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The World Clock - Time Zone difference from Armenia – Yerevan

Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Yerevan time to get the time in these cities.

Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Abidjan-4 hoursGuayaquil-9 hoursPalma *-2 hours
Abu Dhabisame timeHagåtña+6 hoursPanama-9 hours
Abuja-3 hoursHalifax *-7 hoursPapeete-14 hours
Acapulco *-9 hoursHamilton *-7 hoursParamaribo-7 hours
Accra-4 hoursHammerfest *-2 hoursParis *-2 hours
Adak *-13 hoursHanoi+3 hoursPatna+1:30 hours
Adamstown-12 hoursHappy Valley-Goose Bay *-7 hoursPensacola *-9 hours
Addis Ababa-1 hourHarare-2 hoursPerm+2 hours
Adelaide+5:30 hoursHartford *-8 hoursPerth+4 hours
Aden-1 hourHavana *-8 hoursPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky+8 hours
Agra+1:30 hoursHelsinki *-1 hourPevek+8 hours
Aguascalientes *-9 hoursHermosillo-11 hoursPhiladelphia *-8 hours
Albuquerque *-10 hoursHo Chi Minh+3 hoursPhnom Penh+3 hours
Alert *-8 hoursHobart+6 hoursPhoenix-11 hours
Algiers-3 hoursHong Kong+4 hoursPodgorica *-2 hours
Alice Springs+5:30 hoursHoniara+7 hoursPolokwane-2 hours
Almaty+2 hoursHonolulu-14 hoursPond Inlet *-8 hours
Alofi-15 hoursHouston *-9 hoursPonta Delgada *-4 hours
Amman *-1 hourHovd+3 hoursPontianak+3 hours
Amsterdam *-2 hoursIndianapolis *-8 hoursPort-au-Prince *-8 hours
Amsterdam Island+1 hourIndore+1:30 hoursPort-aux-Francais+1 hour
Anadyr+8 hoursInuvik *-10 hoursPort Louissame time
Anchorage *-12 hoursIrkutsk+5 hoursPort Moresby+6 hours
Andorra La Vella *-2 hoursIslamabad+1 hourPort of Spain-8 hours
Angra do Heroísmo *-4 hoursIstanbul *-1 hourPort Vila+7 hours
Ankara *-1 hourIttoqqortoormiit *-4 hoursPortland *-11 hours
Antananarivo-1 hourJackson *-9 hoursPorto Novo-3 hours
Apia *+10 hoursJakarta+3 hoursPrague *-2 hours
Aqtobe+1 hourJamestown-4 hoursPraia-5 hours
Ashgabat+1 hourJayapura+5 hoursPretoria-2 hours
Asmara-1 hourJerusalem *-1 hourProvidence *-8 hours
Astana+2 hoursJohannesburg-2 hoursPune+1:30 hours
Asuncion-8 hoursJuba-1 hourPunta Arenas *-7 hours
Athens *-1 hourKabul+0:30 hoursPyongyang+5 hours
Atlanta *-8 hoursKaliningrad-1 hourQaanaaq *-6 hours
Auckland *+9 hoursKampala-1 hourQuébec *-8 hours
Augusta *-8 hoursKansas City *-9 hoursQuito-9 hours
Austin *-9 hoursKarachi+1 hourRabat *-3 hours
Baghdad-1 hourKaraj-0:30 hoursRaleigh *-8 hours
Baker Island-16 hoursKathmandu+1:45 hoursRapid City *-10 hours
Baker Lake *-9 hoursKazansame timeRarotonga-14 hours
Baku *+1 hourKemi *-1 hourRecife-7 hours
Balikpapan+4 hoursKhartoum-1 hourRegina-10 hours
Baltimore *-8 hoursKhatanga+4 hoursResolute Bay *-9 hours
Bamako-4 hoursKigali-2 hoursReykjavik-4 hours
Bandar Seri Begawan+4 hoursKing Edward Point-6 hoursRichmond *-8 hours
Bandung+3 hoursKingston-9 hoursRiga *-1 hour
Bangalore+1:30 hoursKingstown-8 hoursRio Branco-9 hours
Bangkok+3 hoursKinshasa-3 hoursRio de Janeiro-7 hours
Bangui-3 hoursKiritimati+10 hoursRiyadh-1 hour
Banjul-4 hoursKobe+5 hoursRome *-2 hours
Barcelona *-2 hoursKolkata+1:30 hoursRoseau-8 hours
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)-8 hoursKomsomolsk-on-Amur+7 hoursRovaniemi *-1 hour
Basseterre (St. Kitts)-8 hoursKrasnoyarsk+4 hoursSacramento *-11 hours
Beijing+4 hoursKuala Lumpur+4 hoursSaint-Denissame time
Beirut *-1 hourKuujjuaq *-8 hoursSaint George's-8 hours
Belém-7 hoursKuwait City-1 hourSaint John (CA - NB) *-7 hours
Belfast *-3 hoursKyiv *-1 hourSaint John's (Antigua)-8 hours
Belgrade *-2 hoursKyoto+5 hoursSaint-Petersburgsame time
Belmopan-10 hoursLa Paz-8 hoursSalem *-11 hours
Belushya Gubasame timeLagos-3 hoursSalt Lake City *-10 hours
Berlin *-2 hoursLahore+1 hourSalvador-7 hours
Bern *-2 hoursLas Vegas *-11 hoursSamarasame time
Bhubaneshwar+1:30 hoursLhasa+4 hoursSan Diego *-11 hours
Billings *-10 hoursLibreville-3 hoursSan Francisco *-11 hours
Bishkek+2 hoursLilongwe-2 hoursSan Jose (CR)-10 hours
Bismarck *-9 hoursLima-9 hoursSan Jose (USA) *-11 hours
Bissau-4 hoursLincoln *-9 hoursSan Juan-8 hours
Blanc-Sablon-8 hoursLisbon *-3 hoursSan Marino *-2 hours
Bogota-9 hoursLittle Rock *-9 hoursSan Salvador-10 hours
Boise *-10 hoursLjubljana *-2 hoursSana-1 hour
Boston *-8 hoursLome-4 hoursSantiago *-7 hours
Brasilia-7 hoursLondon *-3 hoursSanto Domingo-8 hours
Bratislava *-2 hoursLongyearbyen *-2 hoursSão Paulo-7 hours
Brazzaville-3 hoursLos Angeles *-11 hoursSão Tomé-4 hours
Bridgetown-8 hoursLouisville *-8 hoursSapporo+5 hours
Brisbane+6 hoursLuanda-3 hoursSarajevo *-2 hours
Brussels *-2 hoursLubumbashi-2 hoursSeattle *-11 hours
Bucharest *-1 hourLudhiana+1:30 hoursSeoul+5 hours
Budapest *-2 hoursLusaka-2 hoursShanghai+4 hours
Buenos Aires-7 hoursLuxembourg *-2 hoursShenzhen+4 hours
Bujumbura-2 hoursMadison *-9 hoursSimferopolsame time
Cairns+6 hoursMadrid *-2 hoursSingapore+4 hours
Cairo-2 hoursMadurai+1:30 hoursSioux Falls *-9 hours
Calgary *-10 hoursMagadan+8 hoursSkopje *-2 hours
Canberra+6 hoursMajuro+8 hoursSofia *-1 hour
Cape Town-2 hoursMakassar+4 hoursSri Jayawardenapura Kotte+1:30 hours
Caracas-8:30 hoursMakkah-1 hourSt. John's (CA - NF) *-6:30 hours
Cardiff *-3 hoursMalabo-3 hoursSt. Louis *-9 hours
Casablanca *-3 hoursMale+1 hourSt. Paul *-9 hours
Castries-8 hoursManado+4 hoursStanley-7 hours
Cayenne-7 hoursManagua-10 hoursStockholm *-2 hours
Charleston *-8 hoursManama-1 hourSucre-8 hours
Chatham Islands *+9:45 hoursManaus-8 hoursSurabaya+3 hours
Chelyabinsk+2 hoursManila+4 hoursSurat+1:30 hours
Chennai+1:30 hoursManokwari+5 hoursSuva+8 hours
Cheyenne *-10 hoursMaputo-2 hoursSuzhou+4 hours
Chibougamau *-8 hoursMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)-1 hourSydney+6 hours
Chicago *-9 hoursMaseru-2 hoursTaipei+4 hours
Chisinau *-1 hourMazatlan *-10 hoursTallinn *-1 hour
Chongqing+4 hoursMbabane-2 hoursTarawa+8 hours
Colombo+1:30 hoursMedina-1 hourTashkent+1 hour
Columbia *-8 hoursMelbourne+6 hoursTbilisisame time
Columbus *-8 hoursMelekeok+5 hoursTegucigalpa-10 hours
Conakry-4 hoursMexicali *-11 hoursTehran-0:30 hours
Concord *-8 hoursMexico City *-9 hoursTel Aviv *-1 hour
Copenhagen *-2 hoursMiami *-8 hoursThimphu+2 hours
Córdoba-7 hoursMidland *-9 hoursThiruvananthapuram+1:30 hours
Dakar-4 hoursMidway-15 hoursThule Air Base *-7 hours
Dallas *-9 hoursMilan *-2 hoursTijuana *-11 hours
Damascus *-1 hourMilwaukee *-9 hoursTiksi+6 hours
Danmarkshavn-4 hoursMinneapolis *-9 hoursTirana *-2 hours
Dar es Salaam-1 hourMinsk-1 hourTokyo+5 hours
Darwin+5:30 hoursMogadishu-1 hourTopeka *-9 hours
Delhi+1:30 hoursMonaco *-2 hoursToronto *-8 hours
Denpasar+4 hoursMonrovia-4 hoursTórshavn *-3 hours
Denver *-10 hoursMontevideo-7 hoursTripoli *-2 hours
Des Moines *-9 hoursMontgomery *-9 hoursTunis-3 hours
Detroit *-8 hoursMontpelier *-8 hoursUfa+2 hours
Dhaka+2 hoursMontreal *-8 hoursUlaanbaatar+4 hours
Diego Garcia+2 hoursMoroni-1 hourUnalaska *-12 hours
Dili+5 hoursMoscowsame timeÜrümqi+4 hours
Djibouti-1 hourMumbai+1:30 hoursVaduz *-2 hours
Dodoma-1 hourMurmansksame timeValletta *-2 hours
Doha-1 hourMuscatsame timeVancouver *-11 hours
Douglas *-3 hoursNagoya+5 hoursVaranasi+1:30 hours
Dover *-8 hoursNairobi-1 hourVatican City *-2 hours
Dubaisame timeNashville *-9 hoursVeracruz *-9 hours
Dublin *-3 hoursNassau *-8 hoursVerkhoyansk+7 hours
Dushanbe+1 hourNaypyidaw+2:30 hoursVictoriasame time
Easter Island *-9 hoursNdjamena-3 hoursVienna *-2 hours
Edinburgh *-3 hoursNew Delhi+1:30 hoursVientiane+3 hours
Edmonton *-10 hoursNew Orleans *-9 hoursVilnius *-1 hour
El Aaiún *-3 hoursNew York *-8 hoursVladivostok+7 hours
Eucla+4:45 hoursNewark *-8 hoursWake Island+8 hours
Eureka *-9 hoursNiamey-3 hoursWarsaw *-2 hours
Fairbanks *-12 hoursNicosia *-1 hourWashington DC *-8 hours
Fakaofo+9 hoursNorilsk+4 hoursWellington *+9 hours
Fort-de-France-8 hoursNouakchott-4 hoursWhitehorse *-11 hours
Fortaleza-7 hoursNovgorodsame timeWindhoek *-2 hours
Frankfurt *-2 hoursNovosibirsk+3 hoursWinnipeg *-9 hours
Freetown-4 hoursNukualofa+9 hoursYakutsk+6 hours
Funafuti+8 hoursNuuk *-6 hoursYamoussoukro-4 hours
Gaborone-2 hoursOdesa *-1 hourYangon+2:30 hours
Galapagos Islands-10 hoursOklahoma City *-9 hoursYaoundé-3 hours
Geneva *-2 hoursOmsk+3 hoursYaren+8 hours
George Town (Cayman)-9 hoursOral+1 hourYekaterinburg+2 hours
Georgetown (Guyana)-8 hoursOrlando *-8 hoursYellowknife *-10 hours
Gibraltar *-2 hoursOsaka+5 hoursYerevansame time
Glasgow *-3 hoursOslo *-2 hoursYokohama+5 hours
Grise Fiord *-8 hoursOttawa *-8 hoursYuzhno-Sakhalinsk+7 hours
Guadalajara *-9 hoursOuagadougou-4 hoursZagreb *-2 hours
Guatemala-10 hoursPalikir+7 hoursZürich *-2 hours
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (187 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 12:55:28
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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