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Event in Auckland on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 11:00:00 AM

Event Time in Auckland, New Zealand

11:00 AMNZDT
Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Event Times in Europe

A Coruña *Midnight Sat-SunGrieskirchen *Midnight Sat-SunPalma (ES-Majorca) *Midnight Sat-Sun
Aachen *Midnight Sat-SunGrodnoSun 1:00 AMPamplona *Midnight Sat-Sun
Aalen *Midnight Sat-SunGroznySun 2:00 AMParis *Midnight Sat-Sun
Aarau *Midnight Sat-SunGütersloh *Midnight Sat-SunParma *Midnight Sat-Sun
Ålesund *Midnight Sat-SunGyumriSun 2:00 AMPassau *Midnight Sat-Sun
Alicante *Midnight Sat-SunHagen *Midnight Sat-SunPforzheim *Midnight Sat-Sun
Almería *Midnight Sat-SunHalle *Midnight Sat-SunPisa *Midnight Sat-Sun
Altdorf *Midnight Sat-SunHamburg *Midnight Sat-SunPlauen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Amsterdam *Midnight Sat-SunHameln *Midnight Sat-SunPleven *Sun 1:00 AM
Andorra La Vella *Midnight Sat-SunHamm *Midnight Sat-SunPljevlja *Midnight Sat-Sun
Appenzell *Midnight Sat-SunHammerfest *Midnight Sat-SunPlovdiv *Sun 1:00 AM
ArkhangelskSun 2:00 AMHanau *Midnight Sat-SunPlymouth *Sat 11:00 PM
Arlon *Midnight Sat-SunHannover *Midnight Sat-SunPlzen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Arnsberg *Midnight Sat-SunHaugesund *Midnight Sat-SunPodgorica *Midnight Sat-Sun
Aschaffenburg *Midnight Sat-SunHeidelberg *Midnight Sat-SunPoitiers *Midnight Sat-Sun
AstrakhanSun 2:00 AMHeilbronn *Midnight Sat-SunPolotskSun 1:00 AM
Athens *Sun 1:00 AMHelsinki *Sun 1:00 AMPonta Delgada *Sat 10:00 PM
Augsburg *Midnight Sat-SunHerford *Midnight Sat-SunPoprad *Midnight Sat-Sun
BabruyskSun 1:00 AMHerisau *Midnight Sat-SunPorto *Sat 11:00 PM
Baden-Baden *Midnight Sat-SunHerne *Midnight Sat-SunPotsdam *Midnight Sat-Sun
Banja Luka *Midnight Sat-SunHerning *Midnight Sat-SunPoznan *Midnight Sat-Sun
BaranovichiSun 1:00 AMHerten *Midnight Sat-SunPrague *Midnight Sat-Sun
Barcelona *Midnight Sat-SunHildesheim *Midnight Sat-SunPrešov *Midnight Sat-Sun
BarysawSun 1:00 AMHradec Králové *Midnight Sat-SunPrijedor *Midnight Sat-Sun
Basel *Midnight Sat-SunHuelva *Midnight Sat-SunPristina *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bastia *Midnight Sat-SunHumenné *Midnight Sat-SunPrizren *Midnight Sat-Sun
BatumiSun 2:00 AMHürth *Midnight Sat-SunPyatigorskSun 2:00 AM
Bayreuth *Midnight Sat-SunIasi *Sun 1:00 AMQuimper *Midnight Sat-Sun
Belfast *Sat 11:00 PMIbiza *Midnight Sat-SunRamsey *Sat 11:00 PM
Belgrade *Midnight Sat-SunIngolstadt *Midnight Sat-SunRatingen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bellinzona *Midnight Sat-SunInnsbruck *Midnight Sat-SunRavensburg *Midnight Sat-Sun
Belushya GubaSun 2:00 AMIoannina *Sun 1:00 AMRecklinghausen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bergheim *Midnight Sat-SunIserlohn *Midnight Sat-SunRegensburg *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bergisch Gladbach *Midnight Sat-SunIstanbul *Sun 1:00 AMReutlingen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Berlin *Midnight Sat-SunIzhevskSun 2:00 AMReykjavikSat 10:00 PM
Bern *Midnight Sat-SunJaén *Midnight Sat-SunRheine *Midnight Sat-Sun
Biel *Midnight Sat-SunJena *Midnight Sat-SunRiga *Sun 1:00 AM
Bielefeld *Midnight Sat-SunKaiserslautern *Midnight Sat-SunRijeka *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bijeljina *Midnight Sat-SunKaliningradSun 1:00 AMRome *Midnight Sat-Sun
Birmingham *Sat 11:00 PMKapanSun 2:00 AMRosenheim *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bitola *Midnight Sat-SunKassel *Midnight Sat-SunRostock *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bocholt *Midnight Sat-SunKaunas *Sun 1:00 AMRotterdam *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bochum *Midnight Sat-SunKazanSun 2:00 AMRovaniemi *Sun 1:00 AM
Bologna *Midnight Sat-SunKeflavíkSat 10:00 PMRyazanSun 2:00 AM
Bolzano *Midnight Sat-SunKemi *Sun 1:00 AMSaarbrücken *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bonn *Midnight Sat-SunKempten *Midnight Sat-SunSaint Helier *Sat 11:00 PM
Bordeaux *Midnight Sat-SunKerpen *Midnight Sat-SunSaint-PetersburgSun 2:00 AM
Bottrop *Midnight Sat-SunKharkiv *Sun 1:00 AMSalihorskSun 1:00 AM
Bratislava *Midnight Sat-SunKherson *Sun 1:00 AMSalzburg *Midnight Sat-Sun
Braunschweig *Midnight Sat-SunKhmelnytskyi *Sun 1:00 AMSalzgitter *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bregenz *Midnight Sat-SunKiel *Midnight Sat-SunSamaraSun 2:00 AM
Bremen *Midnight Sat-SunKilkenny *Sat 11:00 PMSamsun *Sun 1:00 AM
Bremerhaven *Midnight Sat-SunKlagenfurt *Midnight Sat-SunSan Marino *Midnight Sat-Sun
BrestSun 1:00 AMKlaipėda *Sun 1:00 AMSandefjord *Midnight Sat-Sun
Brno *Midnight Sat-SunKoblenz *Midnight Sat-SunSandvika *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bruck an der Leitha *Midnight Sat-SunKöniz *Midnight Sat-SunSanta Cruz de Tenerife *Sat 11:00 PM
Brussels *Midnight Sat-SunKonstanz *Midnight Sat-SunSantander *Midnight Sat-Sun
BryanskSun 2:00 AMKorçë *Midnight Sat-SunSarajevo *Midnight Sat-Sun
Brăila *Sun 1:00 AMKošice *Midnight Sat-SunSarnen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bucharest *Sun 1:00 AMKragujevac *Midnight Sat-SunSassari *Midnight Sat-Sun
Budapest *Midnight Sat-SunKraków *Midnight Sat-SunSchaffhausen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Burgas *Sun 1:00 AMKrefeld *Midnight Sat-SunSchwäbisch Gmünd *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bursa *Sun 1:00 AMKryvyi Rih *Sun 1:00 AMSchweinfurt *Midnight Sat-Sun
Bălți *Sun 1:00 AMKumanovo *Midnight Sat-SunSchwerin *Midnight Sat-Sun
Cadiz *Midnight Sat-SunKutaisiSun 2:00 AMSchwyz *Midnight Sat-Sun
Cagliari *Midnight Sat-SunKyiv *Sun 1:00 AMShkodër *Midnight Sat-Sun
Cannes *Midnight Sat-SunLangenfeld (Rheinland) *Midnight Sat-SunSibiu *Sun 1:00 AM
Cardiff *Sat 11:00 PMLarvik *Midnight Sat-SunSiegen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Castrop-Rauxel *Midnight Sat-SunLas Palmas (ES-Canary) *Sat 11:00 PMSimferopol *Sun 1:00 AM
Cazin *Midnight Sat-SunLausanne *Midnight Sat-SunSindelfingen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Celle *Midnight Sat-SunLeipzig *Midnight Sat-SunSion *Midnight Sat-Sun
Ceuta *Midnight Sat-SunLeverkusen *Midnight Sat-SunSisianSun 2:00 AM
Châlons-en-Champagne *Midnight Sat-SunLiberec *Midnight Sat-SunSkopje *Midnight Sat-Sun
CheboksarySun 2:00 AMLiepāja *Sun 1:00 AMSlavonski Brod *Midnight Sat-Sun
Cheltenham *Sat 11:00 PMLiestal *Midnight Sat-SunSligo *Sat 11:00 PM
Chemnitz *Midnight Sat-SunLimerick *Sat 11:00 PMSochiSun 2:00 AM
Chernobyl *Sun 1:00 AMLincoln *Sat 11:00 PMSofia *Sun 1:00 AM
Chisinau *Sun 1:00 AMLinz *Midnight Sat-SunSolingen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Chur *Midnight Sat-SunLipetskSun 2:00 AMSolothurn *Midnight Sat-Sun
Cluj-Napoca *Sun 1:00 AMLippstadt *Midnight Sat-SunSpeyer *Midnight Sat-Sun
Cologne *Midnight Sat-SunLisbon *Sat 11:00 PMSplit *Midnight Sat-Sun
Copenhagen *Midnight Sat-SunLiverpool *Sat 11:00 PMSt. Gallen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Córdoba *Midnight Sat-SunLivno *Midnight Sat-SunSt. Peter Port *Sat 11:00 PM
Cork *Sat 11:00 PMLjubljana *Midnight Sat-SunSt. Pölten *Midnight Sat-Sun
Cottbus *Midnight Sat-SunLódz *Midnight Sat-SunStans *Midnight Sat-Sun
Craiova *Sun 1:00 AMLondon *Sat 11:00 PMStara Zagora *Sun 1:00 AM
Cuxhaven *Midnight Sat-SunLondonderry *Sat 11:00 PMStavropolSun 2:00 AM
Darmstadt *Midnight Sat-SunLongyearbyen *Midnight Sat-SunStockholm *Midnight Sat-Sun
Daugavpils *Sun 1:00 AMLübeck *Midnight Sat-SunStolberg (Rheinland) *Midnight Sat-Sun
Debrecen *Midnight Sat-SunLucerne *Midnight Sat-SunStralsund *Midnight Sat-Sun
Delémont *Midnight Sat-SunLüdenscheid *Midnight Sat-SunStrasbourg *Midnight Sat-Sun
Delmenhorst *Midnight Sat-SunLudwigsburg *Midnight Sat-SunStuttgart *Midnight Sat-Sun
Denizli *Sun 1:00 AMLudwigshafen *Midnight Sat-SunSubotica *Midnight Sat-Sun
Dessau-Rosslau *Midnight Sat-SunLugano *Midnight Sat-SunSumy *Sun 1:00 AM
Detmold *Midnight Sat-SunLuhansk *Sun 1:00 AMSyktyvkarSun 2:00 AM
Deutschlandsberg *Midnight Sat-SunLünen *Midnight Sat-SunSzczecin *Midnight Sat-Sun
Differdange *Midnight Sat-SunLuxembourg *Midnight Sat-SunSzeged *Midnight Sat-Sun
Dinslaken *Midnight Sat-SunMadrid *Midnight Sat-SunTallinn *Sun 1:00 AM
Diyarbakır *Sun 1:00 AMMagdeburg *Midnight Sat-SunTârgu Mureş *Sun 1:00 AM
Dnipropetrovsk *Sun 1:00 AMMagnitogorskSun 4:00 AMTartu *Sun 1:00 AM
Donetsk *Sun 1:00 AMMainz *Midnight Sat-SunTbilisiSun 2:00 AM
Dormagen *Midnight Sat-SunMalatya *Sun 1:00 AMTimișoara *Sun 1:00 AM
Dorsten *Midnight Sat-SunManchester *Sat 11:00 PMTirana *Midnight Sat-Sun
Dortmund *Midnight Sat-SunMannheim *Midnight Sat-SunTiraspol *Sun 1:00 AM
Douglas *Sat 11:00 PMMarburg *Midnight Sat-SunTórshavn *Sat 11:00 PM
Drammen *Midnight Sat-SunMarl *Midnight Sat-SunTrabzon *Sun 1:00 AM
Drogheda *Sat 11:00 PMMarseille *Midnight Sat-SunTrier *Midnight Sat-Sun
Dublin *Sat 11:00 PMMelilla *Midnight Sat-SunTrieste *Midnight Sat-Sun
Duisburg *Midnight Sat-SunMilan *Midnight Sat-SunTroisdorf *Midnight Sat-Sun
Düren *Midnight Sat-SunMinden *Midnight Sat-SunTübingen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Durrës *Midnight Sat-SunMinskSun 1:00 AMTulaSun 2:00 AM
Düsseldorf *Midnight Sat-SunMiskolc *Midnight Sat-SunTurin *Midnight Sat-Sun
Edinburgh *Sat 11:00 PMModena *Midnight Sat-SunTuzla *Midnight Sat-Sun
Eferding *Midnight Sat-SunMoers *Midnight Sat-SunUlm *Midnight Sat-Sun
Eisenstadt *Midnight Sat-SunMogilevSun 1:00 AMUnna *Midnight Sat-Sun
Elbasan *Midnight Sat-SunMonaco *Midnight Sat-SunUroševac *Midnight Sat-Sun
Emden *Midnight Sat-SunMönchengladbach *Midnight Sat-SunUster *Midnight Sat-Sun
Erfurt *Midnight Sat-SunMontreux *Midnight Sat-SunÚstí nad Labem *Midnight Sat-Sun
Erlangen *Midnight Sat-SunMonza *Midnight Sat-SunUzhgorod *Sun 1:00 AM
Erzurum *Sun 1:00 AMMoscowSun 2:00 AMVaduz *Midnight Sat-Sun
Eskişehir *Sun 1:00 AMMostar *Midnight Sat-SunValladolid *Midnight Sat-Sun
Essen *Midnight Sat-SunMülheim *Midnight Sat-SunValletta *Midnight Sat-Sun
Esslingen *Midnight Sat-SunMülheim / Ruhr *Midnight Sat-SunValmiera *Sun 1:00 AM
Euskirchen *Midnight Sat-SunMunich *Midnight Sat-SunVanadzorSun 2:00 AM
Feldbach *Midnight Sat-SunMünster *Midnight Sat-SunVarna *Sun 1:00 AM
Flensburg *Midnight Sat-SunMurmanskSun 2:00 AMVatican City *Midnight Sat-Sun
Frankfurt *Midnight Sat-SunNaples *Midnight Sat-SunVelbert *Midnight Sat-Sun
Frauenfeld *Midnight Sat-SunNarva *Sun 1:00 AMVenice *Midnight Sat-Sun
Freiburg *Midnight Sat-SunNæstved *Midnight Sat-SunVerona *Midnight Sat-Sun
Freising *Midnight Sat-SunNeubrandenburg *Midnight Sat-SunVidin *Sun 1:00 AM
Freistadt *Midnight Sat-SunNeuchâtel *Midnight Sat-SunVienna *Midnight Sat-Sun
Fribourg *Midnight Sat-SunNeumünster *Midnight Sat-SunViersen *Midnight Sat-Sun
Friedrichshafen *Midnight Sat-SunNeuss *Midnight Sat-SunVillach *Midnight Sat-Sun
Fulda *Midnight Sat-SunNeustadt an der Weinstraße *Midnight Sat-SunVilnius *Sun 1:00 AM
Funchal *Sat 11:00 PMNeuwied *Midnight Sat-SunVitebskSun 1:00 AM
Fürstenfeld *Midnight Sat-SunNice *Midnight Sat-SunVladimirSun 2:00 AM
Fürth *Midnight Sat-SunNicosia *Sun 1:00 AMVlorë *Midnight Sat-Sun
Galway *Sat 11:00 PMNikšić *Midnight Sat-SunWarsaw *Midnight Sat-Sun
Garbsen *Midnight Sat-SunNizhny NovgorodSun 2:00 AMWaterford *Sat 11:00 PM
GavarSun 2:00 AMNiš *Midnight Sat-SunWeimar *Midnight Sat-Sun
Gdańsk *Midnight Sat-SunNorderstedt *Midnight Sat-SunWesel *Midnight Sat-Sun
Gelsenkirchen *Midnight Sat-SunNordhorn *Midnight Sat-SunWiesbaden *Midnight Sat-Sun
Geneva *Midnight Sat-SunNovgorodSun 2:00 AMWinterthur *Midnight Sat-Sun
Genoa *Midnight Sat-SunNovi Sad *Midnight Sat-SunWismar *Midnight Sat-Sun
Gera *Midnight Sat-SunNovo Mesto *Midnight Sat-SunWitten *Midnight Sat-Sun
Gibraltar *Midnight Sat-SunNovorossiyskSun 2:00 AMWolfsburg *Midnight Sat-Sun
Giessen *Midnight Sat-SunNuremberg *Midnight Sat-SunWorms *Midnight Sat-Sun
Gijón *Midnight Sat-SunOberhausen *Midnight Sat-SunWroclaw *Midnight Sat-Sun
Gjirokastër *Midnight Sat-SunOdesa *Sun 1:00 AMWuppertal *Midnight Sat-Sun
Gladbeck *Midnight Sat-SunOffenbach *Midnight Sat-SunWürzburg *Midnight Sat-Sun
Glarus *Midnight Sat-SunOffenburg *Midnight Sat-SunXankendiSun 2:00 AM
Glasgow *Sat 11:00 PMOldenburg *Midnight Sat-SunYeghegnadzorSun 2:00 AM
Gmünd *Midnight Sat-SunOlomouc *Midnight Sat-SunYerevanSun 2:00 AM
GomelSun 1:00 AMOmagh *Sat 11:00 PMZagreb *Midnight Sat-Sun
Göppingen *Midnight Sat-SunOradea *Sun 1:00 AMZaporizhia *Sun 1:00 AM
Görlitz *Midnight Sat-SunOsijek *Midnight Sat-SunZenica *Midnight Sat-Sun
Göttingen *Midnight Sat-SunOslo *Midnight Sat-SunZug *Midnight Sat-Sun
Granada *Midnight Sat-SunOsnabrück *Midnight Sat-SunZürich *Midnight Sat-Sun
Graz *Midnight Sat-SunOstrava *Midnight Sat-SunZwickau *Midnight Sat-Sun
Greifswald *Midnight Sat-SunPaderborn *Midnight Sat-SunŠiauliai *Sun 1:00 AM
Grevenbroich *Midnight Sat-SunPalermo *Midnight Sat-SunŽilina *Midnight Sat-Sun

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (434 places).

Sat = Saturday, October 20, 2012 (34 places).
Sun = Sunday, October 21, 2012 (449 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 22:00:00

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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