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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from U.S.A. – Alaska – Fairbanks

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Fairbanks time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences in North America

Abbotsford+1 hourGreater Sudbury+4 hoursPlaya del Carmen+4 hours
Abilene+3 hoursGrise Fiord+4 hoursPointe-à-Pitre+5 hours
Acapulco+3 hoursGuadalajara+3 hoursPomona+1 hour
Adak-1 hourGuatemala+3 hoursPonce+5 hours
Aguascalientes+3 hoursGuelph+4 hoursPond Inlet+4 hours
Akron+4 hoursHagåtña+19 hoursPort-au-Prince+4 hours
Alajuela+3 hoursHalifax+5 hoursPortland (Oregon)+1 hour
Albany+4 hoursHamilton (Bermuda)+5 hoursPortland (Maine)+4 hours
Albuquerque+2 hoursHamilton (CA-ON)+4 hoursPortsmouth+4 hours
Alert+4 hoursHampton+4 hoursPrince George+1 hour
Alexandria+4 hoursHappy Valley-Goose Bay+5 hoursProvidence+4 hours
Allentown+4 hoursHarrisburg+4 hoursProvidenciales+5 hours
Amarillo+3 hoursHartford+4 hoursProvo+2 hours
Anaheim+1 hourHavana+4 hoursPuebla+3 hours
Anchoragesame timeHayward+1 hourPuerto Cabezas+3 hours
Angels Camp+1 hourHelena+2 hoursPuerto Plata+5 hours
Ann Arbor+4 hoursHermosillo+2 hoursPuerto Vallarta+3 hours
Annapolis+4 hoursHialeah+4 hoursPunta Cana+5 hours
Arlington+3 hoursHilo-1 hourPunta Gorda+3 hours
Arroyo+5 hoursHolguín+4 hoursQuébec+4 hours
Athens+4 hoursHollywood (US-CA)+1 hourQuerétaro+3 hours
Atlanta+4 hoursHollywood (US-FL)+4 hoursRaleigh+4 hours
Augusta (US-ME)+4 hoursHonolulu-1 hourRancho Cucamonga+1 hour
Augusta (US-GA)+4 hoursHouston+3 hoursRapid City+2 hours
Aurora+2 hoursHuntington Beach+1 hourRegina+3 hours
Austin+3 hoursHuntsville+3 hoursResolute Bay+3 hours
Baker Lake+3 hoursIndependence+3 hoursRichmond (CA-BC)+1 hour
Bakersfield+1 hourIndianapolis+4 hoursRichmond (US-VA)+4 hours
Baltimore+4 hoursInglewood+1 hourRichmond Hill+4 hours
Barrie+4 hoursInuvik+2 hoursRiverside+1 hour
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)+5 hoursIqaluit+4 hoursRiverside+4 hours
Basseterre (St. Kitts)+5 hoursIrvine+1 hourRoad Town+5 hours
Baton Rouge+3 hoursIrving+3 hoursRochester+4 hours
Beaumont+3 hoursJackson+3 hoursRockford+3 hours
Belize City+3 hoursJacksonville+4 hoursRoseau+5 hours
Belmopan+3 hoursJefferson City+3 hoursSacramento+1 hour
Berkeley+1 hourJersey City+4 hoursSaguenay+4 hours
Billings+2 hoursJuneausame timeSaint George's+5 hours
Birmingham+3 hoursKamloops+1 hourSaint John (CA - NB)+5 hours
Bismarck+3 hoursKansas City+3 hoursSaint John's (Antigua)+5 hours
Blanc-Sablon+5 hoursKelowna+1 hourSaint-Pierre+6 hours
Boise+2 hoursKey West+4 hoursSaipan+19 hours
Boston+4 hoursKingston (Canada)+4 hoursSalem+1 hour
Brades+5 hoursKingston (Jm)+4 hoursSalinas+1 hour
Brampton+4 hoursKingstown+5 hoursSalt Lake City+2 hours
Bridgeport+4 hoursKitchener+4 hoursSan Antonio+3 hours
Bridgetown+5 hoursKnoxville+4 hoursSan Bernardino+1 hour
Bryan – College Station+3 hoursKuujjuaq+4 hoursSan Diego+1 hour
Buckeye+2 hoursLa Ceiba+3 hoursSan Francisco+1 hour
Buffalo+4 hoursLa Romana+5 hoursSan Jose (CR)+3 hours
Burlington+4 hoursLakewood+2 hoursSan Jose (USA)+1 hour
Burnaby+1 hourLansing+4 hoursSan Juan+5 hours
Caguas+5 hoursLaredo+3 hoursSan Juan de la Maguana+5 hours
Calgary+2 hoursLas Vegas+1 hourSan Luis Potosi+3 hours
Camagüey+4 hoursLaval+4 hoursSan Miguel+3 hours
Cambridge+4 hoursLeon+3 hoursSan Pedro+3 hours
Cancún+4 hoursLeón+3 hoursSan Pedro Sula+3 hours
Cap-Haïtien+4 hoursLexington-Fayette+4 hoursSan Salvador+3 hours
Cape Coral+4 hoursLincoln+3 hoursSanta Ana (SV)+3 hours
Carson City+1 hourLittle Rock+3 hoursSanta Ana (US-CA)+1 hour
Castries+5 hoursLivonia+4 hoursSanta Barbara+1 hour
Cedar Rapids+3 hoursLondon+4 hoursSanta Clara+4 hours
Charleston (SC)+4 hoursLong Beach+1 hourSanta Clarita+1 hour
Charleston (WV)+4 hoursLongueuil+4 hoursSanta Fe+2 hours
Charlotte+4 hoursLos Angeles+1 hourSanta María Huatulco+3 hours
Charlotte Amalie+5 hoursLouisville+4 hoursSanta Rosa+1 hour
Charlottetown+5 hoursLowell+4 hoursSantiago de Cuba+4 hours
Chatham-Kent+4 hoursLynchburg+4 hoursSantiago de los Caballeros+5 hours
Chattanooga+4 hoursMacon+4 hoursSantiago de Veraguas+4 hours
Chesapeake+4 hoursMadison+3 hoursSanto Domingo+5 hours
Chetumal+4 hoursManagua+3 hoursSaskatoon+3 hours
Cheyenne+2 hoursMarkham+4 hoursScottsdale+2 hours
Chibougamau+4 hoursMary's Harbour+5:30 hoursSeattle+1 hour
Chicago+3 hoursMasaya+3 hoursSherbrooke+4 hours
Chihuahua+2 hoursMatagalpa+3 hoursShreveport+3 hours
Choloma+3 hoursMatamoros+3 hoursSikeston+3 hours
Christiansted+5 hoursMay Pen+4 hoursSimi Valley+1 hour
Chula Vista+1 hourMayagüez+5 hoursSioux Falls+3 hours
Cincinnati+4 hoursMazatlan+2 hoursSouth Bend+4 hours
Citrus Heights+1 hourMemphis+3 hoursSpanish Town+5 hours
Ciudad Juárez+2 hoursMerida+3 hoursSpringfield (MA)+4 hours
Clarksville+3 hoursMesa+2 hoursSpringfield (IL)+3 hours
Cleveland+4 hoursMesquite+3 hoursSpringfield (MO)+3 hours
Cockburn Town+5 hoursMetairie+3 hoursSt. Catharines+4 hours
Codrington (Barbuda)+5 hoursMexicali+1 hourSt. John's (CA - NF)+5:30 hours
Colima+3 hoursMexico City+3 hoursSt. Louis+3 hours
Colón+4 hoursMiami+4 hoursSt. Paul+3 hours
Columbia+4 hoursMidland+3 hoursSt. Petersburg+4 hours
Columbus (US-OH)+4 hoursMilwaukee+3 hoursStamford+4 hours
Columbus (US-GA)+4 hoursMinneapolis+3 hoursSterling Heights+4 hours
Concepción de La Vega+5 hoursMississauga+4 hoursStockton+1 hour
Concord+4 hoursMobile+3 hoursSunnyvale+1 hour
Coquitlam+1 hourModesto+1 hourSurrey+1 hour
Coral Harbour+4 hoursMontego Bay+4 hoursSyracuse+4 hours
Cranbrook+2 hoursMonterrey+3 hoursTallahassee+4 hours
Cuernavaca+3 hoursMontgomery+3 hoursTampa+4 hours
Dallas+3 hoursMontpelier+4 hoursTegucigalpa+3 hours
Dangriga+3 hoursMontreal+4 hoursTempe+2 hours
David+4 hoursMoreno Valley+1 hourTepic+2 hours
Dayton+4 hoursNanaimo+1 hourThe Valley+5 hours
Decatur+3 hoursNaples+4 hoursThousand Oaks+1 hour
Denison+3 hoursNashville+3 hoursThunder Bay+4 hours
Denver+2 hoursNassau+4 hoursTijuana+1 hour
Des Moines+3 hoursNew Haven+4 hoursToledo+4 hours
Detroit+4 hoursNew Orleans+3 hoursTopeka+3 hours
Dover+4 hoursNew York+4 hoursToronto+4 hours
Edmonton+2 hoursNewark+4 hoursTorrance+1 hour
El Monte+1 hourNewport News+4 hoursTrenton+4 hours
El Paso+2 hoursNomesame timeTrois-Rivieres+4 hours
Elizabeth+4 hoursNorfolk+4 hoursTucson+2 hours
Erie+4 hoursOakland+1 hourTurlock+1 hour
Escondido+1 hourOakville+4 hoursTuxtla Gutierrez+3 hours
Escuintla+3 hoursOaxaca+3 hoursUnalaskasame time
Eugene+1 hourOceanside+1 hourVallejo+1 hour
Eureka+3 hoursOgden+2 hoursVancouver+1 hour
Evansville+3 hoursOklahoma City+3 hoursVeracruz+3 hours
Fairbankssame timeOlathe+3 hoursVictoria+1 hour
Fargo+3 hoursOlympia+1 hourVictorville+1 hour
Fayetteville+4 hoursOntario+1 hourVieux Fort+5 hours
Flint+4 hoursOrange+1 hourVirginia Beach+4 hours
Fort-de-France+5 hoursOrange Walk Town+3 hoursVisalia+1 hour
Fort Lauderdale+4 hoursOrlando+4 hoursWaco+3 hours
Fort Smith+3 hoursOshawa+4 hoursWailuku-1 hour
Fort Wayne+4 hoursOttawa+4 hoursWake Island+21 hours
Fort Worth+3 hoursOverland Park+3 hoursWaldorf+4 hours
Frankfort+4 hoursOwensboro+3 hoursWarren+4 hours
Freeport+4 hoursOxnard+1 hourWashington DC+4 hours
Fremont+1 hourPanama+4 hoursWaterbury+4 hours
Fresnillo+3 hoursParadise+1 hourWhistler+1 hour
Fresno+1 hourPasadena (USA-TX)+3 hoursWhitehorse+1 hour
Fullerton+1 hourPasadena (USA-CA)+1 hourWichita+3 hours
Gainesville+4 hoursPaterson+4 hoursWillemstad+5 hours
Garland+3 hoursPensacola+3 hoursWindsor+4 hours
Gatineau+4 hoursPeoria+3 hoursWinnipeg+3 hours
George Town+4 hoursPhiladelphia+4 hoursWinston-Salem+4 hours
Glendale (USA-AZ)+2 hoursPhoenix+2 hoursWorcester+4 hours
Glendale (USA-CA)+1 hourPierre+3 hoursYellowknife+2 hours
Gonaïves+4 hoursPinar del Río+4 hoursYonkers+4 hours
Goodyear+2 hoursPittsburgh+4 hours
Grand Rapids+4 hoursPlano+3 hours

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 21:51:28

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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