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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from U.S.A. – Tennessee – Nashville

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Nashville time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in North America

Abbotsford-2 hoursGrand Rapids+1 hourPlanosame time
Abilenesame timeGreater Sudbury+1 hourPlaya del Carmen+1 hour
Acapulcosame timeGrise Fiord+1 hourPointe-à-Pitre+2 hours
Adak-4 hoursGuadalajarasame timePomona-2 hours
Aguascalientessame timeGuatemalasame timePonce+2 hours
Akron+1 hourGuelph+1 hourPond Inlet+1 hour
Alajuelasame timeHagåtña+16 hoursPort-au-Prince+1 hour
Albany+1 hourHalifax+2 hoursPortland (Oregon)-2 hours
Albuquerque-1 hourHamilton (Bermuda)+2 hoursPortland (Maine)+1 hour
Alert+1 hourHamilton (CA-ON)+1 hourPortsmouth+1 hour
Alexandria+1 hourHampton+1 hourPrince George-2 hours
Allentown+1 hourHappy Valley-Goose Bay+2 hoursProvidence+1 hour
Amarillosame timeHarrisburg+1 hourProvidenciales+2 hours
Anaheim-2 hoursHartford+1 hourProvo-1 hour
Anchorage-3 hoursHavana+1 hourPueblasame time
Angels Camp-2 hoursHayward-2 hoursPuerto Cabezassame time
Ann Arbor+1 hourHelena-1 hourPuerto Plata+2 hours
Annapolis+1 hourHermosillo-1 hourPuerto Vallartasame time
Arlingtonsame timeHialeah+1 hourPunta Cana+2 hours
Arroyo+2 hoursHilo-4 hoursPunta Gordasame time
Athens+1 hourHolguín+1 hourQuébec+1 hour
Atlanta+1 hourHollywood (US-FL)+1 hourQuerétarosame time
Augusta (US-ME)+1 hourHollywood (US-CA)-2 hoursQuetzaltenangosame time
Augusta (US-GA)+1 hourHonolulu-4 hoursRaleigh+1 hour
Aurora-1 hourHoustonsame timeRancho Cucamonga-2 hours
Austinsame timeHuntington Beach-2 hoursRapid City-1 hour
Baker Lakesame timeHuntsvillesame timeReginasame time
Bakersfield-2 hoursIndependencesame timeResolute Baysame time
Baltimore+1 hourIndianapolis+1 hourReynosasame time
Barrie+1 hourInglewood-2 hoursRichmond (CA-BC)-2 hours
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)+2 hoursInuvik-1 hourRichmond (US-VA)+1 hour
Basseterre (St. Kitts)+2 hoursIqaluit+1 hourRichmond Hill+1 hour
Baton Rougesame timeIrvine-2 hoursRiverside-2 hours
Beaumontsame timeIrvingsame timeRiverside+1 hour
Belize Citysame timeJacksonsame timeRoad Town+2 hours
Belmopansame timeJacksonville+1 hourRochester+1 hour
Berkeley-2 hoursJefferson Citysame timeRockfordsame time
Billings-1 hourJersey City+1 hourRoseau+2 hours
Birminghamsame timeJuneau-3 hoursSacramento-2 hours
Bismarcksame timeKamloops-2 hoursSaguenay+1 hour
Blanc-Sablon+2 hoursKansas Citysame timeSaint George's+2 hours
Boise-1 hourKelowna-2 hoursSaint John (CA - NB)+2 hours
Boston+1 hourKey West+1 hourSaint John's (Antigua)+2 hours
Brades+2 hoursKingston (Canada)+1 hourSaint-Pierre+3 hours
Brampton+1 hourKingston (Jm)+1 hourSaipan+16 hours
Bridgeport+1 hourKingstown+2 hoursSalem-2 hours
Bridgetown+2 hoursKitchener+1 hourSalinas-2 hours
Bryan – College Stationsame timeKnoxville+1 hourSalt Lake City-1 hour
Buckeye-1 hourKralendijk+2 hoursSan Antoniosame time
Buffalo+1 hourKuujjuaq+1 hourSan Bernardino-2 hours
Burlington+1 hourLa Ceibasame timeSan Diego-2 hours
Burnaby-2 hoursLa Romana+2 hoursSan Francisco-2 hours
Caguas+2 hoursLabadee+1 hourSan Jose (CR)same time
Calgary-1 hourLakewood-1 hourSan Jose (USA)-2 hours
Camagüey+1 hourLansing+1 hourSan Juan+2 hours
Cambridge+1 hourLaredosame timeSan Juan de la Maguana+2 hours
Cancún+1 hourLas Vegas-2 hoursSan Luis Potosisame time
Cap-Haïtien+1 hourLaval+1 hourSan Miguelsame time
Cape Coral+1 hourLeonsame timeSan Pedrosame time
Carson City-2 hoursLeónsame timeSan Pedro Sulasame time
Castries+2 hoursLexington-Fayette+1 hourSan Salvadorsame time
Cedar Rapidssame timeLiberiasame timeSan Vicentesame time
Charleston (WV)+1 hourLimónsame timeSanta Ana (SV)same time
Charleston (SC)+1 hourLincolnsame timeSanta Ana (US-CA)-2 hours
Charlestown+2 hoursLittle Rocksame timeSanta Barbara-2 hours
Charlotte+1 hourLivonia+1 hourSanta Clara+1 hour
Charlotte Amalie+2 hoursLondon+1 hourSanta Clarita-2 hours
Charlottetown+2 hoursLong Beach-2 hoursSanta Fe-1 hour
Chatham-Kent+1 hourLongueuil+1 hourSanta María Huatulcosame time
Chattanooga+1 hourLos Angeles-2 hoursSanta Rosa-2 hours
Chesapeake+1 hourLouisville+1 hourSantiago de Cuba+1 hour
Chetumal+1 hourLowell+1 hourSantiago de los Caballeros+2 hours
Cheyenne-1 hourLynchburg+1 hourSantiago de Veraguas+1 hour
Chibougamau+1 hourMacon+1 hourSanto Domingo+2 hours
Chicagosame timeMadisonsame timeSaskatoonsame time
Chihuahua-1 hourManaguasame timeScottsdale-1 hour
Cholomasame timeMarkham+1 hourSeattle-2 hours
Christiansted+2 hoursMary's Harbour+2:30 hoursSherbrooke+1 hour
Chula Vista-2 hoursMasayasame timeShreveportsame time
Cincinnati+1 hourMatagalpasame timeSikestonsame time
Citrus Heights-2 hoursMatamorossame timeSimi Valley-2 hours
Ciudad Juárez-1 hourMay Pen+1 hourSioux Fallssame time
Ciudad Victoriasame timeMayagüez+2 hoursSouth Bend+1 hour
Clarksvillesame timeMazatlan-1 hourSpanish Town+2 hours
Cleveland+1 hourMemphissame timeSpringfield (IL)same time
Cockburn Harbour+2 hoursMeridasame timeSpringfield (MA)+1 hour
Cockburn Town+2 hoursMesa-1 hourSpringfield (MO)same time
Codrington (Barbuda)+2 hoursMesquitesame timeSt. Catharines+1 hour
Colimasame timeMetairiesame timeSt. John's (CA - NF)+2:30 hours
Colón+1 hourMexicali-2 hoursSt. Louissame time
Columbia+1 hourMexico Citysame timeSt. Paulsame time
Columbus (US-GA)+1 hourMiami+1 hourSt. Petersburg+1 hour
Columbus (US-OH)+1 hourMidlandsame timeStamford+1 hour
Concepción de La Vega+2 hoursMilwaukeesame timeSterling Heights+1 hour
Concord+1 hourMinneapolissame timeStockton-2 hours
Coquitlam-2 hoursMississauga+1 hourSunnyvale-2 hours
Coral Harbour+1 hourMobilesame timeSurrey-2 hours
Cranbrook-1 hourModesto-2 hoursSyracuse+1 hour
Cruz Bay+2 hoursMontego Bay+1 hourTallahassee+1 hour
Cuernavacasame timeMonterreysame timeTampa+1 hour
Dallassame timeMontgomerysame timeTegucigalpasame time
Dangrigasame timeMontpelier+1 hourTempe-1 hour
David+1 hourMontreal+1 hourTepic-1 hour
Dayton+1 hourMoreno Valley-2 hoursThe Bottom+2 hours
Decatursame timeNanaimo-2 hoursThe Valley+2 hours
Denisonsame timeNaples+1 hourThousand Oaks-2 hours
Denver-1 hourNashvillesame timeThunder Bay+1 hour
Des Moinessame timeNassau+1 hourTijuana-2 hours
Detroit+1 hourNew Haven+1 hourToledo+1 hour
Dover+1 hourNew Orleanssame timeTopekasame time
Durangosame timeNew York+1 hourToronto+1 hour
Ecatepecsame timeNewark+1 hourTorrance-2 hours
Edmonton-1 hourNewport News+1 hourTrenton+1 hour
El Monte-2 hoursNome-3 hoursTrois-Rivieres+1 hour
El Paso-1 hourNorfolk+1 hourTucson-1 hour
Elizabeth+1 hourOakland-2 hoursTurlock-2 hours
Erie+1 hourOakville+1 hourTuxtla Gutierrezsame time
Escondido-2 hoursOaxacasame timeUnalaska-3 hours
Escuintlasame timeOceanside-2 hoursVallejo-2 hours
Eugene-2 hoursOgden-1 hourVancouver-2 hours
Eurekasame timeOklahoma Citysame timeVeracruzsame time
Evansvillesame timeOlathesame timeVictoria-2 hours
Fairbanks-3 hoursOlympia-2 hoursVictorville-2 hours
Fargosame timeOntario-2 hoursVieux Fort+2 hours
Fayetteville+1 hourOrange-2 hoursVirginia Beach+1 hour
Flint+1 hourOrange Walk Townsame timeVisalia-2 hours
Fort-de-France+2 hoursOranjestad+2 hoursWacosame time
Fort Lauderdale+1 hourOrlando+1 hourWailuku-4 hours
Fort Smithsame timeOshawa+1 hourWake Island+18 hours
Fort Wayne+1 hourOttawa+1 hourWaldorf+1 hour
Fort Worthsame timeOverland Parksame timeWarren+1 hour
Frankfort+1 hourOwensborosame timeWashington DC+1 hour
Freeport+1 hourOxnard-2 hoursWaterbury+1 hour
Fremont-2 hoursPanama+1 hourWhistler-2 hours
Fresnillosame timeParadise-2 hoursWhitehorse-2 hours
Fresno-2 hoursPasadena (USA-CA)-2 hoursWichitasame time
Fullerton-2 hoursPasadena (USA-TX)same timeWillemstad+2 hours
Gainesville+1 hourPaterson+1 hourWindsor+1 hour
Garlandsame timePensacolasame timeWinnipegsame time
Gatineau+1 hourPeoriasame timeWinston-Salem+1 hour
George Town+1 hourPhiladelphia+1 hourWorcester+1 hour
Glendale (USA-CA)-2 hoursPhoenix-1 hourYellowknife-1 hour
Glendale (USA-AZ)-1 hourPierresame timeYonkers+1 hour
Gonaïves+1 hourPinar del Río+1 hourZacatecassame time
Goodyear-1 hourPittsburgh+1 hour

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 01:12:42

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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