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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Event Times in South America

AmbatoTue 10:00 PMGoiâniaMidnight Tue-WedPorto VelhoTue 11:00 PM
ArequipaTue 10:00 PMGualeguaychúMidnight Tue-WedPortoviejoTue 10:00 PM
ArtigasMidnight Tue-WedGuarulhosMidnight Tue-WedPuerto AyacuchoTue 10:30 PM
Asuncion *Midnight Tue-WedGuayaquilTue 10:00 PMPunta Arenas *Midnight Tue-Wed
BarquisimetoTue 10:30 PMGustaviaTue 11:00 PMQuitoTue 10:00 PM
Barra do GarçasMidnight Tue-WedLa PazTue 11:00 PMRawsonMidnight Tue-Wed
BarranquillaTue 10:00 PMLa PlataMidnight Tue-WedRecifeMidnight Tue-Wed
BelémMidnight Tue-WedLimaTue 10:00 PMRiberaltaTue 11:00 PM
Belo HorizonteMidnight Tue-WedLindenTue 11:00 PMRio BrancoTue 11:00 PM
Boa VistaTue 11:00 PMLojaTue 10:00 PMRio de JaneiroMidnight Tue-Wed
BogotaTue 10:00 PMMaceióMidnight Tue-WedRiveraMidnight Tue-Wed
BrasiliaMidnight Tue-WedMachu Picchu PuebloTue 10:00 PMRochaMidnight Tue-Wed
BucaramangaTue 10:00 PMMaldonadoMidnight Tue-WedRosarioMidnight Tue-Wed
Buenos AiresMidnight Tue-WedManausTue 11:00 PMSaint-Laurent-du-MaroniMidnight Tue-Wed
CaliTue 10:00 PMManizalesTue 10:00 PMSaltaMidnight Tue-Wed
CampinasMidnight Tue-WedMar del PlataMidnight Tue-WedSaltoMidnight Tue-Wed
CanelonesMidnight Tue-WedMaracaiboTue 10:30 PMSalvadorMidnight Tue-Wed
CaracasTue 10:30 PMMaracayTue 10:30 PMSan FernandoTue 11:00 PM
CartagenaTue 10:00 PMMarigotTue 11:00 PMSan Fernando de ApureTue 10:30 PM
CayenneMidnight Tue-WedMaturínTue 10:30 PMSan Ignacio de VelascoTue 11:00 PM
ChaguanasTue 11:00 PMMedellinTue 10:00 PMSan José de MayoMidnight Tue-Wed
Ciudad BolívarTue 10:30 PMMeloMidnight Tue-WedSanta CruzTue 11:00 PM
Ciudad del Este *Midnight Tue-WedMendozaMidnight Tue-WedSanta FeMidnight Tue-Wed
CobijaTue 11:00 PMMercedesMidnight Tue-WedSantarémMidnight Tue-Wed
Colonia del SacramentoMidnight Tue-WedMinasMidnight Tue-WedSantiago *Midnight Tue-Wed
CórdobaMidnight Tue-WedMitúTue 10:00 PMSanto DomingoTue 10:00 PM
CriciúmaMidnight Tue-WedMonteríaTue 10:00 PMSantosMidnight Tue-Wed
CúcutaTue 10:00 PMMontevideoMidnight Tue-WedSão Félix do XinguMidnight Tue-Wed
CuritibaMidnight Tue-WedNatalMidnight Tue-WedSão PauloMidnight Tue-Wed
DuraznoMidnight Tue-WedNeuquénMidnight Tue-WedScarboroughTue 11:00 PM
Easter Island *Tue 10:00 PMNew AmsterdamTue 11:00 PMStanleyMidnight Tue-Wed
Encarnación *Midnight Tue-WedNieuw NickerieMidnight Tue-WedSucreTue 11:00 PM
EsmeraldasTue 10:00 PMNiteróiMidnight Tue-WedTacuarembóMidnight Tue-Wed
Fernando de NoronhaWed 1:00 AMOranjestadTue 11:00 PMTrinidadMidnight Tue-Wed
FlorenciaTue 10:00 PMParamariboMidnight Tue-WedTucumánMidnight Tue-Wed
FloridaMidnight Tue-WedPaysandúMidnight Tue-WedValenciaTue 10:30 PM
FortalezaMidnight Tue-WedPereiraTue 10:00 PMValparaíso *Midnight Tue-Wed
Foz do IguaçuMidnight Tue-WedPetrópolisMidnight Tue-WedVillavicencioTue 10:00 PM
Fray BentosMidnight Tue-WedPirassunungaMidnight Tue-WedVitóriaMidnight Tue-Wed
Galapagos IslandsTue 9:00 PMPort of SpainTue 11:00 PM
GeorgetownTue 11:00 PMPorto AlegreMidnight Tue-Wed

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (7 places).

Tue = Tuesday, March 20, 2012 (54 places).
Wed = Wednesday, March 21, 2012 (67 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 03:00:00

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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