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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Event Times in Europe

A Coruña *Midnight Wed-ThuGrevenbroich *Midnight Wed-ThuParma *Midnight Wed-Thu
Aachen *Midnight Wed-ThuGrieskirchen *Midnight Wed-ThuPassau *Midnight Wed-Thu
Aalen *Midnight Wed-ThuGrodnoThu 1:00 AMPforzheim *Midnight Wed-Thu
Aarau *Midnight Wed-ThuGroznyThu 2:00 AMPisa *Midnight Wed-Thu
Ålesund *Midnight Wed-ThuGütersloh *Midnight Wed-ThuPlauen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Alicante *Midnight Wed-ThuGyumriThu 2:00 AMPleven *Thu 1:00 AM
Almería *Midnight Wed-ThuHagen *Midnight Wed-ThuPljevlja *Midnight Wed-Thu
Altdorf *Midnight Wed-ThuHalle *Midnight Wed-ThuPlovdiv *Thu 1:00 AM
Amsterdam *Midnight Wed-ThuHamburg *Midnight Wed-ThuPlymouth *Wed 11:00 PM
Andorra La Vella *Midnight Wed-ThuHameln *Midnight Wed-ThuPlzen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Angra do Heroísmo *Wed 10:00 PMHamm *Midnight Wed-ThuPodgorica *Midnight Wed-Thu
Appenzell *Midnight Wed-ThuHammerfest *Midnight Wed-ThuPoitiers *Midnight Wed-Thu
ArkhangelskThu 2:00 AMHanau *Midnight Wed-ThuPolotskThu 1:00 AM
Arlon *Midnight Wed-ThuHannover *Midnight Wed-ThuPonta Delgada *Wed 10:00 PM
Arnsberg *Midnight Wed-ThuHaugesund *Midnight Wed-ThuPoprad *Midnight Wed-Thu
Aschaffenburg *Midnight Wed-ThuHeidelberg *Midnight Wed-ThuPorto *Wed 11:00 PM
AstrakhanThu 2:00 AMHeilbronn *Midnight Wed-ThuPotsdam *Midnight Wed-Thu
Athens *Thu 1:00 AMHelsinki *Thu 1:00 AMPoznan *Midnight Wed-Thu
Augsburg *Midnight Wed-ThuHerford *Midnight Wed-ThuPrague *Midnight Wed-Thu
BabruyskThu 1:00 AMHerisau *Midnight Wed-ThuPrešov *Midnight Wed-Thu
Baden-Baden *Midnight Wed-ThuHerne *Midnight Wed-ThuPrijedor *Midnight Wed-Thu
Banja Luka *Midnight Wed-ThuHerten *Midnight Wed-ThuPristina *Midnight Wed-Thu
BaranovichiThu 1:00 AMHildesheim *Midnight Wed-ThuPrizren *Midnight Wed-Thu
Barcelona *Midnight Wed-ThuHradec Králové *Midnight Wed-ThuPyatigorskThu 2:00 AM
BarysawThu 1:00 AMHuelva *Midnight Wed-ThuQuimper *Midnight Wed-Thu
Basel *Midnight Wed-ThuHürth *Midnight Wed-ThuRamsey *Wed 11:00 PM
Bastia *Midnight Wed-ThuIasi *Thu 1:00 AMRatingen *Midnight Wed-Thu
BatumiThu 2:00 AMIbiza *Midnight Wed-ThuRavensburg *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bayreuth *Midnight Wed-ThuIngolstadt *Midnight Wed-ThuRecklinghausen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Belfast *Wed 11:00 PMInnsbruck *Midnight Wed-ThuRegensburg *Midnight Wed-Thu
Belgrade *Midnight Wed-ThuIoannina *Thu 1:00 AMReutlingen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bellinzona *Midnight Wed-ThuIserlohn *Midnight Wed-ThuReykjavikWed 10:00 PM
Belushya GubaThu 2:00 AMIstanbul *Thu 1:00 AMRheine *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bergheim *Midnight Wed-ThuJaén *Midnight Wed-ThuRiga *Thu 1:00 AM
Bergisch Gladbach *Midnight Wed-ThuJena *Midnight Wed-ThuRijeka *Midnight Wed-Thu
Berlin *Midnight Wed-ThuKaiserslautern *Midnight Wed-ThuRome *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bern *Midnight Wed-ThuKaliningradThu 1:00 AMRosenheim *Midnight Wed-Thu
Biel *Midnight Wed-ThuKapanThu 2:00 AMRostock *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bielefeld *Midnight Wed-ThuKassel *Midnight Wed-ThuRotterdam *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bijeljina *Midnight Wed-ThuKaunas *Thu 1:00 AMRovaniemi *Thu 1:00 AM
Birmingham *Wed 11:00 PMKazanThu 2:00 AMRyazanThu 2:00 AM
Bitola *Midnight Wed-ThuKeflavíkWed 10:00 PMSaarbrücken *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bocholt *Midnight Wed-ThuKemi *Thu 1:00 AMSaint Helier *Wed 11:00 PM
Bochum *Midnight Wed-ThuKempten *Midnight Wed-ThuSaint-PetersburgThu 2:00 AM
Bologna *Midnight Wed-ThuKerpen *Midnight Wed-ThuSalihorskThu 1:00 AM
Bolzano *Midnight Wed-ThuKharkiv *Thu 1:00 AMSalzburg *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bonn *Midnight Wed-ThuKherson *Thu 1:00 AMSalzgitter *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bordeaux *Midnight Wed-ThuKhmelnytskyi *Thu 1:00 AMSamaraThu 2:00 AM
Bottrop *Midnight Wed-ThuKiel *Midnight Wed-ThuSamsun *Thu 1:00 AM
Bratislava *Midnight Wed-ThuKilkenny *Wed 11:00 PMSan Marino *Midnight Wed-Thu
Braunschweig *Midnight Wed-ThuKlagenfurt *Midnight Wed-ThuSandefjord *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bregenz *Midnight Wed-ThuKlaipėda *Thu 1:00 AMSandvika *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bremen *Midnight Wed-ThuKoblenz *Midnight Wed-ThuSanta Cruz de Tenerife *Wed 11:00 PM
Bremerhaven *Midnight Wed-ThuKöniz *Midnight Wed-ThuSantander *Midnight Wed-Thu
BrestThu 1:00 AMKonstanz *Midnight Wed-ThuSarajevo *Midnight Wed-Thu
Brno *Midnight Wed-ThuKorçë *Midnight Wed-ThuSarnen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bruck an der Leitha *Midnight Wed-ThuKošice *Midnight Wed-ThuSassari *Midnight Wed-Thu
Brussels *Midnight Wed-ThuKragujevac *Midnight Wed-ThuSchaffhausen *Midnight Wed-Thu
BryanskThu 2:00 AMKraków *Midnight Wed-ThuSchwäbisch Gmünd *Midnight Wed-Thu
Brăila *Thu 1:00 AMKrefeld *Midnight Wed-ThuSchweinfurt *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bucharest *Thu 1:00 AMKryvyi Rih *Thu 1:00 AMSchwerin *Midnight Wed-Thu
Budapest *Midnight Wed-ThuKumanovo *Midnight Wed-ThuSchwyz *Midnight Wed-Thu
Burgas *Thu 1:00 AMKutaisiThu 2:00 AMShkodër *Midnight Wed-Thu
Bursa *Thu 1:00 AMKyiv *Thu 1:00 AMSibiu *Thu 1:00 AM
Bălți *Thu 1:00 AMLangenfeld (Rheinland) *Midnight Wed-ThuSiegen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Cadiz *Midnight Wed-ThuLarvik *Midnight Wed-ThuSimferopol *Thu 1:00 AM
Cagliari *Midnight Wed-ThuLas Palmas (ES-Canary) *Wed 11:00 PMSindelfingen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Cardiff *Wed 11:00 PMLausanne *Midnight Wed-ThuSion *Midnight Wed-Thu
Castrop-Rauxel *Midnight Wed-ThuLeipzig *Midnight Wed-ThuSisianThu 2:00 AM
Cazin *Midnight Wed-ThuLeverkusen *Midnight Wed-ThuSkopje *Midnight Wed-Thu
Celle *Midnight Wed-ThuLiberec *Midnight Wed-ThuSlavonski Brod *Midnight Wed-Thu
Ceuta *Midnight Wed-ThuLiepāja *Thu 1:00 AMSligo *Wed 11:00 PM
Châlons-en-Champagne *Midnight Wed-ThuLiestal *Midnight Wed-ThuSochiThu 2:00 AM
CheboksaryThu 2:00 AMLimerick *Wed 11:00 PMSofia *Thu 1:00 AM
Cheltenham *Wed 11:00 PMLincoln *Wed 11:00 PMSolingen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Chemnitz *Midnight Wed-ThuLinz *Midnight Wed-ThuSolothurn *Midnight Wed-Thu
Chernobyl *Thu 1:00 AMLipetskThu 2:00 AMSpeyer *Midnight Wed-Thu
Chisinau *Thu 1:00 AMLippstadt *Midnight Wed-ThuSplit *Midnight Wed-Thu
Chur *Midnight Wed-ThuLisbon *Wed 11:00 PMSt. Gallen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Cluj-Napoca *Thu 1:00 AMLiverpool *Wed 11:00 PMSt. Peter Port *Wed 11:00 PM
Cologne *Midnight Wed-ThuLivno *Midnight Wed-ThuSt. Pölten *Midnight Wed-Thu
Copenhagen *Midnight Wed-ThuLjubljana *Midnight Wed-ThuStans *Midnight Wed-Thu
Córdoba *Midnight Wed-ThuLódz *Midnight Wed-ThuStara Zagora *Thu 1:00 AM
Cork *Wed 11:00 PMLondon *Wed 11:00 PMStavropolThu 2:00 AM
Cottbus *Midnight Wed-ThuLondonderry *Wed 11:00 PMStockholm *Midnight Wed-Thu
Craiova *Thu 1:00 AMLongyearbyen *Midnight Wed-ThuStolberg (Rheinland) *Midnight Wed-Thu
Cuxhaven *Midnight Wed-ThuLübeck *Midnight Wed-ThuStralsund *Midnight Wed-Thu
Darmstadt *Midnight Wed-ThuLucerne *Midnight Wed-ThuStrasbourg *Midnight Wed-Thu
Daugavpils *Thu 1:00 AMLüdenscheid *Midnight Wed-ThuStuttgart *Midnight Wed-Thu
Debrecen *Midnight Wed-ThuLudwigsburg *Midnight Wed-ThuSubotica *Midnight Wed-Thu
Delémont *Midnight Wed-ThuLudwigshafen *Midnight Wed-ThuSumy *Thu 1:00 AM
Delmenhorst *Midnight Wed-ThuLugano *Midnight Wed-ThuSyktyvkarThu 2:00 AM
Denizli *Thu 1:00 AMLuhansk *Thu 1:00 AMSzczecin *Midnight Wed-Thu
Dessau-Rosslau *Midnight Wed-ThuLünen *Midnight Wed-ThuSzeged *Midnight Wed-Thu
Detmold *Midnight Wed-ThuLuxembourg *Midnight Wed-ThuTallinn *Thu 1:00 AM
Deutschlandsberg *Midnight Wed-ThuMadrid *Midnight Wed-ThuTârgu Mureş *Thu 1:00 AM
Differdange *Midnight Wed-ThuMagdeburg *Midnight Wed-ThuTartu *Thu 1:00 AM
Dinslaken *Midnight Wed-ThuMagnitogorskThu 4:00 AMTbilisiThu 2:00 AM
Diyarbakır *Thu 1:00 AMMainz *Midnight Wed-ThuTimișoara *Thu 1:00 AM
Dnipropetrovsk *Thu 1:00 AMMalatya *Thu 1:00 AMTirana *Midnight Wed-Thu
Donetsk *Thu 1:00 AMMannheim *Midnight Wed-ThuTiraspol *Thu 1:00 AM
Dormagen *Midnight Wed-ThuMarburg *Midnight Wed-ThuTórshavn *Wed 11:00 PM
Dorsten *Midnight Wed-ThuMarl *Midnight Wed-ThuTrabzon *Thu 1:00 AM
Dortmund *Midnight Wed-ThuMarseille *Midnight Wed-ThuTrier *Midnight Wed-Thu
Douglas *Wed 11:00 PMMelilla *Midnight Wed-ThuTrieste *Midnight Wed-Thu
Drammen *Midnight Wed-ThuMilan *Midnight Wed-ThuTroisdorf *Midnight Wed-Thu
Drogheda *Wed 11:00 PMMinden *Midnight Wed-ThuTübingen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Dublin *Wed 11:00 PMMinskThu 1:00 AMTulaThu 2:00 AM
Duisburg *Midnight Wed-ThuMiskolc *Midnight Wed-ThuTurin *Midnight Wed-Thu
Düren *Midnight Wed-ThuModena *Midnight Wed-ThuTuzla *Midnight Wed-Thu
Durrës *Midnight Wed-ThuMoers *Midnight Wed-ThuUlm *Midnight Wed-Thu
Düsseldorf *Midnight Wed-ThuMogilevThu 1:00 AMUnna *Midnight Wed-Thu
Edinburgh *Wed 11:00 PMMonaco *Midnight Wed-ThuUroševac *Midnight Wed-Thu
Eferding *Midnight Wed-ThuMönchengladbach *Midnight Wed-ThuUster *Midnight Wed-Thu
Eisenstadt *Midnight Wed-ThuMontreux *Midnight Wed-ThuÚstí nad Labem *Midnight Wed-Thu
Elbasan *Midnight Wed-ThuMonza *Midnight Wed-ThuUzhgorod *Thu 1:00 AM
Emden *Midnight Wed-ThuMoscowThu 2:00 AMVaduz *Midnight Wed-Thu
Erfurt *Midnight Wed-ThuMostar *Midnight Wed-ThuValladolid *Midnight Wed-Thu
Erlangen *Midnight Wed-ThuMülheim *Midnight Wed-ThuValletta *Midnight Wed-Thu
Erzurum *Thu 1:00 AMMülheim / Ruhr *Midnight Wed-ThuValmiera *Thu 1:00 AM
Eskişehir *Thu 1:00 AMMunich *Midnight Wed-ThuVanadzorThu 2:00 AM
Essen *Midnight Wed-ThuMünster *Midnight Wed-ThuVarna *Thu 1:00 AM
Esslingen *Midnight Wed-ThuMurmanskThu 2:00 AMVatican City *Midnight Wed-Thu
Euskirchen *Midnight Wed-ThuNaples *Midnight Wed-ThuVelbert *Midnight Wed-Thu
Feldbach *Midnight Wed-ThuNarva *Thu 1:00 AMVenice *Midnight Wed-Thu
Flensburg *Midnight Wed-ThuNeubrandenburg *Midnight Wed-ThuVerona *Midnight Wed-Thu
Frankfurt *Midnight Wed-ThuNeuchâtel *Midnight Wed-ThuVidin *Thu 1:00 AM
Frauenfeld *Midnight Wed-ThuNeumünster *Midnight Wed-ThuVienna *Midnight Wed-Thu
Freiburg *Midnight Wed-ThuNeuss *Midnight Wed-ThuViersen *Midnight Wed-Thu
Freising *Midnight Wed-ThuNeustadt an der Weinstraße *Midnight Wed-ThuVillach *Midnight Wed-Thu
Freistadt *Midnight Wed-ThuNeuwied *Midnight Wed-ThuVilnius *Thu 1:00 AM
Fribourg *Midnight Wed-ThuNice *Midnight Wed-ThuVitebskThu 1:00 AM
Friedrichshafen *Midnight Wed-ThuNicosia *Thu 1:00 AMVladimirThu 2:00 AM
Fulda *Midnight Wed-ThuNikšić *Midnight Wed-ThuVlorë *Midnight Wed-Thu
Funchal *Wed 11:00 PMNizhny NovgorodThu 2:00 AMWarsaw *Midnight Wed-Thu
Fürstenfeld *Midnight Wed-ThuNiš *Midnight Wed-ThuWaterford *Wed 11:00 PM
Fürth *Midnight Wed-ThuNorderstedt *Midnight Wed-ThuWeimar *Midnight Wed-Thu
Galway *Wed 11:00 PMNordhorn *Midnight Wed-ThuWesel *Midnight Wed-Thu
Garbsen *Midnight Wed-ThuNovgorodThu 2:00 AMWiesbaden *Midnight Wed-Thu
GavarThu 2:00 AMNovi Sad *Midnight Wed-ThuWinterthur *Midnight Wed-Thu
Gdańsk *Midnight Wed-ThuNovo Mesto *Midnight Wed-ThuWismar *Midnight Wed-Thu
Gelsenkirchen *Midnight Wed-ThuNovorossiyskThu 2:00 AMWitten *Midnight Wed-Thu
Geneva *Midnight Wed-ThuNuremberg *Midnight Wed-ThuWolfsburg *Midnight Wed-Thu
Genoa *Midnight Wed-ThuOberhausen *Midnight Wed-ThuWorms *Midnight Wed-Thu
Gera *Midnight Wed-ThuOdesa *Thu 1:00 AMWroclaw *Midnight Wed-Thu
Gibraltar *Midnight Wed-ThuOffenbach *Midnight Wed-ThuWuppertal *Midnight Wed-Thu
Giessen *Midnight Wed-ThuOffenburg *Midnight Wed-ThuWürzburg *Midnight Wed-Thu
Gijón *Midnight Wed-ThuOldenburg *Midnight Wed-ThuXankendiThu 2:00 AM
Gjirokastër *Midnight Wed-ThuOlomouc *Midnight Wed-ThuYeghegnadzorThu 2:00 AM
Gladbeck *Midnight Wed-ThuOmagh *Wed 11:00 PMYerevanThu 2:00 AM
Glarus *Midnight Wed-ThuOradea *Thu 1:00 AMZagreb *Midnight Wed-Thu
Glasgow *Wed 11:00 PMOsijek *Midnight Wed-ThuZaporizhia *Thu 1:00 AM
Gmünd *Midnight Wed-ThuOslo *Midnight Wed-ThuZenica *Midnight Wed-Thu
GomelThu 1:00 AMOsnabrück *Midnight Wed-ThuZug *Midnight Wed-Thu
Göppingen *Midnight Wed-ThuOstrava *Midnight Wed-ThuZürich *Midnight Wed-Thu
Görlitz *Midnight Wed-ThuPaderborn *Midnight Wed-ThuZwickau *Midnight Wed-Thu
Göttingen *Midnight Wed-ThuPalermo *Midnight Wed-ThuŠiauliai *Thu 1:00 AM
Granada *Midnight Wed-ThuPalma (ES-Majorca) *Midnight Wed-ThuŽilina *Midnight Wed-Thu
Graz *Midnight Wed-ThuPamplona *Midnight Wed-Thu
Greifswald *Midnight Wed-ThuParis *Midnight Wed-Thu

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (430 places).

Wed = Wednesday, July 10, 2013 (34 places).
Thu = Thursday, July 11, 2013 (444 places).


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