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Event in UTC on Friday, October 4, 2002 at 10:00:00 PM

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10:00 PM
Friday, October 4, 2002
Current time: Mon at 10:04:58 AM
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Converted Time New York, New York, U.S.A.

6:00 PMEDT
Friday, October 4, 2002
Current time: Mon at 6:04:58 AM
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Event Time Announcer: Times in Europe

A Coruña *Midnight Fri-SatGrieskirchen *Midnight Fri-SatPalma (ES-Majorca) *Midnight Fri-Sat
Aachen *Midnight Fri-SatGrozny *Sat 2:00 AMPamplona *Midnight Fri-Sat
Aalen *Midnight Fri-SatGütersloh *Midnight Fri-SatParis *Midnight Fri-Sat
Aarau *Midnight Fri-SatGyumri *Sat 3:00 AMParma *Midnight Fri-Sat
Ålesund *Midnight Fri-SatHagen *Midnight Fri-SatPassau *Midnight Fri-Sat
Alicante *Midnight Fri-SatHalle *Midnight Fri-SatPforzheim *Midnight Fri-Sat
Almería *Midnight Fri-SatHamburg *Midnight Fri-SatPlauen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Altdorf *Midnight Fri-SatHameln *Midnight Fri-SatPljevlja *Midnight Fri-Sat
Amsterdam *Midnight Fri-SatHamm *Midnight Fri-SatPlovdiv *Sat 1:00 AM
Andorra La Vella *Midnight Fri-SatHammerfest *Midnight Fri-SatPlymouth *Fri 11:00 PM
Appenzell *Midnight Fri-SatHanau *Midnight Fri-SatPlzen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Arkhangelsk *Sat 2:00 AMHannover *Midnight Fri-SatPodgorica *Midnight Fri-Sat
Arnsberg *Midnight Fri-SatHaugesund *Midnight Fri-SatPonta Delgada (Azores) *Fri 10:00 PM
Aschaffenburg *Midnight Fri-SatHeidelberg *Midnight Fri-SatPorto *Fri 11:00 PM
Astrakhan *Sat 2:00 AMHeilbronn *Midnight Fri-SatPotsdam *Midnight Fri-Sat
Athens *Sat 1:00 AMHelsinki *Sat 1:00 AMPoznan *Midnight Fri-Sat
Augsburg *Midnight Fri-SatHerford *Midnight Fri-SatPrague *Midnight Fri-Sat
Baden-Baden *Midnight Fri-SatHerisau *Midnight Fri-SatPrešov *Midnight Fri-Sat
Banja Luka *Midnight Fri-SatHerne *Midnight Fri-SatPristina *Midnight Fri-Sat
Barcelona *Midnight Fri-SatHerten *Midnight Fri-SatPrizren *Midnight Fri-Sat
Barysaw *Sat 1:00 AMHildesheim *Midnight Fri-SatPyatigorsk *Sat 2:00 AM
Basel *Midnight Fri-SatHuelva *Midnight Fri-SatRamsey *Fri 11:00 PM
Bastia *Midnight Fri-SatHürth *Midnight Fri-SatRatingen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Batumi *Sat 3:00 AMIasi *Sat 1:00 AMRavensburg *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bayreuth *Midnight Fri-SatIbiza *Midnight Fri-SatRecklinghausen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Belfast *Fri 11:00 PMIngolstadt *Midnight Fri-SatRegensburg *Midnight Fri-Sat
Belgrade *Midnight Fri-SatInnsbruck *Midnight Fri-SatReutlingen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bellinzona *Midnight Fri-SatIoannina *Sat 1:00 AMReykjavikFri 10:00 PM
Belushya Guba *Sat 2:00 AMIserlohn *Midnight Fri-SatRheine *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bergheim *Midnight Fri-SatIstanbul *Sat 1:00 AMRiga *Sat 1:00 AM
Bergisch Gladbach *Midnight Fri-SatJaén *Midnight Fri-SatRijeka *Midnight Fri-Sat
Berlin *Midnight Fri-SatJena *Midnight Fri-SatRome *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bern *Midnight Fri-SatKaiserslautern *Midnight Fri-SatRosenheim *Midnight Fri-Sat
Biel *Midnight Fri-SatKaliningrad *Sat 1:00 AMRostock *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bielefeld *Midnight Fri-SatKassel *Midnight Fri-SatRotterdam *Midnight Fri-Sat
Birmingham *Fri 11:00 PMKaunasMidnight Fri-SatRovaniemi *Sat 1:00 AM
Bitola *Midnight Fri-SatKazan *Sat 2:00 AMRyazan *Sat 2:00 AM
Bocholt *Midnight Fri-SatKeflavíkFri 10:00 PMSaarbrücken *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bochum *Midnight Fri-SatKemi *Sat 1:00 AMSaint Helier *Fri 11:00 PM
Bologna *Midnight Fri-SatKempten *Midnight Fri-SatSaint-Petersburg *Sat 2:00 AM
Bolzano *Midnight Fri-SatKerpen *Midnight Fri-SatSalihorsk *Sat 1:00 AM
Bonn *Midnight Fri-SatKharkiv *Sat 1:00 AMSalzburg *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bordeaux *Midnight Fri-SatKhmelnytskyi *Sat 1:00 AMSalzgitter *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bottrop *Midnight Fri-SatKiel *Midnight Fri-SatSamara *Sat 3:00 AM
Bratislava *Midnight Fri-SatKlagenfurt *Midnight Fri-SatSamsun *Sat 1:00 AM
Braunschweig *Midnight Fri-SatKlaipėdaMidnight Fri-SatSan Marino *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bregenz *Midnight Fri-SatKoblenz *Midnight Fri-SatSandefjord *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bremen *Midnight Fri-SatKöniz *Midnight Fri-SatSandvika *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bremerhaven *Midnight Fri-SatKonstanz *Midnight Fri-SatSanta Cruz de Tenerife *Fri 11:00 PM
Brno *Midnight Fri-SatKošice *Midnight Fri-SatSantander *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bruck an der Leitha *Midnight Fri-SatKraków *Midnight Fri-SatSarajevo *Midnight Fri-Sat
Brussels *Midnight Fri-SatKrefeld *Midnight Fri-SatSarnen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bryansk *Sat 2:00 AMKryvyi Rih *Sat 1:00 AMSassari *Midnight Fri-Sat
Brăila *Sat 1:00 AMKumanovo *Midnight Fri-SatSchaffhausen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bucharest *Sat 1:00 AMKutaisi *Sat 3:00 AMSchwäbisch Gmünd *Midnight Fri-Sat
Budapest *Midnight Fri-SatKyiv *Sat 1:00 AMSchweinfurt *Midnight Fri-Sat
Burgas *Sat 1:00 AMLangenfeld (Rheinland) *Midnight Fri-SatSchwerin *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bursa *Sat 1:00 AMLarvik *Midnight Fri-SatSchwyz *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bălți *Sat 1:00 AMLas Palmas (ES-Canary) *Fri 11:00 PMSibiu *Sat 1:00 AM
Cadiz *Midnight Fri-SatLausanne *Midnight Fri-SatSiegen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Cagliari *Midnight Fri-SatLeipzig *Midnight Fri-SatSimferopol *Sat 1:00 AM
Cardiff *Fri 11:00 PMLeverkusen *Midnight Fri-SatSindelfingen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Castrop-Rauxel *Midnight Fri-SatLiberec *Midnight Fri-SatSion *Midnight Fri-Sat
Celle *Midnight Fri-SatLiepāja *Sat 1:00 AMSkopje *Midnight Fri-Sat
Ceuta *Midnight Fri-SatLiestal *Midnight Fri-SatSochi *Sat 2:00 AM
Cheboksary *Sat 2:00 AMLimerick *Fri 11:00 PMSofia *Sat 1:00 AM
Cheltenham *Fri 11:00 PMLinz *Midnight Fri-SatSolingen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Chemnitz *Midnight Fri-SatLipetsk *Sat 2:00 AMSolothurn *Midnight Fri-Sat
Chernobyl *Sat 1:00 AMLippstadt *Midnight Fri-SatSpeyer *Midnight Fri-Sat
Chisinau *Sat 1:00 AMLisbon *Fri 11:00 PMSplit *Midnight Fri-Sat
Chur *Midnight Fri-SatLiverpool *Fri 11:00 PMSt. Gallen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Cluj-Napoca *Sat 1:00 AMLjubljana *Midnight Fri-SatSt. Peter Port *Fri 11:00 PM
Cologne *Midnight Fri-SatLódz *Midnight Fri-SatSt. Pölten *Midnight Fri-Sat
Copenhagen *Midnight Fri-SatLondon *Fri 11:00 PMStans *Midnight Fri-Sat
Córdoba *Midnight Fri-SatLondonderry *Fri 11:00 PMStara Zagora *Sat 1:00 AM
Cork *Fri 11:00 PMLongyearbyen *Midnight Fri-SatStavropol *Sat 2:00 AM
Cottbus *Midnight Fri-SatLübeck *Midnight Fri-SatStockholm *Midnight Fri-Sat
Cuxhaven *Midnight Fri-SatLucerne *Midnight Fri-SatStolberg (Rheinland) *Midnight Fri-Sat
Darmstadt *Midnight Fri-SatLüdenscheid *Midnight Fri-SatStralsund *Midnight Fri-Sat
Daugavpils *Sat 1:00 AMLudwigsburg *Midnight Fri-SatStrasbourg *Midnight Fri-Sat
Debrecen *Midnight Fri-SatLudwigshafen *Midnight Fri-SatStuttgart *Midnight Fri-Sat
Delémont *Midnight Fri-SatLugano *Midnight Fri-SatSumy *Sat 1:00 AM
Delmenhorst *Midnight Fri-SatLuhansk *Sat 1:00 AMSyktyvkar *Sat 2:00 AM
Dessau-Rosslau *Midnight Fri-SatLünen *Midnight Fri-SatSzczecin *Midnight Fri-Sat
Detmold *Midnight Fri-SatLuxembourg *Midnight Fri-SatSzeged *Midnight Fri-Sat
Deutschlandsberg *Midnight Fri-SatMadrid *Midnight Fri-SatTallinn *Sat 1:00 AM
Differdange *Midnight Fri-SatMagdeburg *Midnight Fri-SatTârgu Mureş *Sat 1:00 AM
Dinslaken *Midnight Fri-SatMagnitogorsk *Sat 4:00 AMTartu *Sat 1:00 AM
Dormagen *Midnight Fri-SatMainz *Midnight Fri-SatTbilisi *Sat 3:00 AM
Dorsten *Midnight Fri-SatMannheim *Midnight Fri-SatTimișoara *Sat 1:00 AM
Dortmund *Midnight Fri-SatMarburg *Midnight Fri-SatTirana *Midnight Fri-Sat
Douglas *Fri 11:00 PMMarl *Midnight Fri-SatTiraspol *Sat 1:00 AM
Drammen *Midnight Fri-SatMarseille *Midnight Fri-SatTórshavn *Fri 11:00 PM
Dublin *Fri 11:00 PMMelilla *Midnight Fri-SatTrier *Midnight Fri-Sat
Duisburg *Midnight Fri-SatMilan *Midnight Fri-SatTrieste *Midnight Fri-Sat
Düren *Midnight Fri-SatMinden *Midnight Fri-SatTroisdorf *Midnight Fri-Sat
Durrës *Midnight Fri-SatMinsk *Sat 1:00 AMTübingen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Düsseldorf *Midnight Fri-SatMiskolc *Midnight Fri-SatTula *Sat 2:00 AM
Edinburgh *Fri 11:00 PMModena *Midnight Fri-SatTurin *Midnight Fri-Sat
Eferding *Midnight Fri-SatMoers *Midnight Fri-SatTuzla *Midnight Fri-Sat
Eisenstadt *Midnight Fri-SatMonaco *Midnight Fri-SatUlm *Midnight Fri-Sat
Emden *Midnight Fri-SatMönchengladbach *Midnight Fri-SatUnna *Midnight Fri-Sat
Erfurt *Midnight Fri-SatMontreux *Midnight Fri-SatUroševac *Midnight Fri-Sat
Erlangen *Midnight Fri-SatMonza *Midnight Fri-SatUster *Midnight Fri-Sat
Erzurum *Sat 1:00 AMMoscow *Sat 2:00 AMUzhgorod *Sat 1:00 AM
Essen *Midnight Fri-SatMostar *Midnight Fri-SatVaduz *Midnight Fri-Sat
Esslingen *Midnight Fri-SatMülheim *Midnight Fri-SatValladolid *Midnight Fri-Sat
Euskirchen *Midnight Fri-SatMülheim / Ruhr *Midnight Fri-SatValletta *Midnight Fri-Sat
Feldbach *Midnight Fri-SatMunich *Midnight Fri-SatVanadzor *Sat 3:00 AM
Flensburg *Midnight Fri-SatMünster *Midnight Fri-SatVarna *Sat 1:00 AM
Frankfurt *Midnight Fri-SatMurmansk *Sat 2:00 AMVatican City *Midnight Fri-Sat
Frauenfeld *Midnight Fri-SatNaples *Midnight Fri-SatVelbert *Midnight Fri-Sat
Freiburg *Midnight Fri-SatNarva *Sat 1:00 AMVenice *Midnight Fri-Sat
Freising *Midnight Fri-SatNeubrandenburg *Midnight Fri-SatVerona *Midnight Fri-Sat
Freistadt *Midnight Fri-SatNeuchâtel *Midnight Fri-SatVienna *Midnight Fri-Sat
Fribourg *Midnight Fri-SatNeumünster *Midnight Fri-SatViersen *Midnight Fri-Sat
Friedrichshafen *Midnight Fri-SatNeuss *Midnight Fri-SatVillach *Midnight Fri-Sat
Fulda *Midnight Fri-SatNeustadt an der Weinstraße *Midnight Fri-SatVilniusMidnight Fri-Sat
Funchal *Fri 11:00 PMNeuwied *Midnight Fri-SatVitebsk *Sat 1:00 AM
Fürstenfeld *Midnight Fri-SatNice *Midnight Fri-SatVladimir *Sat 2:00 AM
Fürth *Midnight Fri-SatNicosia *Sat 1:00 AMVlorë *Midnight Fri-Sat
Galway *Fri 11:00 PMNikšić *Midnight Fri-SatWarsaw *Midnight Fri-Sat
Garbsen *Midnight Fri-SatNizhny Novgorod *Sat 2:00 AMWaterford *Fri 11:00 PM
Gdansk *Midnight Fri-SatNiš *Midnight Fri-SatWeimar *Midnight Fri-Sat
Gelsenkirchen *Midnight Fri-SatNorderstedt *Midnight Fri-SatWesel *Midnight Fri-Sat
Geneva *Midnight Fri-SatNordhorn *Midnight Fri-SatWiesbaden *Midnight Fri-Sat
Genoa *Midnight Fri-SatNovgorod *Sat 2:00 AMWinterthur *Midnight Fri-Sat
Gera *Midnight Fri-SatNovi Sad *Midnight Fri-SatWismar *Midnight Fri-Sat
Gibraltar *Midnight Fri-SatNovorossiysk *Sat 2:00 AMWitten *Midnight Fri-Sat
Giessen *Midnight Fri-SatNuremberg *Midnight Fri-SatWolfsburg *Midnight Fri-Sat
Gladbeck *Midnight Fri-SatOberhausen *Midnight Fri-SatWorms *Midnight Fri-Sat
Glarus *Midnight Fri-SatOdesa *Sat 1:00 AMWroclaw *Midnight Fri-Sat
Glasgow *Fri 11:00 PMOffenbach *Midnight Fri-SatWuppertal *Midnight Fri-Sat
Gmünd *Midnight Fri-SatOffenburg *Midnight Fri-SatWürzburg *Midnight Fri-Sat
Gomel *Sat 1:00 AMOldenburg *Midnight Fri-SatXankendi *Sat 3:00 AM
Göppingen *Midnight Fri-SatOradea *Sat 1:00 AMYerevan *Sat 3:00 AM
Görlitz *Midnight Fri-SatOsijek *Midnight Fri-SatZagreb *Midnight Fri-Sat
Göttingen *Midnight Fri-SatOslo *Midnight Fri-SatZaporizhia *Sat 1:00 AM
Granada *Midnight Fri-SatOsnabrück *Midnight Fri-SatZug *Midnight Fri-Sat
Graz *Midnight Fri-SatOstrava *Midnight Fri-SatZürich *Midnight Fri-Sat
Greifswald *Midnight Fri-SatPaderborn *Midnight Fri-SatZwickau *Midnight Fri-Sat
Grevenbroich *Midnight Fri-SatPalermo *Midnight Fri-Sat
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (420 places).
Fri = Friday, October 4, 2002 (28 places).
Sat = Saturday, October 5, 2002 (397 places).

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