours
Bramptonsame timeKingston (Jm)same timeSaipan+15 hours
Bridgeportsame timeKingstown+1 hourSalem-3 hours
Bridgetown+1 hourKitchenersame timeSalinas-3 hours
Bryan – College Station-1 hourKnoxvillesame timeSalt Lake City-2 hours
Buckeye-2 hoursKralendijk+1 hourSan Antonio-1 hour
Buffalosame timeKuujjuaqsame timeSan Bernardino-3 hours
Burlingtonsame timeLa Ceiba-1 hourSan Diego-3 hours
Burnaby-3 hoursLa Romana+1 hourSan Francisco-3 hours
Caguas+1 hourLabadeesame timeSan Jose (CR)-1 hour
Calgary-2 hoursLakewood-2 hoursSan Jose (USA)-3 hours
Camagüeysame timeLansingsame timeSan Juan+1 hour
Cambridgesame timeLaredo-1 hourSan Juan de la Maguana+1 hour
Cancúnsame timeLas Vegas-3 hoursSan Luis Potosi-1 hour
Cap-Haïtiensame timeLavalsame timeSan Miguel-1 hour
Cape Coralsame timeLeon-1 hourSan Pedro-1 hour
Carson City-3 hoursLeón-1 hourSan Pedro Sula-1 hour
Castries+1 hourLexington-Fayettesame timeSan Salvador-1 hour
Cedar Rapids-1 hourLiberia-1 hourSan Vicente-1 hour
Charleston (WV)same timeLimón-1 hourSanta Ana (SV)-1 hour
Charleston (SC)same timeLincoln-1 hourSanta Ana (US-CA)-3 hours
Charlestown+1 hourLittle Rock-1 hourSanta Barbara-3 hours
Charlottesame timeLivoniasame timeSanta Clarasame time
Charlotte Amalie+1 hourLondonsame timeSanta Clarita-3 hours
Charlottetown+1 hourLong Beach-3 hoursSanta Fe-2 hours
Chatham-Kentsame timeLongueuilsame timeSanta María Huatulco-1 hour
Chattanoogasame timeLos Angeles-3 hoursSanta Rosa-3 hours
Chesapeakesame timeLouisvillesame timeSantiago de Cubasame time
Chetumalsame timeLowellsame timeSantiago de los Caballeros+1 hour
Cheyenne-2 hoursLynchburgsame timeSantiago de Veraguassame time
Chibougamausame timeMaconsame timeSanto Domingo+1 hour
Chicago-1 hourMadison-1 hourSaskatoon-1 hour
Chihuahua-2 hoursManagua-1 hourScottsdale-2 hours
Choloma-1 hourMarkhamsame timeSeattle-3 hours
Christiansted+1 hourMary's Harbour+1:30 hoursSherbrookesame time
Chula Vista-3 hoursMasaya-1 hourShreveport-1 hour
Cincinnatisame timeMatagalpa-1 hourSikeston-1 hour
Citrus Heights-3 hoursMatamoros-1 hourSimi Valley-3 hours
Ciudad Juárez-2 hoursMay Pensame timeSioux Falls-1 hour
Ciudad Victoria-1 hourMayagüez+1 hourSouth Bendsame time
Clarksville-1 hourMazatlan-2 hoursSpanish Town+1 hour
Clevelandsame timeMemphis-1 hourSpringfield (IL)-1 hour
Cockburn Harbour+1 hourMerida-1 hourSpringfield (MA)same time
Cockburn Town+1 hourMesa-2 hoursSpringfield (MO)-1 hour
Codrington (Barbuda)+1 hourMesquite-1 hourSt. Catharinessame time
Colima-1 hourMetairie-1 hourSt. John's (CA - NF)+1:30 hours
Colónsame timeMexicali-3 hoursSt. Louis-1 hour
Columbiasame timeMexico City-1 hourSt. Paul-1 hour
Columbus (US-GA)same timeMiamisame timeSt. Petersburgsame time
Columbus (US-OH)same timeMidland-1 hourStamfordsame time
Concepción de La Vega+1 hourMilwaukee-1 hourSterling Heightssame time
Concordsame timeMinneapolis-1 hourStockton-3 hours
Coquitlam-3 hoursMississaugasame timeSunnyvale-3 hours
Coral Harboursame timeMobile-1 hourSurrey-3 hours
Cranbrook-2 hoursModesto-3 hoursSyracusesame time
Cruz Bay+1 hourMontego Baysame timeTallahasseesame time
Cuernavaca-1 hourMonterrey-1 hourTampasame time
Dallas-1 hourMontgomery-1 hourTegucigalpa-1 hour
Dangriga-1 hourMontpeliersame timeTempe-2 hours
Davidsame timeMontrealsame timeTepic-2 hours
Daytonsame timeMoreno Valley-3 hoursThe Bottom+1 hour
Decatur-1 hourNanaimo-3 hoursThe Valley+1 hour
Denison-1 hourNaplessame timeThousand Oaks-3 hours
Denver-2 hoursNashville-1 hourThunder Baysame time
Des Moines-1 hourNassausame timeTijuana-3 hours
Detroitsame timeNew Havensame timeToledosame time
Doversame timeNew Orleans-1 hourTopeka-1 hour
Durango-1 hourNew Yorksame timeTorontosame time
Ecatepec-1 hourNewarksame timeTorrance-3 hours
Edmonton-2 hoursNewport Newssame timeTrentonsame time
El Monte-3 hoursNome-4 hoursTrois-Rivieressame time
El Paso-2 hoursNorfolksame timeTucson-2 hours
Elizabethsame timeOakland-3 hoursTurlock-3 hours
Eriesame timeOakvillesame timeTuxtla Gutierrez-1 hour
Escondido-3 hoursOaxaca-1 hourUnalaska-4 hours
Escuintla-1 hourOceanside-3 hoursVallejo-3 hours
Eugene-3 hoursOgden-2 hoursVancouver-3 hours
Eureka-1 hourOklahoma City-1 hourVeracruz-1 hour
Evansville-1 hourOlathe-1 hourVictoria-3 hours
Fairbanks-4 hoursOlympia-3 hoursVictorville-3 hours
Fargo-1 hourOntario-3 hoursVieux Fort+1 hour
Fayettevillesame timeOrange-3 hoursVirginia Beachsame time
Flintsame timeOrange Walk Town-1 hourVisalia-3 hours
Fort-de-France+1 hourOranjestad+1 hourWaco-1 hour
Fort Lauderdalesame timeOrlandosame timeWailuku-5 hours
Fort Smith-1 hourOshawasame timeWake Island+17 hours
Fort Waynesame timeOttawasame timeWaldorfsame time
Fort Worth-1 hourOverland Park-1 hourWarrensame time
Frankfortsame timeOwensboro-1 hourWashington DCsame time
Freeportsame timeOxnard-3 hoursWaterburysame time
Fremont-3 hoursPanamasame timeWhistler-3 hours
Fresnillo-1 hourParadise-3 hoursWhitehorse-3 hours
Fresno-3 hoursPasadena (USA-CA)-3 hoursWichita-1 hour
Fullerton-3 hoursPasadena (USA-TX)-1 hourWillemstad+1 hour
Gainesvillesame timePatersonsame timeWindsorsame time
Garland-1 hourPensacola-1 hourWinnipeg-1 hour
Gatineausame timePeoria-1 hourWinston-Salemsame time
George Townsame timePhiladelphiasame timeWorcestersame time
Glendale (USA-CA)-3 hoursPhoenix-2 hoursYellowknife-2 hours
Glendale (USA-AZ)-2 hoursPierre-1 hourYonkerssame time
Gonaïvessame timePinar del Ríosame timeZacatecas-1 hour
Goodyear-2 hoursPittsburghsame time

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 11:41:55

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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