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10:00 PMUTC
Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Event Times in Europe

A Coruña *Midnight Tue-WedGroznyWed 2:00 AMParis *Midnight Tue-Wed
Aachen *Midnight Tue-WedGütersloh *Midnight Tue-WedParma *Midnight Tue-Wed
Aalborg *Midnight Tue-WedGyumriWed 2:00 AMPassau *Midnight Tue-Wed
Aalen *Midnight Tue-WedHagen *Midnight Tue-WedPatras *Wed 1:00 AM
Aarau *Midnight Tue-WedHalle *Midnight Tue-WedPforzheim *Midnight Tue-Wed
Aarhus *Midnight Tue-WedHamburg *Midnight Tue-WedPiraeus *Wed 1:00 AM
AkureyriTue 10:00 PMHameln *Midnight Tue-WedPisa *Midnight Tue-Wed
Ålesund *Midnight Tue-WedHamm *Midnight Tue-WedPlauen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Alicante *Midnight Tue-WedHanau *Midnight Tue-WedPleven *Wed 1:00 AM
Almería *Midnight Tue-WedHannover *Midnight Tue-WedPljevlja *Midnight Tue-Wed
Altdorf *Midnight Tue-WedHaugesund *Midnight Tue-WedPlovdiv *Wed 1:00 AM
Amsterdam *Midnight Tue-WedHeidelberg *Midnight Tue-WedPlymouth *Tue 11:00 PM
Andorra La Vella *Midnight Tue-WedHeilbronn *Midnight Tue-WedPlzen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Antwerp *Midnight Tue-WedHelsinki *Wed 1:00 AMPodgorica *Midnight Tue-Wed
Appenzell *Midnight Tue-WedHerford *Midnight Tue-WedPoitiers *Midnight Tue-Wed
ArkhangelskWed 2:00 AMHerisau *Midnight Tue-WedPolotskWed 1:00 AM
Arlon *Midnight Tue-WedHerne *Midnight Tue-WedPonta Delgada *Tue 10:00 PM
Arnsberg *Midnight Tue-WedHerning *Midnight Tue-WedPoprad *Midnight Tue-Wed
Aschaffenburg *Midnight Tue-WedHerten *Midnight Tue-WedPorto *Tue 11:00 PM
AstrakhanWed 2:00 AMHildesheim *Midnight Tue-WedPotsdam *Midnight Tue-Wed
Athens *Wed 1:00 AMHradec Králové *Midnight Tue-WedPoznan *Midnight Tue-Wed
Augsburg *Midnight Tue-WedHuelva *Midnight Tue-WedPrague *Midnight Tue-Wed
BabruyskWed 1:00 AMHumenné *Midnight Tue-WedPrešov *Midnight Tue-Wed
Baden-Baden *Midnight Tue-WedHürth *Midnight Tue-WedPrijedor *Midnight Tue-Wed
Banja Luka *Midnight Tue-WedIasi *Wed 1:00 AMPristina *Midnight Tue-Wed
BaranovichiWed 1:00 AMIbiza *Midnight Tue-WedPrizren *Midnight Tue-Wed
Barcelona *Midnight Tue-WedIngolstadt *Midnight Tue-WedPyatigorskWed 2:00 AM
BarysawWed 1:00 AMInnsbruck *Midnight Tue-WedQuimper *Midnight Tue-Wed
Basel *Midnight Tue-WedIoannina *Wed 1:00 AMRamsey *Tue 11:00 PM
Bastia *Midnight Tue-WedIserlohn *Midnight Tue-WedRatingen *Midnight Tue-Wed
BatumiWed 2:00 AMIstanbul *Wed 1:00 AMRavensburg *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bayreuth *Midnight Tue-WedIzhevskWed 2:00 AMRecklinghausen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Belfast *Tue 11:00 PMJaén *Midnight Tue-WedRegensburg *Midnight Tue-Wed
Belgrade *Midnight Tue-WedJelgava *Wed 1:00 AMReutlingen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bellinzona *Midnight Tue-WedJena *Midnight Tue-WedReykjavikTue 10:00 PM
Belushya GubaWed 2:00 AMKaiserslautern *Midnight Tue-WedRheine *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bergen *Midnight Tue-WedKaliningradWed 1:00 AMRiga *Wed 1:00 AM
Bergheim *Midnight Tue-WedKapanWed 2:00 AMRijeka *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bergisch Gladbach *Midnight Tue-WedKassel *Midnight Tue-WedRome *Midnight Tue-Wed
Berlin *Midnight Tue-WedKaunas *Wed 1:00 AMRosenheim *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bern *Midnight Tue-WedKazanWed 2:00 AMRostock *Midnight Tue-Wed
Biel *Midnight Tue-WedKeflavíkTue 10:00 PMRotterdam *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bielefeld *Midnight Tue-WedKemi *Wed 1:00 AMRovaniemi *Wed 1:00 AM
Bijeljina *Midnight Tue-WedKempten *Midnight Tue-WedRyazanWed 2:00 AM
Birmingham *Tue 11:00 PMKerpen *Midnight Tue-WedSaarbrücken *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bitola *Midnight Tue-WedKharkiv *Wed 1:00 AMSaint Helier *Tue 11:00 PM
Bocholt *Midnight Tue-WedKherson *Wed 1:00 AMSaint-PetersburgWed 2:00 AM
Bochum *Midnight Tue-WedKhmelnytskyi *Wed 1:00 AMSalihorskWed 1:00 AM
Bologna *Midnight Tue-WedKiel *Midnight Tue-WedSalzburg *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bolzano *Midnight Tue-WedKilkenny *Tue 11:00 PMSalzgitter *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bonn *Midnight Tue-WedKlagenfurt *Midnight Tue-WedSamaraWed 2:00 AM
Bordeaux *Midnight Tue-WedKlaipėda *Wed 1:00 AMSamsun *Wed 1:00 AM
Bottrop *Midnight Tue-WedKoblenz *Midnight Tue-WedSan Marino *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bratislava *Midnight Tue-WedKohtla-Järve *Wed 1:00 AMSandefjord *Midnight Tue-Wed
Braunschweig *Midnight Tue-WedKöniz *Midnight Tue-WedSandvika *Midnight Tue-Wed
Brașov *Wed 1:00 AMKonstanz *Midnight Tue-WedSanta Cruz de Tenerife *Tue 11:00 PM
Bregenz *Midnight Tue-WedKorçë *Midnight Tue-WedSantander *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bremen *Midnight Tue-WedKošice *Midnight Tue-WedSarajevo *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bremerhaven *Midnight Tue-WedKragujevac *Midnight Tue-WedSarnen *Midnight Tue-Wed
BrestWed 1:00 AMKraków *Midnight Tue-WedSassari *Midnight Tue-Wed
Brno *Midnight Tue-WedKranj *Midnight Tue-WedSchaffhausen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bruck an der Leitha *Midnight Tue-WedKrefeld *Midnight Tue-WedSchwäbisch Gmünd *Midnight Tue-Wed
Brussels *Midnight Tue-WedKryvyi Rih *Wed 1:00 AMSchweinfurt *Midnight Tue-Wed
BryanskWed 2:00 AMKumanovo *Midnight Tue-WedSchwerin *Midnight Tue-Wed
Brăila *Wed 1:00 AMKutaisiWed 2:00 AMSchwyz *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bucharest *Wed 1:00 AMKyiv *Wed 1:00 AMShkodër *Midnight Tue-Wed
Budapest *Midnight Tue-WedKyrenia *Wed 1:00 AMSibiu *Wed 1:00 AM
Burgas *Wed 1:00 AML'viv *Wed 1:00 AMSiegen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Bursa *Wed 1:00 AMLangenfeld (Rheinland) *Midnight Tue-WedSimferopol *Wed 1:00 AM
Bălți *Wed 1:00 AMLarnaca *Wed 1:00 AMSindelfingen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Cadiz *Midnight Tue-WedLarvik *Midnight Tue-WedSion *Midnight Tue-Wed
Cagliari *Midnight Tue-WedLas Palmas (ES-Canary) *Tue 11:00 PMSisianWed 2:00 AM
Cannes *Midnight Tue-WedLausanne *Midnight Tue-WedSkopje *Midnight Tue-Wed
Cardiff *Tue 11:00 PMLeeds *Tue 11:00 PMSlavonski Brod *Midnight Tue-Wed
Cascais *Tue 11:00 PMLeipzig *Midnight Tue-WedSligo *Tue 11:00 PM
Castrop-Rauxel *Midnight Tue-WedLeverkusen *Midnight Tue-WedSochiWed 2:00 AM
Cazin *Midnight Tue-WedLiberec *Midnight Tue-WedSofia *Wed 1:00 AM
Celje *Midnight Tue-WedLiepāja *Wed 1:00 AMSolingen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Celle *Midnight Tue-WedLiestal *Midnight Tue-WedSolothurn *Midnight Tue-Wed
Ceuta *Midnight Tue-WedLimassol *Wed 1:00 AMSpeyer *Midnight Tue-Wed
Châlons-en-Champagne *Midnight Tue-WedLimerick *Tue 11:00 PMSplit *Midnight Tue-Wed
Charleroi *Midnight Tue-WedLincoln *Tue 11:00 PMSt. Gallen *Midnight Tue-Wed
CheboksaryWed 2:00 AMLinz *Midnight Tue-WedSt. Peter Port *Tue 11:00 PM
Cheltenham *Tue 11:00 PMLipetskWed 2:00 AMSt. Pölten *Midnight Tue-Wed
Chemnitz *Midnight Tue-WedLippstadt *Midnight Tue-WedStans *Midnight Tue-Wed
Chernobyl *Wed 1:00 AMLisbon *Tue 11:00 PMStara Zagora *Wed 1:00 AM
Chisinau *Wed 1:00 AMLiverpool *Tue 11:00 PMStavanger *Midnight Tue-Wed
Chur *Midnight Tue-WedLivno *Midnight Tue-WedStavropolWed 2:00 AM
Cluj-Napoca *Wed 1:00 AMLjubljana *Midnight Tue-WedStockholm *Midnight Tue-Wed
Cologne *Midnight Tue-WedLódz *Midnight Tue-WedStolberg (Rheinland) *Midnight Tue-Wed
Copenhagen *Midnight Tue-WedLondon *Tue 11:00 PMStralsund *Midnight Tue-Wed
Córdoba *Midnight Tue-WedLondonderry *Tue 11:00 PMStrasbourg *Midnight Tue-Wed
Cork *Tue 11:00 PMLongyearbyen *Midnight Tue-WedStuttgart *Midnight Tue-Wed
Cottbus *Midnight Tue-WedLoures *Tue 11:00 PMSubotica *Midnight Tue-Wed
Craiova *Wed 1:00 AMLübeck *Midnight Tue-WedSukhumi *Wed 1:00 AM
Cuxhaven *Midnight Tue-WedLucerne *Midnight Tue-WedSumy *Wed 1:00 AM
Darmstadt *Midnight Tue-WedLüdenscheid *Midnight Tue-WedSyktyvkarWed 2:00 AM
Daugavpils *Wed 1:00 AMLudwigsburg *Midnight Tue-WedSzczecin *Midnight Tue-Wed
Debrecen *Midnight Tue-WedLudwigshafen *Midnight Tue-WedSzeged *Midnight Tue-Wed
Delémont *Midnight Tue-WedLugano *Midnight Tue-WedTallinn *Wed 1:00 AM
Delmenhorst *Midnight Tue-WedLuhansk *Wed 1:00 AMTârgu Mureş *Wed 1:00 AM
Denizli *Wed 1:00 AMLünen *Midnight Tue-WedTartu *Wed 1:00 AM
Dessau-Rosslau *Midnight Tue-WedLuxembourg *Midnight Tue-WedTbilisiWed 2:00 AM
Detmold *Midnight Tue-WedLyon *Midnight Tue-WedThe Hague *Midnight Tue-Wed
Deutschlandsberg *Midnight Tue-WedMadrid *Midnight Tue-WedThessaloniki *Wed 1:00 AM
Differdange *Midnight Tue-WedMagdeburg *Midnight Tue-WedTimișoara *Wed 1:00 AM
Dinslaken *Midnight Tue-WedMagnitogorskWed 4:00 AMTirana *Midnight Tue-Wed
Diyarbakır *Wed 1:00 AMMainz *Midnight Tue-WedTiraspol *Wed 1:00 AM
Dnipropetrovsk *Wed 1:00 AMMalatya *Wed 1:00 AMTórshavn *Tue 11:00 PM
Donetsk *Wed 1:00 AMMalmö *Midnight Tue-WedToulouse *Midnight Tue-Wed
Dormagen *Midnight Tue-WedManchester *Tue 11:00 PMTrabzon *Wed 1:00 AM
Dorsten *Midnight Tue-WedMannheim *Midnight Tue-WedTrier *Midnight Tue-Wed
Dortmund *Midnight Tue-WedMarburg *Midnight Tue-WedTrieste *Midnight Tue-Wed
Douglas *Tue 11:00 PMMaribor *Midnight Tue-WedTroisdorf *Midnight Tue-Wed
Drammen *Midnight Tue-WedMarl *Midnight Tue-WedTromsø *Midnight Tue-Wed
Drogheda *Tue 11:00 PMMarseille *Midnight Tue-WedTrondheim *Midnight Tue-Wed
Dublin *Tue 11:00 PMMelilla *Midnight Tue-WedTübingen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Duisburg *Midnight Tue-WedMilan *Midnight Tue-WedTulaWed 2:00 AM
Düren *Midnight Tue-WedMinden *Midnight Tue-WedTurin *Midnight Tue-Wed
Durrës *Midnight Tue-WedMinskWed 1:00 AMTuzla *Midnight Tue-Wed
Düsseldorf *Midnight Tue-WedMiskolc *Midnight Tue-WedUlm *Midnight Tue-Wed
Edinburgh *Tue 11:00 PMModena *Midnight Tue-WedUnna *Midnight Tue-Wed
Eferding *Midnight Tue-WedMoers *Midnight Tue-WedUppsala *Midnight Tue-Wed
Eisenstadt *Midnight Tue-WedMogilevWed 1:00 AMUroševac *Midnight Tue-Wed
Elbasan *Midnight Tue-WedMonaco *Midnight Tue-WedUster *Midnight Tue-Wed
Emden *Midnight Tue-WedMönchengladbach *Midnight Tue-WedÚstí nad Labem *Midnight Tue-Wed
Erfurt *Midnight Tue-WedMontreux *Midnight Tue-WedUtrecht *Midnight Tue-Wed
Erlangen *Midnight Tue-WedMonza *Midnight Tue-WedUzhgorod *Wed 1:00 AM
Erzurum *Wed 1:00 AMMoscowWed 2:00 AMVaduz *Midnight Tue-Wed
Eskişehir *Wed 1:00 AMMostar *Midnight Tue-WedValladolid *Midnight Tue-Wed
Espoo *Wed 1:00 AMMülheim *Midnight Tue-WedValletta *Midnight Tue-Wed
Essen *Midnight Tue-WedMülheim / Ruhr *Midnight Tue-WedValmiera *Wed 1:00 AM
Esslingen *Midnight Tue-WedMunich *Midnight Tue-WedVanadzorWed 2:00 AM
Euskirchen *Midnight Tue-WedMünster *Midnight Tue-WedVarna *Wed 1:00 AM
Feldbach *Midnight Tue-WedMurmanskWed 2:00 AMVatican City *Midnight Tue-Wed
Flensburg *Midnight Tue-WedNantes *Midnight Tue-WedVelbert *Midnight Tue-Wed
Frankfurt *Midnight Tue-WedNaples *Midnight Tue-WedVenice *Midnight Tue-Wed
Frauenfeld *Midnight Tue-WedNarva *Wed 1:00 AMVerona *Midnight Tue-Wed
Freiburg *Midnight Tue-WedNæstved *Midnight Tue-WedVestmannaeyjarTue 10:00 PM
Freising *Midnight Tue-WedNeubrandenburg *Midnight Tue-WedVidin *Wed 1:00 AM
Freistadt *Midnight Tue-WedNeuchâtel *Midnight Tue-WedVienna *Midnight Tue-Wed
Fribourg *Midnight Tue-WedNeumünster *Midnight Tue-WedViersen *Midnight Tue-Wed
Friedrichshafen *Midnight Tue-WedNeuss *Midnight Tue-WedVila Nova de Gaia *Tue 11:00 PM
Fulda *Midnight Tue-WedNeustadt an der Weinstraße *Midnight Tue-WedVillach *Midnight Tue-Wed
Fürstenfeld *Midnight Tue-WedNeuwied *Midnight Tue-WedVilnius *Wed 1:00 AM
Fürth *Midnight Tue-WedNice *Midnight Tue-WedVitebskWed 1:00 AM
Galway *Tue 11:00 PMNicosia *Wed 1:00 AMVladimirWed 2:00 AM
Garbsen *Midnight Tue-WedNikšić *Midnight Tue-WedVlorë *Midnight Tue-Wed
GavarWed 2:00 AMNizhny NovgorodWed 2:00 AMWarsaw *Midnight Tue-Wed
Gdańsk *Midnight Tue-WedNiš *Midnight Tue-WedWaterford *Tue 11:00 PM
Gelsenkirchen *Midnight Tue-WedNorderstedt *Midnight Tue-WedWeimar *Midnight Tue-Wed
Geneva *Midnight Tue-WedNordhorn *Midnight Tue-WedWesel *Midnight Tue-Wed
Genoa *Midnight Tue-WedNovgorodWed 2:00 AMWiesbaden *Midnight Tue-Wed
Gera *Midnight Tue-WedNovi Sad *Midnight Tue-WedWinterthur *Midnight Tue-Wed
Ghent *Midnight Tue-WedNovo Mesto *Midnight Tue-WedWismar *Midnight Tue-Wed
Gibraltar *Midnight Tue-WedNovorossiyskWed 2:00 AMWitten *Midnight Tue-Wed
Giessen *Midnight Tue-WedNuremberg *Midnight Tue-WedWolfsburg *Midnight Tue-Wed
Gijón *Midnight Tue-WedOberhausen *Midnight Tue-WedWorms *Midnight Tue-Wed
Gjirokastër *Midnight Tue-WedOdense *Midnight Tue-WedWroclaw *Midnight Tue-Wed
Gladbeck *Midnight Tue-WedOdesa *Wed 1:00 AMWuppertal *Midnight Tue-Wed
Glarus *Midnight Tue-WedOffenbach *Midnight Tue-WedWürzburg *Midnight Tue-Wed
Glasgow *Tue 11:00 PMOffenburg *Midnight Tue-WedXankendiWed 2:00 AM
Gmünd *Midnight Tue-WedOldenburg *Midnight Tue-WedYeghegnadzorWed 2:00 AM
GomelWed 1:00 AMOlomouc *Midnight Tue-WedYerevanWed 2:00 AM
Göppingen *Midnight Tue-WedOmagh *Tue 11:00 PMZagreb *Midnight Tue-Wed
Görlitz *Midnight Tue-WedOradea *Wed 1:00 AMZaporizhia *Wed 1:00 AM
Gothenburg *Midnight Tue-WedOsijek *Midnight Tue-WedZenica *Midnight Tue-Wed
Göttingen *Midnight Tue-WedOslo *Midnight Tue-WedZug *Midnight Tue-Wed
Granada *Midnight Tue-WedOsnabrück *Midnight Tue-WedZürich *Midnight Tue-Wed
Graz *Midnight Tue-WedOstrava *Midnight Tue-WedZwickau *Midnight Tue-Wed
Greifswald *Midnight Tue-WedPaderborn *Midnight Tue-WedŠiauliai *Wed 1:00 AM
Grevenbroich *Midnight Tue-WedPalermo *Midnight Tue-WedŽilina *Midnight Tue-Wed
Grieskirchen *Midnight Tue-WedPalma (ES-Majorca) *Midnight Tue-Wed
GrodnoWed 1:00 AMPamplona *Midnight Tue-Wed

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (469 places).

Tue = Tuesday, September 3, 2013 (39 places).
Wed = Wednesday, September 4, 2013 (481 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 22:00:00

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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