Call of Duty Championship LIVE Stream on Xbox LIVE

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Event Time in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

3:00 PMPDT
Sunday, April 7, 2013
Current time: Mon at 4:03:57 PM
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Converted Time New York, New York, U.S.A.

6:00 PMEDT
Sunday, April 7, 2013
Current time: Mon at 7:03:57 PM
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Event Time Announcer: Times in Europe

A Coruña *Midnight Sun-MonGranada *Midnight Sun-MonPalermo *Midnight Sun-Mon
Aachen *Midnight Sun-MonGraz *Midnight Sun-MonPalma (ES-Majorca) *Midnight Sun-Mon
Aalen *Midnight Sun-MonGreifswald *Midnight Sun-MonPamplona *Midnight Sun-Mon
Aarau *Midnight Sun-MonGrevenbroich *Midnight Sun-MonParis *Midnight Sun-Mon
Ålesund *Midnight Sun-MonGrieskirchen *Midnight Sun-MonParma *Midnight Sun-Mon
Alicante *Midnight Sun-MonGrodnoMon 1:00 AMPassau *Midnight Sun-Mon
Almería *Midnight Sun-MonGroznyMon 2:00 AMPforzheim *Midnight Sun-Mon
Altdorf *Midnight Sun-MonGütersloh *Midnight Sun-MonPlauen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Amsterdam *Midnight Sun-MonGyumriMon 2:00 AMPljevlja *Midnight Sun-Mon
Andorra La Vella *Midnight Sun-MonHagen *Midnight Sun-MonPlovdiv *Mon 1:00 AM
Angra do Heroísmo *Sun 10:00 PMHalle *Midnight Sun-MonPlymouth *Sun 11:00 PM
Appenzell *Midnight Sun-MonHamburg *Midnight Sun-MonPlzen *Midnight Sun-Mon
ArkhangelskMon 2:00 AMHameln *Midnight Sun-MonPodgorica *Midnight Sun-Mon
Arlon *Midnight Sun-MonHamm *Midnight Sun-MonPoitiers *Midnight Sun-Mon
Arnsberg *Midnight Sun-MonHammerfest *Midnight Sun-MonPolotskMon 1:00 AM
Aschaffenburg *Midnight Sun-MonHanau *Midnight Sun-MonPonta Delgada *Sun 10:00 PM
AstrakhanMon 2:00 AMHannover *Midnight Sun-MonPoprad *Midnight Sun-Mon
Athens *Mon 1:00 AMHaugesund *Midnight Sun-MonPorto *Sun 11:00 PM
Augsburg *Midnight Sun-MonHeidelberg *Midnight Sun-MonPotsdam *Midnight Sun-Mon
BabruyskMon 1:00 AMHeilbronn *Midnight Sun-MonPoznan *Midnight Sun-Mon
Baden-Baden *Midnight Sun-MonHelsinki *Mon 1:00 AMPrague *Midnight Sun-Mon
Banja Luka *Midnight Sun-MonHerford *Midnight Sun-MonPrešov *Midnight Sun-Mon
BaranovichiMon 1:00 AMHerisau *Midnight Sun-MonPristina *Midnight Sun-Mon
Barcelona *Midnight Sun-MonHerne *Midnight Sun-MonPrizren *Midnight Sun-Mon
BarysawMon 1:00 AMHerten *Midnight Sun-MonPyatigorskMon 2:00 AM
Basel *Midnight Sun-MonHildesheim *Midnight Sun-MonQuimper *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bastia *Midnight Sun-MonHuelva *Midnight Sun-MonRamsey *Sun 11:00 PM
BatumiMon 2:00 AMHürth *Midnight Sun-MonRatingen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bayreuth *Midnight Sun-MonIasi *Mon 1:00 AMRavensburg *Midnight Sun-Mon
Belfast *Sun 11:00 PMIbiza *Midnight Sun-MonRecklinghausen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Belgrade *Midnight Sun-MonIngolstadt *Midnight Sun-MonRegensburg *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bellinzona *Midnight Sun-MonInnsbruck *Midnight Sun-MonReutlingen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Belushya GubaMon 2:00 AMIoannina *Mon 1:00 AMReykjavikSun 10:00 PM
Bergheim *Midnight Sun-MonIserlohn *Midnight Sun-MonRheine *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bergisch Gladbach *Midnight Sun-MonIstanbul *Mon 1:00 AMRiga *Mon 1:00 AM
Berlin *Midnight Sun-MonJaén *Midnight Sun-MonRijeka *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bern *Midnight Sun-MonJena *Midnight Sun-MonRome *Midnight Sun-Mon
Biel *Midnight Sun-MonKaiserslautern *Midnight Sun-MonRosenheim *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bielefeld *Midnight Sun-MonKaliningradMon 1:00 AMRostock *Midnight Sun-Mon
Birmingham *Sun 11:00 PMKapanMon 2:00 AMRotterdam *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bitola *Midnight Sun-MonKassel *Midnight Sun-MonRovaniemi *Mon 1:00 AM
Bocholt *Midnight Sun-MonKaunas *Mon 1:00 AMRyazanMon 2:00 AM
Bochum *Midnight Sun-MonKazanMon 2:00 AMSaarbrücken *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bologna *Midnight Sun-MonKeflavíkSun 10:00 PMSaint Helier *Sun 11:00 PM
Bolzano *Midnight Sun-MonKemi *Mon 1:00 AMSaint-PetersburgMon 2:00 AM
Bonn *Midnight Sun-MonKempten *Midnight Sun-MonSalihorskMon 1:00 AM
Bordeaux *Midnight Sun-MonKerpen *Midnight Sun-MonSalzburg *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bottrop *Midnight Sun-MonKharkiv *Mon 1:00 AMSalzgitter *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bratislava *Midnight Sun-MonKherson *Mon 1:00 AMSamaraMon 2:00 AM
Braunschweig *Midnight Sun-MonKhmelnytskyi *Mon 1:00 AMSamsun *Mon 1:00 AM
Bregenz *Midnight Sun-MonKiel *Midnight Sun-MonSan Marino *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bremen *Midnight Sun-MonKlagenfurt *Midnight Sun-MonSandefjord *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bremerhaven *Midnight Sun-MonKlaipėda *Mon 1:00 AMSandvika *Midnight Sun-Mon
BrestMon 1:00 AMKoblenz *Midnight Sun-MonSanta Cruz de Tenerife *Sun 11:00 PM
Brno *Midnight Sun-MonKöniz *Midnight Sun-MonSantander *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bruck an der Leitha *Midnight Sun-MonKonstanz *Midnight Sun-MonSarajevo *Midnight Sun-Mon
Brussels *Midnight Sun-MonKorçë *Midnight Sun-MonSarnen *Midnight Sun-Mon
BryanskMon 2:00 AMKošice *Midnight Sun-MonSassari *Midnight Sun-Mon
Brăila *Mon 1:00 AMKragujevac *Midnight Sun-MonSchaffhausen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bucharest *Mon 1:00 AMKraków *Midnight Sun-MonSchwäbisch Gmünd *Midnight Sun-Mon
Budapest *Midnight Sun-MonKrefeld *Midnight Sun-MonSchweinfurt *Midnight Sun-Mon
Burgas *Mon 1:00 AMKryvyi Rih *Mon 1:00 AMSchwerin *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bursa *Mon 1:00 AMKumanovo *Midnight Sun-MonSchwyz *Midnight Sun-Mon
Bălți *Mon 1:00 AMKutaisiMon 2:00 AMShkodër *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cadiz *Midnight Sun-MonKyiv *Mon 1:00 AMSibiu *Mon 1:00 AM
Cagliari *Midnight Sun-MonLangenfeld (Rheinland) *Midnight Sun-MonSiegen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cardiff *Sun 11:00 PMLarvik *Midnight Sun-MonSimferopol *Mon 1:00 AM
Castrop-Rauxel *Midnight Sun-MonLas Palmas (ES-Canary) *Sun 11:00 PMSindelfingen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Celle *Midnight Sun-MonLausanne *Midnight Sun-MonSion *Midnight Sun-Mon
Ceuta *Midnight Sun-MonLeipzig *Midnight Sun-MonSisianMon 2:00 AM
Châlons-en-Champagne *Midnight Sun-MonLeverkusen *Midnight Sun-MonSkopje *Midnight Sun-Mon
CheboksaryMon 2:00 AMLiberec *Midnight Sun-MonSochiMon 2:00 AM
Cheltenham *Sun 11:00 PMLiepāja *Mon 1:00 AMSofia *Mon 1:00 AM
Chemnitz *Midnight Sun-MonLiestal *Midnight Sun-MonSolingen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Chernobyl *Mon 1:00 AMLimerick *Sun 11:00 PMSolothurn *Midnight Sun-Mon
Chisinau *Mon 1:00 AMLinz *Midnight Sun-MonSpeyer *Midnight Sun-Mon
Chur *Midnight Sun-MonLipetskMon 2:00 AMSplit *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cluj-Napoca *Mon 1:00 AMLippstadt *Midnight Sun-MonSt. Gallen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cologne *Midnight Sun-MonLisbon *Sun 11:00 PMSt. Peter Port *Sun 11:00 PM
Copenhagen *Midnight Sun-MonLiverpool *Sun 11:00 PMSt. Pölten *Midnight Sun-Mon
Córdoba *Midnight Sun-MonLjubljana *Midnight Sun-MonStans *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cork *Sun 11:00 PMLódz *Midnight Sun-MonStara Zagora *Mon 1:00 AM
Cottbus *Midnight Sun-MonLondon *Sun 11:00 PMStavropolMon 2:00 AM
Craiova *Mon 1:00 AMLondonderry *Sun 11:00 PMStockholm *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cuxhaven *Midnight Sun-MonLongyearbyen *Midnight Sun-MonStolberg (Rheinland) *Midnight Sun-Mon
Darmstadt *Midnight Sun-MonLübeck *Midnight Sun-MonStralsund *Midnight Sun-Mon
Daugavpils *Mon 1:00 AMLucerne *Midnight Sun-MonStrasbourg *Midnight Sun-Mon
Debrecen *Midnight Sun-MonLüdenscheid *Midnight Sun-MonStuttgart *Midnight Sun-Mon
Delémont *Midnight Sun-MonLudwigsburg *Midnight Sun-MonSubotica *Midnight Sun-Mon
Delmenhorst *Midnight Sun-MonLudwigshafen *Midnight Sun-MonSumy *Mon 1:00 AM
Denizli *Mon 1:00 AMLugano *Midnight Sun-MonSyktyvkarMon 2:00 AM
Dessau-Rosslau *Midnight Sun-MonLuhansk *Mon 1:00 AMSzczecin *Midnight Sun-Mon
Detmold *Midnight Sun-MonLünen *Midnight Sun-MonSzeged *Midnight Sun-Mon
Deutschlandsberg *Midnight Sun-MonLuxembourg *Midnight Sun-MonTallinn *Mon 1:00 AM
Differdange *Midnight Sun-MonMadrid *Midnight Sun-MonTârgu Mureş *Mon 1:00 AM
Dinslaken *Midnight Sun-MonMagdeburg *Midnight Sun-MonTartu *Mon 1:00 AM
Diyarbakır *Mon 1:00 AMMagnitogorskMon 4:00 AMTbilisiMon 2:00 AM
Dnipropetrovsk *Mon 1:00 AMMainz *Midnight Sun-MonTimișoara *Mon 1:00 AM
Donetsk *Mon 1:00 AMMalatya *Mon 1:00 AMTirana *Midnight Sun-Mon
Dormagen *Midnight Sun-MonMannheim *Midnight Sun-MonTiraspol *Mon 1:00 AM
Dorsten *Midnight Sun-MonMarburg *Midnight Sun-MonTórshavn *Sun 11:00 PM
Dortmund *Midnight Sun-MonMarl *Midnight Sun-MonTrabzon *Mon 1:00 AM
Douglas *Sun 11:00 PMMarseille *Midnight Sun-MonTrier *Midnight Sun-Mon
Drammen *Midnight Sun-MonMelilla *Midnight Sun-MonTrieste *Midnight Sun-Mon
Dublin *Sun 11:00 PMMilan *Midnight Sun-MonTroisdorf *Midnight Sun-Mon
Duisburg *Midnight Sun-MonMinden *Midnight Sun-MonTübingen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Düren *Midnight Sun-MonMinskMon 1:00 AMTulaMon 2:00 AM
Durrës *Midnight Sun-MonMiskolc *Midnight Sun-MonTurin *Midnight Sun-Mon
Düsseldorf *Midnight Sun-MonModena *Midnight Sun-MonTuzla *Midnight Sun-Mon
Edinburgh *Sun 11:00 PMMoers *Midnight Sun-MonUlm *Midnight Sun-Mon
Eferding *Midnight Sun-MonMogilevMon 1:00 AMUnna *Midnight Sun-Mon
Eisenstadt *Midnight Sun-MonMonaco *Midnight Sun-MonUroševac *Midnight Sun-Mon
Elbasan *Midnight Sun-MonMönchengladbach *Midnight Sun-MonUster *Midnight Sun-Mon
Emden *Midnight Sun-MonMontreux *Midnight Sun-MonUzhgorod *Mon 1:00 AM
Erfurt *Midnight Sun-MonMonza *Midnight Sun-MonVaduz *Midnight Sun-Mon
Erlangen *Midnight Sun-MonMoscowMon 2:00 AMValladolid *Midnight Sun-Mon
Erzurum *Mon 1:00 AMMostar *Midnight Sun-MonValletta *Midnight Sun-Mon
Eskişehir *Mon 1:00 AMMülheim *Midnight Sun-MonValmiera *Mon 1:00 AM
Essen *Midnight Sun-MonMülheim / Ruhr *Midnight Sun-MonVanadzorMon 2:00 AM
Esslingen *Midnight Sun-MonMunich *Midnight Sun-MonVarna *Mon 1:00 AM
Euskirchen *Midnight Sun-MonMünster *Midnight Sun-MonVatican City *Midnight Sun-Mon
Feldbach *Midnight Sun-MonMurmanskMon 2:00 AMVelbert *Midnight Sun-Mon
Flensburg *Midnight Sun-MonNaples *Midnight Sun-MonVenice *Midnight Sun-Mon
Frankfurt *Midnight Sun-MonNarva *Mon 1:00 AMVerona *Midnight Sun-Mon
Frauenfeld *Midnight Sun-MonNeubrandenburg *Midnight Sun-MonVienna *Midnight Sun-Mon
Freiburg *Midnight Sun-MonNeuchâtel *Midnight Sun-MonViersen *Midnight Sun-Mon
Freising *Midnight Sun-MonNeumünster *Midnight Sun-MonVillach *Midnight Sun-Mon
Freistadt *Midnight Sun-MonNeuss *Midnight Sun-MonVilnius *Mon 1:00 AM
Fribourg *Midnight Sun-MonNeustadt an der Weinstraße *Midnight Sun-MonVitebskMon 1:00 AM
Friedrichshafen *Midnight Sun-MonNeuwied *Midnight Sun-MonVladimirMon 2:00 AM
Fulda *Midnight Sun-MonNice *Midnight Sun-MonVlorë *Midnight Sun-Mon
Funchal *Sun 11:00 PMNicosia *Mon 1:00 AMWarsaw *Midnight Sun-Mon
Fürstenfeld *Midnight Sun-MonNikšić *Midnight Sun-MonWaterford *Sun 11:00 PM
Fürth *Midnight Sun-MonNizhny NovgorodMon 2:00 AMWeimar *Midnight Sun-Mon
Galway *Sun 11:00 PMNiš *Midnight Sun-MonWesel *Midnight Sun-Mon
Garbsen *Midnight Sun-MonNorderstedt *Midnight Sun-MonWiesbaden *Midnight Sun-Mon
GavarMon 2:00 AMNordhorn *Midnight Sun-MonWinterthur *Midnight Sun-Mon
Gdańsk *Midnight Sun-MonNovgorodMon 2:00 AMWismar *Midnight Sun-Mon
Gelsenkirchen *Midnight Sun-MonNovi Sad *Midnight Sun-MonWitten *Midnight Sun-Mon
Geneva *Midnight Sun-MonNovo Mesto *Midnight Sun-MonWolfsburg *Midnight Sun-Mon
Genoa *Midnight Sun-MonNovorossiyskMon 2:00 AMWorms *Midnight Sun-Mon
Gera *Midnight Sun-MonNuremberg *Midnight Sun-MonWroclaw *Midnight Sun-Mon
Gibraltar *Midnight Sun-MonOberhausen *Midnight Sun-MonWuppertal *Midnight Sun-Mon
Giessen *Midnight Sun-MonOdesa *Mon 1:00 AMWürzburg *Midnight Sun-Mon
Gijón *Midnight Sun-MonOffenbach *Midnight Sun-MonXankendiMon 2:00 AM
Gjirokastër *Midnight Sun-MonOffenburg *Midnight Sun-MonYeghegnadzorMon 2:00 AM
Gladbeck *Midnight Sun-MonOldenburg *Midnight Sun-MonYerevanMon 2:00 AM
Glarus *Midnight Sun-MonOmagh *Sun 11:00 PMZagreb *Midnight Sun-Mon
Glasgow *Sun 11:00 PMOradea *Mon 1:00 AMZaporizhia *Mon 1:00 AM
Gmünd *Midnight Sun-MonOsijek *Midnight Sun-MonZug *Midnight Sun-Mon
GomelMon 1:00 AMOslo *Midnight Sun-MonZürich *Midnight Sun-Mon
Göppingen *Midnight Sun-MonOsnabrück *Midnight Sun-MonZwickau *Midnight Sun-Mon
Görlitz *Midnight Sun-MonOstrava *Midnight Sun-MonŠiauliai *Mon 1:00 AM
Göttingen *Midnight Sun-MonPaderborn *Midnight Sun-MonŽilina *Midnight Sun-Mon
* = adjusted for daylight saving time (DST) or summer time (414 places).
Sun = Sunday, April 7, 2013 (30 places).
Mon = Monday, April 8, 2013 (432 places).

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