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Event Time in Seattle, WA, USA

9:00 PMPDT
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Event Times in North America

Abbotsford *Wed 9:00 PMGrise Fiord *Midnight Wed-ThuPlano *Wed 11:00 PM
Abilene *Wed 11:00 PMGuadalajaraWed 10:00 PMPlaya del CarmenWed 10:00 PM
AcapulcoWed 10:00 PMGuatemalaWed 10:00 PMPointe-à-PitreMidnight Wed-Thu
Adak *Wed 7:00 PMGuelph *Midnight Wed-ThuPomona *Wed 9:00 PM
AguascalientesWed 10:00 PMHagåtñaThu 2:00 PMPonceMidnight Wed-Thu
Akron *Midnight Wed-ThuHalifax *Thu 1:00 AMPond Inlet *Midnight Wed-Thu
AlajuelaWed 10:00 PMHamilton (Bermuda) *Thu 1:00 AMPort-au-Prince *Midnight Wed-Thu
Albany *Midnight Wed-ThuHamilton (CA-ON) *Midnight Wed-ThuPortland (Oregon) *Wed 9:00 PM
Albuquerque *Wed 10:00 PMHampton *Midnight Wed-ThuPortland (Maine) *Midnight Wed-Thu
Alert *Midnight Wed-ThuHappy Valley-Goose Bay *Thu 1:00 AMPortsmouth *Midnight Wed-Thu
Alexandria *Midnight Wed-ThuHarrisburg *Midnight Wed-ThuPrince George *Wed 9:00 PM
Allentown *Midnight Wed-ThuHartford *Midnight Wed-ThuProvidence *Midnight Wed-Thu
Amarillo *Wed 11:00 PMHavana *Midnight Wed-ThuProvidenciales *Midnight Wed-Thu
Anaheim *Wed 9:00 PMHayward *Wed 9:00 PMProvo *Wed 10:00 PM
Anchorage *Wed 8:00 PMHelena *Wed 10:00 PMPueblaWed 10:00 PM
Angels Camp *Wed 9:00 PMHermosilloWed 9:00 PMPuerto CabezasWed 10:00 PM
Ann Arbor *Midnight Wed-ThuHesperia *Wed 9:00 PMPuerto PlataMidnight Wed-Thu
Annapolis *Midnight Wed-ThuHialeah *Midnight Wed-ThuPuerto VallartaWed 10:00 PM
Arlington *Wed 11:00 PMHillsboro *Wed 9:00 PMPunta CanaMidnight Wed-Thu
ArroyoMidnight Wed-ThuHiloWed 6:00 PMPunta GordaWed 10:00 PM
Athens *Midnight Wed-ThuHolguín *Midnight Wed-ThuQuébec *Midnight Wed-Thu
Atlanta *Midnight Wed-ThuHollywood (US-FL) *Midnight Wed-ThuQuerétaroWed 10:00 PM
Augusta (US-ME) *Midnight Wed-ThuHollywood (US-CA) *Wed 9:00 PMQuetzaltenangoWed 10:00 PM
Augusta (US-GA) *Midnight Wed-ThuHonoluluWed 6:00 PMRaleigh *Midnight Wed-Thu
Aurora *Wed 10:00 PMHouston *Wed 11:00 PMRancho Cucamonga *Wed 9:00 PM
Austin *Wed 11:00 PMHuntington Beach *Wed 9:00 PMRapid City *Wed 10:00 PM
Baker Lake *Wed 11:00 PMHuntsville *Wed 11:00 PMReginaWed 10:00 PM
Bakersfield *Wed 9:00 PMIndependence *Wed 11:00 PMResolute Bay *Wed 11:00 PM
Baltimore *Midnight Wed-ThuIndianapolis *Midnight Wed-ThuReynosa *Wed 11:00 PM
Barrie *Midnight Wed-ThuInglewood *Wed 9:00 PMRichmond (CA-BC) *Wed 9:00 PM
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)Midnight Wed-ThuInuvik *Wed 10:00 PMRichmond (US-VA) *Midnight Wed-Thu
Basseterre (St. Kitts)Midnight Wed-ThuIqaluit *Midnight Wed-ThuRichmond Hill *Midnight Wed-Thu
Baton Rouge *Wed 11:00 PMIrvine *Wed 9:00 PMRiverside *Wed 9:00 PM
Beaumont *Wed 11:00 PMIrving *Wed 11:00 PMRiverside *Midnight Wed-Thu
Belize CityWed 10:00 PMJackson *Wed 11:00 PMRoad TownMidnight Wed-Thu
BelmopanWed 10:00 PMJacksonville *Midnight Wed-ThuRochester *Midnight Wed-Thu
Berkeley *Wed 9:00 PMJefferson City *Wed 11:00 PMRockford *Wed 11:00 PM
Billings *Wed 10:00 PMJersey City *Midnight Wed-ThuRoseauMidnight Wed-Thu
Birmingham *Wed 11:00 PMJoplin *Wed 11:00 PMSacramento *Wed 9:00 PM
Bismarck *Wed 11:00 PMJuneau *Wed 8:00 PMSaguenay *Midnight Wed-Thu
Blanc-SablonMidnight Wed-ThuKamloops *Wed 9:00 PMSaint George'sMidnight Wed-Thu
Boise *Wed 10:00 PMKansas City (US-MO) *Wed 11:00 PMSaint John (CA - NB) *Thu 1:00 AM
Boston *Midnight Wed-ThuKansas City (US-KS) *Wed 11:00 PMSaint John's (Antigua)Midnight Wed-Thu
BradesMidnight Wed-ThuKelowna *Wed 9:00 PMSaint-Pierre *Thu 2:00 AM
Brampton *Midnight Wed-ThuKey West *Midnight Wed-ThuSaipanThu 2:00 PM
Bridgeport *Midnight Wed-ThuKingston (Canada) *Midnight Wed-ThuSalem *Wed 9:00 PM
BridgetownMidnight Wed-ThuKingston (Jm)Wed 11:00 PMSalinas *Wed 9:00 PM
Bryan – College Station *Wed 11:00 PMKingstownMidnight Wed-ThuSalt Lake City *Wed 10:00 PM
BuckeyeWed 9:00 PMKitchener *Midnight Wed-ThuSan Antonio *Wed 11:00 PM
Buffalo *Midnight Wed-ThuKnoxville *Midnight Wed-ThuSan Bernardino *Wed 9:00 PM
Burlington *Midnight Wed-ThuKralendijkMidnight Wed-ThuSan Diego *Wed 9:00 PM
Burnaby *Wed 9:00 PMKuujjuaq *Midnight Wed-ThuSan Francisco *Wed 9:00 PM
CaguasMidnight Wed-ThuLa CeibaWed 10:00 PMSan Jose (CR)Wed 10:00 PM
Calgary *Wed 10:00 PMLa RomanaMidnight Wed-ThuSan Jose (USA) *Wed 9:00 PM
Camagüey *Midnight Wed-ThuLabadee *Midnight Wed-ThuSan JuanMidnight Wed-Thu
Cambridge *Midnight Wed-ThuLakewood *Wed 10:00 PMSan Juan de la MaguanaMidnight Wed-Thu
CancúnWed 10:00 PMLansing *Midnight Wed-ThuSan Luis PotosiWed 10:00 PM
Cap-Haïtien *Midnight Wed-ThuLaredo *Wed 11:00 PMSan MiguelWed 10:00 PM
Cape Coral *Midnight Wed-ThuLas Vegas *Wed 9:00 PMSan PedroWed 10:00 PM
Carson City *Wed 9:00 PMLaval *Midnight Wed-ThuSan Pedro SulaWed 10:00 PM
CastriesMidnight Wed-ThuLeonWed 10:00 PMSan SalvadorWed 10:00 PM
Cedar Rapids *Wed 11:00 PMLeónWed 10:00 PMSan VicenteWed 10:00 PM
Charleston (WV) *Midnight Wed-ThuLexington-Fayette *Midnight Wed-ThuSancti Spíritus *Midnight Wed-Thu
Charleston (SC) *Midnight Wed-ThuLiberiaWed 10:00 PMSanta Ana (SV)Wed 10:00 PM
CharlestownMidnight Wed-ThuLimónWed 10:00 PMSanta Ana (US-CA) *Wed 9:00 PM
Charlotte *Midnight Wed-ThuLincoln *Wed 11:00 PMSanta Barbara *Wed 9:00 PM
Charlotte AmalieMidnight Wed-ThuLittle Rock *Wed 11:00 PMSanta Clara *Midnight Wed-Thu
Charlottetown *Thu 1:00 AMLivonia *Midnight Wed-ThuSanta Clarita *Wed 9:00 PM
Chatham-Kent *Midnight Wed-ThuLondon *Midnight Wed-ThuSanta Fe *Wed 10:00 PM
Chattanooga *Midnight Wed-ThuLong Beach *Wed 9:00 PMSanta María HuatulcoWed 10:00 PM
Chesapeake *Midnight Wed-ThuLongueuil *Midnight Wed-ThuSanta Rosa *Wed 9:00 PM
ChetumalWed 10:00 PMLos Angeles *Wed 9:00 PMSantiago de Cuba *Midnight Wed-Thu
Cheyenne *Wed 10:00 PMLouisville *Midnight Wed-ThuSantiago de los CaballerosMidnight Wed-Thu
Chibougamau *Midnight Wed-ThuLowell *Midnight Wed-ThuSantiago de VeraguasWed 11:00 PM
Chicago *Wed 11:00 PMLynchburg *Midnight Wed-ThuSanto DomingoMidnight Wed-Thu
ChihuahuaWed 9:00 PMMacon *Midnight Wed-ThuSaskatoonWed 10:00 PM
CholomaWed 10:00 PMMadison *Wed 11:00 PMScottsdaleWed 9:00 PM
ChristianstedMidnight Wed-ThuManaguaWed 10:00 PMSeattle *Wed 9:00 PM
Chula Vista *Wed 9:00 PMMarkham *Midnight Wed-ThuSherbrooke *Midnight Wed-Thu
Cincinnati *Midnight Wed-ThuMary's Harbour *Thu 1:30 AMShreveport *Wed 11:00 PM
Citrus Heights *Wed 9:00 PMMasayaWed 10:00 PMSikeston *Wed 11:00 PM
Ciudad Juárez *Wed 10:00 PMMatagalpaWed 10:00 PMSimi Valley *Wed 9:00 PM
Ciudad VictoriaWed 10:00 PMMatamoros *Wed 11:00 PMSioux Falls *Wed 11:00 PM
Clarksville *Wed 11:00 PMMay PenWed 11:00 PMSouth Bend *Midnight Wed-Thu
Cleveland *Midnight Wed-ThuMayagüezMidnight Wed-ThuSpanish TownMidnight Wed-Thu
Cockburn Harbour *Midnight Wed-ThuMazatlanWed 9:00 PMSpringfield (MO) *Wed 11:00 PM
Cockburn Town *Midnight Wed-ThuMemphis *Wed 11:00 PMSpringfield (MA) *Midnight Wed-Thu
Codrington (Barbuda)Midnight Wed-ThuMeridaWed 10:00 PMSpringfield (IL) *Wed 11:00 PM
ColimaWed 10:00 PMMesaWed 9:00 PMSquamish *Wed 9:00 PM
ColónWed 11:00 PMMesquite *Wed 11:00 PMSt. Catharines *Midnight Wed-Thu
Columbia *Midnight Wed-ThuMetairie *Wed 11:00 PMSt. John's (CA - NF) *Thu 1:30 AM
Columbus (US-OH) *Midnight Wed-ThuMexicali *Wed 9:00 PMSt. Louis *Wed 11:00 PM
Columbus (US-GA) *Midnight Wed-ThuMexico CityWed 10:00 PMSt. Paul *Wed 11:00 PM
Concepción de La VegaMidnight Wed-ThuMiami *Midnight Wed-ThuSt. Petersburg *Midnight Wed-Thu
Concord *Midnight Wed-ThuMidland *Wed 11:00 PMStamford *Midnight Wed-Thu
Coquitlam *Wed 9:00 PMMilwaukee *Wed 11:00 PMSterling Heights *Midnight Wed-Thu
Coral HarbourWed 11:00 PMMinneapolis *Wed 11:00 PMStockton *Wed 9:00 PM
Cranbrook *Wed 10:00 PMMississauga *Midnight Wed-ThuSunnyvale *Wed 9:00 PM
Cruz BayMidnight Wed-ThuMobile *Wed 11:00 PMSurrey *Wed 9:00 PM
CuernavacaWed 10:00 PMModesto *Wed 9:00 PMSyracuse *Midnight Wed-Thu
Dallas *Wed 11:00 PMMontego BayWed 11:00 PMTallahassee *Midnight Wed-Thu
DangrigaWed 10:00 PMMonterreyWed 10:00 PMTampa *Midnight Wed-Thu
DavidWed 11:00 PMMontgomery *Wed 11:00 PMTegucigalpaWed 10:00 PM
Dayton *Midnight Wed-ThuMontpelier *Midnight Wed-ThuTempeWed 9:00 PM
Decatur *Wed 11:00 PMMontreal *Midnight Wed-ThuTepicWed 9:00 PM
Denison *Wed 11:00 PMMoreno Valley *Wed 9:00 PMTexcocoWed 10:00 PM
Denver *Wed 10:00 PMNanaimo *Wed 9:00 PMThe BottomMidnight Wed-Thu
Des Moines *Wed 11:00 PMNaples *Midnight Wed-ThuThe ValleyMidnight Wed-Thu
Detroit *Midnight Wed-ThuNashville *Wed 11:00 PMThousand Oaks *Wed 9:00 PM
Dover *Midnight Wed-ThuNassau *Midnight Wed-ThuThunder Bay *Midnight Wed-Thu
DurangoWed 10:00 PMNew Haven *Midnight Wed-ThuTijuana *Wed 9:00 PM
EcatepecWed 10:00 PMNew Orleans *Wed 11:00 PMToledo *Midnight Wed-Thu
Edmonton *Wed 10:00 PMNew York *Midnight Wed-ThuTopeka *Wed 11:00 PM
El Monte *Wed 9:00 PMNewark *Midnight Wed-ThuToronto *Midnight Wed-Thu
El Paso *Wed 10:00 PMNewport News *Midnight Wed-ThuTorrance *Wed 9:00 PM
Elizabeth *Midnight Wed-ThuNome *Wed 8:00 PMTrenton *Midnight Wed-Thu
Erie *Midnight Wed-ThuNorfolk *Midnight Wed-ThuTrois-Rivieres *Midnight Wed-Thu
Escondido *Wed 9:00 PMOakland *Wed 9:00 PMTucsonWed 9:00 PM
EscuintlaWed 10:00 PMOakville *Midnight Wed-ThuTurlock *Wed 9:00 PM
Eugene *Wed 9:00 PMOaxacaWed 10:00 PMTuxtla GutierrezWed 10:00 PM
Eureka *Wed 11:00 PMOceanside *Wed 9:00 PMUnalaska *Wed 8:00 PM
Evansville *Wed 11:00 PMOgden *Wed 10:00 PMVallejo *Wed 9:00 PM
Fairbanks *Wed 8:00 PMOklahoma City *Wed 11:00 PMVancouver *Wed 9:00 PM
Fargo *Wed 11:00 PMOlathe *Wed 11:00 PMVeracruzWed 10:00 PM
Fayetteville *Midnight Wed-ThuOlympia *Wed 9:00 PMVictoria *Wed 9:00 PM
Flint *Midnight Wed-ThuOntario *Wed 9:00 PMVictorville *Wed 9:00 PM
Fort-de-FranceMidnight Wed-ThuOrange *Wed 9:00 PMVieux FortMidnight Wed-Thu
Fort Lauderdale *Midnight Wed-ThuOrange Walk TownWed 10:00 PMVirginia Beach *Midnight Wed-Thu
Fort Smith *Wed 11:00 PMOranjestadMidnight Wed-ThuVisalia *Wed 9:00 PM
Fort Wayne *Midnight Wed-ThuOrlando *Midnight Wed-ThuWaco *Wed 11:00 PM
Fort Worth *Wed 11:00 PMOshawa *Midnight Wed-ThuWailukuWed 6:00 PM
Frankfort *Midnight Wed-ThuOttawa *Midnight Wed-ThuWake IslandThu 4:00 PM
Freeport *Midnight Wed-ThuOverland Park *Wed 11:00 PMWaldorf *Midnight Wed-Thu
Fremont *Wed 9:00 PMOwensboro *Wed 11:00 PMWarren *Midnight Wed-Thu
FresnilloWed 10:00 PMOxnard *Wed 9:00 PMWashington DC *Midnight Wed-Thu
Fresno *Wed 9:00 PMPanamaWed 11:00 PMWaterbury *Midnight Wed-Thu
Fullerton *Wed 9:00 PMParadise *Wed 9:00 PMWhistler *Wed 9:00 PM
Gainesville *Midnight Wed-ThuPasadena (USA-TX) *Wed 11:00 PMWhitehorse *Wed 9:00 PM
Garland *Wed 11:00 PMPasadena (USA-CA) *Wed 9:00 PMWichita *Wed 11:00 PM
Gatineau *Midnight Wed-ThuPaterson *Midnight Wed-ThuWillemstadMidnight Wed-Thu
George TownWed 11:00 PMPensacola *Wed 11:00 PMWindsor *Midnight Wed-Thu
Glendale (USA-CA) *Wed 9:00 PMPeoria *Wed 11:00 PMWinnipeg *Wed 11:00 PM
Glendale (USA-AZ)Wed 9:00 PMPhiladelphia *Midnight Wed-ThuWinston-Salem *Midnight Wed-Thu
Gonaïves *Midnight Wed-ThuPhoenixWed 9:00 PMWorcester *Midnight Wed-Thu
GoodyearWed 9:00 PMPierre *Wed 11:00 PMYellowknife *Wed 10:00 PM
Grand Rapids *Midnight Wed-ThuPinar del Río *Midnight Wed-ThuYonkers *Midnight Wed-Thu
Greater Sudbury *Midnight Wed-ThuPittsburgh *Midnight Wed-ThuZacatecasWed 10:00 PM

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (323 places).

Wed = Wednesday, April 3, 2013 (250 places).
Thu = Thursday, April 4, 2013 (191 places).


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