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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from U.S.A. – Virginia – Lexington

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Lexington time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Abbotsford *-3 hoursGonaïves *same timePhiladelphia *same time
Abilene *-1 hourGrand Rapids *same timePhoenix-3 hours
Acapulco *-1 hourGreater Sudbury *same timePierre *-1 hour
Adak *-5 hoursGrise Fiord *same timePittsburgh *same time
Aguascalientes *-1 hourGuadalajara *-1 hourPlano *-1 hour
Akron *same timeGuatemala-2 hoursPlaya del Carmen *-1 hour
Alajuela-2 hoursGuelph *same timePointe-à-Pitresame time
Albany *same timeHagåtña+14 hoursPomona *-3 hours
Albuquerque *-2 hoursHalifax *+1 hourPoncesame time
Alert *same timeHamilton (Bermuda) *+1 hourPond Inlet *same time
Alexandria *same timeHamilton (CA-ON) *same timePort-au-Prince *same time
Allentown *same timeHampton *same timePortland (Maine) *same time
Amarillo *-1 hourHappy Valley-Goose Bay *+1 hourPortland (Oregon) *-3 hours
Anaheim *-3 hoursHarrisburg *same timePortsmouth *same time
Anchorage *-4 hoursHartford *same timePrince George *-3 hours
Angels Camp *-3 hoursHavana *same timeProvidence *same time
Ann Arbor *same timeHayward *-3 hoursProvo *-2 hours
Annapolis *same timeHelena *-2 hoursPuerto Cabezas-2 hours
Arlington *-1 hourHermosillo-3 hoursPuerto Platasame time
Athens *same timeHialeah *same timePuerto Vallarta *-1 hour
Atlanta *same timeHilo-6 hoursPunta Canasame time
Augusta (US-ME) *same timeHolguín *same timePunta Gorda-2 hours
Augusta (US-GA) *same timeHollywood (US-CA) *-3 hoursQuébec *same time
Aurora *-2 hoursHollywood (US-FL) *same timeQuerétaro *-1 hour
Austin *-1 hourHonolulu-6 hoursRaleigh *same time
Baker Lake *-1 hourHouston *-1 hourRancho Cucamonga *-3 hours
Bakersfield *-3 hoursHuntington Beach *-3 hoursRapid City *-2 hours
Baltimore *same timeHuntsville *-1 hourRegina-2 hours
Barrie *same timeIndependence *-1 hourResolute Bay *-1 hour
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)same timeIndianapolis *same timeRichmond (CA-BC) *-3 hours
Basseterre (St. Kitts)same timeInglewood *-3 hoursRichmond (US-VA) *same time
Baton Rouge *-1 hourInuvik *-2 hoursRichmond Hill *same time
Beaumont *-1 hourIqaluit *same timeRiverside *-3 hours
Belize City-2 hoursIrvine *-3 hoursRoad Townsame time
Belmopan-2 hoursIrving *-1 hourRochester *same time
Berkeley *-3 hoursJackson *-1 hourRockford *-1 hour
Billings *-2 hoursJacksonville *same timeRoseausame time
Birmingham *-1 hourJefferson City *-1 hourSacramento *-3 hours
Bismarck *-1 hourJersey City *same timeSaguenay *same time
Blanc-Sablonsame timeJuneau *-4 hoursSaint George'ssame time
Boise *-2 hoursKamloops *-3 hoursSaint John (CA - NB) *+1 hour
Boston *same timeKansas City *-1 hourSaint John's (Antigua)same time
Bradessame timeKelowna *-3 hoursSaint-Pierre *+2 hours
Brampton *same timeKey West *same timeSaipan+14 hours
Bridgeport *same timeKingston (Canada) *same timeSalem *-3 hours
Bridgetownsame timeKingston (Jm)-1 hourSalinas *-3 hours
Bryan – College Station *-1 hourKingstownsame timeSalt Lake City *-2 hours
Buffalo *same timeKitchener *same timeSan Antonio *-1 hour
Burlington *same timeKnoxville *same timeSan Bernardino *-3 hours
Burnaby *-3 hoursKuujjuaq *same timeSan Diego *-3 hours
Caguassame timeLa Ceiba-2 hoursSan Francisco *-3 hours
Calgary *-2 hoursLakewood *-2 hoursSan Jose (CR)-2 hours
Camagüey *same timeLansing *same timeSan Jose (USA) *-3 hours
Cambridge *same timeLaredo *-1 hourSan Juansame time
Cancún *-1 hourLas Vegas *-3 hoursSan Luis Potosi *-1 hour
Cap-Haïtien *same timeLaval *same timeSan Miguel-2 hours
Cape Coral *same timeLeon *-1 hourSan Pedro-2 hours
Carson City *-3 hoursLexington-Fayette *same timeSan Salvador-2 hours
Castriessame timeLincoln *-1 hourSanta Ana-2 hours
Cedar Rapids *-1 hourLittle Rock *-1 hourSanta Barbara *-3 hours
Charleston (WV) *same timeLivonia *same timeSanta Clara *same time
Charleston (SC) *same timeLondon *same timeSanta Clarita *-3 hours
Charlotte *same timeLong Beach *-3 hoursSanta Fe *-2 hours
Charlotte Amaliesame timeLongueuil *same timeSanta Rosa *-3 hours
Charlottetown *+1 hourLos Angeles *-3 hoursSantiago de Cuba *same time
Chatham-Kent *same timeLouisville *same timeSantiago de los Caballerossame time
Chattanooga *same timeLowell *same timeSantiago de Veraguas-1 hour
Chesapeake *same timeLynchburg *same timeSanto Domingosame time
Chetumal *-1 hourMacon *same timeSaskatoon-2 hours
Cheyenne *-2 hoursMadison *-1 hourScottsdale-3 hours
Chibougamau *same timeManagua-2 hoursSeattle *-3 hours
Chicago *-1 hourMarkham *same timeSherbrooke *same time
Chihuahua *-2 hoursMasaya-2 hoursShreveport *-1 hour
Choloma-2 hoursMatagalpa-2 hoursSimi Valley *-3 hours
Christianstedsame timeMatamoros *-1 hourSioux Falls *-1 hour
Chula Vista *-3 hoursMay Pen-1 hourSouth Bend *same time
Cincinnati *same timeMayagüezsame timeSpringfield (IL) *-1 hour
Citrus Heights *-3 hoursMazatlan *-2 hoursSpringfield (MA) *same time
Ciudad Juárez *-2 hoursMemphis *-1 hourSpringfield (MO) *-1 hour
Clarksville *-1 hourMerida *-1 hourSt. Catharines *same time
Cleveland *same timeMesa-3 hoursSt. John's (CA - NF) *+1:30 hours
Cockburn Town *same timeMesquite *-1 hourSt. Louis *-1 hour
Codrington (Barbuda)same timeMetairie *-1 hourSt. Paul *-1 hour
Colima *-1 hourMexicali *-3 hoursSt. Petersburg *same time
Columbia *same timeMexico City *-1 hourStamford *same time
Columbus (US-OH) *same timeMiami *same timeSterling Heights *same time
Columbus (US-GA) *same timeMidland *-1 hourStockton *-3 hours
Concord *same timeMilwaukee *-1 hourSunnyvale *-3 hours
Coquitlam *-3 hoursMinneapolis *-1 hourSurrey *-3 hours
Cranbrook *-2 hoursMississauga *same timeSyracuse *same time
Dallas *-1 hourMobile *-1 hourTallahassee *same time
Dangriga-2 hoursModesto *-3 hoursTampa *same time
David-1 hourMontego Bay-1 hourTegucigalpa-2 hours
Dayton *same timeMonterrey *-1 hourTempe-3 hours
Decatur *-1 hourMontgomery *-1 hourTepic *-2 hours
Denver *-2 hoursMontpelier *same timeThe Valleysame time
Des Moines *-1 hourMontreal *same timeThousand Oaks *-3 hours
Detroit *same timeMoreno Valley *-3 hoursThunder Bay *same time
Dover *same timeNanaimo *-3 hoursTijuana *-3 hours
Edmonton *-2 hoursNaples *same timeToledo *same time
El Monte *-3 hoursNashville *-1 hourTopeka *-1 hour
El Paso *-2 hoursNassau *same timeToronto *same time
Elizabeth *same timeNew Haven *same timeTorrance *-3 hours
Erie *same timeNew Orleans *-1 hourTrenton *same time
Escondido *-3 hoursNew York *same timeTrois-Rivieres *same time
Escuintla-2 hoursNewark *same timeTucson-3 hours
Eugene *-3 hoursNewport News *same timeTuxtla Gutierrez *-1 hour
Eureka *-1 hourNome *-4 hoursUnalaska *-4 hours
Evansville *-1 hourNorfolk *same timeVallejo *-3 hours
Fairbanks *-4 hoursOakland *-3 hoursVancouver *-3 hours
Fargo *-1 hourOakville *same timeVeracruz *-1 hour
Fayetteville *same timeOaxaca *-1 hourVictoria *-3 hours
Flint *same timeOceanside *-3 hoursVictorville *-3 hours
Fort-de-Francesame timeOklahoma City *-1 hourVieux Fortsame time
Fort Lauderdale *same timeOlathe *-1 hourVirginia Beach *same time
Fort Smith *-1 hourOlympia *-3 hoursVisalia *-3 hours
Fort Wayne *same timeOntario *-3 hoursWaco *-1 hour
Fort Worth *-1 hourOrange *-3 hoursWailuku-6 hours
Frankfort *same timeOrange Walk Town-2 hoursWake Island+16 hours
Freeport *same timeOrlando *same timeWarren *same time
Fremont *-3 hoursOshawa *same timeWashington DC *same time
Fresnillo *-1 hourOttawa *same timeWaterbury *same time
Fresno *-3 hoursOverland Park *-1 hourWhistler *-3 hours
Fullerton *-3 hoursOwensboro *-1 hourWhitehorse *-3 hours
Gainesville *same timeOxnard *-3 hoursWichita *-1 hour
Garden Grove *-3 hoursPanama-1 hourWillemstadsame time
Garland *-1 hourParadise *-3 hoursWindsor *same time
Gary *-1 hourPasadena (USA-TX) *-1 hourWinnipeg *-1 hour
Gatineau *same timePasadena (USA-CA) *-3 hoursWinston-Salem *same time
George Town-1 hourPaterson *same timeWorcester *same time
Glendale (USA-AZ)-3 hoursPensacola *-1 hourYellowknife *-2 hours
Glendale (USA-CA) *-3 hoursPeoria *-1 hourYonkers *same time
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (327 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 16:29:11
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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