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Event Time in Erie, PA, U.S.A.

11:00 PMEDT
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Event Times in South America

Easter IslandWed 9:00 PMPorto VelhoWed 11:00 PMArtigasMidnight Wed-Thu
Galapagos IslandsWed 9:00 PMSanta CruzWed 11:00 PMCanelonesMidnight Wed-Thu
GuayaquilWed 10:00 PMMarigotWed 11:00 PMFloridaMidnight Wed-Thu
Santo DomingoWed 10:00 PMGustaviaWed 11:00 PMMontevideoMidnight Wed-Thu
QuitoWed 10:00 PMPort of SpainWed 11:00 PMTacuarembóMidnight Wed-Thu
LimaWed 10:00 PMSan FernandoWed 11:00 PMRiveraMidnight Wed-Thu
CaliWed 10:00 PMChaguanasWed 11:00 PMMinasMidnight Wed-Thu
MonteríaWed 10:00 PMSan Ignacio de VelascoWed 11:00 PMParamariboMidnight Wed-Thu
PereiraWed 10:00 PMScarboroughWed 11:00 PMMaldonadoMidnight Wed-Thu
FlorenciaWed 10:00 PMBoa VistaWed 11:00 PMSantarémMidnight Wed-Thu
MedellinWed 10:00 PMManausWed 11:00 PMFoz do IguaçuMidnight Wed-Thu
CartagenaWed 10:00 PMLindenWed 11:00 PMRochaMidnight Wed-Thu
ManizalesWed 10:00 PMGeorgetownWed 11:00 PMMeloMidnight Wed-Thu
BarranquillaWed 10:00 PMAsuncionWed 11:00 PMSaint-Laurent-du-MaroniMidnight Wed-Thu
BogotaWed 10:00 PMNew AmsterdamWed 11:00 PMCayenneMidnight Wed-Thu
VillavicencioWed 10:00 PMEncarnaciónWed 11:00 PMBarra do GarçasMidnight Wed-Thu
BucaramangaWed 10:00 PMCiudad del EsteWed 11:00 PMSão Félix do XinguMidnight Wed-Thu
Machu Picchu PuebloWed 10:00 PMMendozaMidnight Wed-ThuPorto AlegreMidnight Wed-Thu
CúcutaWed 10:00 PMNeuquénMidnight Wed-ThuCriciúmaMidnight Wed-Thu
ArequipaWed 10:00 PMSaltaMidnight Wed-ThuGoiâniaMidnight Wed-Thu
MitúWed 10:00 PMTucumánMidnight Wed-ThuCuritibaMidnight Wed-Thu
MaracaiboWed 10:30 PMRawsonMidnight Wed-ThuBelémMidnight Wed-Thu
BarquisimetoWed 10:30 PMCórdobaMidnight Wed-ThuBrasiliaMidnight Wed-Thu
ValenciaWed 10:30 PMRosarioMidnight Wed-ThuPirassunungaMidnight Wed-Thu
Puerto AyacuchoWed 10:30 PMSanta FeMidnight Wed-ThuCampinasMidnight Wed-Thu
San Fernando de ApureWed 10:30 PMGualeguaychúMidnight Wed-ThuSão PauloMidnight Wed-Thu
MaracayWed 10:30 PMBuenos AiresMidnight Wed-ThuSantosMidnight Wed-Thu
CaracasWed 10:30 PMFray BentosMidnight Wed-ThuBelo HorizonteMidnight Wed-Thu
Ciudad BolívarWed 10:30 PMPaysandúMidnight Wed-ThuRio de JaneiroMidnight Wed-Thu
MaturínWed 10:30 PMMercedesMidnight Wed-ThuNiteróiMidnight Wed-Thu
ValparaísoWed 11:00 PMSaltoMidnight Wed-ThuVitóriaMidnight Wed-Thu
Punta ArenasWed 11:00 PMLa PlataMidnight Wed-ThuFortalezaMidnight Wed-Thu
SantiagoWed 11:00 PMStanleyMidnight Wed-ThuSalvadorMidnight Wed-Thu
OranjestadWed 11:00 PMColonia del SacramentoMidnight Wed-ThuMaceióMidnight Wed-Thu
CobijaWed 11:00 PMMar del PlataMidnight Wed-ThuNatalMidnight Wed-Thu
La PazWed 11:00 PMNieuw NickerieMidnight Wed-ThuRecifeMidnight Wed-Thu
Rio BrancoWed 11:00 PMTrinidadMidnight Wed-ThuFernando de NoronhaThu 1:00 AM
RiberaltaWed 11:00 PMSan José de MayoMidnight Wed-Thu
SucreWed 11:00 PMDuraznoMidnight Wed-Thu

Wed = Wednesday, May 11, 2011 (56 places).
Thu = Thursday, May 12, 2011 (59 places).


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