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Event in Las Vegas on Friday, October 10, 2008 at 9:00:00 PM

Event Time in Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.

9:00 PMPDT
Friday, October 10, 2008

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Converted Time New York, NY, U.S.A.

12:00 MidnightEDT
Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Event Times in North America

Abbotsford *Fri 9:00 PMGrand Rapids *Midnight Fri-SatPinar del Río *Midnight Fri-Sat
Abilene *Fri 11:00 PMGreater Sudbury *Midnight Fri-SatPittsburgh *Midnight Fri-Sat
Acapulco *Fri 11:00 PMGrise Fiord *Midnight Fri-SatPlano *Fri 11:00 PM
Adak *Fri 7:00 PMGuadalajara *Fri 11:00 PMPlaya del Carmen *Fri 11:00 PM
Aguascalientes *Fri 11:00 PMGuatemalaFri 10:00 PMPointe-à-PitreMidnight Fri-Sat
Akron *Midnight Fri-SatGuelph *Midnight Fri-SatPomona *Fri 9:00 PM
AlajuelaFri 10:00 PMHagåtñaSat 2:00 PMPonceMidnight Fri-Sat
Albany *Midnight Fri-SatHalifax *Sat 1:00 AMPond Inlet *Midnight Fri-Sat
Albuquerque *Fri 10:00 PMHamilton (Bermuda) *Sat 1:00 AMPort-au-PrinceFri 11:00 PM
Alert *Midnight Fri-SatHamilton (CA-ON) *Midnight Fri-SatPortland (Maine) *Midnight Fri-Sat
Alexandria *Midnight Fri-SatHampton *Midnight Fri-SatPortland (Oregon) *Fri 9:00 PM
Allentown *Midnight Fri-SatHappy Valley-Goose Bay *Sat 1:00 AMPortsmouth *Midnight Fri-Sat
Amarillo *Fri 11:00 PMHarrisburg *Midnight Fri-SatPrince George *Fri 9:00 PM
Anaheim *Fri 9:00 PMHartford *Midnight Fri-SatProvidence *Midnight Fri-Sat
Anchorage *Fri 8:00 PMHavana *Midnight Fri-SatProvo *Fri 10:00 PM
Angels Camp *Fri 9:00 PMHayward *Fri 9:00 PMPuerto CabezasFri 10:00 PM
Ann Arbor *Midnight Fri-SatHelena *Fri 10:00 PMPuerto PlataMidnight Fri-Sat
Annapolis *Midnight Fri-SatHermosilloFri 9:00 PMPuerto Vallarta *Fri 11:00 PM
Arlington *Fri 11:00 PMHialeah *Midnight Fri-SatPunta CanaMidnight Fri-Sat
Athens *Midnight Fri-SatHiloFri 6:00 PMPunta GordaFri 10:00 PM
Atlanta *Midnight Fri-SatHolguín *Midnight Fri-SatQuébec *Midnight Fri-Sat
Augusta (US-GA) *Midnight Fri-SatHollywood (US-CA) *Fri 9:00 PMQuerétaro *Fri 11:00 PM
Augusta (US-ME) *Midnight Fri-SatHollywood (US-FL) *Midnight Fri-SatRaleigh *Midnight Fri-Sat
Aurora *Fri 10:00 PMHonoluluFri 6:00 PMRancho Cucamonga *Fri 9:00 PM
Austin *Fri 11:00 PMHouston *Fri 11:00 PMRapid City *Fri 10:00 PM
Baker Lake *Fri 11:00 PMHuntington Beach *Fri 9:00 PMReginaFri 10:00 PM
Bakersfield *Fri 9:00 PMHuntsville *Fri 11:00 PMResolute Bay *Fri 11:00 PM
Baltimore *Midnight Fri-SatIndependence *Fri 11:00 PMRichmond (CA-BC) *Fri 9:00 PM
Barrie *Midnight Fri-SatIndianapolis *Midnight Fri-SatRichmond (US-VA) *Midnight Fri-Sat
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)Midnight Fri-SatInglewood *Fri 9:00 PMRichmond Hill *Midnight Fri-Sat
Basseterre (St. Kitts)Midnight Fri-SatInuvik *Fri 10:00 PMRiverside *Midnight Fri-Sat
Baton Rouge *Fri 11:00 PMIqaluit *Midnight Fri-SatRiverside *Fri 9:00 PM
Beaumont *Fri 11:00 PMIrvine *Fri 9:00 PMRoad TownMidnight Fri-Sat
Belize CityFri 10:00 PMIrving *Fri 11:00 PMRochester *Midnight Fri-Sat
BelmopanFri 10:00 PMJackson *Fri 11:00 PMRockford *Fri 11:00 PM
Berkeley *Fri 9:00 PMJacksonville *Midnight Fri-SatRoseauMidnight Fri-Sat
Billings *Fri 10:00 PMJefferson City *Fri 11:00 PMSacramento *Fri 9:00 PM
Birmingham *Fri 11:00 PMJersey City *Midnight Fri-SatSaguenay *Midnight Fri-Sat
Bismarck *Fri 11:00 PMJuneau *Fri 8:00 PMSaint George'sMidnight Fri-Sat
Blanc-SablonMidnight Fri-SatKamloops *Fri 9:00 PMSaint John (CA - NB) *Sat 1:00 AM
Boise *Fri 10:00 PMKansas City *Fri 11:00 PMSaint John's (Antigua)Midnight Fri-Sat
Boston *Midnight Fri-SatKelowna *Fri 9:00 PMSaint-Pierre *Sat 2:00 AM
BradesMidnight Fri-SatKey West *Midnight Fri-SatSaipanSat 2:00 PM
Brampton *Midnight Fri-SatKingston (Canada) *Midnight Fri-SatSalem *Fri 9:00 PM
Bridgeport *Midnight Fri-SatKingston (Jm)Fri 11:00 PMSalinas *Fri 9:00 PM
BridgetownMidnight Fri-SatKingstownMidnight Fri-SatSalt Lake City *Fri 10:00 PM
Bryan – College Station *Fri 11:00 PMKitchener *Midnight Fri-SatSan Antonio *Fri 11:00 PM
Buffalo *Midnight Fri-SatKnoxville *Midnight Fri-SatSan Bernardino *Fri 9:00 PM
Burlington *Midnight Fri-SatKuujjuaq *Midnight Fri-SatSan Diego *Fri 9:00 PM
Burnaby *Fri 9:00 PMLa CeibaFri 10:00 PMSan Francisco *Fri 9:00 PM
CaguasMidnight Fri-SatLakewood *Fri 10:00 PMSan Jose (CR)Fri 10:00 PM
Calgary *Fri 10:00 PMLansing *Midnight Fri-SatSan Jose (USA) *Fri 9:00 PM
Camagüey *Midnight Fri-SatLaredo *Fri 11:00 PMSan JuanMidnight Fri-Sat
Cambridge *Midnight Fri-SatLas Vegas *Fri 9:00 PMSan Luis Potosi *Fri 11:00 PM
Cancún *Fri 11:00 PMLaval *Midnight Fri-SatSan MiguelFri 10:00 PM
Cap-HaïtienFri 11:00 PMLeon *Fri 11:00 PMSan PedroFri 10:00 PM
Cape Coral *Midnight Fri-SatLexington-Fayette *Midnight Fri-SatSan SalvadorFri 10:00 PM
Carson City *Fri 9:00 PMLincoln *Fri 11:00 PMSanta AnaFri 10:00 PM
CastriesMidnight Fri-SatLittle Rock *Fri 11:00 PMSanta Barbara *Fri 9:00 PM
Cedar Rapids *Fri 11:00 PMLivonia *Midnight Fri-SatSanta Clara *Midnight Fri-Sat
Charleston (SC) *Midnight Fri-SatLondon *Midnight Fri-SatSanta Clarita *Fri 9:00 PM
Charleston (WV) *Midnight Fri-SatLong Beach *Fri 9:00 PMSanta Fe *Fri 10:00 PM
Charlotte *Midnight Fri-SatLongueuil *Midnight Fri-SatSanta Rosa *Fri 9:00 PM
Charlotte AmalieMidnight Fri-SatLos Angeles *Fri 9:00 PMSantiago de Cuba *Midnight Fri-Sat
Charlottetown *Sat 1:00 AMLouisville *Midnight Fri-SatSantiago de los CaballerosMidnight Fri-Sat
Chatham-Kent *Midnight Fri-SatLowell *Midnight Fri-SatSantiago de VeraguasFri 11:00 PM
Chattanooga *Midnight Fri-SatLynchburg *Midnight Fri-SatSanto DomingoMidnight Fri-Sat
Chesapeake *Midnight Fri-SatMacon *Midnight Fri-SatSaskatoonFri 10:00 PM
Chetumal *Fri 11:00 PMMadison *Fri 11:00 PMScottsdaleFri 9:00 PM
Cheyenne *Fri 10:00 PMManaguaFri 10:00 PMSeattle *Fri 9:00 PM
Chibougamau *Midnight Fri-SatMarkham *Midnight Fri-SatSherbrooke *Midnight Fri-Sat
Chicago *Fri 11:00 PMMasayaFri 10:00 PMShreveport *Fri 11:00 PM
Chihuahua *Fri 10:00 PMMatagalpaFri 10:00 PMSimi Valley *Fri 9:00 PM
CholomaFri 10:00 PMMatamoros *Fri 11:00 PMSioux Falls *Fri 11:00 PM
ChristianstedMidnight Fri-SatMay PenFri 11:00 PMSouth Bend *Midnight Fri-Sat
Chula Vista *Fri 9:00 PMMayagüezMidnight Fri-SatSpringfield (MO) *Fri 11:00 PM
Cincinnati *Midnight Fri-SatMazatlan *Fri 10:00 PMSpringfield (MA) *Midnight Fri-Sat
Citrus Heights *Fri 9:00 PMMemphis *Fri 11:00 PMSpringfield (IL) *Fri 11:00 PM
Ciudad Juárez *Fri 10:00 PMMerida *Fri 11:00 PMSt. Catharines *Midnight Fri-Sat
Clarksville *Fri 11:00 PMMesaFri 9:00 PMSt. John's (CA - NF) *Sat 1:30 AM
Cleveland *Midnight Fri-SatMesquite *Fri 11:00 PMSt. Louis *Fri 11:00 PM
Cockburn Town *Midnight Fri-SatMetairie *Fri 11:00 PMSt. Paul *Fri 11:00 PM
Codrington (Barbuda)Midnight Fri-SatMexicali *Fri 9:00 PMSt. Petersburg *Midnight Fri-Sat
Colima *Fri 11:00 PMMexico City *Fri 11:00 PMStamford *Midnight Fri-Sat
Columbia *Midnight Fri-SatMiami *Midnight Fri-SatSterling Heights *Midnight Fri-Sat
Columbus (US-OH) *Midnight Fri-SatMidland *Fri 11:00 PMStockton *Fri 9:00 PM
Columbus (US-GA) *Midnight Fri-SatMilwaukee *Fri 11:00 PMSunnyvale *Fri 9:00 PM
Concord *Midnight Fri-SatMinneapolis *Fri 11:00 PMSurrey *Fri 9:00 PM
Coquitlam *Fri 9:00 PMMississauga *Midnight Fri-SatSyracuse *Midnight Fri-Sat
Cranbrook *Fri 10:00 PMMobile *Fri 11:00 PMTallahassee *Midnight Fri-Sat
Cuernavaca *Fri 11:00 PMModesto *Fri 9:00 PMTampa *Midnight Fri-Sat
Dallas *Fri 11:00 PMMontego BayFri 11:00 PMTegucigalpaFri 10:00 PM
DangrigaFri 10:00 PMMonterrey *Fri 11:00 PMTempeFri 9:00 PM
DavidFri 11:00 PMMontgomery *Fri 11:00 PMTepic *Fri 10:00 PM
Dayton *Midnight Fri-SatMontpelier *Midnight Fri-SatThe ValleyMidnight Fri-Sat
Decatur *Fri 11:00 PMMontreal *Midnight Fri-SatThousand Oaks *Fri 9:00 PM
Denver *Fri 10:00 PMMoreno Valley *Fri 9:00 PMThunder Bay *Midnight Fri-Sat
Des Moines *Fri 11:00 PMNanaimo *Fri 9:00 PMTijuana *Fri 9:00 PM
Detroit *Midnight Fri-SatNaples *Midnight Fri-SatToledo *Midnight Fri-Sat
Dover *Midnight Fri-SatNashville *Fri 11:00 PMTopeka *Fri 11:00 PM
Edmonton *Fri 10:00 PMNassau *Midnight Fri-SatToronto *Midnight Fri-Sat
El Monte *Fri 9:00 PMNew Haven *Midnight Fri-SatTorrance *Fri 9:00 PM
El Paso *Fri 10:00 PMNew Orleans *Fri 11:00 PMTrenton *Midnight Fri-Sat
Elizabeth *Midnight Fri-SatNew York *Midnight Fri-SatTrois-Rivieres *Midnight Fri-Sat
Erie *Midnight Fri-SatNewark *Midnight Fri-SatTucsonFri 9:00 PM
Escondido *Fri 9:00 PMNewport News *Midnight Fri-SatTuxtla Gutierrez *Fri 11:00 PM
EscuintlaFri 10:00 PMNome *Fri 8:00 PMUnalaska *Fri 8:00 PM
Eugene *Fri 9:00 PMNorfolk *Midnight Fri-SatVallejo *Fri 9:00 PM
Eureka *Fri 11:00 PMOakland *Fri 9:00 PMVancouver *Fri 9:00 PM
Evansville *Fri 11:00 PMOakville *Midnight Fri-SatVeracruz *Fri 11:00 PM
Fairbanks *Fri 8:00 PMOaxaca *Fri 11:00 PMVictoria *Fri 9:00 PM
Fargo *Fri 11:00 PMOceanside *Fri 9:00 PMVictorville *Fri 9:00 PM
Fayetteville *Midnight Fri-SatOklahoma City *Fri 11:00 PMVieux FortMidnight Fri-Sat
Flint *Midnight Fri-SatOlathe *Fri 11:00 PMVirginia Beach *Midnight Fri-Sat
Fort-de-FranceMidnight Fri-SatOlympia *Fri 9:00 PMVisalia *Fri 9:00 PM
Fort Lauderdale *Midnight Fri-SatOntario *Fri 9:00 PMWaco *Fri 11:00 PM
Fort Smith *Fri 11:00 PMOrange *Fri 9:00 PMWailukuFri 6:00 PM
Fort Wayne *Midnight Fri-SatOrange Walk TownFri 10:00 PMWake IslandSat 4:00 PM
Fort Worth *Fri 11:00 PMOrlando *Midnight Fri-SatWaldorf *Midnight Fri-Sat
Frankfort *Midnight Fri-SatOshawa *Midnight Fri-SatWarren *Midnight Fri-Sat
Freeport *Midnight Fri-SatOttawa *Midnight Fri-SatWashington DC *Midnight Fri-Sat
Fremont *Fri 9:00 PMOverland Park *Fri 11:00 PMWaterbury *Midnight Fri-Sat
Fresnillo *Fri 11:00 PMOwensboro *Fri 11:00 PMWhistler *Fri 9:00 PM
Fresno *Fri 9:00 PMOxnard *Fri 9:00 PMWhitehorse *Fri 9:00 PM
Fullerton *Fri 9:00 PMPanamaFri 11:00 PMWichita *Fri 11:00 PM
Gainesville *Midnight Fri-SatParadise *Fri 9:00 PMWillemstadMidnight Fri-Sat
Garden Grove *Fri 9:00 PMPasadena (USA-TX) *Fri 11:00 PMWindsor *Midnight Fri-Sat
Garland *Fri 11:00 PMPasadena (USA-CA) *Fri 9:00 PMWinnipeg *Fri 11:00 PM
Gary *Fri 11:00 PMPaterson *Midnight Fri-SatWinston-Salem *Midnight Fri-Sat
Gatineau *Midnight Fri-SatPensacola *Fri 11:00 PMWorcester *Midnight Fri-Sat
George TownFri 11:00 PMPeoria *Fri 11:00 PMYellowknife *Fri 10:00 PM
Glendale (USA-AZ)Fri 9:00 PMPhiladelphia *Midnight Fri-SatYonkers *Midnight Fri-Sat
Glendale (USA-CA) *Fri 9:00 PMPhoenixFri 9:00 PM
GonaïvesFri 11:00 PMPierre *Fri 11:00 PM

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (328 places).

Fri = Friday, October 10, 2008 (227 places).
Sat = Saturday, October 11, 2008 (173 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 04:00:00

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.


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