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Monday, October 1, 2012

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Event Times in North America

Abbotsford *Sun 9:00 PMGreater Sudbury *Midnight Sun-MonPlaya del Carmen *Sun 11:00 PM
Abilene *Sun 11:00 PMGrise Fiord *Midnight Sun-MonPointe-à-PitreMidnight Sun-Mon
Acapulco *Sun 11:00 PMGuadalajara *Sun 11:00 PMPomona *Sun 9:00 PM
Adak *Sun 7:00 PMGuatemalaSun 10:00 PMPonceMidnight Sun-Mon
Aguascalientes *Sun 11:00 PMGuelph *Midnight Sun-MonPond Inlet *Midnight Sun-Mon
Akron *Midnight Sun-MonHagåtñaMon 2:00 PMPort-au-Prince *Midnight Sun-Mon
AlajuelaSun 10:00 PMHalifax *Mon 1:00 AMPortland (Oregon) *Sun 9:00 PM
Albany *Midnight Sun-MonHamilton (Bermuda) *Mon 1:00 AMPortland (Maine) *Midnight Sun-Mon
Albuquerque *Sun 10:00 PMHamilton (CA-ON) *Midnight Sun-MonPortsmouth *Midnight Sun-Mon
Alert *Midnight Sun-MonHampton *Midnight Sun-MonPrince George *Sun 9:00 PM
Alexandria *Midnight Sun-MonHappy Valley-Goose Bay *Mon 1:00 AMProvidence *Midnight Sun-Mon
Allentown *Midnight Sun-MonHarrisburg *Midnight Sun-MonProvidenciales *Midnight Sun-Mon
Amarillo *Sun 11:00 PMHartford *Midnight Sun-MonProvo *Sun 10:00 PM
Anaheim *Sun 9:00 PMHavana *Midnight Sun-MonPuebla *Sun 11:00 PM
Anchorage *Sun 8:00 PMHayward *Sun 9:00 PMPuerto CabezasSun 10:00 PM
Angels Camp *Sun 9:00 PMHelena *Sun 10:00 PMPuerto PlataMidnight Sun-Mon
Ann Arbor *Midnight Sun-MonHermosilloSun 9:00 PMPuerto Vallarta *Sun 11:00 PM
Annapolis *Midnight Sun-MonHialeah *Midnight Sun-MonPunta CanaMidnight Sun-Mon
Arlington *Sun 11:00 PMHiloSun 6:00 PMPunta GordaSun 10:00 PM
ArroyoMidnight Sun-MonHolguín *Midnight Sun-MonQuébec *Midnight Sun-Mon
Athens *Midnight Sun-MonHollywood (US-CA) *Sun 9:00 PMQuerétaro *Sun 11:00 PM
Atlanta *Midnight Sun-MonHollywood (US-FL) *Midnight Sun-MonRaleigh *Midnight Sun-Mon
Augusta (US-ME) *Midnight Sun-MonHonoluluSun 6:00 PMRancho Cucamonga *Sun 9:00 PM
Augusta (US-GA) *Midnight Sun-MonHouston *Sun 11:00 PMRapid City *Sun 10:00 PM
Aurora *Sun 10:00 PMHuntington Beach *Sun 9:00 PMReginaSun 10:00 PM
Austin *Sun 11:00 PMHuntsville *Sun 11:00 PMResolute Bay *Sun 11:00 PM
Baker Lake *Sun 11:00 PMIndependence *Sun 11:00 PMRichmond (CA-BC) *Sun 9:00 PM
Bakersfield *Sun 9:00 PMIndianapolis *Midnight Sun-MonRichmond (US-VA) *Midnight Sun-Mon
Baltimore *Midnight Sun-MonInglewood *Sun 9:00 PMRichmond Hill *Midnight Sun-Mon
Barrie *Midnight Sun-MonInuvik *Sun 10:00 PMRiverside *Sun 9:00 PM
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)Midnight Sun-MonIqaluit *Midnight Sun-MonRiverside *Midnight Sun-Mon
Basseterre (St. Kitts)Midnight Sun-MonIrvine *Sun 9:00 PMRoad TownMidnight Sun-Mon
Baton Rouge *Sun 11:00 PMIrving *Sun 11:00 PMRochester *Midnight Sun-Mon
Beaumont *Sun 11:00 PMJackson *Sun 11:00 PMRockford *Sun 11:00 PM
Belize CitySun 10:00 PMJacksonville *Midnight Sun-MonRoseauMidnight Sun-Mon
BelmopanSun 10:00 PMJefferson City *Sun 11:00 PMSacramento *Sun 9:00 PM
Berkeley *Sun 9:00 PMJersey City *Midnight Sun-MonSaguenay *Midnight Sun-Mon
Billings *Sun 10:00 PMJuneau *Sun 8:00 PMSaint George'sMidnight Sun-Mon
Birmingham *Sun 11:00 PMKamloops *Sun 9:00 PMSaint John (CA - NB) *Mon 1:00 AM
Bismarck *Sun 11:00 PMKansas City *Sun 11:00 PMSaint John's (Antigua)Midnight Sun-Mon
Blanc-SablonMidnight Sun-MonKelowna *Sun 9:00 PMSaint-Pierre *Mon 2:00 AM
Boise *Sun 10:00 PMKey West *Midnight Sun-MonSaipanMon 2:00 PM
Boston *Midnight Sun-MonKingston (Canada) *Midnight Sun-MonSalem *Sun 9:00 PM
BradesMidnight Sun-MonKingston (Jm)Sun 11:00 PMSalinas *Sun 9:00 PM
Brampton *Midnight Sun-MonKingstownMidnight Sun-MonSalt Lake City *Sun 10:00 PM
Bridgeport *Midnight Sun-MonKitchener *Midnight Sun-MonSan Antonio *Sun 11:00 PM
BridgetownMidnight Sun-MonKnoxville *Midnight Sun-MonSan Bernardino *Sun 9:00 PM
Bryan – College Station *Sun 11:00 PMKuujjuaq *Midnight Sun-MonSan Diego *Sun 9:00 PM
BuckeyeSun 9:00 PMLa CeibaSun 10:00 PMSan Francisco *Sun 9:00 PM
Buffalo *Midnight Sun-MonLa RomanaMidnight Sun-MonSan Jose (CR)Sun 10:00 PM
Burlington *Midnight Sun-MonLakewood *Sun 10:00 PMSan Jose (USA) *Sun 9:00 PM
Burnaby *Sun 9:00 PMLansing *Midnight Sun-MonSan JuanMidnight Sun-Mon
CaguasMidnight Sun-MonLaredo *Sun 11:00 PMSan Juan de la MaguanaMidnight Sun-Mon
Calgary *Sun 10:00 PMLas Vegas *Sun 9:00 PMSan Luis Potosi *Sun 11:00 PM
Camagüey *Midnight Sun-MonLaval *Midnight Sun-MonSan MiguelSun 10:00 PM
Cambridge *Midnight Sun-MonLeon *Sun 11:00 PMSan PedroSun 10:00 PM
Cancún *Sun 11:00 PMLeónSun 10:00 PMSan Pedro SulaSun 10:00 PM
Cap-Haïtien *Midnight Sun-MonLexington-Fayette *Midnight Sun-MonSan SalvadorSun 10:00 PM
Cape Coral *Midnight Sun-MonLincoln *Sun 11:00 PMSanta Ana (SV)Sun 10:00 PM
Carson City *Sun 9:00 PMLittle Rock *Sun 11:00 PMSanta Ana (US-CA) *Sun 9:00 PM
CastriesMidnight Sun-MonLivonia *Midnight Sun-MonSanta Barbara *Sun 9:00 PM
Cedar Rapids *Sun 11:00 PMLondon *Midnight Sun-MonSanta Clara *Midnight Sun-Mon
Charleston (SC) *Midnight Sun-MonLong Beach *Sun 9:00 PMSanta Clarita *Sun 9:00 PM
Charleston (WV) *Midnight Sun-MonLongueuil *Midnight Sun-MonSanta Fe *Sun 10:00 PM
Charlotte *Midnight Sun-MonLos Angeles *Sun 9:00 PMSanta María Huatulco *Sun 11:00 PM
Charlotte AmalieMidnight Sun-MonLouisville *Midnight Sun-MonSanta Rosa *Sun 9:00 PM
Charlottetown *Mon 1:00 AMLowell *Midnight Sun-MonSantiago de Cuba *Midnight Sun-Mon
Chatham-Kent *Midnight Sun-MonLynchburg *Midnight Sun-MonSantiago de los CaballerosMidnight Sun-Mon
Chattanooga *Midnight Sun-MonMacon *Midnight Sun-MonSantiago de VeraguasSun 11:00 PM
Chesapeake *Midnight Sun-MonMadison *Sun 11:00 PMSanto DomingoMidnight Sun-Mon
Chetumal *Sun 11:00 PMManaguaSun 10:00 PMSaskatoonSun 10:00 PM
Cheyenne *Sun 10:00 PMMarkham *Midnight Sun-MonScottsdaleSun 9:00 PM
Chibougamau *Midnight Sun-MonMary's Harbour *Mon 1:30 AMSeattle *Sun 9:00 PM
Chicago *Sun 11:00 PMMasayaSun 10:00 PMSherbrooke *Midnight Sun-Mon
Chihuahua *Sun 10:00 PMMatagalpaSun 10:00 PMShreveport *Sun 11:00 PM
CholomaSun 10:00 PMMatamoros *Sun 11:00 PMSikeston *Sun 11:00 PM
ChristianstedMidnight Sun-MonMay PenSun 11:00 PMSimi Valley *Sun 9:00 PM
Chula Vista *Sun 9:00 PMMayagüezMidnight Sun-MonSioux Falls *Sun 11:00 PM
Cincinnati *Midnight Sun-MonMazatlan *Sun 10:00 PMSouth Bend *Midnight Sun-Mon
Citrus Heights *Sun 9:00 PMMemphis *Sun 11:00 PMSpanish TownMidnight Sun-Mon
Ciudad Juárez *Sun 10:00 PMMerida *Sun 11:00 PMSpringfield (MA) *Midnight Sun-Mon
Clarksville *Sun 11:00 PMMesaSun 9:00 PMSpringfield (IL) *Sun 11:00 PM
Cleveland *Midnight Sun-MonMesquite *Sun 11:00 PMSpringfield (MO) *Sun 11:00 PM
Cockburn Town *Midnight Sun-MonMetairie *Sun 11:00 PMSt. Catharines *Midnight Sun-Mon
Codrington (Barbuda)Midnight Sun-MonMexicali *Sun 9:00 PMSt. John's (CA - NF) *Mon 1:30 AM
Colima *Sun 11:00 PMMexico City *Sun 11:00 PMSt. Louis *Sun 11:00 PM
ColónSun 11:00 PMMiami *Midnight Sun-MonSt. Paul *Sun 11:00 PM
Columbia *Midnight Sun-MonMidland *Sun 11:00 PMSt. Petersburg *Midnight Sun-Mon
Columbus (US-OH) *Midnight Sun-MonMilwaukee *Sun 11:00 PMStamford *Midnight Sun-Mon
Columbus (US-GA) *Midnight Sun-MonMinneapolis *Sun 11:00 PMSterling Heights *Midnight Sun-Mon
Concepción de La VegaMidnight Sun-MonMississauga *Midnight Sun-MonStockton *Sun 9:00 PM
Concord *Midnight Sun-MonMobile *Sun 11:00 PMSunnyvale *Sun 9:00 PM
Coquitlam *Sun 9:00 PMModesto *Sun 9:00 PMSurrey *Sun 9:00 PM
Coral HarbourSun 11:00 PMMontego BaySun 11:00 PMSyracuse *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cranbrook *Sun 10:00 PMMonterrey *Sun 11:00 PMTallahassee *Midnight Sun-Mon
Cuernavaca *Sun 11:00 PMMontgomery *Sun 11:00 PMTampa *Midnight Sun-Mon
Dallas *Sun 11:00 PMMontpelier *Midnight Sun-MonTegucigalpaSun 10:00 PM
DangrigaSun 10:00 PMMontreal *Midnight Sun-MonTempeSun 9:00 PM
DavidSun 11:00 PMMoreno Valley *Sun 9:00 PMTepic *Sun 10:00 PM
Dayton *Midnight Sun-MonNanaimo *Sun 9:00 PMThe ValleyMidnight Sun-Mon
Decatur *Sun 11:00 PMNaples *Midnight Sun-MonThousand Oaks *Sun 9:00 PM
Denison *Sun 11:00 PMNashville *Sun 11:00 PMThunder Bay *Midnight Sun-Mon
Denver *Sun 10:00 PMNassau *Midnight Sun-MonTijuana *Sun 9:00 PM
Des Moines *Sun 11:00 PMNew Haven *Midnight Sun-MonToledo *Midnight Sun-Mon
Detroit *Midnight Sun-MonNew Orleans *Sun 11:00 PMTopeka *Sun 11:00 PM
Dover *Midnight Sun-MonNew York *Midnight Sun-MonToronto *Midnight Sun-Mon
Edmonton *Sun 10:00 PMNewark *Midnight Sun-MonTorrance *Sun 9:00 PM
El Monte *Sun 9:00 PMNewport News *Midnight Sun-MonTrenton *Midnight Sun-Mon
El Paso *Sun 10:00 PMNome *Sun 8:00 PMTrois-Rivieres *Midnight Sun-Mon
Elizabeth *Midnight Sun-MonNorfolk *Midnight Sun-MonTucsonSun 9:00 PM
Erie *Midnight Sun-MonOakland *Sun 9:00 PMTurlock *Sun 9:00 PM
Escondido *Sun 9:00 PMOakville *Midnight Sun-MonTuxtla Gutierrez *Sun 11:00 PM
EscuintlaSun 10:00 PMOaxaca *Sun 11:00 PMUnalaska *Sun 8:00 PM
Eugene *Sun 9:00 PMOceanside *Sun 9:00 PMVallejo *Sun 9:00 PM
Eureka *Sun 11:00 PMOgden *Sun 10:00 PMVancouver *Sun 9:00 PM
Evansville *Sun 11:00 PMOklahoma City *Sun 11:00 PMVeracruz *Sun 11:00 PM
Fairbanks *Sun 8:00 PMOlathe *Sun 11:00 PMVictoria *Sun 9:00 PM
Fargo *Sun 11:00 PMOlympia *Sun 9:00 PMVictorville *Sun 9:00 PM
Fayetteville *Midnight Sun-MonOntario *Sun 9:00 PMVieux FortMidnight Sun-Mon
Flint *Midnight Sun-MonOrange *Sun 9:00 PMVirginia Beach *Midnight Sun-Mon
Fort-de-FranceMidnight Sun-MonOrange Walk TownSun 10:00 PMVisalia *Sun 9:00 PM
Fort Lauderdale *Midnight Sun-MonOrlando *Midnight Sun-MonWaco *Sun 11:00 PM
Fort Smith *Sun 11:00 PMOshawa *Midnight Sun-MonWailukuSun 6:00 PM
Fort Wayne *Midnight Sun-MonOttawa *Midnight Sun-MonWake IslandMon 4:00 PM
Fort Worth *Sun 11:00 PMOverland Park *Sun 11:00 PMWaldorf *Midnight Sun-Mon
Frankfort *Midnight Sun-MonOwensboro *Sun 11:00 PMWarren *Midnight Sun-Mon
Freeport *Midnight Sun-MonOxnard *Sun 9:00 PMWashington DC *Midnight Sun-Mon
Fremont *Sun 9:00 PMPanamaSun 11:00 PMWaterbury *Midnight Sun-Mon
Fresnillo *Sun 11:00 PMParadise *Sun 9:00 PMWhistler *Sun 9:00 PM
Fresno *Sun 9:00 PMPasadena (USA-TX) *Sun 11:00 PMWhitehorse *Sun 9:00 PM
Fullerton *Sun 9:00 PMPasadena (USA-CA) *Sun 9:00 PMWichita *Sun 11:00 PM
Gainesville *Midnight Sun-MonPaterson *Midnight Sun-MonWillemstadMidnight Sun-Mon
Garland *Sun 11:00 PMPensacola *Sun 11:00 PMWindsor *Midnight Sun-Mon
Gatineau *Midnight Sun-MonPeoria *Sun 11:00 PMWinnipeg *Sun 11:00 PM
George TownSun 11:00 PMPhiladelphia *Midnight Sun-MonWinston-Salem *Midnight Sun-Mon
Glendale (USA-AZ)Sun 9:00 PMPhoenixSun 9:00 PMWorcester *Midnight Sun-Mon
Glendale (USA-CA) *Sun 9:00 PMPierre *Sun 11:00 PMYellowknife *Sun 10:00 PM
Gonaïves *Midnight Sun-MonPinar del Río *Midnight Sun-MonYonkers *Midnight Sun-Mon
GoodyearSun 9:00 PMPittsburgh *Midnight Sun-Mon
Grand Rapids *Midnight Sun-MonPlano *Sun 11:00 PM

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (338 places).

Sun = Sunday, September 30, 2012 (235 places).
Mon = Monday, October 1, 2012 (183 places).


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